Go! Alcalde en Coahuila promueve uso de dióxido de cloro contra el Covid-19; salud estatal podría multarlo |

Alcalde en Coahuila promueve uso de dióxido de cloro contra el Covid-19; salud estatal podría multarlo

2020.12.02 22:01 torito_supremo Alcalde en Coahuila promueve uso de dióxido de cloro contra el Covid-19; salud estatal podría multarlo

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2020.12.02 22:01 chelchdog GU10 Downlight questions

So I have been batting around the idea of lighting my living room with some Lifx Gu10 Downlights in a recessed lighting application. According to the spec sheet these downlights output a total of 400 lumens.
My ceiling height is 8 feet and square footage of the room is 168 square feet. According to their lighting guide https://support.lifx.com/hc/en-us/articles/202486344-How-many-LIFX-bulbs-do-I-need-to-light-my-room-or-house- I would need a total of 8 gu10 downlights to achieve the minimum of 20 foot room candles for that space. Does this amount of downlights seem right? I was thinking of just doing 4 downlights for the space but now that seems totally inadequate from what that lifx page suggests.
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2020.12.02 22:01 bot_painani Rebasa la demanda de pruebas Covid a kioscos de la salud

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2020.12.02 22:01 PlayNowZone Poke gets left behind

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2020.12.02 22:01 annarose0113 Critique this piece, please

I'm planning on using this for the preface of my first book, so I want it to be solid. Please point out any and all problems. Anything you like about it would be nice to hear too ;)
On Memory When I was a kid I had a pretty amazing memory. I could tell you in detail everything I'd done, seen, heard, and eaten that week, or even that month. Now, I wish I still had that superpower, but back then it was super embarrassing. Because when you remember everything someone has ever said to you, it makes it seem like you have a crush on them or something. I liked that it made me good at school, except that I got teased for always knowing the answer. So eventually I just stopped saying things out loud unless someone asked me directly.
I even remembered things from when I was way younger than you'd expect. For example, I remember my mom being amazed when I asked her about a strange memory I had of sitting on bleachers, watching dolphins jump through a hoop. It didn't make any sense to me, because my hometown is about as far from the ocean as you can get. But it turned out that when I was 18 months old, Mom, Dad, and I drove across Canada to BC, where we did see a dolphin show at an aquarium.
As I got older that memory faded away, but I still remembered remembering it. Now I wonder if it was really a memory at all or just some composite that my mind stitched together after hearing stories of that trip and seeing dolphins on tv. I'm sure the memory of asking Mom about it is distorted too. She probably remembers it differently, if she remembers it at all. Or maybe it was Dad that I asked first...
Because that's how memory works. It's not a perfect recording of events. Even moments after something happens, each person involved will have a different interpretation of it. Then those memories are altered as time passes, as you gain more context, start forgetting certain details, or confuse it with a similar situation. Once enough time passes the story might be told entirely differently by one person than by another.
So why write a memoir if memories aren't accurate? The easy answer is "write what you know". Even though I know my memory can't be fully trusted, it is everything I know. Another is, "write what you want to read". I always wished my grandparents would write their memoirs so that I could get a glimpse of the world they grew up in, and learn how they came to be the people that I love. I like reading the memoirs of strangers too because they reveal parts of the world, as well as the inner workings of the author's mind, that I wouldn't get to see otherwise.
I'm writing my memories as they are inside my head today, to share what the world looks like through my eyes and to make visible all those things I never say. Does it matter if I'm not remembering each detail correctly? Not really. It's the impression that each memory has left on me that I reflect on, and that reveals who I am now.
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2020.12.02 22:01 bdoxxeault What’s on the market rn

Preparing wallet
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2020.12.02 22:01 rab_eye [USA][marketing and product][8] Looking for a technical co-founder with deep iOS dev experience for an app project.

