Heels: They're...awesome. :/

2020.10.20 19:05 IfYouWannaBe Heels: They're...awesome. :/

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2020.10.20 19:05 Scaly_worm handling

are there any frogs that are ok with handling? i know barley any thing about frogs and i would like to learn as much as possible before buying one. Handling is one thing that I've been the most curious about and thought about asking some people who might know more than me, thanks.
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2020.10.20 19:05 chickyrogue stroppy 10.20.20

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2020.10.20 19:05 merceledieu Wilhelmina is insane!

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2020.10.20 19:05 ninjakivi2 Yes, r/place was a lot better.

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2020.10.20 19:05 KDR--47 blue 4.000000000

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2020.10.20 19:05 tacotornado554 South Africa Flag

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2020.10.20 19:05 notahore24 Yes you are true place is better

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2020.10.20 19:05 Swimming_Struggle692 Ranking system still broke... any word on an update?

The level of silence on a fix for the ranking system is alarming..... As are a lot of the other bugs I've experienced.
-Matchmaking nightmares -Story mode medals permanently disappearing after updates
I've been ranked '0' now for weeks. Any fix in sight? This is becoming an example of EA mismanagement more an more so everyday.

- Frustrated Imp pilot
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2020.10.20 19:05 LordsLife Want to be on the right side of a tough wow more often than not? Come and join XC9!! Looking for t5 players not afraid to loose a troop or 4! Message me here or CallMeNooob in game for more details.

Want to be on the right side of a tough wow more often than not? Come and join XC9!! Looking for t5 players not afraid to loose a troop or 4! Message me here or CallMeNooob in game for more details. submitted by LordsLife to lordsmobile [link] [comments]

2020.10.20 19:05 Carving_with_Varkey 😀😀Who Else Wants to Try "Carving miniatures in wood"

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2020.10.20 19:05 DRF19 Stupid Monkey's Paw

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2020.10.20 19:05 AlexAttitude AS REQUESTED

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2020.10.20 19:05 Dooms87 [H] PayPal [W] Cyberpunk 2077

Just as the title says looking to buy Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam
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2020.10.20 19:05 IDontChooseU If you could take a pill and have it do anything, what would you want it to do?

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2020.10.20 19:05 hedanaa Retro (ish) song recs!

Hello, I actually posted here yesterday asking for recommendations similar to a few songs but realized their vibe was not exactly what I was looking for. I am currently creating a playlist based around a couple key elements:
-a thrumming club beat
-funky basslines
-music you could vogue to
-that kind of disco, fashion show sound
To be a bit more specific, the genres I’m looking for seem to be a mix of nu disco and deep house. some of the songs I have that I feel best fit the theme are:
SHINee - JUMP, SHIFT, Electric
IU - Jam Jam
f(x) - 4 Walls, Rude Love, Signal
It seems that SM artists have this sound a lot, which is fantastic! I love SHINee and f(x) so having them dominate this sound is pretty great for me. I want to note that while I am trying to stick to the more retro ish sound that many of the SHINee songs have, I am all for having songs that break it up a little, so sweeter girl group songs with less intense club beats. For example:
YUKIKA - pit-a-pet
Twice - Sweet Summer Day
Some songs that I can see being very heavily recommended that are already either in here or not what I’m looking for are:
KNK - Sunset (in)
GWSN - Pinky Star, Red Sun, Puzzle Moon (not right)
For some clarity, while I’m fine having lighter songs in here, the beat of the GWSN songs is too much in the background. The songs are fantastic but the choruses are a little too vocal based for me and it’s a bit too sparkly of a sound.
Okay, that’s everything! If anybody wants the playlist, I might post it. Thanks!
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2020.10.20 19:05 Notasheepz Has anyone else seen this?

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2020.10.20 19:05 R3lay0 abc123123123123

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2020.10.20 19:05 RockmelonJuice Eggs on Pizza? Maybe

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2020.10.20 19:05 UnKnOwNBaT Trump Reacts On Putin Bromance Rumors

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2020.10.20 19:05 playmegadrive3 Should I save my boss stamps? It's killing me!

I heard there is a possibility that there will be a double boss rush rewards event coming as part of the BDM anniversary as there was in KR and I was wondering if anyone knows for sure if it's coming?
I ask as I have been saving my boss stamps for it and they are burning a hole in my pocket! I have literally thousands and thousands saved up and if this event is not coming I want to blow them all asap.
Does anyone know anything?
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2020.10.20 19:05 Screebuss Streaming now some Fall Guys!

Tune in and watch me get my first dub on stream ! https://www.twitch.tv/Screebuss
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2020.10.20 19:05 therealsinseer Cloaked Eagles In the Vault Oct 20, 20 - Daily Ops #fallout76

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2020.10.20 19:05 Dracon_dude Took interesting images from reys video

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2020.10.20 19:05 mebeeinghonest This is was Doc. Brown prescribed me. The tiny trimmer is always with me. It helps me to get rid of the nail skin without biting it and make it more worser. I could recommend this trimmer to y’all

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