a cis man walks into the transport bar on his cruise, "give me your sweetest wine, and keep the change."

2020.11.25 20:01 starfyredragon a cis man walks into the transport bar on his cruise, "give me your sweetest wine, and keep the change."

The bartender smiles, feeling validated, and she replies, "Trans whites are whites."
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2020.11.25 20:01 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Peter Navarro: We are facing economic ‘chasm’ unless we act now | FOX

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2020.11.25 20:01 KentoPento recent Tyler IG Post

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2020.11.25 20:01 mauroktd Bastion servants are playing Trumpets?

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2020.11.25 20:01 Washed_Maniac92 If you are done with embarrassing me ....

My LO is a streamer ,and there's this one female viewerer that tunes in EVERYTIME he streams ,he gives her undivided attention ,acts as if he genuinely cares about her day because she is never talking about the game mostly ,just her job,life,and just overall things about her self. He has banned me from talking in his chats so I can't really be apart of that. I'm just really jealous and over the top confused ,he doesn't know her and never met her but she gets all the attention I crave for .It's a cruel existance . I think he's a terrible human being for putting me in this position . I feel embarrassed overall and don't know where to really go from here .
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2020.11.25 20:01 mwfreebies FREE Bubble Foam Cleanser If Chosen! (must apply)

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2020.11.25 20:01 Muckerjacker ITAP of the beach sunset

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2020.11.25 20:01 BSHolland UPDATE to my previous post, the lids stay open they’re just closed for the aesthetics of the photo, they now have aquatic soil, plant life etc. Thank you all for the help previously

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2020.11.25 20:01 jbp7070 Difference between Dave and Taylor Swift?

Just saying.
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2020.11.25 20:01 Silverphin It’s not as good as most of you, but it’s a start! Take me back to the beach...

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2020.11.25 20:01 Jimmyb1705 [Xbox] [h] little hope left [w] these items gone for like 300 idc

Dominus Vector (50)
Takumi Vector (30)
Dominus Suji (50)
Breakout Type-s Mobo Scorer Certified (10)
Triton Glyphtrix (10)
Road Hog Wildfire Sniper Certified (30)
Takumi Anubis (20)
Animus Gp Peacock Crimson (100?)
Road Hog Sundae (10)
Turtle Certified Fireplug (40)
Tomahawk (40?)
Zeta (50)
Hot Rocks (50)
Thank you and have a great day :)
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2020.11.25 20:01 vesperiie Active Clan Looking For New Members :) code: 58b9y

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2020.11.25 20:01 autotldr Thailand protesters call for probe into king's wealth and spending

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot)

BANGKOK - More than 10,000 protesters dispersed peacefully on Wednesday night after a protest outside the headquarters of Siam Commercial Bank filled with fiery speeches of political defiance and sweeter singalongs.
King Maha Vajiralongkorn is the largest individual shareholder in the bank, and protesters have previously urged people to close their accounts to indicate dissent.
Protest organizers originally planned to gather at Democracy Monument and then march toward the Crown Property Bureau in the administrative heart of the capital to demand an investigation into the king's wealth and spending.
In June, Prayuth announced that the king had instructed him not to use the law against protesters.
Protesters have consistently called for the resignation of Prayuth and his government, amendments to the constitution with public consultation, and reform of the monarchy under the constitution - but not its abolition.
Some protesters suffered serious residual skin reactions to the irritants police added to the water.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: protest#1 King#2 law#3 container#4 leader#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.11.25 20:01 JenMack1 SEVERE infections in mouth & feeling really sick. NEED extractios causing infectjons & it's spread to sinuses Dr said, & now in blood stream.JUST started with a fever. Dr said if I have a fever go to ER as I can go septic and die SUPPORT/KIND WORDS DEF NEEFED as my wife doesn't care and won't help:(

I havea horrific pain disodser called Trigeminal Nejralgia aka one of the worst pains to mankind. Before I got diagnosed the endodontist and dentist to did all root Calais on all teeth except and the bunch extracted. I never needed the worl done to begid n with as it wasn TN pain the nerve disorder. Now its all failing.I called my Dr and Dentist and they said st the time when I had no fever ( which started an HR after we talked) Im on pain medication and I have lyrica as well for the nerve pain. So yeah I have the fever 100.0 and my wife whos a nurse and could care less ( when I met her she took care of me and supported me never judged me. Now she doesnt want to be bothered with it and I know she doesnt believe the pain Im In or how sick I feel. I begged her to run out and grab advil and to get my other meds the dentist and Dr called in This is life and death and she doesnt care as im going septic... it says it all. Its an abusive marriage anyway as she harassment me and turned Into a horrible person and makes nasty comments an.s im so embaressed They said if I go to the holsital ill be in the ICU with IV antibiotics and some of the other meds.im really really scared, my life is on the line st this point as it can go to brain or other organs and cause failure and death. Just started my antibiotic yesterday praying it started to work. Any kind words or support would mean the world as im going through this alone. The only ones who understand are my Dr and Dentist and im SOOO depressed. 35 yesrs old and gonna have denture and no teeth and the dentures kill me so badly i can barely wear it because it sets off my TN and I go into an attack. I feel so alone and even my dentist said I did everything i could to save my teeth they just got so weak there done:(. I am at a loss for words with my wife. I coukdnt sleep last night as I felt so sick and worried and with no support when im this sick and that serious made me realized I can't be with her. I need love, compssion, understanding, and hand to hold. So monitoring my fever and if it goes higher then 100.2 which im at now ill be on my way to the hospital. Pray for me, im gonna be smart and go if any symptoms are worse or continue the fever. I just want to get better and not suffer being this sick. Again if anyone can be there for me right now it would mean the world. I am leaving lur bedroom as we speak and moving to the guest room to not be around her and hear how disgusting my mouth is and how annoying it is when I make a noise in pain or have to keep popping my ears. My dental is the hardest challenge I ever faced and I need someone just to tell me I'll be ok as im so scared so so scared. Sorry if anytime I repeated myself in not myself right now. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 🙏🦷💔😢
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2020.11.25 20:01 GoldenFish94 It ended just like it started!

