idk what to do

Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. a. Used to indicate the relationship of a verb with its complement: refer to a dictionary; refer me to a dictionary. Definition of to written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Too definition is - besides, also. How to use too in a sentence. .to is the Internet country code top-level domain of the island kingdom of Tonga.. The government of Tonga sells domains in its ccTLD to any interested party. The .to ccTLD is administered by the Tonga Network Information Center (Tonic). A particle used for marking the following verb as an infinitive. I want to leave. He asked me what to do. I have places to go and people to see. To err is human. 1711, Alexander Pope: To err is human, to forgive divine. c. 1600, William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act 3, Scene 1: To be, or not to be: that is the question ... to meaning: 1. used before a verb to show that it is in the infinitive 2. used after some verbs, especially…. Learn more. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. To definition, (used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from): They came to the house. See more. To is a preposition with several meanings, including “toward” and “until.”; Too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also.”; Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, but it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number. In the hierarchy of things that drive grammar sticklers mad, to and too are near the top.

2020.10.22 04:48 calegordon__ idk what to do

Im 17 and i have no direction in life whatsoever, i dropped out of school and now go to TAFE (pretty much school). i hate my course and i struggle to find the energy to even put a front on. i often sit in the shower crying and wondering whats the point. i dont want to be like this, i want to be the happy, fun-loving kid i used to be. im not passionate about anything and its breaking me. and this morning i had a breakdown, and am currently writing this after that breakdown, in a bath, fully clothed. i just dont know where to go from here, im not one to open up about feelings and mental health and i hate talking about it, and i refuse to believe i have depression or anything. what do i do, ill probabaly end up deleting this
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2020.10.22 04:48 AndreaArepa Bueno, Feliz Cumpleaños atrasado Duxito, hice mi mejor intento de que quedara bien, esta pasable :v el punto es que no quería quedarme sin hacerte nada uwu espero te guste uwu

Bueno, Feliz Cumpleaños atrasado Duxito, hice mi mejor intento de que quedara bien, esta pasable :v el punto es que no quería quedarme sin hacerte nada uwu espero te guste uwu submitted by AndreaArepa to Retheys [link] [comments]

2020.10.22 04:48 Jonty_Keebz Kurt cobain pop art picture i drew, what do you think?

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2020.10.22 04:48 coolkidofthetown My self-love jar's sealing is quetting black by little spots, is that normal??

Probs nothing but still wanted to make sure
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2020.10.22 04:48 saltyscreamer Student Support is pretty bullshit

I mean, I'm pretty sure it's just me but I hear so much shit about how they're looking out for students and every single professor (bless them because it's not their fault) talks about how we should reach out to the services offered by the university.
So I do and what do I find? 🤡
If I want to book an appointment to with the Health and Counselling on-campus counsellors then I need to either call them or go there in person. I can't do either of those things. I'm not in North America.
I tried to use the Empower Me thing but the CUSA websites are blocked for me, presumably because I'm out of North America.
I know universities see international students as nothing more than a way to make money. I reach out to student awards every other month to ask them to please guide me to some scholarship resources because I'm on student loans and I'm working my ass off to keep a good CGPA. However, they just tell me oops sorry we can't help you :( What's the incentive for anything?
I emailed them for Work-Study they told me it'll show when it's open. I visited the website religiously, it kept saying the applications weren't open until boom, suddenly the applications are closed.
I'm so angry and I'm so over it. If you can't provide support in any way possible, then don't try to act like hot shit talking about the insane amounts of support you're providing for all students. Just say you can't be assed about the wellbeing and hard work put in my international students so we know our fucking place and don't expect anything. Rest assured, I'm definitely not expecting shit now.
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2020.10.22 04:48 Jellos_Jellie looks like steaks on the menu

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2020.10.22 04:48 CassetteThWrldOnFire Hear Two of Queen's Best - on Cassette! Sound Better than You Expected?

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2020.10.22 04:48 Rehimpertense Krytox GPL 205 G0 Alternatives?

