Good Question.

2020.10.20 19:38 jkoble Good Question.

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2020.10.20 19:38 badroyalty_ Random 20% splurge

What should I buy I will throw 20% of my account on most upvoted comment fdgrtghugvggbkewwysyvkifsgdeadbceagjfswhcyuvshbonmkfswdctstcgvy
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2020.10.20 19:38 Sayse Pokémon Go Verizon Promo Code

I’m sure there’s a ton of these posts here, but I also would like to ask.
Pokémon GO had an event where a Verizon Mobile user can redeem a code for access to an in-game event.
You get the code from the Verizon Up app. More about it can be found here. and
If anyone here could spare a code, I’d appreciate it a lot!
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2020.10.20 19:38 atrn_ A3 recommendations?

What are some A3 classes you found interesting, fun, or easy? I’m having a hard time choosing one since the descriptions aren’t really interesting to me
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2020.10.20 19:38 DV122702 That’s unfortunate for you

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2020.10.20 19:38 Hunnyisq876 Invite me to gangar raid 9703 7886 0489

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2020.10.20 19:38 urlradar3 What question has never been asked here ?

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2020.10.20 19:38 Parrrrnab The coup we need

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2020.10.20 19:38 19DanTheMan83 Help! Gravel Options Please

Hey, noob here. I am looking to get a gravel bike will be riding roughly a mix of 20% mountain bike terrain, 40% gravel/forest road and 40% tarmac. We are lucky to live near some beautiful forests with some darn monster hills here in the Czech Republic so i need something that will eat them up.
Id quite like some mount options in case I get into some over night adventures or just some storage when riding with the kids.
Id probably lean towards non carbon bikes but happy to be convinced otherwise.
The Mason Bokeh really stands out in terms of fitting the brief plus its beautiful. Keen to hear some cheaper options that would fit the brief maybe the Marin Gestalt x11 or Kone Rove LTD?
Many Thanks in advance. any advice very gratefully received
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2020.10.20 19:38 docker_dre Here Are the Hundreds of Sites in a Pay-to-Play Local News Network [listing NYC-area "publications" in comments]

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2020.10.20 19:38 AshieGiddy I (M23) can't stand my sister (28) anymore, and I wish she would just leave forever.

The past two years have been complete hell. My mental fatigue is running low, and I’m honestly not sure how long till I freak out on everyone in this house because of this shit.
For context, my sister, who’s 28, has had pretty much everything handed to her in life. When something doesn’t go her way, she becomes hostile to everyone in our family until she gets her way. She makes everyone’s life, especially my mother’s, a living hell. She’s terrifying to be around. It’s like if I say anything, and I mean ANYTHING that criticizes her in the slightest, she will attack you. She reacts by screaming, hurling insults, degrading you, and just being unhinged. She’ll treat you like you’re her worst enemy, and that’s what’s she’s currently doing with my mother.
Two years ago, she went through a rough breakup, the latest of many in her life. Shortly after, she went to South Africa (we live in the U.S.) to visit our cousins, and she fell in love with one of our cousin's roommate at the time. They began dating secretly for about a year. I pretty much knew about the relationship due to her Instagram posts with this guy. I didn’t really think anything about it since I thought this relationship wasn’t serious (and the fact that’s this guy lives across the fucking ocean). Both my mom and dad don’t have social media, so they were in the blue.
Eventually, my mom and dad find out, and they both become angry at her for falling in love with someone who doesn’t even live in the same country. And in my opinion, rightfully so. Ever since then, our family has been at each other’s throats, mainly between my sister and the rest of us.
Every week it’s a different argument, or the same argument just with more screaming. She claims we’re the problem, and maybe we are to an extent, but the way she treats us all the time, I can’t help but feel huge disdain for my sister.
We eventually meet this guy shortly before the pandemic began. He seemed nice and fine. My mom and dad started opening up to the idea of this relationship being legit. Then the pandemic started, and my sister is stuck with us in the U.S. (she lives with us because she is saving up for an apartment), and this guy is back in South Africa. Being the way she fucking is, my sister thinks flying overseas from the U.S. to South Africa (to which I’ll say South Africa is very strict on who they let in now, especially Americans) to get legally married to this guy will be a perfectly safe idea. In one of the recent yelling matches, she said she doesn’t care if she gets Covid, nor does she care if she gives it to us. She’s pretty much fine if my parents get violently sick or die because they’re the problem. She thinks I’ll be fine since I’m only 23. Anything to be with her true love because that's more important for her.
I honestly hate my sister. She'll hold you hostage when she starts yelling. Overpowers you like you can't escape her anger. Everything you say to her is just fuel to the fire. When you quit, when you tell her she can do whatever she wants, just don't bother me anymore, she will continuously degrade you so she can feel like she got the last punch. She called my mom the worst of things and nearly put her in a stroke, and when I stepped up and told her to calm down, she screamed at me, saying I'm an ugly loser who fails at everything, and no one will ever like me. And that hurt. A lot.
She cares more about this guy than her family. What she recently said just proves to me she doesn’t give two shits out of us anymore. Her energy has rubbed off on everyone. My dad is trying to keep together, but he’s become passive in this whole ordeal. My mom has become more hostile and depressed in the past two years, and my depression and overall mental state are at an all-time low. My sister is obviously miserable, but I don’t have any sympathy for her anymore. All I do is to keep out of her unhinged freakouts and be nice.
I don’t even care about this long-distance relationship, nor does my father anymore. My mom obviously cares because all she wants is the best from her daughter, especially after the messy relationships my sister has had in the past.
This whole shitshow ruined my outlook on life. I can’t turn to anyone in my family for help anymore. I can’t connect with them or have a happy moment. No one smiles or laughs. We don't even celebrate birthdays or holidays anymore. It’s affecting my job searches as a recent college graduate, my social life with my friends, and I’m afraid of being in a relationship myself because of my sister. I just don’t see the point of anything because of my sister.
I wish she would just leave forever. Go live off with her boyfriend she’ll throw us under the bus for. I’m just completely done, and I don’t know what to do anymore.
(Sorry for the long rant. I honestly have no one or nowhere to turn to for this whole ordeal, nor do I know if this counts as a “relationship” problem for this subreddit. But, thanks for taking the time to read if you’ve made it this far. It means a lot to vent off my frustrations, even if it is just on the internet.)
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2020.10.20 19:38 everything13 [H] Tidal HiFi 6 Months Private (Family Plan Available) + Free Unlimited Google Drive Storage [w] $4 PayPal - (Bulk Available)

