"Fortress" Delve

2020.10.29 17:09 namahanna "Fortress" Delve

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2020.10.29 17:09 RarelyThere99 Which is correct? Math or Maths?

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2020.10.29 17:09 CCwoops I just.... don’t know what to do anymore

Guys, I’m just so worn out. I don’t know how much longer I can function like this. I just need to put this out into the world and get it off my mind.
I have a 15 month old who between the hours of 7am and 7pm is the joy of my life. Sleep has always been tough for him but we got by in the beginning by co-sleeping and breastfeeding through the night. It helped us all to get some much needed sleep and we developed a strong bond because of it.
When I went back to work in July we night-weaned and moved him into his crib. We took a course from an attachment-focused sleep coach and felt reassured that it was ok for him to cry as long as he was supported by us. He did well with it until about September when he began getting back to back colds which eventually turned into an asthma diagnosis.
We threw the night-weaning out the window when he was sick to push fluid and to provide comfort to him when he’s feeling crummy. I totally get that this created some confusion for him. Part of it was that I have to work 12-hour shifts and my husband works full time and we just needed to get some fucking sleep.
Since September we just.... haven’t slept. He fights bedtime to the point of hysteria, tries to tear my shirt off in the night to get at my boobs, pulls my hair and wakes up multiple times through the night refusing to go back to sleep unless he is nursed. He slaps and screams and does normal toddler meltdown shit. His nighttime antics have gotten out of control to the point where my husband does every song and dance to get him to go to sleep. Drives him around until he falls asleep, takes him downstairs to watch Wiggles on TV, gives him a snack, walks him around the house. I’m firmly in the other camp of “enough is enough; he’s playing us and it’s time to close the door and let him work it out until he falls asleep”.
This has completely divided my husband and I. I feel so resentful towards both of them; to my kid for not just going the fuck to sleep and my husband for obliging his temper tantrums. We’ve struggled with differing parenting values since our son was born; I had terrible PPA and I feel strongly that the obsession with attachment parenting my husband has directly contributed to it. I don’t fault him for his values, I was just so exhausted and desperate, and he didn’t seem to care as long as our son felt supported and securely attached. I believe you can’t pour from an empty cup and he believes that it’s never truly empty when it comes to your children.
I feel very... alone. All of my friends’ kids of the same age have moved on from this malarkey and go to sleep when they are put to bed so there is no one to commiserate with. I don’t feel a strong romantic bond with my husband anymore. In fact we don’t particularly like each other anymore. My parents blame me for his sleep issues because we were still breastfeeding and we bed-shared. We’ve decided to completely wean as of last night because that seems to be LO’s major crutch and it’s not an enjoyable experience for me anymore.
I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I can’t get the thought of how much I hate my life out of my head. I hate feeling this way about my child. I hate feeling this way about my husband. I hate feeling like I made a mistake having a kid. In my head I say the most awful things to both my husband and son. I feel like my marriage is spoiled and that my baby is spoiled and everything is spoiled.
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2020.10.29 17:09 HashSmokinSlasha Help fixing funky power button on Xbox 360 Slim?

I haven't had much luck before. I have the black, Xbox 360 Slim (the one with stupid ass "touch" buttons), and it randomly shuts itself off.
It's very random, nothing brushes by the button (at least that I can see with a naked eye) it will just randomly do the beep, and shut off. It used to beep, and then open the disc tray on it's own. It's sporadic, sometimes right after we turn it on, or mid game/show. Are the buttons replaceable? I've opened up an old xbox 360 arcade (the first white one) but not one of these.
I can't go back to the shop I bought it because the problems happened after the 30day return period. I tried to see if they knew how to fix, but of course the damn Xbox wanted to show off and work perfectly for the employees there so they just thought I was lying. Please help!
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2020.10.29 17:09 MrSandman000 Some guy replied to a 3 year old comment I made and got shut down

I posted a comment 3 years ago on a YouTube video about Christians claiming that atheists don't exist and we just hate God etc and explained that they don't know what they're talking about. Well yesterday a guy replied and said that we (or maybe I) hate God and the evidence is clear. Here's the exchange and my reply. Am I just playing chess with a pigeon as the term goes?
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2020.10.29 17:09 sadscully Sky blue hard gel nails... in some shape between square and coffin 😅 I’m still learning

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2020.10.29 17:09 iGotBills2187 [Xbox] [H] a list of items [W] Diestro (any colour but ideally unpainted (80c) or crimson (250c)) and/or credits; other item offers also welcome

