Hajime's Emergency Food

2020.10.29 17:55 RolerGames Hajime's Emergency Food

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2020.10.29 17:55 TheRoboticBoi Hope I done the gang proud

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2020.10.29 17:55 Riverify Dr. Brent Roussin at every press conference so far

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2020.10.29 17:55 Deaner414 What is the location on the far right column of line 31?

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2020.10.29 17:55 COLONELMCNUGGS 25M, Feeling a bit off today

Generally upbeat, but woke up feeling a little off. That Five Finger Death Punch song is pretty on point for me today. I have a pretty boring day until D&D in the evening so I'm down to make a new friend or two! I'm on the east coast of the US, but I'm currently interviewing for a job that'd take me to the UK. I don't mind where you're from since I'm used to dealing with time zones and I like meeting people from all over the world.
As for interests, well, pretty much the standard stuff that you find here on good ole Reddit. Some things I've been into recently is the new music from Machine Gun Kelly, pretty poppin stuff. And standup comedy. I've also gotten back into Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter content after a years-long hiatus. I saw the recent drama that went on with them and it roped me back into catching up on some stuff. Other than all that, just been listening to podcasts, playing some games, and I started learning German. I'm going pretty slow with it but it's pretty fun! A lot easier than the last language I tried learning (Finnish), so bonus points if you're German or speak German!
Anyways, I'm not sure what else to put here but if you're down to talk, and I'm certainly talkative, feel free to head on into my DMs and throw a fine howdy at me! Maybe even a fun fact if you've got one.
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2020.10.29 17:55 itsasecretshhh20 40 [M4F] Looking for friends to snap/chat.

Work in the medical field. Enjoy hiking and photography. Looking for new people to snap/chat with. Send me a chat or dm. 😄
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2020.10.29 17:55 idfkdudeok help is this laced with glass or am i dumb

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2020.10.29 17:55 BitBorn123 Where to find the best and lowest price deals?

I have found a website that posts only low price deals every day - www.DealsBahar.com . Check out if possible then subscribe for alerts and follow them on telegram - t.me/dealsbahardotcom
For Gaming Builds found https://9to6-tech.blogspot.com
Share some of the other similar style websites to help us find more deals.
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2020.10.29 17:55 Ran_Echelon Legion 5p AMD, What WiFi Card Does It Have?

I'm looking at getting the Legion 5p 4800H/2060 https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/pc-gaming/gaming-laptops/lenovo-legion-5p-15-6-gaming-laptop-amd-ryzen-7-rtx-2060-256-gb-ssd-10205989-pdt.html By all accounts it seems like a great system but one thing I wanted to check is what brand of WiFi card it comes with. I've had 2 laptops with Killer WiFi in the past and they both had huge problems with slow speeds, timeouts and outright losing connection - no matter what I did with drivers/software. Hoping for an Intel NIC!
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2020.10.29 17:55 lencat 2020 Rin Birthday scouting! Am I gonna empty the box?!

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2020.10.29 17:55 stevetheginger My first prints on my first printer!

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2020.10.29 17:55 vinmex01 Screw holes on the head changed place ?? On the v2 version compared to classic.

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2020.10.29 17:55 thomasandsierra Some of the BEST levels I have ever played!!

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2020.10.29 17:55 Aye_kaitlynn He sure is getting big 4months old

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2020.10.29 17:55 Ok_Bake4210 Free stuff for newbies

I have free stuff in front of town hall. Help yourself but be nice. DM for DD code.
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2020.10.29 17:54 WasabiWonderful Dr Pumpkin didn't get drop but he got a lvl.

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2020.10.29 17:54 xxxAmberLeexxx Contest speeding ticket online.

I’m making this post to share my experience with the Connecticuts online traffic violation / complaint ticket online system.
About a month ago I ended up getting a speeding ticket in Burlington for doing 52 in a 30. (Speed trap right off farmington Ave where the speed limit is 45 then drops to 30 on Stratford Ave.) The officer gave me a speeding infraction and I just shoved it in my center consul and completely forgot about it. When my significant other gratuitously reminded me of it by asking me, “Have you sent the ticket in yet?” I panicked and realized it was due that day. Reading the tickets envelope, I saw I could contest online. After entering in the web address given, I ended up Googling “ct plead not guilty to traffic ticket online” in order to actually get to the direct link. The website on that is located on the infractions envelope doesn’t give you direct access to where you can contest your ticket. Anyhow, I filled in my information, plead not guilty and sent it in, all in less than 3 minuets. I did not have to pay anything for the submission, it was completely free and they send you an email verification. (Which does take a few hours to receive via email.) after submission, the web site gives you an additional two weeks to add any information, statements, documents and or pictures to your no guilty plea after the initial submission date you were given on your hard copy of the ticket. (Basically it lets you add information during the time that it would normally take for the hard copy of the ticket to be mailed in, processed, and actually received by the prosecutor for review.) As the end date for any additional submissions of information starts to approach, you will receive an email reminder from the branch to remind you that their are only so many more days to add anything at all to your submission.
When the final date comes all of the information gets reviewed and the following business day the prosecutor will send you an offer of which you can accept or deny the offer by a certain date. If you reject the offer, fail to make the payment(s), fees, or fines agreed upon in the offer and or do not respond to the offer by the given date, it is then transferred to the court system with your original charges and you will be notified of your court date in the mail.
In my case I was given the option to make a charitable donation that would lead into a nolle prosequi as a disposition of the case. I didn’t submit any extra information, i only sublimed my not guilty plea, I didn’t have to pay anything expect the charitable donation after the prosecutor made me an offer, I didn’t have to talk to anyone in person or on the phone, I did not have go anywhere or mail anything in. It was the easiest system I have ever used and would gladly use it again. Has anyone else has any experience using the online system?
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2020.10.29 17:54 hyperkid137 201029 ELLE: TXT on Their EP Minisode1: Blue Hour's Meaning and What Their Teen Years Taught Them

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2020.10.29 17:54 Rapidchickens What have you always wanted to say, but never had the courage?

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2020.10.29 17:54 pneuma_monado Bridgetposting on random subs cause I forgot his birthday

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2020.10.29 17:54 LabDoge [ISSUE] Player token lighting isn't updating with movement

Some of my players reported that they cannot see the lighting update when moving a token with lighting setting around. They have to refresh the browser to see the changes. Any idea what might cause this issue? Should I ask my players to update their browser or any software?
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2020.10.29 17:54 aschwan41 What determines a bust for you?

Is it longevity in the league? Comparisons to players also drafted at that position? Just points?
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2020.10.29 17:54 Zexmaix Are Modern Miscuts Special? Butchered Galarian Sirfetch'd V Promo

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2020.10.29 17:54 JBaker68 Assembly Required

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2020.10.29 17:54 Hedra_Helix Add basic drawing element to table view cell

I would like to implement a basic drawing tool, found here, into a table view cell so an entire column of cells within my table can be drawn on with a finger or stylus.
I've been trying to work around the error 'outlets cannot be connected to repeating content' all day by doing things like trying to create new instances of BasicDrawingViewController for each row, but have made no progress - is it futile?
A more detailed description of my desired result can be found in a previous post
Many thanks
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