Reading The Worst Demon's Souls Remake Reviews On Metacritic.

2020.11.29 02:55 proandreckless Reading The Worst Demon's Souls Remake Reviews On Metacritic.

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2020.11.29 02:55 GildedNarrative [WTS] Laco Kilimanjaro and Tissot Visodate Automatic

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2020.11.29 02:55 01100110u AI can edit your videos [Retiming Instances in a Video]

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2020.11.29 02:55 cartoonfanboy S4 max vs denote osmo 930

I know I might get a slightly biased view on this subreddit but I welcome all comments.
I have an osmo 930 which I don’t use the mopping function. One thing I hate about my osmo is it hits into table Legs etc. does the s4 max do the same thing or is it better. I know it’s more powerful suction wise any other real benefits? I am in a single level property so the multi level maps don’t really help me.
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2020.11.29 02:55 sgsblue Earbuds for phone calls?

Does anyone know a good setup for phone calls? Sure AirPods are fine but the mic audio quality is not very good. Yes you can get wireless headphones but sometimes you don’t want to carry headphones with you everywhere. Is there something that’s superior to the standard iPhone buds that you can carry in your pocket with good mic audio?
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2020.11.29 02:55 idahotee If you could travel for two weeks to any place in the world from Point A to Point B using any mode of transportation where would you go and how would you travel?

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2020.11.29 02:55 Rovral Why can't I post a pic. It's the weekend everywhere in the world at present. Just says unable to upload 😞

As above
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2020.11.29 02:55 Luringskydiver25 It has more views then the trailer for btd6

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2020.11.29 02:55 Awesomodrumboy Good find? Picked up this Eagle oiler from a flea market. Anybody have any info on it? Not another single marking on it other than the Eagle logo on the handle.

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2020.11.29 02:55 LifeAsMagic What is the primary reason you fast?

I'd like to open a discussion about everyone's primary reason for fasting. Some do it for weight loss, others do it for health benefits (autophagy), mental health reasons, etc. For me, I do it for my mental health, as I've found it helps my depression (I suspect this is because of autophagy, but I'm not sure).
What is your why? If your answer is "medical reasons" or "other," please feel free to elaborate in the comments!
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2020.11.29 02:55 Sexyass2021 Does anyone want to dm me?

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2020.11.29 02:55 SlaveNumber23 Question about the origin of the cannibals (spoilers obviously)

Just finished the game, absolutely loved it especially the room for interpretation and forming your own deductions about the story. Obviously the mutant creatures comprised of multiple bodies are failed experiments to reanimate multiple people together, but are we supposed to assume that the cannibals living on the peninsula were all once normal people who were reanimated by the artifact and have now gone insane? Or are they supposed to just be the native inhabitants of the peninsula who lived adjacent to the experiments?
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2020.11.29 02:55 Secretstrawberrys Can someone mom me pls? I need period help.

My parents have shielded me from anything sexual (EVEN THOUGH IM FUCKING 15). My mom hasn’t given me any information on periods and I have to figure it out myself. She gave me pads and told me to deal with them. Great. I know most of everything but my question is how do you relive cramps? How do you dispose of the used products?
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2020.11.29 02:55 TareXmd What tube size (outside diameter) would fit into a radiator with "1/4" standard fittings"? 12mm or 16mm?

I bought these Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS radiators, that say they come with 1/4" standard inlet and outlet fittings.... And I bought the 1/4" fittings that came with it.
So what tube size should I get for that? 12mm or 16mm? Those are the two sizes the website offers. I ask because 1/4" converts to 6mm so that can't be right.
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2020.11.29 02:55 darmstrong7401 Starting cfit tmrw am i making mistake?

