Go! Is it too much to ask for loss prevention to be added for joining late into the game? |

Is it too much to ask for loss prevention to be added for joining late into the game?

2020.12.02 22:15 Tsuko17 Is it too much to ask for loss prevention to be added for joining late into the game?

I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve been put into a 2nd round domination game where the team is getting destroyed to the point where point wise it’s impossible to overcome, or that there’s what it feels like endless helicopters/choppers streaks in the air terrorizing the entire team. Even if we try to play the match...it’s a loss...if we try to leave to avoid it...loss. MW was fine in terms of not penalizing you for joining a match late that was already on track of losing
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2020.12.02 22:15 cdles [XBOX] [H] tw zomba, tw fennec, tact heatwave, interstellar, tw infinite zowie, tw infinium, sb draco, sb oct, purple oct, cobalt oct, 1,000 credits, tw hex tide [W] black dieci (uncommon)

I’m looking to get some black dieci. I have the above items that could to work with for an offer.
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2020.12.02 22:15 DHaas16 3060ti - Waited in line for 30 mins and got it. Pretty good launch I’d say. (Canada)

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2020.12.02 22:15 WrappingPapers Contemplating life

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2020.12.02 22:15 mangoedcow is it normal to gain a couple pounds before my period?

usually a few days to a week before my period my weight increases by a couple pounds. is this normal?
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2020.12.02 22:15 MakeEuclidGekAgain- How long does a PRC rona test take to get results? Can my employer (USA/Connecticut) require me to show them? Are results mailed or told to you over the phone? Details inside, not what it sounds like

I had a really bad fever and body aches on Saturday, texted my boss that I’d need to work remote because possible COVID. Felt fine Sunday...but I’ve had absolutely horrific diarrhea since then, no other symptoms. Like once every hour or two. It hurts terribly beforehand.
I really don’t feel comfortable explaining any of this to my employer given the nature of what it is (poop), but I need to get a COVID test - PRC not rapid - and tell a third-party company we check in with every day that I’ve had it done and it was negative, before I can return to work.
How long does it typically take to get results for a nasal swab PRC test? Do they mail or email them, or do they call you? I just want to have my story in order so once my bowels stop erupting, I can be believable. Really dreading the idea of having that swab done, and I can’t find any salival PRC tests even close to nearby.
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2020.12.02 22:15 BIGadler آقای جون هیچوقت پیداش نمیشه😂

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2020.12.02 22:15 The_Real_Mikkie Use Some Common F****** Sense.

I am an EMT in West Michigan. Like all healthcare providers, I’ve been up to my elbows in COVID these last 7ish months. My station averages 5 COVID positive patients per day.
This morning my partner and I responded to a COVID positive patient in his 90’s who needed to go to the hospital to have a catheter inserted. That was it. No big deal. My partner and I fully gowned up in our plastic COVID dresses, N95 masks, face shields, and made entry. This gentleman lives at home with his children and grandchildren. They were very helpful giving us information on the patient and we successfully transported the patient to the hospital with no complications.
Fast forward 2 hours and my partner and I were grabbing lunch at Subway. As we were waiting in line who did we see walk in the door? None other than our patient’s grandchildren who were wearing the same clothes as they were earlier and, of course, no masks. They went out in public without taking any precautions knowing that they live with, and are exposed to a COVID positive relative every day. Everyone in that Subway was potentially exposed to COVID because two people couldn’t be bothered to stay home, or at the very least wear a fucking mask.
I have no faith in my fellow citizens. The vaccine can’t come quick enough because Lord knows we can’t count on each other.
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2020.12.02 22:15 oilabsorbingsheet crazy collection!

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2020.12.02 22:15 MasterkillerX Are these iCloth wipes safe to clean LG CX OLED screen with?

I'll be picking up the TV sometime in the next few days, and I've been worried about how I'm going to clean it since everything in my room tends to get pretty dusty. I'd like to clean the OLED with these iCloth wipes as I have some left in the box still. I think they work great with my monitor, but I know an OLED TV is a bit different. I definitely do not want to create any smears or streaks that are visible after I clean as I've had that problem with my monitor before (not with the iCloth wipes pretty sure). Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!
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2020.12.02 22:15 LackOfColor77 Average monarchist

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2020.12.02 22:15 Fit_Lab_9639 (Both are amazing) "Gen 5 fans act as though Unova has no flaws..." Gen 4 fans:

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2020.12.02 22:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2020.12.02 22:15 shon_the_cat Don’t let this winter hat wuff get lost in new!! (art by me)

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2020.12.02 22:15 claptrap0125 No power only to my room, landlady is in no rush to fix it (located in VA)

Just wondering if there's anything I can do. Everyone else in the house has power and everything was working before I left for work this morning. All the landlady was done so far is to have her 21 yr old son flip the breaker and shrug when it didn't fix anything.
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2020.12.02 22:15 WednesdayWoods I'M GOING TO LAW SCHOOL!

In at Duquesne!!! Applied 10/28, complete 10/29, UR 11/20, non-URM, non-traditional student for the PT program.
Feel free to PM for stats!
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2020.12.02 22:15 IamBladesm1th Fruiting before colonized?

i was using an all in one bag and it appeared to be only partly colonized all the way through thin mycelium all around but mainly dirt but then pins started forming round about... what to do?
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2020.12.02 22:15 iyigeceler_punpun Betta may have Ich!

I don't want to go over a lot of detail for a reddit post. Basically my betta might have contracted ich from a mystery snail I got from a friend. How can I treat it?? I'm not sure ATM if my betta does have ich but I don't want to take chances. I put the snail on a 2 gallon I had stashed somewhere so it's fine i guess. I'm honestly kind of anxious right now
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2020.12.02 22:15 ChristinaTeng doing commissions

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2020.12.02 22:15 Loquen-kun Mira pibe lo que pasa es que

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2020.12.02 22:15 TraditionalMight5836 Důkaz Nakashiho je kanibal

Podívejte se na tento klip. Nakashi Kanibal, důkaz odebrán že to půjde z tohoto streamu, doufám že to přečteš a že se odkaz otevře https://clips.twitch.tv/ArtsyPrettiestGazelleAliens
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2020.12.02 22:15 DaddyDanceParty PC user. Social Club not letting me get Prime benefits through Steam? Trying to link accounts but only consoles show up. Any way I can fix this?

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2020.12.02 22:15 artvandelay560 IIL 90's industrial alternative (Gravity Kills, Pitchshifter, Stabbing Westward, God Lives Under Water, Lo Fidelity Allstars), WEWIL?

The music that these bands made is so distinctly 90's and as I'm getting back into working out, I find that it's excellent hype music for my gym sessions.
As much as I enjoy bands like Ministry, Marilyn Manson, and NIN, their sound is too dark, heavy, or depressing for what I am looking for.
On the other side of the spectrum, I feel like at times the band Garbage flirted with this sound and I really enjoy the mixture of alternative and electronic.
Perhaps industrial would not even be the right label for the sound I am seeking.
Any thoughts?
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2020.12.02 22:15 gay_af_boi I forgot to switch accounts again, im a fucking idiot smh

Anyways, i feel like posting something without actually contributing anything to this sub, so i guess im just here to talk
How are yall doing?
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2020.12.02 22:15 nahteyt616 Before UF comes out...

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