Trade advice: do I trade McKinnon and Tim Patrick for Boyd and Diontae Johnson?

Get instant advice on your decision to start Diontae Johnson or Tyler Boyd for Week 6. We offer recommendations from over 100 fantasy football experts along with player statistics, the latest news ... One week can be a fluke, two weeks might be a fad, but three weeks is a trend. When it comes to evaluating an NFL player's fantasy value, it normally takes around three weeks to determine what is ... Get instant advice on whether you should trade Austin Ekeler for Diontae Johnson in standard leagues. We analyze the fantasy impact for the rest of the 2020 season. Overview; Experts rank this player at 18th among WR's.Based on his stats from the past 30 days, he is currently ranked 22nd with 18.90 total points (9.45 avg).; Currently 28.9 points behind the leader: Calvin Ridley; He is putting up the kind of numbers the experts expected him to. Get instant advice on whether you should trade Diontae Johnson in your fantasy football league. We analyze the impact of every potential trade scenario. Get instant advice for all of your FLX Who Should I Trade? questions. View recommendations from 100+ experts side by side. Drop Diontae Johnson or Tyler Boyd for a kicker. Up by 2 points, but opponent still has cards kicker/defense I need to drop one player to pick up a kicker. WRs currently are Kupp, Jefferson, Thomas, and pending a vote Godwin incoming. Get instant advice on whether you should trade Diontae Johnson for Robert Woods in standard leagues. We analyze the fantasy impact for the rest of the 2020 season. Get instant advice on your decision to draft Diontae Johnson or Laviska Shenault Jr. in 2020. We offer recommendations from over 100 fantasy football experts! Get instant advice on your decision to draft Diontae Johnson or Tyler Boyd in 2020. We offer recommendations from over 100 fantasy football experts!

2020.10.22 05:30 zmoney1001 Trade advice: do I trade McKinnon and Tim Patrick for Boyd and Diontae Johnson?

I know it’s a big upgrade at WR but the RB position is so shallow. I have Zeke Carson and no other rb depth (Perrine, Jamaal Williams). I have Godwin, Metcalf, and McLaurin at WR. Should I buy the WR value or keep the only decent backup RB I have?
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2020.10.22 05:30 dien0mite When your friends RC car gets a ticket

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2020.10.22 05:30 RasterManRL [XBOX] [H] Alpha Cap‼️🧢 [W] 129k Credits‼️

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2020.10.22 05:30 bblaineC Just found this and idk if anyone else can see it but, its pretty accurate

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2020.10.22 05:30 jcsunag Why do you not care about proper grammar?

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2020.10.22 05:30 Canigetpaid I got backfilled a manager position but I'm still paid the same as before and it's been +3 months with no real info

TL;DR: a new manager position for 3 months but no raise. What should I do?
At my company I was just offered a backfill position for an IT Deskside manager from a regular Deskside technician. The problem is that this was a bit over 3 months ago and I assumed my role as the manager 3 months ago. I am still getting paid the same as before but have more work to do with more responsibilities (naturally). The workload I really don't mind and it's not that difficult but the pay is what gets me.
I've been bringing this up with my boss almost every week but he keeps saying he'll let me know, and it'll be within a week or two.
I still have no idea what the manager pay is or the timeline of things but I did say I was willing to take the position when I was asked initially (my big mistake). I asked what the pay was and they "will get back to me because that takes time", and he was talking with HR and following up. My boss said maybe "a couple weeks" but I don't think he has any idea what he's talking about.
Any suggestions besides leaving the job? I generally like it here and I've never been a manager before so I'd like to keep the title with a raise. But if I'm getting paid like a normal tech I'd rather step down and do appropriately paid work.
I've asked about being paid retroactively for the time, but he told me he wasn't sure (most likely not). Any ideas? I have looked for another job but it's mostly Service Desk jobs that work from home taking calls which I don't really want. Do I threaten to leave? We're understaffed (on certain days I'm 1 of 2 technicians working in the +500 people building) and me leaving would be fairly impactful because there are a few ongoing projects. I don't think they're deliberately not paying me for a long time, they are legit that slow at their jobs.
In hindsight, agreeing to take the lead position was stupid without knowing what the pay would be or how long that would take. I might just be dumb, but I guess I'll learn from it.
Thank you for reading
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2020.10.22 05:30 thefinestgreentea How much do you spend on coffee in a month?

