Heart squeezing sensation,heart worries

2020.10.29 18:15 remainh1dden Heart squeezing sensation,heart worries

Since yesterday all day and today I've found myself hyper focused on my heart, i can feel every sensation going on, I can feel my heart beating in my chest, my stomach and my back. I also experience heart sensations as if my heart feels heavy, strong and intense. Like it's hooked onto a dangerous hanger and will explode. I'm also having heart worries, that my heart is weak and vulnerable, I fear about dying in my sleep. To add, I haven't had any physical examinations, no X-rays, echoes, ECG etc to check my heart so I'm sitting in fear. It doesn't help either that I have to self isolate for 2 weeks and can't even leave the house (don't want to be fined) if I wasn't self isolating I would've taken my first trip to the ER. Does anyone have any advice or experience? Also my head is hurting but probably because I've been focused on my body and every sensation, I'm in the house 25/8 bored, literally using my phone all the time. Stressing about all things, it's crazy, I need help.
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2020.10.29 18:15 socialpeasant "Say My Name!" - Werner Heisenberg

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2020.10.29 18:15 seaQuest_DSV_4600 How long until they tear Janeway's statue down?

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2020.10.29 18:15 bacon1989 An architect builts a miniature house with cement, electricity and all features of a real house!

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2020.10.29 18:15 Skyqueencasi [Cosplay] My Wonder Woman Halloween costume!

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2020.10.29 18:15 cheddar_slut Hey all! I'll be streaming Watch Dogs: Legions tonight 10/29 at 5pm EST, come join me!

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2020.10.29 18:15 lorduc111 Need help with fedora 24 manual partitioning