I was wondering if they are other cheaper alternatives for the Krytox GPL 205 G0. I was guessing a mixture of some other lubes, like super lube.
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2020.10.22 04:47 327289 I added J2G to r/Layer ‘s LEGO category

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2020.10.22 04:47 throwawaypizzaslices My (23F) best friend's (29F) husband (30sM) keeps cheating on her and she keeps taking him back.

My heart is breaking for my friend. She has three kids from three different fathers, two of which are in Canada while she is in Alaska. She now has a baby with her husband, who has cheated on her twice now. First it was an emotional affair, and it caused a huge problem where they broke up for a brief minute and then she took him back while he promised he wouldn't do it again. Three months ago she found out he's been cheating on her again, this time PHYSICALLY, and it's been going on for months. She was going to leave him and try to be "friends" for the sake of their daughter. Today I texted her asking how she was doing and she said, "oh, it's going great." I asked her why and she said, "because me and [dumb fuck husband] are getting back together!"
I have tried so hard, for years, to instill some sense and self-respect in my friend. Her self-worth rests on a man "loving" her (if you could call this any such thing) and so she continues believing lies from shitty men. My heart breaks for her, she is so broken and doesn't respect herself at all. Moreover, she is completely financially dependent and her poor daughter is caught in the throes of this rollercoaster.
I don't know what to do. I suspect the advice from this community will implore me that there is nothing I can do. But I feel like a bad friend to stop trying and sit by while this jerk takes advantage of her. Is there anything I can do for my friend? How can I be a good friend at this time? She is a gentle soul and deserves better.

TLDR: my best friend's husband is a serial cheater and she keeps taking him back with the belief he will change. She won't listen to me. Is this a lost cause? How can I be a good, supportive friend when she won't listen to anything but her heart?
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2020.10.22 04:47 shotcallaa You know summers over when:

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Now try a 360
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2020.10.22 04:47 TruthintheUSA How much time do you spend correcting your misspellings and grammar after you post?

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2020.10.22 04:47 SnooHobbies6674 How To Wake Up Your Dad

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2020.10.22 04:47 Zee-Man Pushes to Chrome Only Appear After Restarting

I've been experiencing this issue with delayed pushes for a while with the Chrome extension. It used to be intermittent but now it always happens.
It happens when I push a link from my phone to Chrome and the Chrome process is already running on Windows and the machine is in sleep or hibernate mode. When the machine wakes up, I never receive the pushes unless I restart the chrome process (exit to kill all background processes then restart it).
I believe this might be the same issue described here:
Is there a solution for this to receive the pushes as soon as the machine wakes up?
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2020.10.22 04:47 apndi What scares you?

Fantasy genre and lot of my “scary” scenes are falling kinda flat.
I’m not trying to write a horror story, per se, but I’d like my story to have a dark edge to it. I want to understand what sets apart a “slightly creepy” story to something unsettling to read. What storytelling elements help with this? What creeps you out personally (if you read things like that)?
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2020.10.22 04:47 hauzan2112 Not all hero wear cape

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2020.10.22 04:47 goobersayz inktober day 21: sleep! ig: @goobydoodly :)

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2020.10.22 04:47 userbek1 Do not trace i made this for fun

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2020.10.22 04:47 eatshoeplsthnx *sweats profusely*

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2020.10.22 04:47 s_fbk love miko 🌸

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I'm not claiming Marc is the best published scientist alive.
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2020.10.22 04:47 FlashyFlash0 Metal Bat VS Pig God

Death Battle. They both meet in B-City at a restaurant, incidentally. Pig God accidentally farts on Zenko and sends her to another city, making Metal Bat bloodlusted. Metal Bat swings at Pig God and knocks a burger out of his hands. Now Pig God is bloodlusted.
10 spectators, broad daylight, in the middle of a restaurant. Who wins?
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2020.10.22 04:47 TypcalAsian Angry Mango

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2020.10.22 04:47 no40sinfl Whataboutism is one of most annoyingly overused words on this site

One of my favorite things about reddit is seeing some random mildly interesting post then going into the comments to find more information or different information related to the subject matter. Can't go anywhere on this site anymore without one of those topics turn into a debate then turn into bahh! Whataboutism! Bam you are just trying to change the subject. Then a series of people defining what it is and using examples. For fuck sake can we just get off topic for a little while.
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