Get a 6 months Tidal HiFi Plan on either your own gmail or a new gmail made by me (Tidal account will be fully private, only you'll have access) +FREE Get yourself an unlimited storage drive for your own personal use! A Shared drive with unlimited storage will be added to your current drive... You will be the only member in the shared drive, but you can add others if you want to..

[My New Vouch page](

Bulk Accs available (can use for reselling)
3 Accs for $8 and 5 Accs for $14

PM to buy Tidal 6 Month Private Method
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2020.10.20 19:38 thedal_skocpol Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots

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2020.10.20 19:38 AstoriaJay New song from Israel: Narkis - "Avi lo" ("I will bring to him") - kind of an interesting mizrachi/masorati/techno vibe

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2020.10.20 19:38 TR5_ 'Robin Hood' hackers donating stolen money

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2020.10.20 19:38 SE_to_NW Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE from upcoming 5G networks

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2020.10.20 19:38 urlradar3 Have you ever asked a question you regretted asking, and what was it?

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2020.10.20 19:38 danderwolf Streak 15: Die Mathe Prüfung!

Letzten Samstag habe ich meine Matheexamen bestanden! Ich hatte für diese Prüfung viel gelernt und ich bin sehr stolz. Meine Freund hat mir eingeladen, weil er mein Erfolg feiern wollte. Am Mittwoch werden wir Getränke kaufen, und noch in meine Haus werden wir Filme in Ruhe sehen. Ich kann es kaum erwarten!
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2020.10.20 19:38 fakebasil Best kind of food pocket?

View Poll
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2020.10.20 19:38 watermelonfrosting23 "Me either" or "Me neither"?

Which is correct? Are they both right?
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2020.10.20 19:38 hennesch Rückgabe TV bei Mediamarkt?

Hey Leute, vllt. ne doofe Frage aber ich geb selten was zurück.
Ich will mir nen neuen TV kaufen, weis auch schon das Modell.
Nur ob 50 oder 55 Zoll, das weis ich noch nicht.
Hab zwar ausgemessen, aber wäre es möglich, SOLLTE der 55 Zöller nicht richtig passen bzw zu groß sein, ihn zurückzugeben bei MM und das kleinere Modell zu nehmen?
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2020.10.20 19:38 sybase00 Mining consumable bug! Please help

I can't use mining consumables after i equip them. Does anyone know a workaround for this or a fix. Account reset didn't help. I even melted ny ship, bought a new one and the bug still persists.
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2020.10.20 19:38 lesleyleeroy Legendary mercenary crate

Anyone having any luck with these? I'm trying to get either the bike skin or the yellow 'stuff box' backpack before the season ends. Have opened 20+ but nothing. See alot of people running around with the backpack though and with the bike so I'm either bad rng or they're pay to play.
Have tried opening multiple ones in one go but not joy. Any tips or tricks or is it just rng?
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2020.10.20 19:38 IHaveaShittyPhone Guy pretends to have a conversation with an English-teaching YouTube video—it goes downhill quick.

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2020.10.20 19:38 DonnaSummer10 Pic of the Week: Something amazing, I guess.

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