Holiday Man

2020.11.25 20:30 KonaNyan Holiday Man

I read this quest is only available by playing CrossCode during the winter holiday season.
I'm playing the game on Switch, would this be available for us this winter? If so, could someone help with the date this npc would be there?
I've seen gameplay videos with Lea wearing a Santa hat and I need it!! >\<
Thank you ~~
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2020.11.25 20:30 amigreedythrowaway Where can I find Mexican garden decor?

I’m in need of some lawn ornaments and I really like the colorful animals you see at Mexican pottery shops. Specifically I want one of the monkey-wearing-a-cowboy-hat-and-drinking-a-beer statues. Anyone know where I could find these? The closer to downtown the better. Thanks!
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2020.11.25 20:30 Larslj1 Dac/Amp advice

Hi, i am new to the whole DAC AMP thing and I am wondering if any of you guys have any advice about which one I should go for to pair up with my Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro. I have watching the soundblasterX G6, is this going to make me satisfied for music listening and competitive gaming?
Sorry if i am not in the fight place to ask:D Thanks
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2020.11.25 20:30 RemyTheNerd [M4A][Discord][18+]Anime Fandom and Original M/M RP?

Hi there, I'm looking for some folks to RP some m/m stuff with who would be willing to play some canon fancrushes of mine from the following fandoms: Pokemon, Digimon, Free!, Inazuma Eleven, lots of sports anime in general, Vocaloid, Sarazanmai, plus some others! or failing that something oriignal! I am flexible and looking for some m/m gay fun! I have a list of various plots/ideas/dynamics depending on fandom and character you'd play, I'd be happy to share ideas i have. I also even have m/m original ideas and stories i can pitch as well!
Here's some ideas for what characters/what kinda things i'd be looking for for these, only listing a few of the bigger wants/what i want is kinda specific, for the others i'd have a LOT of ideas for it:
Pokemon: For Pokemon i'd love to find an Ash Ketchum or a few different gameverse protagonists (most notably Victor from Sw/Sh, Nate from B/W 2, and Ethan/Gold from HGSS.
Digimon: For Digimon I'd mostly be looking for a Tai/Taichi from Adventure/02, Or maybe a Takeru/TK. and for Tamers i'd love to find a Takato or a Jenrya/Henry or BOTH! And for Frontier if any Frontier fans are out there i'd love to play against Takuya!
Vocaloid: Be looking for a Len, mostly.
Sarazanmai: A Kazuki for my Enta. :3
Original ideas: I have a few different original m/m plots i can pitch! i have a slice of life school/college romance thing based on sports anime and stuff, a similar slice of life thing with a sci-fi twist, and a more high fantasy one.
That's about it! If you're interested, hit me up and we'll find a way to get in contact! Please be 18+!
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2020.11.25 20:30 Drop_East What question sounds dumb, but is actually incredibly difficult to answer?

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2020.11.25 20:30 GamePhotoModePorn2 Posted by u/SADBOY888213 in r/SpidermanPS4

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2020.11.25 20:30 LokerThefail EM tried to buy my new console for Less of what it costed and says I stole it from her

I am going to be as quick as possible with this history and sorry if my grammar it's wrong since English it's not my native language.
This happened on Monday 23, I saved for months so I could buy a new console and as most of you know, thanks for the pandemic it's almost impossible to find a new console (Xbox or ps5) since those were shipped in limited quantities. in my country I couldn't find any so after not Being able to get one on internet I decided to try my best to find one in a mall, after days I went to the closest mall and asked for a Xbox series s (is cheaper) and they had one on stock so I was lucky enough to get there on time, I had to ask to the worker since I couldn't find any on shelves, while the guy who was working there went to get the console a lady was right behind me with a small kid, after the worker came back with the console and I was heading to the cashier (I was on electronics, but in this mall is a small separate part from the cahiers so I had to take it and pay on there) the lady asks for the same console as I have, the worker told her they didn't have anymore until December and she started to run where I was and here everything started:
Lady: "excuse me?" Me: " yes? How can I help you?" Lady: "it seems you have the last game" Me: "yes it's seems like it, sorry" Lady: "you see, my son wants that console too so I was wondering if you could sell me your game" Me: "no, sorry I saved a lot to get this one I can't just give it to you" Lady: "you don't lose nothing by selling me that, I'll give you 800 pesos ( those are Like 200 dollars and the console cost me 300 dollars) Me: "no, sorry this console was more expensive than 800 pesos and as I told you I can't just gave you this console" Lady: "you can just buy one later why are you being this selfish?" Me (clearly mad and bored with this) : "I am sorry lady, I can't"
After this she just started to go away without saying nothing and I thought I could go home already, after heading to the exit the security guards stopped me and the lady was there.
Guard: "we are going to need you give this lady her console"
I didn't get it at first but apparently EM told the guards I stole her son's console after they buy it
Me: "It's my console, look" I proceed to show the guards the recipe and told them the cashier were I was, after telling them the lady just started to go outside getting to the parking lot. She ignored the call of the guards and Just disappeared from the exit
After I explained to the guards everything and more time making sure I did bought it, I was free to go and I swear I saw EM outside of the parking lot waiting outside of her car, I decided to use another entrance / exit and headed home and here it is safe and sound
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2020.11.25 20:30 hotdogegun POV You walked in on Rem changing

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2020.11.25 20:30 Krowwjaeger Maradona wasn't just one of the best athletes in history, he was a proud comrade as well. Hasta la siempre, Diegođź’™

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2020.11.25 20:30 professorsnack98 just picked up Swamp Gas by TTC (top) and also my ghetto d8 stash box lmao happy humpday

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2020.11.25 20:30 diacewrb Russian pranksters duped PM Trudeau on phone call with Greta Thunberg impersonator

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2020.11.25 20:30 CiganskaSkola How do the Infinity booster cards work? (AE2WTLib)

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2020.11.25 20:30 Chemical_63 Thanks guys i invite uxie!!!!

