What is more higher demand? Cinema 4D or Maya?

Cinema 4D. Blender. Definition. Capable of procedural and polygonal 3D modeling, animation, texturing and more. It is a free and open source application used for creating 3D printed models, applications, video games and more. Pros. Cinema 4D is an easy to learn software. The beginners, freshers are not hampered by the lack of simplicity with ... No matter what software you use or final product you create, all 3D modeling and rendering packages share the same underlying concepts. In this course, expert George Maestri provides a broad overview of these concepts and the techniques that apply to all types of 3D artwork: character designs, product shots, animation, visual effects, and more. - [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Scott Pagano, and welcome to Houdini Engine for CINEMA 4D and Maya. The Houdini Engine is a powerful plug-in that bridges the procedural world of Houdini with CINEMA 4D and Maya. We're gonna look at a bunch of different things in this course, starting off with building a simple geometric network and seeing how to package that up as what we call an HDA, or a Houdini ... Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 10 Professional, Windows 10® version 1607 or higher operating system Apple® Mac OS® X 10.13.x, 10.14.x, 10.15.x operating system Browser Cinema 4D is more expensive, about $1,600 for the package. ... and it is gaining ground on Maya. Why does Cinema 4D get a higher grade for motion graphics? ... those firms demand new hires know Maya. A: Modeling and animation in Maya are primarily single-threaded, so you want a CPU with the highest possible clock speed - but core count is not particularly important. A good video card is also needed, in order to smoothly display the 3D graphics you create. Q: Does rendering in Maya require different hardware? Pixar Technology. In production environments using multiple applications (such as Maya, Katana, and Houdini), USD can enable a new level of reliable, efficient, flexible collaboration, including sharing of animated geometry, materials, and lights. the tools are pretty much the same but the interface and layout are a bit different. i have tried out both and enjoy c4d much more. i think the reason that it has gotten so popular and is in such demand is that it is cheaper to own then maya ,as far as i can tell, and i found it to be pretty user friendly. it was used on the polar express movie among other motion pictures. take this all with a grain of salt though im no expert on either and have been using c4d for only a little while NOTE! The content contained in this article is based on Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.12.1 and earlier Adrenalin Edition drivers. For Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition instructions, please refer to article. This document provides general information about color depth and instructions on selecting the preferred color depth within AMD Radeon Settings. Hello, and welcome to rigging cartoon characters in Cinema 4D. I'm Delano with Digital Tutors, and I'll be guiding you through the process of creating a cartoon controller. Technical artists that have the skill set to create stylized rigs are in high demand.

2020.10.20 19:55 jeremy_tj What is more higher demand? Cinema 4D or Maya?

Hi all, I hope you’re all doing well! I wanted to ask, what’s more on demand now? Cinema 4D or Maya?
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2020.10.20 19:55 Ifazxo Need some warzone friends :D

Anyone down for the new halloween event?
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2020.10.20 19:55 samjervis I hate Dan Snyder

The latest allegations made by the former head of cheerleading is just another example of what a deplorable human being he is. He grew up a nerd and was probably bullied and made fun of, and now he thinks that he should do the same. He clearly has some sort of bully complex. He is nothing but a greedy little man. His greediness has personally ruined people’s lives and careers both on and off the field. Because of his actions I almost hate to call Washington my favorite football team. I refuse to buy any team merch, attend a game, or even drink bud light (official beer of the NFL). Why? All because I don’t want a single penny of mine lining his pockets. Thanks for attending my TED Talk
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2020.10.20 19:55 randum-guy What's a good eye + ear mask to mask sound and light while sleeping for best 8 hour uninterrupted sleep?

My family makes a lot of random noise at night. Looking for an eye and ear mask on Amazon to have the best uninterrupted 8 hour sleep comfortably. Thanks!
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2020.10.20 19:55 ScongaDonga RUN

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2020.10.20 19:55 Okunaattori Smh

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2020.10.20 19:55 QuadDeuces422 A U21 feature would be nice

If you are playing career as a big club you likely have the following situation: 1. First team with 80-90 rated players 2. Second team with 70-85 rated players 3. A bunch of youngsters under 70 ovr I rotate my first and second squads depending on fixtures, but my youngsters are not growing well because they get almost no playing time and no sharpness. It seems obvious to loan them out but that doesn’t always work in this game as I’m sure you’ve experienced. I put 9 players up for loan in my last window, only received 2 offers and only 1 of them went through. If there was some U21 action available this would help. It doesn’t even have to be playable, just a simulated way for them to get some sharpness.
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2020.10.20 19:55 smuto7834 Brand New Association Booker Jersey

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2020.10.20 19:55 JannySmellsLikeElbow Years of freeform. Just discovered crochet needles.

