What’s up with the studco meeting from last night?

2020.11.25 20:38 l-kobsessedwHozier What’s up with the studco meeting from last night?

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2020.11.25 20:38 Userur Romance is a resource

Why does gold cost so much and aluminum so little. You can do more with aluminum even than you can with gold. The reason is because gold is a rare earth metal. It is called a rare earth metal for a reason. It is rare on earth. And likely throughout the universe as well. As a result, the price of gold is much higher than that of aluminum. Due to its rarity, it is valued so much that historically it was used to back currency and sometimes as high currency.
Another example I'll use is the price of gas. During the lockdown, I remember gas prices went way down. Down to record lows not seen in years. Why did this happen? The reason is because due to the lockdown, people drove much less and therefore demand for gas went way down. The same amount of gas continued to be produced and imported nonetheless. As a result, a surplus of gas amounted and prices dropped. When the lockdown was lifted, demand increased which caused supply to reduce, which in turn caused prices to go up. Currently, prices of gas are back to what they were like before the lockdown.
The nature of how prices function is just a manifestation or reflection of the nature of how people perceive value in things. I call this "supply vs perceived value." The greater the abundance of something in your life, the less value and significance each of those things holds. I remember going to a private university. Rather, I should say i was blessed with the opportunity of going to a great school. I didn't stay there long, due to a combination of financial and personal problems I was only enrolled there a total of 2 and a half years. Nonetheless, I enjoyed those 2 and a half years abd they hold a special place in my heart, mostly due to their relation with my ex in my life. They had a really nice cafeteria in their student center. And when i say real nice, I mean real nice. Their cafeteria was all you can eat. It had a salad bar, pizza bar, hot bar, ice cream machine, sandwich making station, burgers and fries, etc, etc. All of this could be purchased for just 10 dollars. 10 dollars, all you can eat. The price was as low as it was because they were subsidized by the University, who paid them to be there. I loved it and indulged a great deal in all that abundance. Yet even with that, many students complained about the food saying their hummus sucked (which it didn't) and that they didn't have enough choices. These students were spoiled with abundance in their lives to such a degree that they weren't aware of the fact that they were blessed.
In a parallel sense, the greater your supply of romance in your life, the lower your perceived value and significance of each relationship and relationships in general, and the more likely you are to give up over problems as they arise. Of course, like people at the campus and the caf, this isn't always the case. Just most of the time. If that is ypur reality, having an abundance of romance in your life, than romance to your life is a lot like food to the lives of the people going to that school. It is in great supply and easily and quickly replaceable.
Now when it comes down to having a romantic supply, it also runs in parallel with economic and material supply. Society only looks at character, especially with regards to men. If a man doesn't have an easy time finding women, society assumes it is because 'he' is the problem. Well, that kind of thinking is no different than thinking that all poor people are poor because they're lazy and drug addicts. There are just as many reasons for why a person is romantically poor as there are reasons why a person is economically poor. It could be your character, and I know some people whose character and outlook on life is the reason why they aren't married. However, it could also be that you were born into that poverty. A beautiful looking woman is the romantic equivalent of a person born into an upper middle class / upper class American family. This person didn't do anything to earn or deserve that wealth and comfortable lifestyle. This person just inherited it. An unattractive woman didn't decide to be unattractive. Like the attractive one, she didn't do anything to deserve what she has. Those were just the cards life gave her.
Men are no different. A man's upbringing and mental health is to his attractiveness what a woman's body is to hers. If he is in good mental health, and if he had a strong upbringing then he is blessed with romantic wealth. If had was raised in a dysfunctional household and with anxious and insecure and over controlling parents, he is by default romantically poor. A person has as much control and consent over how his parents choose to raise him as he does over what race he belongs to. A man that has social anxiety or severe obsessive compulsive disorder is automatically at a disadvantage. He is like a person born into a poor family or in a developing country.
With all that said, just as nobody should feel guilty or be made to feel guilty about having inheritance and being born into wealth, something a lot of poor people do, nobody should feel guilty or be made to feel guilty about having a great deal of romantic wealth. Enjoy your blessings, but please be aware of them.
Wealthy people often look down upon poor people. They associate their state of poverty with their literal personhood and assume they are inherently inferior to them. This is best illustrated in the Great Gatsby with the character Mr. Buchanan. Mr Buchanan was a very rich man that felt very proud about being rich. Whenever he went to a gas station in their (1920s car) to fill up, he would always talk to the guy that worked there like he was a second class citizen. Mr Buchanan would shout at him to pump the gas and get it over with. And after pumping, Buchanan would toss a couple of coins on the ground while driving off. It was an insult to the guy at the gas station. Buchanan viewed that guy as being inferior to him, and in general poor people as well as non-whites. Eventually, the guy from the gas station gets fed up with the poor treatment and sets off to kill Buchanan but ends up accidentally killing Gatsby and kills himself. Most people if asked what they thought about mr buchanan, especially those that read the book or watched the movie (it's been many years for me so I've mostly forgotten some details), they would say that he is a selfish prick. They would say that he is a disgusting person morally. Yet people that are romantically rich or socially rich that look down upon and bully people that are romantically poor or that don't have any friends are literally, logically, and morally no different than mr buchanan, the disgusting rich slob from the great gatsby that is so emotionally poor that he isn't even aware of his wealth. Most of it is taken for granted and wasted.
In fact, since I believe that society is like an individual and acts like an individual as well as responds to historical events and traumas like an individual does to events in one's life, societies as whole look down upon other societies for the same reasons. A lot of racism, at least in its development, historically, was based on this. When Europeans first visited sub saharan africa, they referred to the people's there as being inferior. Why they did so is simple. In europe, you have large scale, technological civilization. Europeans had metallurgy, the wheel, maritime capabilities, etc etc. Sub saharan Africans didn't. Some of them, like the Bantu people's had metallurgy, though not to the same extent as Europeans and asians, while some of them Just like how romantically and socially wealthy people assume that everyone should be just as romantically and socially wealthy as them, Europeans thought the same of other societies. And when they encountered people who were much less technologically advanced, many of which were living a stone age, hunter-gatherer existence, they looked down on them and assumed that the reason for why they were less advanced than them was because the people were intellectually inferior. And just like how in school, guys and girls that nobody talks to and that don't have romance get bullied for that, like girls calling a fat or less attractive girl ugly, or guys calling other guys losers and statements like "nobody likes you," Europeans did the same to the people they viewed as inferior. Because when you view someone as being inferior the standard of ethical treatment by which you apply to them becomes lower. Or maybe it could be that this person makes you feel uncomfortable and your coping method is to bully them.
One of the primary sources of prejudice is narcissism. Disparities in development and power between one society and another, cause people from the more advanced society to develop a sense of inherent, ethnic superiority. You can see this in the fastest growing economies in the world today. Ethnic pride among chinese increased abd continues to increase as China becomes more powerful. The same thing happened in the west a century and more before.
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2020.11.25 20:38 SoccerLiveGoals Watch: A. TOURE penalty GOAL Lens 1-1 Nantes (Full Replay)