I have tried to balance the prices of my items:
Wheels Spiralis - 60c
Guardian tw gaiden - 300c
CNTCT-1 infinite - 150c
Purple Santa Fe - 220c
Pyrrhos - 70c
Tw ferris - 200c
Tw and crimson String theory - 100c and 50c
Lime and fg BLSSM - 50c and 60c
Grey, crim and saff propeller inverted - 70c, 100c, 100c
Grey mandala infinite - 100c
Boosts Comet - 70c
Hexphase - 70c
Black tact supernova - 200c
Bodies Cobalt harbinger gxt - 50c
Crimson chikara gxt - 80c
Sentinel - 50c
Crimson maverick gxt - 200c
Goal Explosions Black Dust Cloud - 150c
Orange juggler wallbreaker 2 - 70c
Cobalt quasar 3 - 70c
Purple and crimson force razor 2 - 70c and 60c
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2020.10.29 17:09 Dishon2020 Axis V5915 Presets

We use Axis V5915 but only use 2 or 3 presets. I need to use significantly more presets in future but the camera doesn't seem to allow me to pick which preset number I am using. Anyone no if I can pick the preset number?
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2020.10.29 17:09 aceaura10 bruh he skipped school

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2020.10.29 17:09 Va3Victis Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) Used Taxpayer Expense Account to Pay Campaign Consultant

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2020.10.29 17:09 alltthatisaw Comparing to the beginning of this year, how much has your music choice changed?

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2020.10.29 17:09 HedonistRyuk Another QoL change - Destroyed Drone

First of all iam actually happy about the changes and Buffs for ur boi.
His Kit is round about the drone and its annyoing when it gets destroyed. So i would be happy if there is a Chance to get it faster back. So i would say using and ultimate accelerant recharge ur drone faster or makes it useable again. Since his Cd on his ult is pretty low i often refuse to carry an UA.
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2020.10.29 17:09 M4R1NE Selling the Accounts

Oldfag here, playing since 2010. When the game was popular in my country, so was selling the powerful accounts. I have some high level characters both on old and new servers and wonder if someone would still be willing to buy accounts in this day and age.
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2020.10.29 17:09 sonorousmikus How to view accepted/rejected shares?

Just switched to F2P from HiveOn today. How do you view the total accepted shares on the website?
I am remote so I can't see the console running the miner to get it from there.
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2020.10.29 17:09 MadMan051 [OC] A Vos ancestor...

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2020.10.29 17:09 dba2k15 Broken souls (now with proper credits)

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2020.10.29 17:09 Rebellious01 Let me apologise in advance for cutting Makoto’s ahoge without his permission

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2020.10.29 17:09 thetinychungusboi I have never done competitive before and I'm about to start in November. I need some help with my team, I need suggestions for my team and also just in general tips for thins like team building, cores, good strategies, and things like that. This is for singles but feel free to give tips for doubles.

I have never done competitive before and I'm about to start in November. I need some help with my team, I need suggestions for my team and also just in general tips for thins like team building, cores, good strategies, and things like that. This is for singles but feel free to give tips for doubles. submitted by thetinychungusboi to VGC [link] [comments]

2020.10.29 17:09 billybobwillyt Domestic Roaming?

In the last few days I've been getting signal in my house (which hasn't happened before, I usually rely on WiFi calling at home). It's band 25, which I think is used by sprint in the area. It also shows as roaming, and so data is disabled ( I have it disabled in config). Has anyone else seen something like this? Is this part of the sprint merger?
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2020.10.29 17:09 LNY_TNZ [PLAYLIST]"Tá Louca" by Vrod Beatz, Boomghozt added to FVCK GENRES

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2020.10.29 17:09 ThatGuySaucy First time shading with 1 black gundam marker with 9 q-tips in 3 hours during class

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2020.10.29 17:09 RyusakiasL Come and think of it (part 74)

Today is Christmas eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve
Context: my bio
part 1
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2020.10.29 17:09 Worth_Tie1200 GPA interpretation if attended multiple schools?

How do adcoms view GPAs from different schools? Do they consider the GPA you received from the degree granting college only, or is it an average from all the schools?
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2020.10.29 17:09 Maka91 XBOX SERIES X UNBOXING

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2020.10.29 17:09 MyNameChef39 What are some of your “favorite” sponsored reward challenges?

I know Survivor is just trying to earn that extra paycheck, but it’s always so funny to me how blatantly they keep saying the product name and how the contestants say it in confessionals too. Personally, Island of the Idols just hit me as funniest with Applebee’s, idk why but I think they hammered in Applebee’s a ton there. Karishma’s “I LOVE Applebee’s!” sticks with me to this day lol
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