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2020.10.29 18:15 JaugerPlays Northern Trading Company: A Battle Brothers Tale (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 The fire had gone out and Carsten laid awake staring at the tent wall. He started to feel the anxiety of failure. The days before were easy and money was pouring in, payments to his brothers in arms were never a problem. Though he still had a good amount stashed away on the cart, it was easy for him to think it could all go away. Provisions were also being reduced faster than replenished. Tools and supplies for fixing gear were nearly depleted. The only things inventory showed an abundance of was ammunition and medicine, though this meant that injuries were reduced, a very good thing.
He opened up his tent and looked about the camp. Puffs of fog pouring out of tent holes, there was a cold breeze. He looked back at his brother. “Thilmann,” he whispered. “Thilmann, get the men up,” this time a bit louder. “We should get moving.”
“Alright, alright. I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
Both brothers started to suit up and began to hear the others suit up as well. The clinks and clanks of metal and leather filled the camp. This night, the men paired up in tents. Some tents were worn and not able to hold heat like the others. Plus, an additional body helped to provide extra heat.
Within an hour, the men were ready and packed, they were getting better and more efficient with this task. They left to the east away from the road to return to Alsliv around the mountains. The moon was bright enough to light up the snow capped mountains, silhouetted on the starry sky. The night temperature continued to drop until just after sunrise. The men welcomed the sun with some trying to press their faces closer to its warmth. The grass was crispy and covered in frost even well into the morning. Little conversation took place until Alsliv was in sight.
Now at Alsliv, near noon, Carsten rechecked the message board then purchased more provisions. The visit was short and the company was back on the road heading east. It was a boring day of travel. Not a soul was seen. Plains turned into hills, hills into forest.
Once the forest opened up, a stone keep would be seen in the distance, Kalkhovel. Torches flickered and the gate was sealed shut. The company arrived after dark and so weren’t allowed in. They simply skirted around the walls on a thin path and continued down the road through Northurst. Through the night, two men would jump into the cart to sleep, each receiving two breaks. A tent was fashioned over each side of the cart and one over the top to trap in heat. It worked well enough.
Once the sun broke the horizon in front of them, tiny figures appeared through the morning fog. It was a group of barbarians chanting in their pagan words. Carsten was not about to stop the men from chasing them down, he was also bored and needed to expend some energy after two full days of travel. The barbarians tried to flee east but the Northern Trading Company was too quick. They caught up with them and quickly dispatched the heathens. After the battle, the bodies were looted, finding bits of provisions, coin, and supplies. Their weapons, though primitive, would still make some extra money at the next market.
The band continued on the road east then curving north through the Willowshire Hillside finding a small town in the snowy valley. Traveling in snow was difficult. This is the first time most of them even saw snow acting like children, eating it and making snowballs as if it was just human instinct. Even Carsten and Tostig couldn’t help themselves. The markets were empty and the message board was covered in ice. There was nothing for them there, so they turned and pointed south again.
The road continued east through the Pagan Heathland, sprinkled with snow capped hills and pine trees and patches of snow becoming larger and larger until reaching the end of the road at Asentorn, a wooden motte with a single wood tower on the road. The company took a break at the market. After buying and selling, a man approached them asking for work. His name was Baldomar, a struggling daytaler. He was a bit drunk and looking to fight. Humbert grabbed his shoulder and welcomed him aboard. Before Baldomar could even realize his decision, Humbert gave him his spear and shield and Thilmann passed him a sack of caps and jackets. He chose his gear and joined the men introducing himself timidly. Humbert went to the cart and pulled out the woodcutter’s ax that he hid so well. He had been sharpening it for a couple days now and sanding the handle. He decided this would be a better weapon for battle.
Back on the road west, Baldomar told them of a shortcut through the Pagan Heathland and Collapsing Hills. They took him up on his adventure and followed him on a well beaten path, though initially difficult to see if not looking for it. He led them while telling the story of working with his father and grandfather following this trail as a child. The trail was safer than the road and faster to the citadel, Salamanderfeste, where they sold goat cheese and meats. After their passing due to sickness in the far north, he tried handling the goats and production alone but failed miserably. He spent a couple years at the tavern waiting for another chance until the Northern Trading Company walked in. He would be put to the test as a fighter soon.