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2020.11.25 20:38 RA1NBOWGASM access through neigbours yard

i live in a house that was converted into 2 flats, one upstairs one downstairs, i live in the downstais one dues to disaibiltys walking. the door to access mine is the back door and there door for upstairs is the front door, both doors are on the same wall that runs along the side of the house, the exit to the main road requires walking past his front door along a path, there is also a way to exit the backway bit there is no pavement just a drop onto a road that is used for parking so quite often the gate is blocked. currently there is a fence and gate between my door and the upstairs door to seperate whos is whos gardens. tomorow they are coming to nail shut the gate so the only way in and out my property is a drop onto a road that is normally blocked off not large enoguh for a wheelchair and impossible to get back in with a wheelchair. my post box is then also having to be moved from the front to that back gate so its now outside on an unamed road so i now have to leave the house daily to check for mail (in a wheelchair) as im waiting on several surgery appointment letters. im now also having to instead of having my wheelie bins moved for me by the assisted program from the council to be emptied each week im now having to move them myself through the garden, down that drop onto the back road then about i think 50 metres, (it takes me 5 mins to wheel there) myself each week. also no ones ever succefully found my front door as my address takes you tothe front of the house on the main road so they always call me / knock on front window next to postbox to deliever things as i do all my shopping online but always different delievery drivers, but now my adress takes you to a fence that cannot be crossed, you now have to go down frther along the main road and tunr onto a differently named road then turn onto a poorly kept unanamed road then find the right back garden gate, hope it isnt blocked and then hopefully be able to call me cause they cant knock for me to hear. is there anything i can do to get them to turn the fence back into a gate like it is currently?, (i am dyslexic, my hands can shake uncontrollibly due to nerve damage so apologies for awful typing and spelling incorections)
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2020.11.25 20:38 EClarkee Receiver shutting down immediately

