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So overwhelmed.

2020.12.02 23:25 Waste_Map6482 So overwhelmed.

Hi all,
So I’m having a really tough time right now.
I gave up all of my self destructive behaviors such as cutting and drinking this year and I’m having a hard time coping with being raped over 10 years ago. It’s just so powerful this year because I’m not numbing it out.
Does anyone else feel like their entire life is consumed and defined by it, like their entire identity is built around it? I feel like I think about it every second of everyday. Like I’m always talking about it or ruminating on it. I feel like I’m driving myself crazy and everyone around me.
It’s almost like I still live in my rape, as if my entire identity is defined by what he did to me, like I’m not even my own person anymore. And it’s awful. I don’t know what to do, and I feel like
I’m the only one struggling with this sometimes. It’s terrible. I’ve never felt so alone. I have a therapist, but I just feel like I’m ‘obsessed’ with my rape and what happened to me.
Can anyone relate?
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2020.12.02 23:25 RANDOMGARLIC it's like calling the teacher mom

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2020.12.02 23:25 saithesti Tried à dating app, ended up deleting my account

Basically, this post will be a small rant.
I decided to challenge myself and tried online dating. So I downloaded Bumble and began talking to this guy who was super nice. We found out that we shared the same hobbies, interests in music, art, books,etc... He was also kind of shy and introverted (that's what I thought). We talked everyday for around two weeks about nothing and everything, he wrote some flirty messages but I didn't really pay attention to them to be honest, and I don't really how to respond to those messages. Two days ago, we started talking as usual and he wrote '' BRB, I'm going to take a shower''. A message popped up ten minutes later with a picture attached and guess what, it was a picture of him stepping out of the shower, almost naked with' 'here's a little gift for you, hope you' ll enjoy it 🥰''. I was feeling super uncomfortable so instead of staying silent, I've decided to tell him how I felt about his picture and he just ghosted me!! I'm upset because I really felt that we could meet and learn how to know each other. I'm upset because I've wasted my time talking to him for hours. I'm upset because I could have been more productive instead of talking to this guy. So my account is gone and I'm never going back to these dating apps!
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2020.12.02 23:25 army995533 When Muslims defend Islam

I have watched muslims debate non muslims and I have noticed when someone talks about everything wrong with Islam, they deny it and call them a liar. They also say we don't know what we are talking about because we don't know arabic. Does that mean that Muslims who don't speak arabic are reading the Quran 'blindly'? My answer would be yes because in Quran school we didn't once translate the Quran in English and most Muslims don't speak arabic. What I also realised is how heavily reliant they are on Islamic scholars, they usually dodge questions by saying I'm not knowledge which means they can't defend their own religion.
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2020.12.02 23:25 intergalactickomic these... these monstrosities are currently being sold on amazon for $18 a piece. may god have mercy on us all

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2020.12.02 23:25 Getlost_2020 [OFFER] Get £7.50 totally Free with Curve! £5 from them + £2.50 from me - INSTANT PAYOUT

How does Curve Card work?
Curve allows you to spend from any of your accounts using just one card, clearing the clutter from your wallet and simplifying your finances.
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This all only takes around 5 minutes only to complete and is worth £7.50 totally free!
Comment $bid if you are interested
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2020.12.02 23:25 creepyexperience1_ SUB4SUB??????????????????????

sub to me, let me know, will sub back
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2020.12.02 23:25 jeffjassky I made an auto-storyboarding tool for myself and am sharing it

I made an automatic-storyboarding tool and am sharing it in case other animators may want to use it.
The idea was to take an existing scene/video and convert it into a storyboard for analysis and inspiration for my own animations.
Basically, you select an mp4 file (or YouTube video), it analyzes the file detecting cuts/transitions/scenes and outputs a folder of images (one representing each cut, ordered numerically) and a CSV spreadsheet with stats like shot length, timecode, etc.
I put the code up on an AWS server last week and have it free to use.
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2020.12.02 23:25 Matebe123 Kyurem from Brazil 366990812963

