"An old women blasted ass next to me in hot yoga. She must be a sphincter ventriloquist because it got pinned on me."

Also, when your butt gapes, it's because the sphincter muscle is relaxed which happens when something's inserted. If it makes you feel better, I walk around with a buttplug that is most likely way bigger than your two fingers, if I take it out, bend over, and spread, it's opens up. Even the next day, usually when I've had an extra fun night. The sphincter muscles can be very easily torn and are vulnerable to infection if a lesion occurs. Caution must therefore be taken with any actions involving the sphincter muscles. Tips. Try the least invasive methods first. Warnings. Do not do anything invasive without consulting your doctor, because you could cause yourself permanent harm. Dear How to Do It, I am a 40-year-old woman married to a wonderful man. Getting right to it, I enjoy ass play, but I hate the feeling of “in and out” anal penetration. She must have eaten the same thing as Stephanie, because a fart seeped out with almost the exact same smell. She was grunting and shifting which meant that She was having a hard time shitting into my mouth, so i tried to make it easier for Her poop to slide out of Her colon and down my throat by pushing my tongue as far up Her asshole as i could. If you’re planning to have sex with someone who has a prostate—or you have one yourself—you might be curious about how to massage a prostate (and what it can do for your sex life).It might ... That’s a legit concern (because, hello, a very important bodily function happens in that area), so we asked New York City sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First to weigh in. The job of the sphincter muscles is to hold urine in the bladder by squeezing the urethra shut. If the urethral sphincter fails to stay closed, urine may leak out of the bladder. When nerve signals are coordinated properly, the sphincter muscles relax to allow urine to pass through the urethra as the bladder contracts to push out urine.

2020.10.20 20:11 xcaptaintjx "An old women blasted ass next to me in hot yoga. She must be a sphincter ventriloquist because it got pinned on me."

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2020.10.20 20:11 sapocarioca Citem youtubers pfv

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2020.10.20 20:11 purplecurtain16 Is my Guatemala medium roast supposed to be sour?

I have Guatemala medium roast beans by West End Roasters. They are local to my area and I believe the beans are fairly fresh.
They describe the coffee as having a sweet/fruity/citrus aroma with caramel/milk chocolate/green apple cupping notes. All I taste is sour and some bitterness.
I make the coffee in a French press. 250ml water at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, with 17g of coffee ground medium coarse. I pour enough water to cover the beans and let them bloom with the lid on for a minute. I then pour the rest of the water in and let it sit covered for another 4 minutes.
My coffee ends up sour. This method did not result in sour coffee when I was making Starbucks already ground medium roast house blend.
I wonder if I am under extracting the coffee or if these beans are just supposed to be sour? I ate one bean whole and it had the exact same sourness I'm tasting in my coffee.
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2020.10.20 20:11 LANDSCAPEBROS is leon sandy??

listen to they're voices...
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2020.10.20 20:11 Frank_Dracula Hüsker Dü - Flip Your Wig

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2020.10.20 20:11 AluminiumGnat Cat's Qipao

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2020.10.20 20:11 coolboy70421 I just wanna say welcome to the new redditors

Welcome everyone to the wonderful community of reddit
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2020.10.20 20:11 GAMING-TIME12 😶😂

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2020.10.20 20:11 Crazyninja1290 Hiragana

What’s the best way to memorise hiragana I keep writing them down but keep forgetting the order after なにぬねの could anyone give me some good ways to memorise them
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2020.10.20 20:11 made_an_accident Ungifted Tangy in boxes for short time only

Will only be online for about 20 minutes so immediate visit is needed. Thanks!
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2020.10.20 20:11 TokyoZer0 Drawing of Eef for Eeftober

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2020.10.20 20:11 appmindfulnessstudy [Academic] Seeking Participants for a Remote Research Study for a Mindfulness App (Canada wide, 18 and above)