Hey all,
Murphy’s law has punched me square in the face. I posted here for the first time yesterday as I had a question and was reading the HT buying guide as I wanted to upgrade my system after my basement was finished.
Turns out today, my receiver has seemingly died...kinda.
I’ll first note that this is probably my fault and also, this is the 2nd time this has happened.
My receiver is a Marantz NR1506. About 2 years? Ago the receiver turned off and flashed the red standby light. Trying to turn it on and it immediately turned off and the light flashes, seemingly like a protection mode. I took it to a local shop and they fixed it for around $160, I think he said it was the transformer or something. But something had to be replaced but it’s been working since then.
Today, while seemingly researching new speakers, I wanted to test my existing speakers. Polk Audio R15, Polk audio CSR centre and Polk Audio PSW111. (Yes, these are very basic entry speakers but they’ve been doing the job). I think the speakers were the issue here as I connected via Bluetooth and cranked up my system.
Receiver shuts off. Ah crap. Ok I’ll turn it on and then turn it down and switch signals. That worked for 5 minutes and then it turned off.
I’ve removed everything from the receiver already in case it was a speaker short, but this is immediately happening with just the power cable plugged in.
I overpowered the receiver, didn’t I? I’m not sure the exact specs but I do know that the receiver can handle 50 watts at 8ohms...which I thought my speakers would have been fine with.
Help :(
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2020.11.25 20:38 CrAzy_ShR3y Still one of my fav arc to this day.

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2020.11.25 20:38 username0000777777 What jobs are for people with anxiety?

I'm on some sort of program and I need to find a job very soon but my anxiety is pretty bad. I've dealt with it since I was young, now I'm 21 and its gotten worse. I don't really leave the house (which isnt that bad bc of covid) but I never had a job. The closest I came was last week where I had went to an interview and they said to call back every few days, but I don't plan on doing it tbh. The job requires good math skills, which I lack (I might also have some math disability) and good communication skills which I also lack. I barely maintain eye contact and when I'm in public I kinda dissociate, its like I hear and see what's happening but I'm not there or something.
Randomly, that same week I did the job thing I ended up having probably the worst anxiety of my life. I went to the ER twice thinking it was something else because of what it caused. Even now I'm having issues with my stomach etc.
Anyways, what job would be best suitable for someone in my situation?
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2020.11.25 20:38 Pasta_chan09 My afk arena oc I'm not sure what to call her plz comment any ideas also don't be mean I'm 13 and not too good at anatomy :)

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2020.11.25 20:38 IndustryMany @[email protected]!!【Watch Free HD Basketball Live Streams on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet>🔴NCAAM STREAM🔴UCLA vs San Diego State Live Stream ➤▎ UC Davis vs Nicholls Live Stream ➤▎ Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs Marquette Live Stream ➤▎ Seattle vs Portland Live Stream ➤▎Watch Basketball Live Link🔴 Watch Live

@!!LiVE@!!【Watch Free HD Basketball Live Streams on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet>🔴NCAAM STREAM🔴UCLA vs San Diego State Live Stream ➤▎ UC Davis vs Nicholls Live Stream ➤▎ Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs Marquette Live Stream ➤▎ Seattle vs Portland Live Stream ➤▎Watch Basketball Live Link🔴 Watch Live submitted by IndustryMany to googlesportsfeed [link] [comments]

2020.11.25 20:38 PotatoCouchie How do I make subliminals work?