First of all let's start with that ending: I'm professor Christopher Castillo and this is crimilaI law 100, or as my mentor liked to call it: How to get away with murder! EPIC! I was wondering how they could wrap up everything in one episode, didn't expect to have a satisfying ending, but they did it, it was emotionnal,so sad this story came to an end but on the bright side I'm really happy with the ending it got. I would love to say that I think they all got what they deserved but then Frank and Bonnie come to mind and I'm not so sure . Actually I'm really conflicted about this. Yes, they both did bad things but they didn't deserve to die like that. But then I think if they would have lived they would have probably had a really rough and tormented life, full of guilt and regrets. At least they died together. Annalise lived a long happy life with people that loved her and she was baby Christopher's mentor. Laurel, despite everything made her part of hers and the baby's life. Super happy about Connor and Oliver still together after all that. I really believe jail was good for Connor, the guilt for all that happened was eating him alive and going to jail made him feel like he was paying for what he had done. Michaela looked happy too, she always wanted to be at the top with a good job and a family. I think she felt abandoned by everyone at the end and the fact that she is not at the funeral makes you believe she had no contact with any of them. She always tought it was all Annalise's fault, so I guess she just went her own separate way. What a beautiful and emotional ride this show has been. With its ups and downs, but definitely one of the best series of these last past years!
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2020.11.25 20:01 Sparky_Clash O my gawwwwwwd

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2020.11.25 20:01 Duemin76 Is it ok to put into fruiting? Not 100% colonized. I already have small fruits.

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2020.11.25 20:01 G1ler Help required to choose a modern classic...

Me: middle-aged, new rider currently learning on a little thumper (YBR Custom - love it) and wondering what bike to get if/when I get my full licence.
You: experienced, knowledgeable, kind, generous with your time and advice, keen to help me find the bike of my dreams.
My requirements: I'm not looking for great size/speed/poweaggression, nor for a daily commuter, but for a forgiving bike that'll make me smile during relaxing weekend rides on B roads and country lanes - or possibly longer journeys in the future.
Aesthetically, I have old-fashioned tastes and completely (and arbitrarily) loathe the vast majority of motorbikes - hunchback wasps just aren't my thing (good on you if you like 'em, though!). But there are a few old-school, naked, standard bikes knocking about that I really do like (see below).
Looking to buy something with a decent build and finish quality; probably used; less than 10,000 miles; less than five years old; probably in the region of £5,000-£7,500 but I'm more interested in value than price.
Current list: RE Interceptor 650; Kawasaki W800 (the straight 2020 version, not the Street or Café); Triumph Bonneville T100.
Question: what else belongs on this list? Am open to any and all suggestions although, much as I like the aesthetic, the quality of the Chinese hipster brands (Mutt etc.) puts me off buying one of them.
PS Apologies - this post ended up way longer than I intended...
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2020.11.25 20:01 Vanderpewt SVG Imported, Converted to Mesh, Extruded. Now why can't I sculpt on it properly?

I can:

  1. Import SVG
  2. Select Object, Convert to mesh.
  3. Edit Mode, select all, Extrude.
  4. Sculpt Mode -- almost nothing or terribly topology.
I've tried subdividing a bunch of times, still either doesn't work or the topology looks terrible.
Any help GREATLY appreciated.
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2020.11.25 20:01 Free_Swimming Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks Send a Clear Message: The Adults Are Back in Charge

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2020.11.25 20:01 ecu2747 This kid’s transformation

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2020.11.25 20:01 CatgirlsandKneesocks Simping for the Chicken Day 20: The Goddess, Kiara by 如月ぱな/pana

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2020.11.25 20:01 DarthTrooper2207 I hate Meme stealers

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2020.11.25 20:01 lamydelachapelle Lost!!!

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2020.11.25 20:01 vandalby Advice Needed: How are you managing your personal digital music collection?

Am hoping to tap this really great group for some advice on how your managing your personal digital music collections. While the Amazon and other streaming providers are ok, I have a fairly extensive collection of jazz and classical that aren’t widely available on streaming platforms, but that I’ve burned over the years so can access digitally.
Right now it’s all sitting on a local hard drive on an aging windows desktop. My goal is to make it more secure and redundant so I don’t risk losing the collection as well as have it accessible throughout my home in various locations for listening.
My primary areas to cover are:
Home Theater / Music room - my primary listening area and location of my highest quality equipment. Music streamed through a modern Yamaha RX-A870 that is networked, this comes with the Yamaha Music Cast app, which I haven’t really explored very much but does seem to have streaming capabilities. This is anchored to a set of very early 2000s Mirage OM omnichannel speakers in a 7.1 config (OM-9s, OM-R2s, BPS-400)
Office - stereo setup with Dali Zensor speakers connected to an older (early 2000s) Pioneer Elite receiver. I stream to this setup from ITunes on Windows via 3rd party Bluetooth.
Remainder of house - a couple of amazon echo devices for very casual / background listening.
In short, is there a common digital music storage option that would be accessible by all these devices? I’m happy to invest in some storage hardware if needed. I do have full home wifi. I understand I’m sacrificing some quality for accessibility here.
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