Attempting to transfer and had a quick question

I have several question that I want to ask you. The first question: Is it possible to use "had" in the sentence that have there as a subject, For example. There had something right there. Please help me, I don't know the rule of using there as a subject. If you have more advice, please leave it to me too! Thank you very much, Love from Thailand! Biden's much easier experience, after months of ducking questions and fleeing the stage before reporters had a chance to ask them, didn't seem to impress many people. Pathetic performance by ... Attempt definition, to make an effort at; try; undertake; seek: to attempt an impossible task; to attempt to walk six miles. See more. The question got me stumped, because I had never thought much about it. It took me some time to find some meaningful adjectives to describe myself, but even then they didn’t seem right. That was one of the starting points of my self-exploration journey. Somewhere along the way, I became a big fan of introspection, enjoying the process of self ... Question: If You Are Attempting To Walk Through A Maze, You Will Probably Walk Down A Path As Far As You Can Go. Eventually, You Will Reach Your Destination Or You Won't Be Able To Go Any Farther. Eventually, You Will Reach Your Destination Or You Won't Be Able To Go Any Farther. Kenosha Police Office Rusten Sheskey told investigators he shot Jacob Blake because he feared Blake was trying to kidnap one of his children, according to a CNN interview Sheskey’s attorney. Question: Advanced Math 1) The Doctors Are Now Attempting To Find The Best Cure Out Of The Three Of Them. In Doing So, They Also Want To Create A Control Group To Observe The Virus’ Progression Normally, And A Placebo Group To Determine If Students Are Getting Better Because They Think They Should Be.

2020.10.20 19:36 Honestlyiwantpizza Attempting to transfer and had a quick question

I applied on October 1st, the first day for students desiring to start fall 2021.
I just received my account to check on my application, but under my student center admissions section, all it says is “You do not have any pending applications at this time.”
? Am I missing something? Or is that just what it says until a decision is reached?
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2020.10.20 19:36 Megaspacejx If you get one song playing in the back of your head for the rest of your life ,what song would it be?

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2020.10.20 19:36 AyyyitsBilal Whose padawan would you like to be?

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2020.10.20 19:36 Cjda-goat006 Am i Ugly??? I think I am lmaoo

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2020.10.20 19:36 marvelous_blop why. just why

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2020.10.20 19:36 ZebusAqua Is there a addon that tracks loot cross raid to get a better idea of the drop rate?

Honor spy is a cool addon that the more people that have it the better idea it guesses what every ones honor and standing will be next week. Was wondering if there is a addon like this for loot where it tracks what drops from what boss and then shares that information with other people and gets a better idea for the drop rate of items.
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2020.10.20 19:36 dickpicforsale They sell cars now? Or is the car selling guns?

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2020.10.20 19:36 removalbot 10-20 17:36 - 'Australia will join India, the US and Japan in next month's Malabar naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, in a move that is expected to strengthen the military relationship between the four democracies am...' ( by /u/Tunlin555 removed from /r/worldnews within 145-155min

Australia will join India, the US and Japan in next month's Malabar naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, in a move that is expected to strengthen the military relationship between the four democracies amid increased tensions with China
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2020.10.20 19:36 krotovalana9 What was your story of realisation that you were in a emotionally/physically abusive relationship? The moment the glasses came off?

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2020.10.20 19:36 Fawzanny Joey Craig

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2020.10.20 19:36 VikkyisHungry I can't believe I just wasted 3 hours of my life to be told "sorry, we don't want to pay you the literal minimum amount we legally can."

Name and shame time: TTEC. Fuck you TTEC!
I applied for a remote customer service rep position that listed pay as being "$12.75 - $15.00 an hour". and was excited to get to experience working from home for the first time. I went through a pretty short application, had to do a scan to see that my computer had the hardware needed to run their programs and the internet speed to have a consistent connection. Shockingly, I managed to get an interview for the first time in months.
To my dismay it was one of those "group zoom interviews" (you know the fuckin ones) and while annoying as fuck I just stuck with it because there was no harm in seeing where it went and that it might actually be a good position and i was just annoyed at their interview format. After spending 2 minutes speaking in an hour long "interview" with 15 other people I thought, "god I hope I don't get a second interview" but then I did and said "well, alright I'll keep seeing where this goes".
This time it was with 27 other people, they're going through the slides and then they bring up pay, saying that the position only pays 12 dollars an hour (for HEALTHCARE customer support) and I ask in the zoom chat "My state's minimum wage is $13.50, will this be met?" and they didn't answer, until about half an hour later when it gets to Q&A time and they tell me "Sorry, unfortunately we can't afford to pay any higher than the 12 dollar amount for this position" and I was stunned honestly. A few minutes later I left.
I just really want to say, fuck you TTEC. Healthcare customer service is not something you want to cheap out on.
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2020.10.20 19:36 Kaitlin33101 New resin user in need of help

Hello! I'm very new to using resin, and I want to make a lamp for my boyfriend and one for my best friend. I've looked up a bunch of videos and stuff on google to find out what type of resin is best to use, but they all have different pros and cons.
I should preface this by saying I don't have a pressure pot (too expensive for a college student). The lamps I want to make will have wood on the top and bottom surrounding a funko pop figure in a diamond-like shape. The lamps will be 4x4x10 inches in total. I want to avoid bubbles and spend as little as I can. I will be willing to get an expensive resin as long as I know it will work well for me. If anyone knows what type will work best for this project, I'd really appreciate feedback and I'll definitely post pictures when I get it done!
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2020.10.20 19:36 bigpapi29 Questions about woodworking

Hi, all I'm making a book about woodworking and I want to make sure it's as helpful as possible. so please let me know what your biggest question about woodworking is whether it's a beginner or advanced even something that took you a long time but you figured out! I really appreciate any questions at all basic or super-advanced fire away!
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2020.10.20 19:36 liesjepanda ik hoop dat ik mensen laat lachen

ik hoop dat ik mensen laat lachen dit fenomeen zie je vaak bij twee mannetjes in de categorie apen. ze vechten vaak om de beste meme-show
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2020.10.20 19:36 jhonnnyappleseeed borderlands 3

i’m somewhat new to bl3 (lvl 16 moze) was wondering if moze is viable endgame like m10, i’m wanting to do like a non stop bullet hose splash damage build.
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2020.10.20 19:36 SheldyBelt I know there’s a lot of barcodes on this subreddit but I thought this was clever

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2020.10.20 19:36 bigbagofbags1 Looks like level 5 is a water level.

