Wow Walmart ... just wow.

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2020.10.20 19:49 Samhatesme Wow Walmart ... just wow.

Morale in the store is at an all time low. People are nervous and some are actually crying because you refuse to let people know what is going on with their positions. What are you going to do... wait until an hour before they get off on Friday to let them know and make them decide what they want to do before the end of the day?! You are playing with people’s livelihoods here. This whole thing has been mismanaged from the jump... when is the best time to let a huge chunk of our dedicated work force go? Right before the holidays and during a pandemic!! This company has been heading in the wrong direction for years and if anything proves you’re just a WIN number to these people then this is it.
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2020.10.20 19:49 CaptainA789 Dodgers Watch Party NLCS GM 7

Anyone have any Dodger stadium watch party reactions to winning game 7?
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2020.10.20 19:49 Matt-95 How are people cheating on iOS

0 kill cooldown, they can cancel emergency meetings immediately, cancel votes as soon as they start, and teleport.
This game is so easy why would you even need to cheat)
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2020.10.20 19:49 hamstergangster123 Classic rock fans of Reddit, can you describe how music changed your life using classic rock song references?

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2020.10.20 19:49 Tiggaknock Why is the dumpster theory so far fetched?

I can't imagine someone would beat an old man like that unless for money or information. I'm sure if they wanted money they'd take what's on his person and leave him there or maybe throw him in a dumpster, but why go the extra mile with all the beating? A selfish killer I'd think wouldn't want to hurt themselves beating an old man for a few dollars. If for information, then what would be the reasoning if they already had access to his home, stolen electronics and briefcase? The motive seems non-existent.
As far as the trash compactor, if you think about it this could be the best theory. He's lost, cold, confused, climbs in a dumpster and falls asleep. The truck driver doesn't hear him, turns on the compactor and he's crushed. Now think about a compactor. It's not just going to be the flat metal against metal, there's trash in there too. He's being pummeled by all types of garbage, glass, plastic, metal, wood etc. It's all different shapes and sizes, puncturing and hitting him. The pressure is what causes the blunt force trauma and collapsed lungs. Plus he's found in a landfill, by what a man on a tractor? I'd think it difficult to distinguish what's a punch or kick from being tumbled around a dumpster and landfill. This is why no one would have seen him or know anything because there are no suspects. It makes a lot more sense than a govt agent hit. There are plenty of govt. workers and I just don't see from this how anyone would know he had any more information than the next. Just my thoughts obviously, what do you guys think?
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