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2020.10.22 05:30 BoydSchidt What’s the most clever Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

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2020.10.22 05:30 fhasanteg This Amazing Diagram.

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2020.10.22 05:30 VolvoDaddy This is gonna sound cheesy af but...

When I was little, watching Regular Show I thought I was like Rigby: (among other things) funny, energetic, kinda annoying. Now that I’m older, I noticed how much I relate to Mordecai: (again, among other things) goofs around and seems happy, but when they actually work hard and try to do well, something always goes wrong, and whenever they get close to a girl they either get rejected or screwed over. This hits hard because Regular Show has been my favorite show since I was little, and I’ve changed so much since then and it’s getting to me. Thanks in advance to the two people who actually read this.
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2020.10.22 05:30 Gusstimator Delta style 3d printer mechanics - proof of concept

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2020.10.22 05:30 LateFirefighter8 My october batch

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2020.10.22 05:30 suckstobealiveman help ule pero more specific (lol) im a noob guitarist

im noob guitarist, and i want to get good pero because of external pressures i really have to take a stem course sa college (kahit gusto ko mag music nalang, pero my skill won't get me in any music school) so ano kaya best na course that i can take that can give me job na music/instrument related (luthier, sound engr, studio tech, etc) and what recommended school?
pati ano po,, kung may mga workshops or orgs na available rn for me to get into and what to focus on if i have to study for myself nalang.. thank u..
p.s. what can i do to improve now that im stuck at home and i can't jam with other people hahaha
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2020.10.22 05:30 theworkersrights Korea. Migrant workers live in a modern-day slavery

Migrant workers in Korea denounce inhuman conditions that the local newspaper "The Korea Herald" defines as modern slavery. The 16-year-old system is creating an uneven playing field for migrant workers, already vulnerable to abusive practices and even “slave-like” mistreatment by employers. The Korean law effectively bans workers from changing workplaces and this make migrant workers a modern-day slave. During a press conference in Seoul, on Sunday, a migrant fisherman Lopes M., endured appalling working conditions and human rights violations on a small island for years.
During anchovy season, Lopes even went to sea twice a day. He had to dry anchovy and take care of fishing nets, working for about 15 to 20 hours a day for few moneys in exchange. He was virtually locked up and isolated on Gaeyado, off the coast of Gunsan, as he was not allowed to leave without permission from his employer. He was dispatched to other workplaces several times, in breach of his employment contract. He earned about 2 million won ($1,765) per month, which he found out only recently because his employer had kept his bankbook.
Lopes M. first came to Korea in July 2014 and worked for his person in charge on Gaeyado for four years and 10 months. He obtained a second work permit in 2019, valid for another four years and 10 months, on the condition that he remain with the same owner. He escaped from the island in September this year and has been staying at a shelter ever since.
In July, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea spent an inspection into the working conditions of 63 migrant fishing crew members on islands off the west coast and found they were working 12 hours a day with less than an hour for breaks. Some 90 percent of the workers said they’d had no a day off for a year. Their average monthly income was about 1.87 million won, much lower than the monthly minimum wage of 3.08 million won. Six migrant workers had their passports seized and 23 where their bankbooks were taken away.
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2020.10.22 05:30 beanmaster6000 Little Brothers are like vacuums

They are good for the first year then they operate at 50% efficiency and they suck
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2020.10.22 05:30 coolkyleko planteeeeweeewewewe

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2020.10.22 05:30 Snoo_34682 Gaskin Godwin, Robinson Mclaurin

I have Gaskin and Godwin and I’m looking to trade to get James Robinson and scary Terry. Should I take it back?
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2020.10.22 05:30 RAANT Lé MaÖ

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2020.10.22 05:30 choungz Reilly Pedretti or Victoria Anspaugh?

