Non-distributing ETFs / Stocks - RRSP

The RRSP is normally treated as a buy-and-hold fund and that often makes dividend stocks attractive picks. Investors can use the dividends to acquire new shares, setting off a powerful snowball... RRSP; Personal Finance; Why your RRSP is the best home for your U.S. stocks. Surprisingly, it does make a difference where you hold your American dividend-paying stocks, and keeping them in your RRSP is the best option The RRSP contribution limit for 2020 is 18% of the earned income an individual has reported on their 2019 tax return, up to a maximum of $27,230, according to the Canada Revenue Agency. 8  It is... Picking the right gold stock investment for your situation. Buying physical gold in any form -- bars, coins, medals, or even jewelry -- is the most direct way to gain exposure to gold prices. A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is an investment plan that is registered with the Canadian federal government. RRSPs are often described as being “tax-advantaged.” That means you don’t... Couples can use RRSP contributions to reduce net family income to boost child-care benefits and certain tax credits, depending on where they live. Investments held inside the RRSP can grow... REITs have taken a hit in recent weeks, but this healthcare-linked stock is worth owning for RRSP investors. Northwest Health Properties REIT (TSX:NWH.UN) provides investors exposure to a... Let’s take a look at one oversold dividend stock that might be an interesting pick for a balanced RRSP portfolio in 2020. Nutrien The company is the largest producer of potash and a top provider ... Utility stocks like Fortis Inc (TSX:FTS)(NYSE:FTS) can be great plays right now. The post Retirees: Do This to Protect Your RRSP From the 2020 Stock Market Crash! appeared first on The Motley Fool ... Can You Buy Stocks Using Your RRSP? Yes, you can buy individual stocks within your RRSP. Take advantage of the benefits of having an RRSP, and any employer matching contributions while taking charge of your own retirement money. Plus you can avoid the high fees mutual funds typically charge.

2020.10.20 18:30 Over_Jaguar_7204 Non-distributing ETFs / Stocks - RRSP

Hope you are doing well.
I am relocating to California for the job, and I will have a sizable RRSP / LIRP in Canada. Thanks to your previous posts, I have divested all of my TFSA and other accounts as I heard it is a hassle to keep those accounts as IRS recognizes them as a trust. My understand is that IRS recognizes RRSP / LIRP as tax-deferral vehicle similar to 401K, but State of California does not and I will have to report taxes on 1) dividend, 2) realized gains / losses, and 3) interests.
I am planning to return to Canada within 3-4 years and use the RRSP towards a first-home-buyer's plan and wish to minimize the hassle of reporting extra income from my RRSP / LIRP. I would like to invest it passively and don't expect to actively buy / sell stocks. Could you recommend me non-distributing ETFs / Stocks that would fit my investment style and minimize any dividend / returns?
Also, if I do not sell any products while I am in the U.S, would I be subject to any taxes on unrealized gain (if there is one) upon my departure?

Thank you.
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2020.10.20 18:30 tioptiop I hate this puzzle

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2020.10.20 18:30 TrueIndologyBot Bolivia votes in crossroads election as socialists eye return

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2020.10.20 18:30 CRD71600 How to delete downloads

I’m sure over the years I’ve downloaded some useless stuff, how do I delete it? And will they still be listed in installs? (I hope they are)
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2020.10.20 18:30 Sauerkrautwasser Schau Mamer. Voll arg 😲

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2020.10.20 18:30 WolverineKuzuri93 Master Lamplighter, what are we going to do?

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2020.10.20 18:30 wubbadubba3 Anyone watch that Netflix movie Boys in the band?

Kinda seemed like they just grabbed sort of funny gay actors and gave them ok lines that were sort of sassy and told em to go nuts
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2020.10.20 18:30 martinktm Windows 10 doesn't detect USB drive.

When I insert usb drive my pc doesn't mount it and it is not visible inside partition manager. But pc makes standard usb sound when drive is inserted.
Then I have to go to device manager disable this flash drive, enable it and reset the pc for usb drive to be accessible.
I have to do this every time when I want to use USB drive. Doesn't matter which drive I use it is always the same drill(disable,enable,reset).
This problem is driving me nuts, do you guys have any solution ?
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2020.10.20 18:30 Memeboi1987 What’s the best roast you’ve used or heard used in an argument ?

