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Oculus Link not working

2020.12.02 22:13 Captain_Cucumber1 Oculus Link not working

I bought the Oculus quest 2 a few months ago and recently got the oculus link cable for it. However when I plugged it in to my PC and enabled oculus link the screen went black. A general device error would appear on my PC and I could still see the barriers when I got close to them. I have emailed oculus support and none of the solutions worked. I am confident it is not the cable connection as I have tried multiple different cables. Please help Here are my specs- Ryzen 7 3750H Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and 16 GB of ram
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2020.12.02 22:13 nknown521 What a present

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2020.12.02 22:13 AutoModerator Daily List of Scammers Reminder - December 02, 2020

Click here to search if a particular user is a scammer or has been banned
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2020.12.02 22:13 DouglasJM100 Imagining Security Breach

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2020.12.02 22:13 Cheesecake-Rat This meme isn't funny anymore

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2020.12.02 22:13 Ahegao-Me WNW Just in time for Wednesday! Love these colors!

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2020.12.02 22:13 hollywood--- I thought you can successfully report a review that writes about something you clearly state in your listing?

I have a 2 star review because someone is mad an item I made is exactly the size that is mentioned in my listing. I thought between this and shipping issues out of your control, Etsy removes them? Apparantly not because they just replied to me saying it 'doesnt violate their terms"
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2020.12.02 22:13 _MJ008_ Srsly how much drugs was he on

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2020.12.02 22:13 Leocuzzi88 Vacanze italiane!

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2020.12.02 22:13 MediocreTruth49 "That one thing" that happens at the end of this cutscene from Crash Bandicoot 4: IAT

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2020.12.02 22:13 this_girl_be_rachel I've been diagnosed previously, but my current psychologist keeps telling me I'm not borderline.

She literally refuses to affirm my previous diagnosis because I only meet 8/9 DSM criteria. It drives me crazy. She sends me to DBT because "You need to learn these skills so you can be more stable emotionally."
No fucking shit! Why are you refusing to accept I have this fucking disorder while simultaneously treating me for it?!?!
"I just haven't seen evidence that you suffer from it."
I'm so done with her sometimes.
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2020.12.02 22:13 MusculoskeletalPain Hard Flaccid: Beyond The Edge Of Science?

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2020.12.02 22:13 redfoxbennaton This isn't a joke. It's a cry for help.

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2020.12.02 22:13 salamyr Chulane, teller of tales landfall/carddraw

Hello people of this sub,
I am trying to make a Chulane deck but i cant realy find cards that benifit from carddraw in bent if annyone knows some cards that could help me it would be verry much apreciated if u have annything else to add that would be great to.
Anyway here it the deck: https://www.bazaarofmagic.eu/nl-NL/decks/bent-landfall-carddraw/59707
I hope some of you guys are willing to help me out
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2020.12.02 22:13 lss_bvt_and_01 LssTest-TextPost-72769

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2020.12.02 22:13 kts350 Iracing promo code not working

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues trying to get the renewal code for the black friday sale to work.
I've trying since yesterday and when i put it in i get a little box asking me to confirm the discount price when i do that it does nothing and keeps the full price on my invoice. I've emailed support and got nothing back and the code is out of date after today.
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2020.12.02 22:13 boofted4 What are these for?

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2020.12.02 22:13 dogtorfancy Question about call

Will a signal call still come through if I am on a zoom call or regular phone call?
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2020.12.02 22:13 redaether Msi trio and Ventura in stock on Newegg ! 3090

Keep on refreshing I just got one! They just got a wave
Check this out on @Newegg: MSI GeForce RTX 3090 DirectX 12 RTX 3090 GAMING X TRIO 24G 24GB 384-Bit GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card https://www.newegg.com/msi-geforce-rtx-3090-rtx-3090-gaming-x-trio-24g/p/N82E16814137595?Item=N82E16814137595&Source=socialshare&cm_mmc=snc-social-_-sr-_-14-137-595-_-12022020
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2020.12.02 22:13 SomeGuyNamedBarry What has been your experience with EA like?

So we're a mid range company with approx. 50-60k records in Salesforce currently, currently looking at some of the Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics was a much better name imho) packages. I did both trailhead superbadges and as an admin, I'm impressed with the tool.
Initial thoughts.

So I was wondering what your general experience with Einstein has been like, especially if you made it past your first year license renewal? What made the renewal a no brainer for you or where was the benefit just not enough?
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2020.12.02 22:13 Gabe_thebabe12 3- wheeled Electric Skateboard

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2020.12.02 22:13 Cyclone_1 Weekly reminder that anticommunism and antiblackness are longstanding bedfellows.

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2020.12.02 22:13 NEO_PoweredYT Anyone here heard of the North Star Event in the UK?

It's a large call over Zoom and Microsoft Teams this year. It was good yesterday but shit today.
Yesterday, we got to sit and listen to Brian Cox talk about black holes and it was genuinely interesting. It was only 1 hour and 35 minutes too. Actually good
Today though, there was some stupid talk about climate change, space debris and plasma. 2 hours. Boooooring.
It's trying to get people into science and engineering. Coming from someone who chose CDM and Art, it's very boring.
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2020.12.02 22:13 kenzr12 Sourdough Focaccia. Really happy with my crumb this time!

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2020.12.02 22:13 Lovingill Losing weight while recovering from an eating disorder?

Okay, I had somewhat mild anorexia about two years ago- I lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks, was fasting, exercising to the point of injury, etc. Since then, I have recovered and felt good about my body- however, I am about 20 lbs overweight now and the weight is making my sleep apnea worse. Seriously, I get so tired. I don't just need to have a healthy lifestyle, I need to lose weight, for reasons beyond aesthetics.
Does anyone know how to lose weight with a recovered eating disorder?? I've been counting calories and I've already been finding myself staring at the app for 10 mins straight.
I would post this in the ED Reddit but I don't want to trigger anyone.
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