Does Ryeleigh remind anyone else of Bly Manor and You fame Victoria Pedretti? Crazy watching both of those shows the actress gave me déjà vu for someone off the tip of my dome until realizing it was our very own Righlowe Antzpoo
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2020.10.22 05:30 nanagoki07 Kernel 41 random reboot

So, this is happening frequently. It use to be like 3 times a month, but now it reboot randomly. I'm guessing is my PSU. I have already checked the ram with memtest86. Both sticks were fine, 0 problems.
This always happens when i'm playing, i'll try to update the bios. Right now i'm doing a clean install for my gpu drivers.
Here's my hwinfo64 log, i was plating and rebooted again.
Another clue that tells me that is my psu, is this type of coilwhine, not sure if is coilwhine actually, but there is a strange sound coming from my psu(at least i think is comming form my psu) gonna upload a youtube link later.
I'll apreaciate if someone could help me with this.
Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 B450 GAMING PLUS 2X8 DDR4 EVGA G3 550W
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2020.10.22 05:30 Infinite-Temporary87 Power Score: Digital LSAT Tests and Analytics

I am currently working on drilling. I am trying to be more intentional about the material that I am drilling. Since, I am not in the PT phase it's hard to gage where my weakness are. I was looking into the LSAT Demon, but it's way too pricey for me. I recently saw that Power Score offers a similar drilling service for a much cheaper price (I believe the analytics package is $69 for a full year, plus LSAT prep plus subscription). For those who have used this service, what are your throughts on the analytics? Have you found them helpful for identifying strengths and weaknesses?
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2020.10.22 05:30 Jonatheber [Q]I am struggling with buying star pass to get bale. Is there any prediction what his card will be to start next season? Not sure the 10 is worth it.

View Poll
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2020.10.22 05:30 rreyes3d Es normal que vendedor quiera declarar precio menor de paquete durante el envió (Alibaba)?

Buen día.
Resulta que hice una compra por 1,040USD en alibaba por unas herramientas, y el proveedor me pregunto si estaba de acuerdo con que en el envió me declarara 100usd.
Entiendo que es para evitarme impuestos en aduana, pero de todas formas tenia pensado deducir ese gasto, y seria un problema que la factura no coincidiera con lo declarado en aduana.
yo le respondí que quería el precio real, el respondió que lo hacia para que no pagara yo tanto de impuestos, y hoy otra vez me envió un mensaje preguntando si estaba seguro porque muchos clientes les piden declarar menos, que el reviso las aduanas mexicanas y que pagaría aprox 200usd. le respondí que si, ya lo tenia contemplado.
Lo que se me hizo raro es que desde un inicio me ofreció declarar un precio bajo y que siguiera "insistiendo", será que quieren ellos declarar menores ingresos? o vieron que era Mexicano y dijeron "estos hueyes nunca quieren pagar impuestos(lease en chino)" ?, es raro porque pese a ser un proveedor chino, sus herramientas no son baratas y son muy populares a nivel mundial y de buena calidad, me extraño que intentara hacer alguna fraude aduanero (o que realmente todo el mundo le pida hacerlo).
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2020.10.22 05:30 Ser_lum My opinion on the update

Well first of all let’s address the elephant in the room the “””””””””event”””””””” .First of all WHY, is there barley anything to do you(other than wasting your money) only harvest those plants it’s really disappointing see the game like this. I really only like 3 things from this update 1. The new killer add-on tried it on Myers it was super fun 2nd. The clown skin do i need to explain 3rd BOTH legion skins IMO they are the best legion skins.What did I learn from the update I wish the gameplay team had the same amount of care as the art team.
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2020.10.22 05:30 The1stCitizenOfTheIn Evo Morales: “Now it’s the turn for the indians to defeat the gringos”

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