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2020.12.02 23:25 polymute Well-hydrated

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2020.12.02 23:25 LDJames NFL Picks Week 12 Results/Week 13 Link

Week 13 is ready to play now! Play at

Here are the results from week 12-

This is not final, see the bottom for details. This is just the top 10, you can view the full leaderboard at
Cicero912 -58
Sehej12 -57
Junegloom68 -55
xxshurtugalxx -55
Aidan229555 -55
Seattle_Seahawks1234 -50
thepaperbag000 -47
Umackey -47
no -47
Velocity17 -47
FULL SEASON LEADERBOARD(excluding week 12)
The full season leaderboard is counted by one week performance, not whole season. So someone who scored a 50 one week would be higher than someone who scored a 48 and a 45 in back-to-back weeks. That makes it so that everyone, every week has a chance to be at the top, instead of only the people who play every week at the top. You can view the full season leaderboard at

  1. kobegriffeysanders
  2. Samantha3773
  3. Sackstate
  4. aman8779
  5. yeagmaster
  6. mike_mcfatty
  7. PackIndependent1733
  8. KidKorea-
  9. Galdinvitch24
  10. unloader86


Question 1- Which game will have the team that scores the most points?
50.3% said Chiefs vs Bucs**(incorrect)**
18.4% said Seahawks vs Eagles**(incorrect)**
11.7% said Cardinals vs Patriots or Ravens vs Steelers**(TBD*)**
8% said Titans vs Colts or WFT vs Cowboys**(incorrect)**
6.7% said Any other game**(incorrect)**
4.3% said Saints vs Broncos**(incorrect)**
0.6% said Tie**(TDB*)**

Question 2- Will any non-QBs score 3 or more TDs?
52.8% said Yes**(correct)**
47.2% said No**(incorrect)**

Question 3- Will the Jets have within 25 passing or rushing yards of the Dolphins?

47.9 said No**(incorrect)**
27.6% said Jets have within 25 rushing yards, but not passing yards**(correct)**
15.3% said Jets have within 25 passing yards, but not rushing yards**(incorrect)**
9.2% said Jets have more or 25 or less less in both categories**(incorrect)**

Question 4- How many games will go into overtime?
58.3% said One**(TBD*)**
31.3% said Zero**(TDB*)**
9.8% said Two**(incorrect)**

Question 5- What percentage of people on ESPN’s Monday Night Pick’em will predict the Seahawks to beat the Eagles?
38% said 0-4%(incorrect)
31.3% said 5-8%(correct)
17.2% said 9-13%(incorrect)
8.6% said 14-25%(incorrect)
4.9% said 26% or more**(incorrect)**

Question 6- Will both the Bills and Browns win by 6+ points?
57.7% said Yes**(incorrect)**
42.3% said No**(correct)**

Question 7- How many teams will score 20+ points?
33.1% said 16-19**(incorrect)**
28.8% said 20-23(correct)
15.3% said 11-15**(incorrect)**
14.1% said 24-29**(incorrect)**
6.7% said 0-10**(incorrect)**
1.8% said 29-32**(incorrect)**

Question 8- Will both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes throw for 350+ yards?
71.8% said No(correct)
28.2% said Yes**(incorrect)**

Question 9- What will the last score of week 12 be?
35.6% said Field goal of 36 yards or more**(TBD*)**
32.5% said Passing TD**(TBD*)**
15.3% said Rushing TD**(TBD*)**
14.1% said Field goal of 35 yards or less**(TBD*)**
1.8% said Interception, punt, kickoff or fumble returned for a TD**(TBD*)**
0.6 said Safety or no scores in week 12**(TBD*)**

The answers marked with a (TBD*) are questions that have not been proven to be incorrect or correct, due to the postponing of Ravens vs Steelers. I will update this post after Ravens vs Steelers concludes, and the full results are available
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2020.12.02 23:25 TiaNightingale I drew the Valley Twins

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2020.12.02 23:25 Afa1234 PAMR 022153Z 17006KT 3/4SM -SN BR VV004 M02/M03 A2913 RMK AO2 SLP866 P0003 T10171033 $ a little snowy out there today

