Might I be able to file single than married?

2020.10.29 16:55 moonRekt Might I be able to file single than married?

Lost my job last year, so my only income is unemployment and trading this year. Wife is a physician, so we’ve filed jointly in past (i used to get a refund every year until we filed jointly). This year I’ve had a decent amount of trading to report. Since her income puts us at a high tax bracket, could I be better off filing separately in the future or is it always going to be better claiming the kids and income jointly?
I know this is a question for our accountant, but we have our second kid on the way and wife will be taking unpaid maternity Feb-April so we will have no income at tax time so we’ll need to come up with our best estimate beforehand
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2020.10.29 16:55 asmrgurll Umm What even is happening here? Hunting Fetish? So confused

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2020.10.29 16:55 NaveedGol PlayStation Web Store Enhancer Chrome Extension: Adds ability to see game titles and dark mode

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2020.10.29 16:55 lakegenevathrowaway 35 m4a - SE Wi- your wife or gfs panties

Have a panty fetish and looking for some one that will help me out.
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2020.10.29 16:55 BlueJune101 [WTB] Jo Malone Bronze Wood & Leather mini

Shipping to NY.
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2020.10.29 16:55 Lil_Apache Greg Heffley Approved

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2020.10.29 16:55 wenthenmae Should leave?

Got hired as a CNAT in March, 5 weeks of class M-F and 5 days of clinical. Then we worked as uncertified aides until July on the floor (completely different to what we learned in class) Took my test failed the first time, Passed in September. I want to be a nurse. The company I work for can help pay for nursing school. It is a union but I’m against it. They endorsed a corrupt politician and supposedly we didn’t get a raise this year. Short staffed all the time.
Some residents are care planned to be up at a certain time and when I do my first rounds, they’re in bed. They should be up. My coworker told the DON, and she said they will take that off the care plan. Specifically the family member of that resident requests they are up at a certain time. Family members peek through windows and check on their loved ones. I don’t know if it’s covid related or they’re not mentally well. Our staff thinks the family members expect too much when we have 12 people to care of. It’s a 40 bed facility too.
I’m still on probation because I just got certified so I shouldn’t be mandated if the next shift is short but I’ve been mandated twice. From the date of certification to a year I would be eligible to go into an lpn program where they would pay for it if I work for them for a few years. Other places get hazard pay and pay more too. $14.90 in NYS. The DON treats me like a child, I’m in my 20s. The nurses are helpful but like I’ve been working for 7-8 months and I’m already done and burnout. There is so much BS.
Another agency pays more and has short term assignments as a CNA. That seems more ideal but I don’t know if they’d help pay for school or have benefits. Also we don’t have enough pagers for each aid so some bells keep ringing which goes to the RN and then DON plus I’m also on a break like they really don’t care about our mental health?? We just yesterday hired and now have enough staffing on evenings but they now took away our break space.
I also requested a few days off twice which they both got denied and I needed a damn day off so I did a no call no show and now I have 6 occurrences because of that and they wanted me to work 6 doubles in a 2 week period to bring it down to 5 occurrences. Hell no!!!!! What should I do? I’ve been told I should look into nursing school that I’d be good at it but for some reason I feel like my references if I were to leave wouldn’t be good. This is a toxic work environment right?
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2020.10.29 16:55 NiceLettuce4 H

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2020.10.29 16:55 Grimmlol Which first?

Now that I have VHL and arch paladin I want to farm legion classes. I don't have a farming pet but I do have an active membership. Which should I farm first yami no Ronin or legion revenant?
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2020.10.29 16:55 mikroclips Прочетете го!!