I have been trying to decrease my height for 6 days already, and got no results. I thought I lost 0.2 inches, but it was just natutral spine compression. I have been listening for at least 4-5 hours per day, and yesterday I listened for ~10 hours and I havr been telling myself that I will get results. Also, is there any science behind aubliminal height decrease? Like, how does the brain make your bones shorten?
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2020.11.25 20:38 DontBanMeForAsking Video: ‘I Am On Your Side’: How the Police Gave Armed Groups a Pass in 2020

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2020.11.25 20:38 giuscraft16 WSIB a good turn based jrpg in the black friday sale

I have already played persona 5 and 4, yakuza, final fantasy 7 (and remake), and ff10. I'm mostly looking for a good story, I loved final fantasy 7 for the plot twists(also loved the plot twists in the world ends with you) and emotional moments, Persona 4 and 5 because you get attached to the characters a lot in 100 hours of gameplay, the soundtrack is very good and the story was nice, and yakuza because it's one of the best stories I've ever seen in a video game and one of the games who got the closest to making me cry.
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2020.11.25 20:38 FixForce LF Chansey and Helioptile, but I'll add anyone

Title is pretty self-explanatory, just let me know if you add me so I can add you back. :)
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2020.11.25 20:38 MemeBoiYTB A few days ago I hit 100 subscribers, so I asked my mom to help me make this custom play button, and this is what we made!

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2020.11.25 20:38 imbackwitthemilk do you kiss your cat goodnight?

(i changed it)
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2020.11.25 20:38 BSTEVRsports BSTEVR

The game has been delayed but the debate rages on. All-time Steelers vs All-time Ravens game simulation being discussed on Facebook. Check it out!
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2020.11.25 20:38 ohnoh18 Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Defends Truth Using Fake Teddy Roosevelt Quote | The campaign’s legal adviser posted a tweet using a quote falsely attributed to the 26th president defending truth.

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2020.11.25 20:38 Nietsnark Jupiluxe - HTownCasette [Hip-Hop] (AMV)

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2020.11.25 20:38 KonekoK [Goblin] [Sell-FC] [Mist] [Medium] [Plot 36] For Sale! Starting at 90M OBO.

[Goblin] [Sell-FC] [Mist] [Medium] [Plot 36] For Sale! Starting at 90M OBO. < FC For Sale > Rank 8 FC with a Medium Beachfront House in the Mist. Includes all Basic Items needed for an FC. Retainer Bell, FC Chest, Crystal Bell, Chocobo Stable, Gardens, & more. Workshop Unlocked 1 Rank 43 Airship 1 Rank 68 Submersible 1 Rank 18 Submersible 1 Rank 16 Submersible Last Submersible Unlockable Please DM me in Discord @ Koni#0750 with offers.
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2020.11.25 20:37 RelevancyIrrelevant Bethesda, please update Steam Library artwork for major updates!

You guys change the the capsule images (what's seen on the storage page) for each update, but the images that we see in our libraries (library_600x900.jpg, library_hero.jpg, and logo.png) haven't been updated since Wastelanders.
You can see all of this on here, on SteamDB: https://steamdb.info/app/1151340/info/ under the "Web Assets" section.
The artwork for Steel Dawn is extremely nice, and I'd love to see you guys start to updating the library artwork to celebrate each major Fallout 76 update!
For those that want a 600x900 grid for Steam or GOG, I've cropped one from the official artwork they released on Twitter. You can find it on here, on SteamGridDB.
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2020.11.25 20:37 iStoleYourBean Any offers for a F and R Pink Cat?

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2020.11.25 20:37 -n-e-l-l-y- City warms up Calgary parks with temporary fire pits and free firewood

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2020.11.25 20:37 AWFUL_TRIGGA Flex AJB or Carson Full PPR

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2020.11.25 20:37 OliverMax10 all of the witcher 3 saves are not showing up

so 2 hours ago I finished the witcher 3 main story after playing 1, 2 and of course got the worst ending. I felt devastated since I spent so many hours on those games and I definitely want to get the best ending. I didn't watch any videos on the other endings and just read the guide because want to experience it myself.
my problem is that I can find saves from the end or the very start, but not between where I can affect on the ending and not having to start the whole game over again. is there a solution to this?
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2020.11.25 20:37 FuckNewsom Did anyone go to the USAC IVP town hall meeting yesterday?

Can anyone comment on what they said about the 2021-2022 school year?
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