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2020.12.02 23:25 Own-Zombie-1068 Number 7

Number 7: Student watches porn and gets naked. A Bangledeshi 20 year old student was arrested after watching porn, stripping naked and attacking an attendant during a flight. In March 2018, shortly after the Malindo Air flight departed from Kuala Lumpur, the 20 year old started watching pornography on his laptop. As no one seemed to notice or call him out for it, the man began taking his clothes off. At the request of the cabin crew, the student put his clothes back on. But soon, he tried to hug female flight attendants. When the crewmembers rejected him, he reportedly became aggressive, and groped a flight attendant. With the help of some of the passengers, the cabin crew managed to subdue the man, and tie his hands with a piece of cloth for the rest of the flight. One of the passengers managed to capture the moment with his phone. Although airline officials refuse to confirm details of the incident, the photo of a man with his bottom sticking out of his pants and hands tied up emerged online. The disruptive passenger was arrested on arrival.
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2020.12.02 23:25 Reddit__EXE__ Wer bock Rollenspiel oder so dm

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2020.12.02 23:25 Throwaway33030g I'm super fucking angry. I am completely alone with a sleeping disorder.

I have nobody, my family claims they there but they aren't helping me at all. They're telling me I have to work a job with a circadian rhythm disorder (non sleep 24 fucking google it im not explaining it) I tried explaining this to them multiple times but they keep saying that I KEEP making excuses for myself that I just want to wallow in my own shit and become a fucking loser that looks on his computer all day, like I ASKED TO SPEND A PORTION OF MY LIFE IN DARKNESS. FUCK THEM.
God I'm so mad, why the fuck I wanna work some dumbass minimum wage job where I'm disrespected while I'm sleep deprived and my life expectancy shortens to such a high degree to the point where I could fucking die of heart failure halfway into training. Not to mention I have severe intestinal problems like constipation that could turn into cancer later on that need to be fixed but I have NOBODY TO FUCKING HELP ME. AND NOW IM GONNA BE IN MEDICAL DEBT BY JUST ONE GODDAMN DOCTORS VISIT. Fuck america and fuck its country, call me a commie, good those motherfuckers respect me more than the pig gluttonous walking wastes of oxygen the patriot americans are.
"Make something of yourself." While the odds are stacked against me being poor and all that and my family just thinking I'm a lazy freeloader, if I live to be 30 and I'm in the same position I am. I might resort to selling drugs or just robbing all these rich CEOs that created this american workforce hellhole we live in.
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2020.12.02 23:25 SineTheGreat That Damn Elf