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2020.10.20 19:55 yw618 4053💖🍁

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2020.10.20 19:55 LordAnubis12 Local Companies offering At-Home Packages / Nice stuff to do at home.

No, not that you filthy minds.
Now that we're effectively in an eternal lockdown, I'm keen to do some nice things at home from places I'd usually try and visit but currently cannot. E.g. we've booked in a Meal Kit for 2 from Two Fat Ladies in a few weeks.
We're both working from home so keen to spend evenings doing something a bit different or unusual to break the week up.
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2020.10.20 19:55 Darkolen_Pitch_dark Which orcs is harder to deal with

I get crapped on most of the time
I just want to know, again
View Poll
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2020.10.20 19:55 andrew_a7 Chelsea XI in UCL against Sevilla

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2020.10.20 19:55 gmfodraehnu123 Stocking suggestions/thoughts on my new desktop tank

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2020.10.20 19:55 MR_MEME_42 I know I'm going to be down voted but I feel like this game benefit camping.

I constantly hear how CW is fast paced and how camping is not viable, but every match I have played during both beta weeks and the alpha have be nothing but camping. Due to the low visibility and equipment like the field mic it feels hard to rush. In every lobby most people just sit in a head glich or in some other low visibility area and hold an angle. The "fast" paced mainly comes from the broken slide and people jumping around like it's and exo game. Once the sliding gets fixed the dominate strategy will probably end up as just playing hide and seek.
I know that this is getting down voted to hell but I feel like it's easier to rush in MW that in this game.
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2020.10.20 19:54 -noodlez Online multiplayer seems to be lagging for many players.

TL;DR: Some of us have been experiencing lag spikes only in the recent weeks.
Before you comment below asking me to do a ping test. I don't think I am the only one facing this issue.
Searching for the word "lag" on this sub-reddit and sorting them by new, you will find many posts describing the same frustration. Having sudden lag spikes only in the past few weeks.
It obviously doesn't happen to everybody. But it happens to enough people including me and my friend to suggest that there may an issue with Brawlhalla's servers
I would also like to mention that I know some people will have lag naturally. But because these spikes have only been happening in the recent weeks to people who previously had no issues is why I would like to bring this up.

Links to posts I've seen:
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/jeht90/sea_servers_issue/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/jckty9/has_anyone_else_been_lagging_ever_since_the/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/jbrgxl/bug_or_lag/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/j39yzq/is_anybody_else_facing_extremely_big_lag_spikes/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/j0qa1o/unplayable/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/izqnen/absolutely_unplayable_lag_help/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/iycsab/laggg/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/iv7r7z/why_tf_is_brawlhalla_lagging_so_much_after_the/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/iuvvpp/postupdate_lag_is_unpleasant/
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/iumvt3/is_anyone_else_experiencing_extreme_lag/

Would like to highlight this particular post that as well because it is a survey
- https://www.reddit.com/Brawlhalla/comments/j39yzq/is_anybody_else_facing_extremely_big_lag_spikes/

I wanted to make this post because many of them only received replies to telling them that it's on their end. And because it's happening to me too in the recent weeks. I haven't realized any changes with the internet on my side with other games or websites.
Is this localized to a particular region's server?
What are the proper channel to contact the devs about this.
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2020.10.20 19:54 opsap11 WOAH

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2020.10.20 19:54 DRAGRACINGWITHJOSH Q&A fastest in america 2 vlog

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2020.10.20 19:54 chocolate_shart Can't get my navbar to move left

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2020.10.20 19:54 jivan38 Recommendations for European comedy, romantic comedy movies from last few years.

My first foray into world/comedy European cinema was Nothing to Declare (2010) . https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1528313/ . Since then I have been trying to see as many French, German, Italian, Belgium movies as far as possible but I am sure there are underrated as well as many movies which are not listed in imdb . Can people share from last few years, say anything between 2015 - 2020 . Looking forward to people's recommendations :)
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2020.10.20 19:54 xGALEBIRDx Very 'Merican M60A3.