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2020.10.20 18:30 goldwasp602 Revenant has a pet shelter! How cute :)

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2020.10.20 18:30 throwRAbestf My (20f) best friend (19f) doesn't seem to try

Using a throwaway since my usernames the same for everything. Im sorry if this is long or I'm rambling but I'm really tired and pretty upset.
I've been friends with my best friend for the past 9 years. We've never once had a serious argument or falling out but we've argued about plenty of stupid shit (my favourite characters better than your favourite character, where to go for food etc that type of stuff).
Since quarantine started in March we've seen each other once whereas before we would see each other 2/3 times a week. We both hate any type of phone calls so communication has been pretty much solely through text but it just seems like she's given up on me.
I'll send her memes or ask how shes getting on with stuff and about her family but she only ever messages me when she wants to talk about something shes done. Like she had a job interview or she spent £500 one day. There's never an actual coversation unless I force it.
Now everything's pretty much opened up again and I've asked multiple times about meeting up for food or going to a quiet bar or something but she pretty much ignores the message and then doesn't respond until I send something else. I know thats its nothing to do with Covid because shes been out multiple places including shopping in a huge city centre with her family. I've been working from home since covid started and she is unemployed, currently job searching.
I thought maybe it was just because she sucked at making plans so i asked if she had plans on a certain day and she said no. I asked about meeting at a local restaurant between us (we live a 10 minute drive/20 minute walk away from each other but neither of us drive). Once again no response until i sent a meme a few hours later and she acted like the earlier message wasn't there.
Like I said we've never had any arguments so I'm not sure why shes acting like this. I check up on her all the time yet she doesn't do the same for when when she knows all about my shitty family situation that im stuck in until I can afford to move out and my other mental health issues.
We're pretty much each others only friends outside of work friends at this point as we had a shitty friend group in high school who we cut off as soon as we left so I'm worried this is the only reason she even entertains my messages.
Is it worth trying to keep this friendship going or is it already dead?
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2020.10.20 18:30 XeroxInfinite Titanfall Players. Our time has come!

We must put the fear of God into the Apex community as shadows and IF we can get even close to our hopping in TF..... They're screwed.
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2020.10.20 18:30 twoodsot North Eastern Montana, HWY2 just west of Culbertson.

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2020.10.20 18:30 TrueIndologyBot Armenia and Azerbaijan truce breaks down within hours

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2020.10.20 18:30 coupland There are far more boomers who think Greta Thunberg is a hero than boomers who don't

There's a very loud, vocal minority of boomers (Baby Boomers and Gen Xers) who make fools of themselves attacking millennials and zoomers generally, and Greta Thunberg specifically. They do not represent all of us, and I think, they also do not represent the majority of us.
A lot of boomers recognize that our generations have pillaged the natural resources of our only home and that it needs to stop. A lot of us realize we've spent the inheritances of our children (mostly figuratively) to fund the lavish lifestyles of multiple generations and the bill is coming due. Many of us look at our children and grandchildren and realize they're inheriting a smoking dust bowl from us and it brings us shame. Many of us realize millennials and zoomers are madder than hell and they have every right to be.
Don't listen to the loud and the hateful. Listen to heroes and brave voices like Greta and others who've had enough. People who are taking back the environment and the economy and the political system in order to fix the mess we've bequeathed to them.
Our generation had its chance and failed. It's time for a new generation to assert their voice and right our wrongs. And there's no generation better equipped to do so.
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2020.10.20 18:30 APHurst18 Brand Exposure Objective wont complete?

Its asking me to sign 3 European players and I have signed German players from Bundesliga, French Players from Ligue 1 and Italians from Serie A. Yet the objective is staying at 2/3. Why is this? Thanks
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2020.10.20 18:30 Kanganaisshe How Subject One?

It can't be the size of Dreadgod. And I wonder how dreadgods are suppose to enter labyrinth? Can they shrink themselves?
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2020.10.20 18:30 maverick9428 Sydney Sweeny!

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2020.10.20 18:30 sapphic-sunshine New poster for Raya and the Last Dragon! First trailer drops tomorrow morning.

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2020.10.20 18:30 theofficialjosuke Thanks mom that fixes everything

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2020.10.20 18:30 desnyr Specifically for moderately colder climates. What do you wear for leggings or pants in cold weather? Do you own a separate set or just layer items you already have?

I am struggling keeping warm in aligns and luxtreme in just 50 degrees with layers on top. Fall has hit hard and quick in my dry climate CO. How do leggings rank for warmth level also?
View Poll
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2020.10.20 18:30 TrueIndologyBot Nozomi Okuhara clinches Women's Singles title at Denmark Open

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2020.10.20 18:30 lautreamont09 Is blurry vision something common on etizolam?

So I just an hour ago I took 1mg of etizolam. I have never done any sedative before, well except alcohol. My vision is slightly blurry, something like on a small dose of mdma.
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2020.10.20 18:30 Tad_eatz_sausagez cursed_dick

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2020.10.20 18:30 BirdieBroBot Bernie Sanders: California, we can make history in November. Let’s elect @SDGeorgette to the Congress where she will fight for a progressive agenda and help transform our nation so it works for all of our people.

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