"Bingo" Bob Russel - why the condescension?

2020.11.29 03:12 viswayatri "Bingo" Bob Russel - why the condescension?

Yeah, he was (one of the Haffley's) choice for VP. Yes, he was a jackass during government shutdown.
Why did we never hear his agenda - What was his policy initiatives when he ran for president?
All the Team Bartlet did to him was snigger, being mean and condescending. What am I missing here?
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2020.11.29 03:12 The_Squid101 Rookies for sale

Hey everyone. I am really condensing my collection so I am moving a lot of rookies right now. Please lmk who you're looking for and I'm sure we can work something out! Thanks
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2020.11.29 03:12 UnconsciousDonut The Tower of the Americas, San Antonio

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2020.11.29 03:12 pookiki I c

Universal will Meet with dice tumbling through chance Can belief load them?
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2020.11.29 03:12 doggieblindfold Who’s the guy who said the stuff in Money for Nothing?

We know who Rosanna and Sharona are. Jenny is a real person too. People have cute little theories about Jesse’s girl and Stacy’s mom. But no one cares about the guy who said all the things in Money for Nothing. I want to hear from that dude.
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2020.11.29 03:12 Grandmas_Drug_Dealer Oh ok

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2020.11.29 03:12 givemeagoodun Ok...

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2020.11.29 03:12 SideshowShan Cheers

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2020.11.29 03:12 Jenny651 Docker + MariaDB + NGINX + WordPress error. Need help.

Docker noob here.
I'm having issues running my NGINX reverse proxy with WordPress and mariadb.
I get the error:
Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in ......
Any ideas? Am I not linking the containers accurately?
Link to docker compose yml image:
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2020.11.29 03:12 LibertarianAncap567 Can anybody help?

I want to learn coding really badly but I really don’t know where I start! Please help!
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2020.11.29 03:12 Vixrotre I'm finally famous, thanks Carl!

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2020.11.29 03:12 Samhuettl33 People like to eat food

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2020.11.29 03:12 yalllove Are you planning to tip building staff extra due to COVID and all?

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2020.11.29 03:12 cRz_Shadows My guitar cover of MIA, did it a while ago for fun so decided I'd post it here now

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2020.11.29 03:12 Rhomboidian My father bought my brother-in-law this 3070 from this shady website. Is this legit?

What is this website and do you think that they will actually ship the PNY 3070?
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2020.11.29 03:12 IHackedYourDad Need help with the OoK, I’m standing outside of the fog, password: reddit19

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2020.11.29 03:12 Abstrakt_Angel Vikings Set Sail!

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2020.11.29 03:12 monopetro The cool change can’t come quick enough!

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2020.11.29 03:12 sarahjello27 I made a bi candycane because why not :)

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2020.11.29 03:12 Mysterious-Board9079 What does the wind field boost the shrine gives you do?

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2020.11.29 03:12 gleeson630 Guessing this is allowed...Just bought Skyrim special Ed on ps4 and I got the whole thing where there’s no dialogue where Lucan will accept the dragon claw...any help?

Cleared the place, did all the thing...nothing.
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2020.11.29 03:12 Wyald-fire Excerpt from The Pirate King of Sidh

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2020.11.29 03:12 legendsneverdiedude Best Current Animated Series ( 2010 ~ 2020 ) [ By year of release! ]

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2020.11.29 03:12 fallingleaf_271 What was the dumbest idea you had that actually worked?

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2020.11.29 03:12 brooklynvenice 18m looking for people around my age to chat with and posible meet up

I’m bottom verse btw
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