sHUt Up mOM¡

2020.11.30 18:40 NINJABOSSMAN_469 sHUt Up mOM¡

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2020.11.30 18:40 ArtyTheGamer First time ever posting in Reddit. Got my favorite SW character for a good deal! Ahsoka Tano.

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2020.11.30 18:40 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Breakout] [Standard Pink] [Cristiano]

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2020.11.30 18:40 hallelooya Former US drone operator says American military is 'worse than the Nazis'

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2020.11.30 18:40 gabereyn Does anyone have footage of gamplay without healthbars and hit markers and such?

I want to see what the game looks like without all of the unescesssary extra designs that they added to the zombies(healthbars, point markers, hit markers) I can't seem to find really anyone playing without them and I just want to know what it looks like. Thanks.
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2020.11.30 18:40 cd7734 Does “quick sedation” require us to fast/keep our cat from eating prior?

Our cat got in a fight about a week ago. He’s an older cat, almost 14, so we wanted to avoid sedating him if possible. We do not have a primary care vet where we live yet, only took him to the ER where they gave him antibiotics and a cone, but could not handle him and said they could only check the wound via sedation, but to get a checkup in about a week.
The only vet we could get into (still good reviews, only complaints online were about price but we have no choice as others are booked for a week) said that we did not need to fast him if they did sedate him to view the wound, because what they would do was a “quick sedation,” which did not involve anesthesia. They also said to give him gabapentin before coming to try and calm him, that it would have no affect on the sedation, or it wouldn’t mess anything up.
Can anyone help me out to see if this is good advice? The front desk person checked with the doctor to confirm. Hopefully we don’t need to have sedation of any kind, but given the possibility that we may, does this seem okay to feed him before going? He’s begging and it’s a few hours away.
I’d like to believe that they’re competent and we’ve really had no bad vet experiences, only reason I’m hesitant today is because the first vet we called this morning (not the one we’re taking him to) said we should take his cone off him, that it’s fine for him to lick it, and only bring him in if he rips the wound open again. I called our ER and told them this and they said it sounded crazy and to maybe try another vet (didn’t tell them the name, no reason for bias and they told us to go to a daytime vet).
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2020.11.30 18:40 Sharp_Suggestion9690 Entrem nesse link, é um grupo do Whatsapp, postem qualquer coisa

Acesse este link para entrar no meu grupo do WhatsApp:
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2020.11.30 18:40 PM_Me_Irelias_Hands Unpopular unopinion: The Clongboud sucks

It is well known that 1. e4 a6 2. Qh5 a5 3. Bc4 a4 4. Q:f7# leads to a forced mate - at least that’s what I learned in my local school chess club. So, why would anyone play an inferior opening?
Also, what is “Om Passom”?
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2020.11.30 18:40 living_adaptive Mountain Hardwear jacket sizing (Tall and Skinny, no one wants us, haha)

Anyone have insights into the sizing for the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer and and super d/s stretch down hooded jacket? My body type is strange. I am tall and skinny. I wear a medium size in shirts. I am 175 lbs and 6 foot 3 inches. I am hoping for long enough but not boxy in shape. Something tight enough that when climbing I don't have a bunch of extra material. Any thoughts on sizes? I am not as worried about weight for my jacket. Thanks all
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2020.11.30 18:40 MongooseTraditional Just Shut Up

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2020.11.30 18:40 BoredPersonAtWork Trump Demands Joe Biden To Release Birth Certificate Before Taking Office

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2020.11.30 18:40 Clarfyx Are you getting Christmas gifts this year?

View Poll
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2020.11.30 18:40 MegaCamu [University Math: Mathematical Models] Models that could be used to find the position in a colored grid

I'm in a course about mathematical models, and we were given this problem:

You are sitting in a car on a grid of colored squares. The car can move one step at a time: going up, down, left or right, but you cannot control the car. With each step you see the color of the square you are currently on. A square can be red, green, blue or white. You are also given a map of the grid, with the color of each square marked. The problem: you don't know your position or rotation on the grid. You need to find the position of the car using only 10 steps.
What kind of models could be used to determine the position of the car?
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2020.11.30 18:40 Predator-6 Aether Raid Glitch?

I'm having problems with the Aether raid (multiplayer specifically, private server with just me in it worked fine) where the game would crash either while loading or after the boss had been killed? Is anyone having this problem? I'm on iPhone 7 (not +)
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2020.11.30 18:40 LizardCatMonster Behold, my lego beholder from dnd

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2020.11.30 18:40 Gaelnight Meu amigo está com depressão e eu não sei mais o que fazer para ajudar... Temo pela vida dele.