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2020.10.29 16:55 wedgeform1 39 [M4M] #vacaville fairfield curious to explore giving discreet oral to like-minded straight or bi guy - I can host here

A little about myself: I’m a business professional type during the day, educated and clean cut, late 30s. I’d say I come across masculine, motivated, but easy going and down to earth.
I’m hoping to find and potentially meet up with other like-minded straight or bi men who would be interested in casually experimenting with no strings or hassles. I have a primal urge that I’d like to find a discreet outlet for, which means I’d like to keep this just between us and behind closed doors.
I can host. Ideally, I’m looking to try giving oral. More than anything, I’d want to keep this comfortable and low key. Anyone else looking to satisfy a curiosity? Let me know if this is something you’d be open to.
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2020.10.29 16:55 stelios_steel Industrial Engineering

I want to know more about Industrial Engineering or engineering in general at UM. How hard and competitive is it? How's the workload? Does UM do any research? Internship opportunities? Are the professors good and give personal attention? Class sizes?
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2020.10.29 16:55 Sleazy_P_Martini_ Other BMW/Euro techs sound off, how stupid is this thing? Goddamn alternator bracket seal, it’s about a ten hour job to replace a 3 dollar gasket, i have yet to come across a car with this design that isn’t leaking.

Other BMW/Euro techs sound off, how stupid is this thing? Goddamn alternator bracket seal, it’s about a ten hour job to replace a 3 dollar gasket, i have yet to come across a car with this design that isn’t leaking. submitted by Sleazy_P_Martini_ to Justrolledintotheshop [link] [comments]

2020.10.29 16:55 Arceist_Justin Frequent Pokémon Shield error code 2-ALZBA-0014

For about a month and a half now, I have been frequently receiving the following error message in Pokémon Shield " Communication with the server interrupted " with the error code 2-ALZBA-0014
It is ONLY in Pokémon Shield. I have no connection related error messages of any kind in any other game. I have several other games that require internet access. Those games do not receive any connection related error codes of any kind nor am I ever disconnected during those games. Pokémon Shield disconnects me with that error code every 10 minutes.
Funny thing is, the problem is nonexistent during raids, dynamax adventure, trading, camping while others visit, or PVP. It is basically everywhere else that I frequently get disconnected from. Any time that other players is actively engaging with me, the problem is nonexistent.
Googling the problem only brought up a bug from 2019 that was said to be patched already and people getting this error message trying to engage with others. My problem is the opposite, it only occurs when I am NOT engaging with others.
Does anybody know what the problem could be?
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2020.10.29 16:55 walrus628 7/23/2020 Central Park NYC 7pm Sky Snake

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2020.10.29 16:55 Chicksan I hear we’re doing curled paws

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2020.10.29 16:55 EpicHo Brake pedal release click noise

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar or if it’s normal.
When pressing on the brake pedal and on release it makes a clunk click noise as the brake pedal goes back to normal position.
It’s pretty apparent and audible wondering if anyone can test it out and see if you have the same noise.
Let me know
Appreciate the time!
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2020.10.29 16:55 KayePoppedout [Recruiting] Die a Legend | Level 2 | TH7 + | Active | CWL | Independant

Is it fun to always joina already established clan. What if tou join a clan thats growing. How good would it feel to say i grew with this clan and improved as it improved. Its very active | its very war hungry | very nice and welcoming from ages 14+
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2020.10.29 16:55 Description_Kooky Elephant ears turning brown :((( any advice?? Details in comments

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2020.10.29 16:55 Met202114 Try this easy-to-use mining tool (1000 satoshi bonus)

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2020.10.29 16:55 EggsComedy How the Cool Teachers be 👨🏻‍🏫✏️ | Austen Alexander feat. Neema Naz

This video cracked me right up, I had to reshare.
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2020.10.29 16:55 Alistor-Radiodemon Playing homoerotic poker with an Ace

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2020.10.29 16:55 Patriek01 Why does Rooibos make me feel high?

I've been getting Rooibos tea for a while now and it gives me a lovely body buzz and energy, but there's no caffeine in it. How does that work?
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2020.10.29 16:55 pbsuper First batch of free DIY quest straps went out the door today

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2020.10.29 16:55 jonsan89 Caught a Galarian Articuno with the Rare Mark

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