Lord Seventh Hokage aka Boruto's Dad

2020.11.29 01:50 KennyGDoan Lord Seventh Hokage aka Boruto's Dad

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2020.11.29 01:50 Affectionate_Post739 Grade 12 science question help? [EMR]

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2020.11.29 01:50 ArigatoPotato Slim pen issue

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2020.11.29 01:50 LilBryan53 Mario party 10 help

So I want to play Mario party 10 and the game can not load past the loading screen. Does the game just not work or is there something I should do to make it work?
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2020.11.29 01:50 Fwahm Why didn't Palpatine wait a measly 24 hours before announcing his return?

So, in Episode IX, Palpatine announces his return to the galaxy, 18 hours or something before his galaxy-conquering fleet was ready. Why didn't he wait twenty-four hours after having prepped his plan for decades, just so that he'd actually have his forces up and running? He'd have a literally invincible force doing his work, which was stated to be "ten thousand times" as much as the First Order (which was already ruling the galaxy) had access to.
The only reason I can remotely think of is that his current body was coincidentally going to fail a couple hours after his fleet becomes fully operational (despite him not exactly seeming to be on his deathbed at the time, just old and mostly immobile), but in that case why wouldn't he just message Kylo Ren only (like he had been doing for years) and have him grab Rey without telling the rest of the galaxy, possibly even months beforehand so that he had plenty of time to find her?
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2020.11.29 01:50 DurMattt First Figure.

So I was thinking of getting my first squad of marines, and the chapter I picked were the absolvers. I was wondering if there is a specific absolver box I can buy, or if I can just buy the recruit addition and paint the ultramarines in a absolver color scheme.
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2020.11.29 01:50 NathanG1030 28 [M4F] Michigan/Anywhere - Always bored and looking for new people in my life :)

Hello, fellow Redditors! My name is Nathan. I've been feeling rather lonely lately and could use some new people in my life. I work as a medical assistant and enjoy what I do. Looking for someone I can talk to regularly. And if we hit it off, we can maybe even watch movies and play random games! You'll also notice how quick of a responder I am. I also live in Michigan so bonus points if you're there, too.
A bit more about me: I love sushi and cheesecake, my favorite color is blue, I play League of Legends, and enjoy rock music. I love dogs/cats and have pics/videos of many I've met and will definitely show them if you're interested! I'm a genuinely kind and caring person who will talk about anything. If you think we'd click, shoot me a message! I use Kik, Snapchat, and Discord so mention those in your message.
I'm pretty boring and am very much a homebody, but I am looking to change that and put myself out there and start experiencing life. I am working on bettering myself.
If you decide to reach out, please include your name, location, and age. Looking forward to hearing from you wonderful people! :)
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2020.11.29 01:50 earthcomedy Stupid mask question of the day: If masks helped bring the level of cases down in Asia earlier this year, why are South Korea and Japan rising, but Taiwan hasn't increased at all?

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2020.11.29 01:50 Shutupnsukmydikbitch 🤣

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2020.11.29 01:50 AJ_Sable More Under Kill, Over Kill &, Buzz Kill pixel art!

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2020.11.29 01:50 Bimfn We'll ever get better servers for CODM? 1 year playing on 12hz servers, can we have any news on that?

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2020.11.29 01:50 CanadianW I think something's wrong here

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2020.11.29 01:50 mapleleafsf4n Stature Event Orb

Collected 31 orbs. I did get a gold drop and couple of purple drops. This is what I pulled...

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2020.11.29 01:50 14_Turdz There are lots of things to criticize as far as state overreach, but #BBQAnon ain’t it.

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2020.11.29 01:50 CommonDopant Time Series Analysis resources

I would love to learn more about Tome Series Analysis, but Looking at omscentral, the omscs course is terrible ...
Does anyone have any great resources they can recommend? - books - you tube Channels - other moocs?
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2020.11.29 01:50 Desiger_jpg What skills do I need to master to land a UX job?

Hello! I am an entry level designer (majored in graphic design), and I discovered that I love UX/UI design. I have a basic portfolio (I am currently redoing it in webflow), and I have taken a couple of UX design courses on coursera. I also worked on building a linkedin network, and did multiple volunteer design projects. However, I am still having a really hard time finding a job (especially because I don't have industry experience yet). What skills should I work on so that I stand out when applying for a job? What do companies look for when hiring a UX/UI designer? What can I do over the next month and a half that would help me land a design job?
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2020.11.29 01:50 konachanbot9 idolmaster miura_azusa

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2020.11.29 01:50 Melmagmel When is the best time to buy a GTX 2060??

I’m wanting to build my pc and I’m buying parts one by one on each paycheck I get. Any good deals on the GTX 2060?
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2020.11.29 01:50 EetuMakkonen That's what you get for removing dogJAM

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2020.11.29 01:50 finnagains Ancient Crete - Note The Large Pair of Eyes

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2020.11.29 01:50 Den1slav [Identification] Can anyone ID this watch?

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2020.11.29 01:50 FuckinWimp87 Yes! I'm doing well in the World Hardon Championships...

... I'm through to the semi's. :)
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2020.11.29 01:50 imattractedtodcfs Are you a teacher/administrator currently teaching in a remote/mixed format?

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2020.11.29 01:50 scbberpcppy Which one are you?

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2020.11.29 01:50 archiem Looks like our older cat has taken a liking to the new kitten

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