I really hate the holidays. I always have, the stress of making it perfect for my family is to much. I hate putting on a happy face and being all 'Jolly'. It's just become a tradition to hate this time of year.
My daughter, Ivy, is 6 years old, just started first grade. Last year my wife broke up with me so it's just me and Ivy, My Christmas Miracle. Christmas is big where I live. So it's big in our schools as well.
Yesterday Ivy told me about a stuffed toy her friends called "The Elf on the Shelf". Then for the next few days she proceeded to beg for one, over and over again. Then I did something I deeply regret. I yelled, I'm not sure what happened. All the anger piled up inside me at once, and I took it out on her. She went to her room crying that night. I felt terrible.
The next morning she woke me up thanking me. Telling me I'm the best Dad ever. It felt nice to hear this but of course I had to ask why. Then she showed me an Elf. A green hideous one. I asked her where she got it and she said,
"I heard bells last night and Elfy appeared at the end of my bed!"
"Bells?" I said with confusion.
"Elfy likes bells, he told me so!"
I proceeded to get her ready for school and threw out that hideous elf. God only knows where she got that thing from.
This morning I woke up to the sound of glass shattering. My Mother's Urn had fell into a million pieces, and nothing there could have caused it. Then I heard it, Bells. Sickening Bells. I blinked for a second only to see an elf in the corner of our house on a shelf. Elfy. I called for Ivy and proceeded to lecture her not to sneak around at night and break things without telling me.
"But Elfy did it he told me he was gonna!" She said with a stutter.
"Enough of that damn Elf, if you keep this up Santa is gonna put you on his naughty list." I said in an angered tone.
Later that day we set up the milk and cookies for Santa. My daughter was still angry and kept on blaming everything on the Elf. When it was her bedtime I tucked her in and said goodnight.
After watching tv for a while I decided to set up everything for the following morning. Put presents under the tree, filled the stockings and now all I needed to do was eat the cookies. I baked Red and Green ones fresh and decided to eat a few. After drinking the glass of milk I picked the best looking cookie. A glazed blue one. It had an off taste but I ignored it for the time being.
I started to feel nauseated. My head started to spin and my stomach was making noises. Thinking I was just hungry I went down for another cookie. I noticed how all the cookies had white powder on them, every single blue one.
Blue Cookies
These weren't my cookies. These were sprinkled with rat poison. I rushed to the sink to stick my hand down my throat. There I saw it. I saw him. The Elf looked at me and it's plastic face cracked as a wide evil grin moved across it's face. I threw up all over the sink and hit me head on the granite top, blacking out.
The next morning I woke up feeling terrible and went on a hunt for that Elf. Ivy was gone. My only daughter. The only trace of my legacy was gone. Nothing but a note was left behind reading,
"I'm sorry daddy. Elfy told me he had a home for me in the north pole! I will see you next Christmas!"
There was blood on that note. My daughter is gone thanks to the Elf. A God damn Elf.
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2020.12.02 23:25 9Kleo9 He said what he had to say now it’s time for action

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2020.12.02 23:25 anislitim $60 a candle and it's already sold out.. I hate humanity

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2020.12.02 23:25 honeeybunni Trading Magical Broomstick

Lf: diamonds or diamonds + items
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2020.12.02 23:25 xMosh My ID I am using for my GMAT exam has my middle initial on it, but my GMAT registration does not have it. Does it matter if my registration doesn’t show my middle initial?

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2020.12.02 23:25 Domesticated-Wolf Is this the real Megan plays? Idk I don’t watch her youtubeXD

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2020.12.02 23:25 AgreeableSandwich128 La Ronda de Boltaña - La tronada [Folk]

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2020.12.02 23:25 hao3969 I can't concentrate properly because I'm stressed out by everything at this point

Been considering to just go to some quiet place like maybe a forest and just let off all my steam by screaming as loud as I could. Me and my mom used to do this every once in a while when we just couldn't handle all our emotions anymore and it actually really helps. But ever since I began picking up mediation I've been wondering if it's possible to somehow deal with such emotions in a calm and less "aggressive" way? I'm trying to meditate properly but I just feel the urge to either cry or scream in order to release my emotions
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2020.12.02 23:25 MtDewaholic RAM won't run at correct speed no matter what I try

As the title says, I recently finished building my first PC, but now I can't get my 3600hz ram to run at 3600hz.
Using the XMP profile or manually entering 3600hz just puts the computer into a boot cycle before reverting back to 2133hz.
After looking around online I downloaded dram calculator for ryzen, but after entering all of the timings it still didn't boot.
I'm currently using the PC with the RAM at 3200hz and it is stable. I know that the performance boost from 3200 to 3600 isn't significant but I would still like to get the performance I paid for, so any help is greatly appreciated.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor Purchased For $180.00
Motherboard ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4/ac ATX AM4 Motherboard Purchased For $125.00
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory Purchased For $79.00
Storage Crucial P1 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive Purchased For $60.00
Storage Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Purchased For $55.00
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB Founders Edition Video Card Purchased For $500.00
Case Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower Case Purchased For $90.00
Power Supply Corsair CXM 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply Purchased For $85.00
Case Fan Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 52.3 CFM 120 mm Fan Purchased For $16.00
Monitor MSI Optix MAG241C 23.6" 1920x1080 144 Hz Monitor Purchased For $200.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1390.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-12-02 17:18 EST-0500
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