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2020.10.20 19:54 Deep-Fried-Broccoli TIFU by slapping my dick on the table and shouting laugh at my fiance on factime

TIFU by slapping my dick on the table and shouting laugh at my fiance on factime
Okay, I just want to start this by admiting something. I am a perv. So is my fiancé. It's a pretty nice yin-yang thing except we're both yangs. We make crass jokes fairly frequently, like to phone bone and are adamant memennials (it makes her cringe, had to write it).
Anyway, we've been living apart for a while as we finish college. The last couple of months have been a little rough for us though. I have been hit by not one but two different hurricanes and have not had power or internet until today. On top of that, my program is all gas no brakes. I've had back to back, to back, exams and have had practically zero interaction with my fellow Yang.
Today, I managed to finally gain access to the internet and was able to see her for the first time in what felt like forever. This was an exciting moment to say the least, and I wanted to make the most of it. But how would I do it? Yang didn't know I had internet access yet, so I had a couple hours to ponder and prepare before nightfall. I turned off the lights, lit a few candles and placed them on my desk. Opened my laptop and tilted the screen to the optimal angle and began the call. She answered the phone excitidly, and I greeted Yang with wang while shouting LAUGH as I slapped my jimmy dean on the table, thus initiating our romantic rendezvous. Perfect execution. Delivered the package with more gusto than those FedEx drivers in the pornos. But here's the fuck up. There was laughter. Too much laughter for one Yang and one wang. It happened to be one of her friends birthdays and they were gathered around her phone to say hi. Her face was red, my boner was dead, and the call ended faster than my hopes of getting head.
She texted me after, freaking out. Telling me that we'll talk later. I appologized because I figured she would be alone at the time. She said her friends won't leave her alone now. I'm pretty sure they're all drunk. Her friends keep sending me small dick memes.
tldr: Slapped dick on table for funny sexy time, got laughed at by her friends and am currently getting more small dick memes than a jockey private detective.
Update: Holy shit guys...thought my alarm was going off...but no it’s just this post is blowing up at 4 in the morning! Thank you all for the awards and comments. It’s been a pleasure reading them and it is honestly just a great all around experience. But none of you care about thanks! I’m not as small brained as you might think. I know why you’re here. You have questions, I have answers.

  1. Let me hijack my own post real quick. The city of Lake Charles really got hit hard by these hurricanes. Pretty much the entire southwestern portion of the state suffered heavy damages. What has been shown in media isn’t comparable to what it has been like in person. So, please show some love to the area if you can!
  2. Yes, Jacksepticeye’s famous LAUGH meme was the inspiration behind my mating call. Maybe one day he’ll read this and think about my di...wonderful use of the English language.
  3. Her friends sobered up and stopped sending me memes. Honestly think they might have just ran out for the time being. Yang calmed down and laughed about it. She said that her friends were just busting my balls because got a full view of them. I was not nearly as amused.
  4. Lastly, as far as size goes, I will not confirm or deny anything. My fiancé and unfortunately now her friends will be the only ones privy to that info. So I’ll play the proverbial cocktease. But all good teases have to please at least a little. So, I’ll leave you with another silly rhyme.
Is it big or is it little? Something huge or a tiny skittle? Long, hard, short...uhm...hard. Thicc like a tire or thin as a card? Honestly it doesn’t matter, work with what you have, and give them a good splatter.
Edit: spelling
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2020.10.20 19:54 finwbanshee pavement princess

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2020.10.20 19:54 Fly_com_ 4 or 5 point harness in a street car. Safer or deathtrap?

I've seen a lot of conflicting information researching this, and I'm honestly not sure what to believe. With 4 point harness, I've heard that in a crash you could submarine and that would cause further injury. I've also seen harnesses specifically built with anti sub straps and such. Then there is the problem that without a HANS, a 5 point belt can kill you, and makes airbags and the likes useless. I understand not mixing safety (like putting a 5 point in a car with no cage and airbags). But realistically would there be any way to safely use a harness in a street car? Convenience aside.
I would like to use an aftermarket wheel, and aftermarket seats with a proper harness, but its pointless to buy if there is no realistic way to make it at least equally safe as a standard belt with an airbag. Any insight is appreciated as Id just like to clear all this information up.
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2020.10.20 19:54 killthedogslowly Jacob deGrom Autographed Baseball with 2018 Cy Young inscription

What do you think that’s worth? Don’t want to get ripped off
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