We are a research team at the Wisdom & Identity Lab at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Michel Ferrari. We are conducting a research study to examine the effectiveness of a mindful wellness iPhone app (Serene) on various measures of well-being and other related outcomes. The app combines mindfulness meditations, problem-solving techniques and music. We are looking for participants to test the app over 30 days and complete accompanying online surveys.
The initial and final surveys will each take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time. You will also complete a brief 5 minutes weekly survey. In appreciation of your time, you will be offered the app for lifetime use free of charge. You will also have the chance to win 1 of 5 Amazon.ca gift cards each worth a value of $50 by entering the draw at the end of the study.
To be eligible for the study, participants must:
- Live in Canada
- Be 18 years of age or above
- iPhone Users (iOS 13+)
If you are interested in participating in this study or have any questions, please contact us by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Thank you very much for your interest.
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2020.10.20 20:11 Jimmydorebot LIVE Convo Couch Suspended From YouTube, Why? w/ The Convo Couch

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2020.10.20 20:11 BBrouss95 Retaining

Hi, all. Been using a DTR, seriously, for many months now. I don't know my CI level but I use a 6 inch rod for the DTR and can get about half way to 3/4 pushing the glans back in and putting locking tension using the screws. I just purchased a stealth retainer after using a manhood for a while. It seems like I have too much skin for retaining - meaning it's very easy for me to roll skin up onto the cone and clamp down. Am I doing something wrong?
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2020.10.20 20:11 kevkev642 Very content with the 25um monitor!

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2020.10.20 20:11 Gummycummies0w0 upvote? maybe a little surprise in ur dms too :)

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2020.10.20 20:11 Blood-n-Cheese Captain Marvel #22 by Jorge Molina

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2020.10.20 20:11 MoterThread Cursed water fight

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2020.10.20 20:11 bobdarobber Were you here too?

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2020.10.20 20:11 LikeCaptain Blue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2020.10.20 20:11 Serialdan Boomboomboomboom

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2020.10.20 20:11 prokash_sarkar Looking for the Fear Inoculum Expanded Book Edition (PDF/Scanned)

When I got the album, I couldn't stop myself from listening to it at an exponential rate. Also, fall in with the artwork right when I saw a review on YouTube. You guys are way ahead of everything else.
Unfortunately, I live in a country where getting a physical book is impossible. Can anyone provide me a scanned copy of the book or a link to legally download it? For me, the artwork is crucial to reach the ultimate state of nirvana.
Love from Bangladesh.
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2020.10.20 20:11 Hinkleham HSTS vs AGP body language.


Take a loot at this picture. This is honestly the funniest picture I've ever seen. His vaguely threatening gesture and stance, the women meekly clasping her hands together in fear, the difference in size between his massive skull and hers, his caveman tier slouch making him look like a hunch back versus her standing up straight. The remnants of what appear to be sideburns on the side of his face versus the women's clear cheeks, the intense expression on his face versus the bewildered expression on hers, the sheer difference in size between their torsos - his probably twice the size of hers./

The masculine chin jutting out of his longer face versus her wider face. I could go on but you get the idea.
All of this contrasted with the constant assertion that these people are identical to women and there is no meaningful difference between them makes for the most exquisite form of irony when their differences are juxtaposed so vividly. The contrast is almost divine. On the left is mans hubris, his desire to capture the beauty and nature and make it his own. His cerebral and conscious understanding of what it means to be what he "thinks" he is. His intentional "becoming", while on the right is nature, effortless being, no doctors appointments or hormones or surgery, just an "is" that needs nothing added to it in order to be complete. He tries so hard yet, the harder he tries to "become", the further he takes himself away from the effortless "is" that is the thing he wants to be.
It's comedy on a cosmic scale, a joke only god himself could come up with.
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2020.10.20 20:11 erased12 Jujutsu kaisen episode 2 review we think this anime is 🔥🔥

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2020.10.20 20:11 Octorangis I AM BEING HELD HOSTAGE

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