Im starting crossfit tmrw---been back and forth about whether to join. I read that doing a push pull leg split with cardio is more beneficial and will help more in my goals as to not get "skinny fat" as i lose weight but ive also heard great transfirmation stories in crossfit. I also overanalyze everything!!! Any advice/thoughts??
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2020.11.29 02:55 MarLanderThewRes Princess Bagel

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2020.11.29 02:55 unfallen_prophet Yorick main here

Hello all, to start off I'd like to say thank you for reading this post. Onward, I am a new streamer, and I'd love to get support from a community that admires my favorite champ in league of legends as much as I do (Yorick). I do not stream often, but, I started streaming recently (since I built a pc) and I plan on due queuing with another friend who is around the same skill level as me. I am attempting to due queue to diamond (hence the name dog to diamond) and it should be an interesting experience. If you would be so kind to follow my stream and support it, the link will be attached to this post. Thank you.
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2020.11.29 02:55 FrisoLaxod It's so funny seeing comments on fanart incluiding Akechi before Royal came out on the west

It's so funny seeing everyone say "Oh but he's a bastard he murdered people he doesn't deserve to be in the fanart with the others" "I like the fanart, Akechi's a bitch tho". The funniest thing is that there's a probability that some of them are now Akechi stans. Royal did so much to him and the 3rd semester giving us more of his personality + his relationship with Joker just did a total 180 in like at least three quarters of the playerbase.
So, people of the subreddit. What were your opinions on Akechi before and after Royal (if you played vanilla of course) and what exact thing made you change your opinion/reinforce it?
I wasn't exactly an Akechi hater nor stan, I was just "eh, he's kinda there, 5/10, missed potential, don't get why some people hate him so much though". Now it's "Holy shit why can't Joker romance Akechi this is a crime" "Akechi? Yeah, 10/10". It wasn't a complete 180 but it was a 90. The whole rank 8 event brought chills down my spine yet I couldn't help but smile at the interaction. It changed my perspective of Akechi a whole lot and when I finished the game twice and decided to look up more of Akechi I just fell in love with his character and subtlety of his evolution throughout the game + hidden characteristics Akechi doesn't show in the main game without some keen eye (for example he hates himself, he doesn't say it directly, but he certainly hints at it and he finds himself disturbing)
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2020.11.29 02:55 laurkeey Drag X Pnp Coil Leaking

The Pnp coils claim to be 100% anti leakage and yet I’m still having issues with every coil I try. I’ve been mainly using Pnp vm3 0.45 with my salt nics and I have this problem every time. I love the vape none the less but it’s agitating to have to always pop the mouth piece out and it down. Anyone also have this issue? Any suggestions to fix? Different coil I can try? Plz hahlp ! Thanks friends 🥺
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2020.11.29 02:55 Far-Pressure604 Can't breathe in all the way, negative COVID test, now what?

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2020.11.29 02:55 beatyn Best affordable courier service in SG

Hey I'm trying to start selling some shirts but I'm a greenhorn. I only know of ninjavan which charges 3.5 if I get their polymailer or singpost which can be less that $2 if I post it myself. Unfortunately singpost is very out of the way for me. Ninja van is a little too expensive. Is there any other options for me?
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2020.11.29 02:55 ugvomi JOIN GAME

Will there be anyone interest in joining my quiplash game in a few minutes? I’ll share the code if i know there are people who would join!
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2020.11.29 02:55 highlyvaluedmember How do I turn off 5g on s20 fe 5g uw?

I have the options of global, lte/cdma, and lte/gsm/umts. No matter which I choose 5g is showing on my status bar after a minute of 4g showing when I switch. My reception db is better when it's on 4g, I get 90 and when it switches to 5g I get 110. Is there anyway to disable 5g? Thanks.
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2020.11.29 02:55 xaito---- Looking for someone decent to play with

All my homies hate tarkov so I’m forced to play alone and it’s not that bad because I’ve been learning and have already gotten better at level 4. The times that I actually do alright is when I have decent armour a gun. I wasted my money in the start on my hideout like an idiot so I’m probably gonna reset, but idc if you’re good or bad, I need tarkov friends, discord: kayto#4223
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2020.11.29 02:55 stillwoozy13 Photo ID request: has anyone come across this photo before? It’s printed on old fashioned Kodak paper and under the bottom left corner of the frame there’s the number 57

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