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2020.10.20 19:36 Birchlore How We Designed A $1.1 Million Fashion Product Without Being Into Fashion. This Process Works For Any Product.

Hey entrepreneurs,
First, since redditors always ask for proof, here’s a quick resume. I design products, and have been pretty successful at it. I’ve been featured in Fast Company, The Washington Post, Business Insider, and more. I currently operate a $1.1 million suspenders business, a theatrical mask company, and design luxury cat furniture with my business partner. Anyways, neither my business partner, nor I are designers. We are marketers who appreciate data. Before doing this, I knew nothing about fashion. We just build products because we saw the niche was there based on data from keyword research tools - or in our instance, the tool ahrefs. We have replicated this process multiple times, for multiple successful businesses, so it’s not a one off.
Anyways, I thought that using keyword research for product development was a pretty basic thing, however, when you search for “product-market fit keyword research” or “new product keyword research” there isn't a lot of information on it, except from a short article from Wordstream. According to our keyword tools, it’s not even something people are searching for either.
So, therefore, I want to detail the keyword research process that we used to find the product that we developed for our seven-figure suspenders business, JJ Suspenders.
This process is not complicated. As a matter of fact, technology nowadays allows us to do this pretty easily. However, you may have to be relatively dispassionate about the product, or service, that you decide to develop here. This dispassion may be a good thing, as it allows you to view your product objectively, rather than with the pride that comes with spouts of truly original creativity.
The process goes like this:

  1. Create a blank Google Sheet for brainstorming. You will be going down many rabbit holes.
  1. Open a keyword tool like ahrefs in a separate tab. Start with a broad idea. To land on the kind of suspenders we developed, we started with “mens fashion.”
  2. Keyword tool will spit out tons of different Google search phrases that include that keyword. One of the keyword’s we found was “mens fashion suspenders”
  1. We then searched in the tool for “mens suspenders,” and immediately recognized several different categories “mens skinny suspenders,” “mens formal suspenders,” “hipster suspenders,” “leather suspenders.”
Note in the pic that the KD (Keyword Difficulty) is low for all of these keywords. This is how we suspected that we had a market that wasn’t super competitive.
  1. We Googled around "men's suspenders", "leather suspenders", "tan suspenders", "nice suspenders", "skinny suspenders" and opened as many tabs as we possibly could and tried to put ourselves in the position of a buyer. Originally, our goal was to find the best possible product that existed, import it to the US, and re-sell on our site. But everything looked pretty much the same - generic, cheap looking suspenders.
  2. We then went to our local shopping mall as if we were groomsmen looking for suspenders, and could only find super cheap skinny suspenders from H&M or these insanely expensive ($200+) suspenders from upscale suit stores.
  3. Eventually - we found three options for suspenders. The first was a traditional suspenders maker in England - the OG of suspender makers from the 1800s. But their stuff was insanely expensive and super old school or traditional grandpa style suspenders that we didn't think younger people wanted to wear. Second was this factory in the US that makes almost all the elastic suspenders in the country, but they were so generic, boring, and cheap looking that we didn’t feel we could differentiate in any way. Finally we found some on Etsy, but they were these old vintage suspenders that weren't being made anymore. We purchased this old vintage pair from the sixties and modeled our new designs after it's style. So basically we couldn't find any suspenders that we thought were nice enough to resell on our site, so we decided to make our own which led us down the manufacturing path.
  4. We went one step deeper and searched “leather suspenders” and found specific colors to manufacture without taking on much risk because we knew demand was there, and that there was a gap in the market. “Tan leather suspenders” or “cognac leather suspenders” were not on our radar as potential colors, but is now our best seller due to the insight we were able to tap from the keyword tools. If you look at the attached image, you will see that there are a lot of different keywords that revolve around these specific kinds of suspenders.
It should be noted that because this process is easy, doesn’t mean that the entire process is easy. The product development itself took us a year. This is just a tried and true process to know what to develop so you can enter the market with minimal risk.
Have any of you had any luck designing products this way? What strategies do you use to design products?
Have any of you used keyword research in novel ways?
Any questions for me?
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2020.10.20 19:36 SebaN0S Politica aggressiva

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2020.10.20 19:36 ethan_snap ‘dis my lemun spot

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2020.10.20 19:36 alexijmr Budget Everyday Knives?

I already own a shun 6' classic which I like very much but I prefer to not use it all the time. I'm currently doing an internship at a local restaurant doing mostly prep and need a knife that I can use without worrying about as much. I've already looked into the Misen 2.0, the Fibrox pro 8, and the Mercer Renaissance, but I was wondering if there are any better options?
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2020.10.20 19:36 PuckMidsummer The truth hurts...

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2020.10.20 19:36 hmathisss I would truly appreciate some feedback on this type of video :)

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2020.10.20 19:36 hottestchicks Salma Hayek is one hot babe

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