Reminder to not give Salvation Army a dime or your time.

2020.11.29 03:27 StarlilyWiccan Reminder to not give Salvation Army a dime or your time.

There are definitely those who were helped by having a place to lay their head. But there's a reason many Twin Cities homeless were overjoyed to see a new shelter be put into place in St. Paul. The Minneapolis facility was disgusting in their treatment of especially the disabled and elderly women there. This is a problem with the whole "church."
They steal their patron's things, they racially profile people, they serve rotten and spoiled food regularly across the country, the management is bigoted and their staff are callous at best. I wish that were all to say, but it gets worse, guys.
Salvation Army over the years has had scandals in their schools, where they engaged in human trafficking and pedophilia. There was also a British school were similar happened before the school was finally shut down. I recommend looking it up only if you have an iron stomach.
They were called Starvation Army for a reason.
However you feel, please do not harass the bell ringers. Many are well-meaning people who have no idea about the abuses that go on in SA. Sources: Has ten well-sourced sourced reasons to not give to the company. Some ways that SA dogma does not line up with typical Christianity for those that care. They also aim their prayers to Booth before Christ. They are also very controlling of their members and employ cult-like tactics.
Call your local representatives and tell them to support a Home First initiative, which has been the most successful homelessness solution in the country. If you want to donate time or money, I recommend Simpson Housing for Minneapolis as a start. They aren't perfect, for sure but they don't abuse their clients.
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2020.11.29 03:27 PurpleIpad I'm so slow🤦

I accidentally just sold all my plant all and plow all seeds to the bazaar thinking that I was buying them from the bazaar. Luckily i was quick enough to get them all back but Basically just lost like 20k gold because I wasn't paying attention😭
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2020.11.29 03:27 Zynfinite_ Confused as

My PS4 has been running slow and now I have to initialize it. So I go to download the reinstallation file and it says: “ PS4UPDATE.PUP can’t be downloaded securely. I try it on another computer and it doesn’t work either. They won’t download and I’m confused.
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2020.11.29 03:27 cd-dvd Just lovely | Thật đáng yêu - 25,951 Votes on r/MadeMeSmile

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2020.11.29 03:27 Atcraft Saw this on the Terraria Reddit.

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2020.11.29 03:27 StandardAssumption30 F Image juxtaposition

Have something you wanna talk about but no one to talk to? Or just as bored as me and looking for someone to talk to? If so, go ahead and introduce yourself :) I just figured out how to juxtapose (also learned that word) two images over another to compare them which is a cool thing. I guess you could call it art even :)
Don't mind who you are as long as you're nice and aren't boring :P Please no snap or kik or chat, just PM :P
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2020.11.29 03:27 jSCH120 HELP!! my baby leopard gecko hasn’t pooped since she’s been home yesterday and i’m starting to get worried, this is her stomach.

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2020.11.29 03:27 GlitchedGamer14 SouthPointe students connect with senior buddies through SYNC program

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2020.11.29 03:27 Nun2blkdieci [Xbox] [H] octane bundle [W] credits

Turtle purple
Aviator purple
Juggler purple
2 sky blue
Guardian sky blue
Juggler sky blue
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2020.11.29 03:27 Seventesprit How about your stuff?

I heard an opinion that INTPs sometimes actually have their rooms cleaned (yeah sure) because they just don't own a lot of stuff. If somebody watched True Detective, the main character is kind of portraying that. But I personally own LOTS of stuff, mostly because of sentiments.But I also have a huge collection of rocks because why not. Just wondering, how is it with you guys? And if you don't mind - please write your sex and age, because I'd like to check if that makes a rule.
(Hey, why does reddit assume I'm a human with reCaptcha? I thought I don't have to hide my alienation in the internet... sigh)
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2020.11.29 03:27 itwasonlyjustadream am i the only one who can't stand when i make plans to see someone they bring someone else?