Tenho um amigo que sumiu por vários meses recentemente, e só “reapareceu” porque outro grande amigo meu era mesário nas eleições, e por uma coincidência esse meu amigo sumido votava na sala onde ele estava trabalhando.
Ele aceitou almoçar com meu amigo mesário, e contou pra ele que havia “abraçado o cavalo” recentemente, que estava fazendo uma quarentena estrita e não saia por nada, mas que também estava com depressão (não sei se foi um diagnóstico profissional ou autodiagnóstico).
Fazer quarentena é o correto no fim das contas, mas meu amigo simplesmente se isolou do mundo e do círculo social dele. Passei meses tentando falar com ele via ligações e mensagens, mas ele sempre ignorou. Aos poucos ele foi definhando, e parece que hoje ele está super paranoico por conta do vírus, magoado comigo e outros amigos que temos em comum, pois segundo ele temos saído às vezes na quarentena (ele está especialmente bravo comigo porque tenho saído uma vez a cada 3 semanas pra ver uma ficante que mora em uma cidade próxima da minha, pra vocês verem a paranoia e moralismo que ele aderiu na quarentena).
Não sei o que fazer, pois vejo ele se afundando cada vez mais (ele era musculoso e, segundo meu amigo mesário, perdeu toda massa que tinha), se entregando à situação e se fazendo de mártir. Ele precisa de ajuda, pois comentou com meu amigo mesário mais de uma vez que ele pensava constantemente em se matar. O problema é que ele se entregou ao acaso e vive confinado no apartamento dele, cheio de amarguras e com medo do mundo, isolado de tudo e de todos, abraçando o cavalo de Nietzche, sentindo pena de si mesmo em meio a um mundo corrompido.
Não consigo parar de pensar em como posso ajudar ele, mas sinto que ele não quer ser ajudado. Isso me deixa muito frustrado pois me sinto impotente, e fico preocupado que ele faça alguma estupidez maior.
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2020.11.30 18:40 CulturalWindow Bungee

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2020.11.30 18:40 Mannequin73684914386 Bumbaclart likkle boy ya bloodclart

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2020.11.30 18:40 pedal_deals_bot Catalinbread Topanga - $140 ($125 + $15 S/H) 89%

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2020.11.30 18:40 Brave_Obligation_515 Monday Already?

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2020.11.30 18:40 Haste6969 New, mfing

What would you suggest as a first mf character to get started. Was thinking sort because tele, but nec looks pretty cool. Looking for suggestions
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2020.11.30 18:40 archon80 Just finished VERY minor parts changes(after some software changes I did 2 days ago, both for better gaming performance),monitors now get no signals like drives wont boot up properly now? PC seems to fully power up just fine,every single part afai can tell.

