Orange Cake

2020.11.25 20:10 mykitchenchronicles Orange Cake

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2020.11.25 20:10 chairbornebg 6814 нови болни от коронавирус в Турция, 168 починали

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2020.11.25 20:10 Major1192 Drugstore/Cheap Dupes for “Cloud” Foundation from Too Faced?

I thought I posted this last night but anyways: Long story short I’m poor again so I need to find a dupe for the only foundation that ever comes close to matching me and not giving me a yellow/orange face.
Any suggestions? :/
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2020.11.25 20:10 Plays_You_Wonderwall Looking for rear bookshelf recommendations

Looking to build my first HT setup.
I have the Andrew Jones BS22 Bookshelves for my PC and I like it a lot.
Need something for my living room TV so I picked up a pair of used Andrew Jones FS52 Towers. Looking at a Denon 5.1 AVR, Dennis Murphy Center and maybe a Dayton sub.
Can't decide on what rear surrounds to get. I already have stands.
Budget is $150ish? Heard the Micca are good for fronts and could be converted to rear from a thread around here.
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2020.11.25 20:10 ww2database 25 Nov 1943: Noor Inayat Khan attempted a failed escape attempt from imprisonment in Paris.

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2020.11.25 20:10 Before2021 West Coast “I’m sorrys and Apologies”

A friend asked me today what is up with people in the West coast being so apologetic. This is the second time I hear this from someone who lives in the East Coast.
She said: “And they even apologize with full sentences”
My question to everyone is, why is the East Coast so jaded, that when a person apologizes or saids “I’m sorry”, ya’ll lose your marbles? 😬
Are you guys afraid of kindness and actual nice people?
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2020.11.25 20:10 nerdoron Can we get an L for trump?

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2020.11.25 20:10 maddyorwhatever Danny Gonzalez meme I made with my cat

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2020.11.25 20:10 Ragin_Legend Daddy do you want a STD? NSFW (Kinda)

My son walked up to me yesterday and asked me if I wanted a STD. I asked him where he heard that phrase and he said that he saw it on YouTube, I said sure I would like a STD just to see what in the fuck he was talking about then he casually ran to the pantry, opened the doors and grabbed the donuts then handed me one, I then asked him what STD standard for and he exclaimed “STD stands for super tasty donuts!” I stared at him for a few seconds and then told him to not say that around his mother, I then asked for another STD.
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2020.11.25 20:10 PlantedRoseYT If you had 1 wish from a genie(not being for more wishes), what would it be?

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2020.11.25 20:10 hmmquite My unfortunate experience with antonline

Hey guys, hope the pandemic and the bitter PS5 scarcities aren’t keeping you too down. Anyway, I figured I’d share my experience with Antonline. I’ll say they did let me check out and they shipped very fast, so I’m sure most people that receive their orders will have a decent experience.
I was lucky to be able to checkout immediately after they dropped some stock on their site. I went through checkout without any issues. My PS5 order shipped very quickly. It was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday via UPS. I had the day off from work so I thought it would be perfect.
It ended up at my house without warning the day before. Ordinarily that’d be great, but I wasn’t home. They left a notice for me to pick it up at a local access point, but unfortunately instead it was immediately returned to sender (again.. only 1 missed attempt).
I reached out to UPS, who admitted it was incorrectly returned when they should have tried several more times and/or held it at an access point. They said it had to do with the seller instructions and I had to reach out to them.
I called antonline customer service thinking they’d clear this right up for me. They rushed me off the phone and said they would have someone look into this and email me.
The person emailing said I would be refunded since it was refused. I said I did not refuse it and it was delivered on the wrong day and they basically said it was my fault for not arranging to pick it up and how this causes “problems for them” when people do this. They stopped responding to my emails at this point. I even offered to pay for return shipping, because at the end of the day I just wanted what I ordered.
TLDR; PS5 was delivered on the wrong day. Immediately returned to sender. Antonline refuses to help me and stopped responding to my emails.
Like I said, I’m sure plenty of folks have great experiences. I figured I’d share my experience with their customer service when there was a problem. What do you guys think- am I wrong in thinking this seems unreasonable?
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2020.11.25 20:10 Abbybutterflies UNGIFTED MARSHAL FOR 50 NMTS

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2020.11.25 20:10 chairbornebg Инфарктите и инсултите са се увеличили в Германия

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2020.11.25 20:10 balasoori A Teacher 1x06 Promo

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2020.11.25 20:10 crowded-leaves listening to flood be like

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2020.11.25 20:10 TheCheerfulCynic Charlemagne meme

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2020.11.25 20:10 icedHound19 This brand new generator has a CO detector to prevent people from killing themselves by using it inside buildings

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2020.11.25 20:10 transpostmeta Erste Erfahrungen mit Anschlägen «einsamer Wölfe» legen den Fokus auf die Tat und weniger auf potenzielle Täter — Die Messerattacke von Lugano weist alle Merkmale einer terroristischen Einzeltat auf. Dies ergibt die Analyse der bekannten Fakten. Der Druck der Corona-Krise könnte als Treiber wirken.

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2020.11.25 20:10 ODNR_Kitchen Kimchi Mac & Cheese

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I will be sharing my Kimchi Mac & Cheese recipe. I usually make a more traditional Mac & Cheese for my family but this year I wanted to spice it up, by adding some delicious fried kimchi cooked in bacon fat. Cheesy, tangy, spicy, and wonderfully fatty~ This dish is very customizable, add in any of your favorite melty cheeses, add any spices you want, experiment, and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Full Video:
Serves 1-2

  1. Fry bacon in a preheated oven at 400° for 12 - 15 minutes or until deep golden brown, let them rest, then cut into bacon strips, save the oil after it is done cooking.
  2. Fry kimchi in bacon fat until it deepens in color for a 3-5 minutes
  3. In salted boiling water, cook macaroni for half the time the packaging says, then rinse with cold water.
  4. Grate your favorite melty cheeses and set aside.
  5. Mix panko with a drizzle of olive oil
  6. Warm the milk
  1. Making a Roux: In a deep pot on medium-low heat, add in butter and melt, then add in flour and whisk for a few minutes constantly. (around 3-5 minutes until smooth or until a paste like substance is formed.)
  2. Add in warm milk and mix together until thickened, then add in salt, pepper, and spices to taste
  3. Add in cheese, mix together with the sauce, then add in kimchi and macaroni and mix together
  4. Cover the top with panko and bake in a preheated oven at 375° for 15 minutes or until the top becomes golden.
  5. Garnish with bacon bits, chives, and anything you like
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2020.11.25 20:10 B-Boogie-Bruh The Lich from Adventure Time art by me B_Boogie_Bruh

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2020.11.25 20:10 galacticspacetravel Hi! Working on eevee here, is there a way of exporting the motion vector AOVs?? I want to make the composite in nuke and can’t find a way to export that pass

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2020.11.25 20:10 coralisnotarock MESPRIT 5 SPOTS 6530 1084 0740

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2020.11.25 20:10 chairbornebg СДСМ: Мицкоски разпростанява истерия

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2020.11.25 20:10 molecularzen I've noticed an uptick in questioning why we are going to Mars so I decided to dig into a better understanding. (Tldr: lots of benefits for us earthlings). Here is what I found.
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2020.11.25 20:10 yesnobell Stop with the turtle stuff, it’s just automod having trouble

The mod team (not me) is working on a solution. Stop with the turtle rumours
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