Maybe I'm just antisocial. I don't know. But anywhere my friend who is a girl (no feelings or anything). I wanted to catch up with her and just go out. She said okay, but right now she's hanging out with some other guy.
She texts me and tells me "I'm going to be at this location in an hour". I'm like "Okay. Cool. Who else is going?" She's like "Oh this guy is going". I don't know the guy, and it's just totally awkward. What makes it even more awkward is if that guy likes her he'll make shit even more awkward, and I don't know. I just don't like it.
I don't do well with the whole "Three's a Crowd" when I don't know the other person. Does this make me a bad person?
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2020.11.29 03:27 boy-with-love What's the most creepiest/perverted thing you've ever done?

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2020.11.29 03:27 Mom_dont_find_this What’s your dream job?

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2020.11.29 03:27 SFtoDC Carl - Bluetick coonhound mix is looking for a forever home! (DC/VA/MD)

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2020.11.29 03:27 AbandonedSoutheast State Hospital for the Criminally Insane

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2020.11.29 03:27 cakecrisis Brainwashed

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2020.11.29 03:27 MrHyp3r Free Trial Private Lesson

Hi Everyone,
I am Mert, a young guitar teacher from Finland. I have previously given guitar lessons as a part time gig and been doing it full-time, since August. I've recently added a few more slots to my schedule and I am looking for dedicated guitarists of all levels. I give the lessons online on Discord, Zoom and Facebook video call (depending on your preference). The first lesson is completely free, since it is a trial and there is no need continue, incase you are not satisfied. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me on Reddit or Instagram.
Instagram handle: mert_ozdemiroglu_guitar
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2020.11.29 03:27 tom3858 Tips and ideas for a Namielle speedrun

So I decided id try bow. A weapon ive never used before. But Im stuck at 11 min runs on Namielle. My damage seems to fluctuate so much in this fight and I dont know how to prevent it. From what I understand I do substantially more damage to Nami when its wet state? But I have no clue how to keep her in wet state. And for some reason I seem to be doing less damage when shes enraged? I just dont understand how this works. My damage quickly drops off from 77s to 55s to 44s with speadshots within the first 5min of the hunt. Nami is honestly just starting to frustrate me so damn much.
Any tips for how to improve my runs? And does anyone know the damage threshold for getting Nami to go down? Im wondering if I can just staggerlock her after the down
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2020.11.29 03:27 dmanson52 Mouse mat opinions?

What is your favourite mousepad and why? Looking to get a new one and need opinions? Budget about $50
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2020.11.29 03:27 FlexBarbie The spamming of voicelines this far in the games life is disgusting

I've played too many games now where people just constantly spam the same voiceline over and over, usually Doom/D.Va but it matters little.
I shouldn't have to stop during the middle of an action packed game or spend a couple of seconds idle after my death timer just trying to find the person spamming the voiceline to squelch that person.
The fact the game allows someone to spam the same voiceline hundreds if not thousands of times in the same game is stupid, needs changing.
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2020.11.29 03:27 G3T1NTH3VAN Just some states I drew

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2020.11.29 03:27 beiguangftw Would running VV 4pc set on Jean be a bad idea if she’s a Healer as well?

Hey everyone just asking about artifacts. Jean functions as a SubDPS/Healer in my Klee comp. Still AR 42 but since 45 is the artifact farming recommended level, I’m starting to prep her kit atm (maxing out her weapon, preparing Ascencion mats). I don’t have venti and only have Anemo MC as my other anemo user so I was thinking of ways to help group enemies in Abyss and reduce RES since my other DPS is Childe (who needs stuff grouped).
Would Klee be better off in my Klee Team or should I switch her with Childe’s team (my only other levelled fire/healer user is Bennett so he’s going in Childe’s team)
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2020.11.29 03:27 metal_meditation Unprecedented Albertos

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2020.11.29 03:27 RottenToesJones How it was done | Michelle Malkin

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