Another night passed and continued with sleep breaks. The men seemed to be getting more distant as contracts were harder to find. It almost seemed that some were thinking of leaving the company. Sure, they were getting paid each day on their agreed amount, but a sharp decline in work was making them bored. Carsten picked up on this and made the stop in Salamanderfeste short so the men wouldn’t be lost to other jobs and leave. He heard of some trouble nearby and told the men of local brigands. They hastily packed the cart and made their way south. Carsten knew this was a gamble but he had to get them moving.
The reports turned out to be correct and many thugs were found along the road. The brigands were not well equipped, with the exception of one. One wielded a large hammer and his armor closely matched those worn by the company. He would need to be dealt with, and with special care. The raider hurled a javelin at Thilmann, receiving it in his chest; his armor took most of the damage. The battle quickly turned from even to the company’s favor and the brigands fell one after the other in quick turns. Humbert with his new ax took some hits. After the battle, he reminded the others as to why his nickname was “The Blessed”.
They continued south and nursed their cuts and bruises. Night fell on them as they reached Neufarn. “We are close to Muckenland, brother,” Carsten said to Thilmann.
“Well, it would be nice to see again. Don’t you think?”
With nothing to do in Neufarn, the company didn’t unpack anything from the cart and simply marched through the quiet village. Arriving in Muckenland after a night of travel, the men grew frustrated. The company traveled for five days without real work. A mercenary life was sounding like less of an option to some. Near Humbert’s and Tostig’s hometowns, they thought of dropping their arms and taking back the lives they left. Roderick knew he was out of other options like Carsten and Thilmann.
As morale seemed to disappear over the time they spent thinking and walking familiar territory, Carsten pulled himself up and found Donbert, Ragnar, and Baldomar talking. “Should we move on, again?” asked Ragnar. “It seems that traveling is getting everyone down but at least it keeps or minds busy.”
He was right, thought Carsten. “We leave for Grunstadt. This is not over, men. I still have coin in my pocket to pay you. There are still brigands to fight and new lands to discover.” He turned to the rest of the crew, leaning against the cart and boxes and barrels and showing discontent. “If you are to stay behind and retake your old life, I will not hold you back nor share any disappointment.”
“You are now my brother,” Tostig spoke as if he always knew the language. “You are all my brothers. I go.”
“As do I.” Each other man took his turn as they grabbed their weapon.
And so they left for Grunstadt, not far to the west, hearing of help needed. Once they arrived, Eberhard of Grunstadt was found struggling in the market. He was piling goods onto a donkey that wanted nothing to do with it. He looked over to see Carsten walking by. “Please, sir, could I offer you a job?” That stopped Carsten in his tracks. He tried to hide his interest to get a good rate of pay but Eberhard was too busy to notice. Eberhard simply tossed him a sack of crowns and pointed to his map. “Sonstedt is not far to the south, through the Hummocks. Greatly appreciated,” he said as he disappeared into the market crowd.
The men were happy to see a contract no matter what the job. They took the goods from the donkey, tied her to the cart, and traveled south. Passing the Hummocks, through Solstein, the heat was back. Not long ago, the party was playing in snow like children. Now, they were basking in the heat, welcoming the sun’s rays and happy to complain about it.
In Sonstedt, the sounds of markets flooded their ears. A bustling market for such a small town. Carsten collected the money and asked about work. The frustration that melted away had returned. No work for mercenaries in Sonstedt. He hid his frustration and told the men to get back to the road. They were bound to find something to do.
Night came and went but was colder than usual. Then the air became drier and harder to inhale without becoming more and more thirsty. It seems they had happened across the desert without realizing how close it really was. Noises to the south told the company that brigands were near. As the sun came up, it revealed the figures of armed men. They were darker in color, tanned to a bronze after a life in the desert. Few northerners met these men as religious differences tended to keep them separate. Nonetheless, the men in sight were not traders but cutthroats. Even Carsten was eager for a fight. “Charge!”
They chased them down for at least an hour before the nomads turned and readied for the inevitable battle. The sanded earth made movement tiring and was used as an advantage by the nomads. They threw sand in the unexpected northerners’ faces keeping them well distracted. Even so, the battle never favored the desert folk. Humbert’s ax wouldn’t allow it. The southerners were quickly surrounded by the northerners and broke, cut down on their retreat. Looting provided insight on desert folk garb and weaponry. They seemed to have a level of technology above the mercenary band. And shriveled fruits that had a unique and delicious taste. An interesting new land that needed to be explored more. The band put their frustration to rest and turned their interest into the stories and way of life in the sea of sands.
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2020.10.29 18:15 adurepoh Are you scared to die?