Skip to the big hyphen lined sections for best TL;DR i could do of all the super specifics of the build and software and hardware changes made , above said line Im just trying to provide as much info as possible on how this all happened in case it may provide some clue or help. Feel free to skip it, sorry for the long post but I felt like the more info the better for a weird issue I can't fix.
So this build is pretty casual, i enjoy gaming and frequently game but the game I play that's most demanding is WoW and of any game I play or pickup and play for friends asking me to play is simple stuff like among us. WoW is a very large game but usually isn't super spec heavy, however long load screens and big fps dropoffs to where the fps drops to 0 or 1 can be an issue for lower spec builds. I also like a lot of addons so the extra memory becomes an issue so i usually cant run all the ones id prefer to.
The rig never ran WoW as well as my last one which was weird but it wasn't a huge difference and honestly im a content relaxed style person, if shits working for the most part im generally happy with what I have though sometimes that can lead to problems like this latest event.
Lately the last month or 2 the game just had super long loading screens and the games a large game, loading screens are common to encounter quite frequently so it got rather annoying. Also usually the rig could handle discord and firefox and that was about it unless I wanted even poorer performance. Closing discord and skype(win10 just auto starts skype at launch,never bothered to check if it can be disabled or if its bloatware lol.) So i knew something was off but idk how to go about checking for a root cause or fix myself.
So with the holidays coming up and sales going on this time of year i figured id treat myself to a Ryzen 5 5600 upgrade to improve performance, figured my radeon 580 should be just fine still for my needs and so wouldnt need a new gpu.
HOWEVER, i knew id been extremely lazy when building this rig both out of laziness and im apparently old now and for the most part i dont know shit about pc parts and pc stuff in general even though i was pretty damn great with computers when I was younger, used to code and do all kinds of more advanced level shit.
Anyway, my rig was about a decade old and I needed a new one. However i knew id just mess something up if i did it myself and a newer friend was good with tech stuff so i asked him to help but vanished 75% of the way through, screwed me over pretty hard lol.
Because of that, this rig isn't exactly parts matched well. Can't even run most of the RGB due to D/J rgb matchup issues lmao.
--------------------------------------------------------------------TL;DR(still going to be a solid bit of needed info lol)
Below i'll list how I changed certain software things, waited a couple days to insure the rig was running fine with the new changes before doing the minor hardware changes.
To try and improve game performance before resorting to an upgrade from a R5 2600 to a new 5600, I wanted to actually properly set the build up. When I first built it itd been months since my old rig had died and I already knew this build wasn't going to run the best(see above backstory) and i skipped certain stuff I honestly should have just researched how to do but look i just wanted to get the pc stable and get back online lol.
The build is a very casual build as I don't really need a whole lot, the most demanding game I ever play is WoW which normally is pretty light on the specs,so i thought I could improve my crappy load times and fps issues during sudden high pop situations.
Also I basically could only have discord and firefox open when playing, i couldnt use all my addons at once because the extra 1 or 200Mb would cause issues. Closing discord seriously improved performance,something was off and id known a while but was ready to fix things.
If I skipped needing a new mboard and 5600, i could replace my 3 monitors with freesync modern monitors, as well as replace my naga which has a broken button,and a more comfortable chair.
Build(just going to list involved parts, if needed I can include the rest but these changes were VERY minor) --Cpu is a ryzen 5 2600 which was using an imo super unnecessary and not right for the case/build Masterair MA410P with dual fans on the radistor. --SSD I had laying around was installed. --GPU is a radeon rx580,not involved but this should be plenty for my needs correct? --MB is a B450 GamingPlus. --Case is a small phanteks case, forget the exact model but its small to medium sized,see through left side,broken up into several chambers/areas.
First thing I did was start the few software changes. All drivers were checked and plenty of drivers needed updating including some important ones like amd chipset drivers among others.
I then downloaded the latest BIOS,formatted a drive, and flashed the bios. The rig was running a jan or feb 2019 bios version, im sure that was super effecient lmfao. Flash went fine and successfully.
I then ran all required windows updates and let the pc restart and install all the updates.
I rarely have to download files if ever, when I do its always trusted sources or file types not directly capable of infections though now a days i always check with sandboxes and process checking after running it in the sandbox or virtual machine.
But i run WD and Mbytes etc still, nothing was found and I dont think theres anyway the build is infected due to just never using non trusted websites for my regular pc use and when I do need a download its an official download or program. When it's rarely not, measures are taken previously described.
‐----------------------------------------------------------------- Ok that covers the software edits, which the pc ran just fine with for multiple days so seems they went fine.
Now I was ready to do a couple minor hardware edits I thought could also help.
First I removed the giant MA410P and wiped off the older NTH1 residue off the cpu, and re applied some before easily installing a wraith stock cooler i figured is enough for a simple 2600 with also improving my airflow i figure temps will be lower for the entire system in general.
Then I replaced the remaining single stock fan located at the front bottom spot with my 3rd corsair HD120 which are also being used at the exhaust and front top fans. I also connected their rgb lighting to check it out, so thats now using 1 more sata connection than before but thats the only connection change for the fans.
Airflow seemed a lot better with the 3rd corsair and the giant cooler not being in the way. I was gonna be watching and comparing temps but well havent been able to boot yet.
Next was the SSD. Connected the sata connection then the mboard connection.
Lastly I connected the cases sata connection as well, so that its lighting would be on from now on.
That's all the changes made that are noteworthy.
I unplugged and reconnected all mboard and other connections after powering the PC off.
Upon powering up, the entire PC springs to life. The fans all start and the fans,mboard and cases rgb turns on. The gpu's fans start going, the hdd is on as I felt it and it was actively spinning.
Ive tried booting with only the HDD as the only drive but same issue. I have other HDD laying around so im going to try and find one I know works fine and see if it boots.
Any ideas? Sorry, im sure this was x10 longer than it needed to be, but I wanted to provide every detail possible for the most accurate help.
Any help really appreciated, ive got no idea what the issue could be but willing to try any suggestions or answer further questions ofc.
Thanks a bunch!
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2020.11.30 18:40 williambotter Estado de SP regride para fase amarela e estabelecimentos terão horário reduzido de funcionamento

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2020.11.30 18:40 sd6789 filling or root canal?

I went to the dentist about a few weeks ago and was told I had a very deep cavity, which I suspected. He said that he could “try” to fill it at my next appointment but may have to send me to the endodontist for a root canal if it turns out to be too deep. Ive never been to this dentist and dont know if he’s any good, should I even let him try to fill it or should I just go straight to the endodontist?? Him saying “I can try” makes me nervous, I’ve never had large cavity and I dont know if this is a common thing to do.
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2020.11.30 18:40 Vaws Who is Rekkles' biggest fan? | G2 Jankos Stream Highlights

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