In Korea, the egg hatch in 3 hours and I will invite you all then. Thank you, friends! Ilove you~~
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2020.11.25 20:30 dakolalola Mr. Ball Legs?

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2020.11.25 20:30 t3xAsFi3nD I kinda like how this Joker pairs with BvS Bats.

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2020.11.25 20:30 RoymustangDnam Thanks guys ....for the affection

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2020.11.25 20:30 dont_tax_me HPC AT build almost complete

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2020.11.25 20:30 Axolotl_San A way to just have a friendship with it??

I got the app a while back and just wanted to be friends and mess around with it and it kept trying to get romantic with me anyway, I disliked the messages and reacted negativley but it didn't really work.
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2020.11.25 20:30 ftm_virgo Machine shows contractions but I dont feel any

I am scheduled fir induction at 40 wks. No signs of labor yet. No water break, no strong contractions. I am on monitor since 4am, which shows i am Having contractions but i dont feel any. Literally i am talking normally when the monitors shows contractions. Due to which i wont get pitocin and wait seems infinite.
Did any of you mommies experience it?
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2020.11.25 20:30 Frontpage-Watch [#16|+9749|254] 🔥 Orca uses a fish for catching bird [/r/NatureIsFuckingLit]

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2020.11.25 20:30 Khazrym [Art][20x30] Desert Hill Camp - Battle map

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2020.11.25 20:30 GlampingNotCamping People only compare “book smarts” to “street smarts” to make themselves feel better.

People only compare “book smarts” to “street smarts” to make themselves feel better.
The fact is that if you’re investing your time into learning academic skills that will pay off with a high-earning careers or college scholarships, you’re already ahead of the “street smarts” curve because you’re increasing your own marketability and building skills that society values.
I’m an engineer with a lot of friends in the trades and only the ones with the least of either type of intelligence pull this out of their back pockets.
You’re not special for your ability to not make self-destructive decisions, that’s the baseline. Every functioning human being from a McDonald’s cashier (my previous career) to an engineer to the [leader of a country (keep getting flagged for political posting)] has some amount of “street smarts.”
The only people without street smarts are people who genuinely are incapable of making beneficial and informed decisions, a small fraction of the human population.
Just because I don’t know how to drive stick or hook up a trailer doesn’t mean I lack “street smarts,” it just means those are both irrelevant skills to me because I’ve made up for those shortcomings in other ways, such as by buying an automatic transmission car and not having a trailer-dependent career.
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2020.11.25 20:30 bugled BLD service dog

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2020.11.25 20:30 walmart_guy12 Unpopular Opinion: Infinite graphics don’t have to be jaw dropping.

I have seen a million posts complaining about the graphics for infinite on this subreddit in the past, people saying it’s poorly done, but look back at halo 4 and 5. The gameplay is really good when you’re fighting covenant, but the most glaring issue involve visibility, you can’t see anything that’s on screen because of all the lighting effects and lens flares. When I play the mcc, it’s always on the old graphics for the same reason, I get better visibility 99% of the time. Something I’ve noticed about the graphics in infinite is that it has moments where it’s gorgeous and the attention to detail is very good, but never was there a time I didn’t understand what was going on. Explosions are crisp and clear, grunts and elites stick out. Looking back at bungie-made halo games you can tell the scenery always played second fiddle to the gameplay. In reach, they made up for the higher detail scenes by making them washed out and sad. You never had to question whether or not something was on your screen. Maybe halo infinite will flop, we don’t know the story or full gameplay, but from what I can tell the developers are doing a good job going back to some core principles bungie followed. You can say earlier 343 halo games were an attempt to make the games more like other boring shooters but I don’t feel like we can say that with the direction taken in infinite. Side rant: all the people who ask for that blood gulch unreal engine map need to look at halo 2A’s version because something to that effect has been done and you don’t see a ton of people writing home about it.
How do you guys feel about it? I’m interested to hear about what you guys think because I’m tired of seeing people complain about the graphics.
TL:DR; The graphics always played second fiddle to the gameplay in halo, maybe the graphics not being pumped to the max in infinite could be a good thing long term.
What do you guys think about it?
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2020.11.25 20:30 Fair-Bake-3151 KAMVAS 13 2020 New User Question

Hi. Just got this device. Really enjoy it. Have a question I haven't been able to find an answer for. Regarding function keys, I'd like my k4 & k5 keys to be able to switch between zoom, rotate, and pen size. Is there a way to say setup k6 to toggle this? Thank for your time. Take good care.
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