And why? (In comments)
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2020.10.29 18:15 BootyClapperOG Warlock? No. I'm something much more powerful. I'm a grand wizard.

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8600 3853 7547
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2020.10.29 18:14 Fredzter2007 Could I get these with this?

Could I get two mega legendary like a mega king bee and mega golden penguin for a mega hyena and a mega bandicoot?
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2020.10.29 18:14 jamesabels EXIF Hound 2.0 Roadmap

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2020.10.29 18:14 DexxToress Okay is it just me or does this game pull some bullshit? (Rant Kinda)

I recently bought this game seeing as it could be really fun, challenging with some good memorable moments in between. And after seeing the trailers and some of the gameplay I was hooked and waited until release day to buy.
When I bought it, installed it and booted it up the game started off fun and a bit of a challenge, but is now starting to become an infuriating grind to reach the top.
Let's make one thing clear. I have nothing wrong with hard games. I've played and beaten the souls games, as well as a number of other hard games, and a number of platform/parkour games.
but for some damn reason, this game infuriates me to no end. For starters the game likes to try and be cheeky with tutorials and where to go, or how to handle a situation. And not in the good way. I'm not an idiot, but I'm also not a 4D chess player with Einstein levels of IQ.
I don't mind figuring things out, but I would still like at least some information as to what to do, rather then being thrown in and left smashing my head against a brick wall until it breaks.
As it stands I'm about 4 hours into the game and I'm am genuinely trying to enjoy it, but there's so much working against the player in an unfair way. For starters, sometimes the button imputes I press just don't wanna work at all, and that wall that I wanna stick to just ends up having me fall off and to my death. Or I go to swing my sword in the middle of my jump to kill the enemy in front of me, only to not do that, and get shot in the face by a laser. Or I try to grapple to the point I can see and just end up falling to my death despite me pressing the grapple button.
Not to mention checkpoints are extremely forgiving, or extremely punishing. Finally got passed that long string of wall runs only to get chopped up by a fan? Well back to that same set of wall runs. Got 6 different enemies to handle? well put you in that room before the enemies so it's easier on you.
The game just doesn't feel fair, IMO. Nearly every single death that I've had has usually been because of some bullshit reason rather then my own mistake. Even when I'm trying to play the game as intended, or creating my own path, 90% of the time I die to some kind of BS.
While taking only 1 hit before death is fine in most games, in a game this fast-paced I honestly don't think it works. In a game like Dark souls 3, Sekiro, or Bloodborne, some of the hardest games out there, that have very high TTK, and little room for error are fair because a majority of the deaths are your fault, but they also give you some leeway. That leeway being health. I know they are two very distinct styles of games, but they are still very hard games with very fast TTK.
A hard and fast game, that is fair.
This game isn't. The number of times I have been hit with a stray blaster bolt while trying to maneuver around the room is insane. Or I go to dodge a blaster bolt, only to get shot by another one, or have it track me and fire. Or those chicken walker looking motherfuckers. Just ran into those guys and I already hate them, large shotgun like projectile that's nearly impossible to dodge? Oh look, now there's three of them, have fun jackass! Or the times I've fallen off a wall I was trying to run on because I didn't have the pixel perfect jump the developers intended for me to have, or slam into a hazard because the game likes being cheeky.
That is neither fun, nor fair.
I know it sounds like I'm whining at how hard the game is and that I should "Git gud." But honestly just tweaking the AI, or giving a little bit more breathing room would make this game much more bearable compared to what it is now. I want to enjoy this game, but given that it's so frustrating to play makes me want to uninstall it and try to get my money back.
There is a huge difference between Hard and fair, versus hard and Unfair. Does anyone else share similar sentiments or is it just me?
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2020.10.29 18:14 jdelg1 Room Available near UNT

I need someone to takeover my lease for a room available in a house that is less than a five minute walk to UNT with the lease ending at the end of next June. Rent is $500 a month, with utilities running about $150-$185. However, I will pay for November [rent + utilities].
There are currently 4 roommates(3 males and 1 female) living in the house, with the available room being on the second floor. One of the roommates does own a cat that generally stays in the room, however no more pets are permitted. They are pretty much quiet during the day and if you ever have a problem you can always talk them to work things out. Any maintenance issues is quickly fixed by the landlord, however at the time of me living there wasn't really any issues even though it is an old wooden floor house. You will share the upstairs bathroom with 2 of the male roommates however there is also a half bathroom in the first floor.
DM if interested, you will also very likely have to talk to the current roommates so they get to know you. I can also provide pictures and measurements if needed.
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2020.10.29 18:14 RynAlyssa Our thank you postcards are in to send out with the decks for project backers that preordered our Broke B-Word : Tarot Training Deck!!! Decks will be here within the next week or two for everyone that preordered. Thank you all for your support.

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2020.10.29 18:14 torisatori [TN] have: narrow form adansonii cuttings (unrooted, cur about a week ago) ISO: variegated Purple Heart tradescantia or open to offers for things other than hoyas and succulents

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2020.10.29 18:14 Routine_Register_178 Polestar recalls almost all Polestar 2 electric cars over inverter and battery issues

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2020.10.29 18:14 M_Cume Recomendaciones de libros

Hola! Soy nueva acá y no se si habrán recomendado ya este tema pero quisiera saber si alguien conoce algún libro bueno de no ficción que hable sobre la América precolombina. Gracias!
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2020.10.29 18:14 Symplecort [HUMOR] Haha funny numbers

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2020.10.29 18:14 colerobins Sorry I forgot what are the hoodie prices?

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