Google sucks for a bunch of product and review related search categories. Searching for "best gaming headsets" couldn't be a worse experience at the moment. It's all affiliate content bullshit.
I have a thesis on how to build something better by initially targeting a small corner of the problem's surface area.
The first implementation would be a fairly straightforward iOS app using a popular API. After gauging interest, we can layer on additional features. There is also a clear monetization strategy from the getgo. So it could either be a fun side project or turn into something bigger.
My background is in marketing and product for software startups. I have 2 exits under my belt. Ideally, you would be comfortable building an app like this from scratch and would have worked on several apps in the app store.
If you have questions, feel free to DM me. Cheers!
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2020.12.02 22:01 romiocd Is it 3 months till valentine's or 2

I think its 3
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2020.12.02 22:01 kimwilder220 Fade into me is now selling for less than 3 bucks

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2020.12.02 22:01 FireteamFlamingo [WTS] Fragmentation Pineapple Patch [IL]

Repost from Monday. Will be randomly picking the sling winner tomorrow evening so get your pineapples purchased before then! Price drop on other items good through the end of the weekend.

Hey everyone! I'm excited to share my new patch. It's a collaboration with flamtapped from Warhorse Concepts
The new patch is modeled off the Fragmentation Pineapples sling from Warhorse. Every purchase of the Fragmentation Pineapple patch gives you a chance to win a Fragmentation Pineapples sling generously donated by flamtapped.
The new patch is ~3.5" by 2" wide. High quality soft PVC. Hook back with loop protective sheet. It will be $13 plus applicable tax and shipping.
In honor of Cyber Monday and the new patch drop, every other patch and sticker I have is 25% off.
PM me for payment information.
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2020.12.02 22:01 juejue70 Young stray cats eagerly await their nightly feed So cute!

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2020.12.02 22:01 nickersb24 You know what really grinds my gears? Adc’s and top laners that entirely give up their lane and aram mid after losing their tower, Dumb A F - its free farm if u can play safe, instead u go for aram when behind? DUMB A F

Just came out of game 27 kills to 10, top lane behind, arams, their top garen gets super strong and our strong mid lamer lux can no longer deal w him. jg moth starts flaming w adc and they spend more time arguing then playing. yes i know all pretty standard stuff, but it is rare to see such a loss after snowballing, u dumb sh!ts. their mid sivir gets not just free farm on side lanes but free push all the way to nexus turret, god damn atrocious
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2020.12.02 22:01 golfnearby If I scream the N word as I get killed in Warzone and someone hears it and reports me, should I get banned?

Warzone/Modern Warfare/Black Ops Cold War all have the feature of hearing your opponent's mic when you kill them. If your mic is connected and turned on, you do not have control over whether or not it broadcasts, it will still capture as if you were open mic. If I say something extremely offensive when I get killed and someone hears it, should I be banned if reported?
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2020.12.02 22:01 Addamhussein420 *places Dust Barrier on field*

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2020.12.02 22:01 peabony Should I enter?

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2020.12.02 22:01 jaicrygi What’s your unique family tradition?

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2020.12.02 22:01 SickBhoyy Traits pain

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2020.12.02 22:01 Puppyl Tommy is going to be exiled Pog

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2020.12.02 22:01 iratemistletoe [FOR HIRE] having trouble choosing a name for your newborn or soon-to-be? Give me your parameters and musts and I'll compile a few choices that meet your needs.

As a baby name lover myself, I will put as much love and effort into meeting your naming style needs and expectations as possible. Sometimes an outside source is just what you need. Baby naming is very important and if you can't decide, you shouldn't have to settle. $50 for a list of 5 names that are meaningful to you and meet your requirements and expectations. $65 for an extra narrowed down list of 2 names, making your decision all the easier. Guaranteed satisfaction, results in a day or less.
*If the gender is going to be a surprise, I'll double the list to include both genders at no additional cost*
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2020.12.02 22:01 VoteStannis Collected the last few achievements as soon as I heard about UG:AR

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2020.12.02 22:01 Coffeera Marble Sculpture "Danaid" by Auguste Rodin (France, 1890)

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2020.12.02 22:01 _ProdiG_ Eric Gordon on what Stephen Silas has planned offensively for the Rockets next season: "He definitely expects a lot of ball movement. He wants to see everyone do well... He wants to maximize everyone on this team."

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2020.12.02 22:01 Spero7861 Any recommended jobs for someone with a bad back ?

L5 S1 stenosis and spondylosis has essential halted my career in the construction field. 28yo electrician/foreman diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Im currently learning web dev and programming but it takes awhile. Any jobs that aren't back breaking that I should look for?
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2020.12.02 22:01 RAPTORG4 Collab?

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2020.12.02 22:01 newsdk Regeringen er snart klar med en god nyhed – og en dårlig – til minkavlerne

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