Control Part 32: The Ashtray Maze [Blind Playthrough]

2020.11.25 17:21 GrumpBotOfficial Control Part 32: The Ashtray Maze [Blind Playthrough]

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2020.11.25 17:21 byebaaijboy Looking for a recipe: Vietnamese shredded chicken

A few years ago I spend some time living in Vietnam, Ho Chi Mihn.
Hands down the best banh mi I've ever had there or since was the one from a little old lady and her husband, at the entrance of the Lotte Mart in District 7, nearby Nguyen ti tap road. If you're ever around you should pay them a visit.
Her roll with juicy shredded chicken, I dream of it still.
Any of you pirates able to point me in the right direction for a good Vietnamese shredded chicken recipe? I don't speak or read Vietnamese, so most of the youtube vids are pretty useless.
Much appreciated.
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2020.11.25 17:21 CNBFTBGBQ blursed_tattoo

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2020.11.25 17:21 qdsflghoiergfpaizuer EU threatens to pull out of Brexit talks if UK refuses to compromise

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2020.11.25 17:21 Baruch_Gladiators Lovely Elona/Sfr matchup <3

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2020.11.25 17:21 Kingo_Slice Returning Pre-Wipe Player from ~14 years...Happy to finally be back!!

The age discrepancy between what's shown in the screenshot and my title is due to the fact that I created this account shortly after I originally found out that the OSRS servers had been wiped and restored to scratch. I created this account to try and get back into it, but didn't even leave Lumbridge before logging out out of sheer anxiety of having lost my account with 99 Attack, 90+ other combat stats, Quest Cape, Fire cape, etc. Might not sound like a lot these days, but back then it was a bit bigger of a deal, especially for a young kid! I'm 28 now, and I had been playing for several years before I quit playing around high school.
Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago and the nostalgia was too much. While watching a Youtube video, the old login screen theme triumphantly called my name, and I knew I had to give it another good shot - get my old account back, or better. It seemed so daunting. But I deciding my first goal was to get my quest cape back, and took it as a good way to get re-acquainted with some of the new mechanics and content that have since been added, while sticking mostly to a path I remember vividly and enjoyed so much. I am now only 61 CB, but 183 QP deep, and last night I finished a big milestone...Underground Pass. It went a lot smoother than I remember as a kid, but I also made sure to have much better Agility than I did back then - the older, the wiser! :)
I am so happy I got back into the game, and am now thoroughly enjoying myself with it again, even at 28 years old and still working full time. It feels like I reconnected with an old friend after all of the crappy MMOs I've tried to get into over the years. None of them could ever fill the void that my memories of pre-wipe Runescape left. But this feels right, and I'm enjoying some of the new content. I also discovered Runelite and got acquainted with that, which I never used as a kid because it wasn't around. It has made my overall experience a lot better!
Just wanted to share my small victory with everyone, hope to see you in-game!!
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2020.11.25 17:21 forehandspoon42 I (20M) have been seeing someone (20F) recently and we get on really well. But I’m going away for a while soon.

I’m at college and I met this girl and we’ve been hanging out and hooking up fairly regularly. We have really good chemistry in all senses of the word and it’s just fun being with her. She is as into it as I am. However my family live overseas (7 hour flight) and I’ll be going to be with them over the winter break for probably a month minimum. I’m concerned as to what will happen between us during this time. I really don’t want to let it fade away and for her to move on. I’m not gonna bring her with me, we’ve not been seeing each other THAT long, and there’s issues with visas and corona etc. I was considering coming back to college early, as she’ll be there, but I’m not sure. I’ll try keep in contact with her over the break but it’s hard with time difference and it’s never the same when you’re so far apart. Should I sit her down and tell her how i feel? I don’t want to mistime it and make her feel like things are moving too quickly, we definitely aren’t official yet. Any advice?
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2020.11.25 17:21 allthesedamnkids MCSO Detention Officer Killed in Crash on SR85

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2020.11.25 17:21 EastwardPlot Guys, I found this masterpiece music, you should check it out!

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2020.11.25 17:21 Dyloanis16 Azelf raid first five

6580 2436 3446 Be online
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2020.11.25 17:21 Thiagoq Faz sentido

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2020.11.25 17:21 TheBonnie2o Happy Anniversary FNAF AR

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2020.11.25 17:21 iwantthebestdeal LeBron and AD numbers

Last off season LeBron was going to let AD wear #23, but with a ring I don’t think they’ll change anymore. Anyone hear of any updates or should I pull the trigger and get a #3 AD jersey? Lol
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2020.11.25 17:21 fastrabbit77 Fangs

I don't own a OW but plan on a purchase soon, my question is can you install fangs on the back side? In my head it would be able to quick stop without scratching up the bottom.
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2020.11.25 17:21 Arunkumar654 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Black Friday 2020 Deals

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2020.11.25 17:21 TossYouOnYourHaircut Jesus! ALCAR wrecked me mentally and physiologically for 2+ days. WTF!?!

All over everywhere on the interwebz, I'm seeing people rave about ALCAR + this or that or whatever else they're taking. So, I recently got some, and two days ago took the recommended dose. Let me tell you what -- starting not even an hour after I'd dosed, I was hit with a wall of truly debilitating anxiety. This didn't abate by even the next day, then the entire next day I had wicked anxiety + effects which essentially mimic those of what happens when you take too many edibles (cannabis) + too have too much caffeine. I'm not one to have panic attacks, but I feel like I've been on the verge of one the entire day, and all last night. My ability to think and focus has been thrashed, and am in an unsettling head and bodyspace.
I want to point out that the ALCAR I have is a new version from Life Extension that's got Arginate in it. If that has anything to do with this or not, I have no idea. I've never, EVER taken a single supplement that has hit me this hard, in a negative way -- and let me tell you, I've tried TONS. Still fucked up as I write this.
I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this, and if they've got any food for thought as to how this could be the case, and what to do/take to counteract these effects.
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2020.11.25 17:21 RumbleButtonBumper APRIL Jinsol - We Don't Talk Anymore (orig. Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez)

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2020.11.25 17:21 nipsydoo Bitchy richy people in telenovelas

I always say na ang OA or unrealistic ng portrayals ng mga mayayaman sa mga Pinoy telenovelas, but I wonder if there really are cases na ganun talaga sila ka-bitchesa.
Do u guys know rich people who act like those families sa mga Pinoy shows? Or nakaranas na ba kayo ng ganon? I'm genuinely curious. And since mejo marami na din naman ang boujee sa UP, I feel like I can have some answers.
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2020.11.25 17:21 Iliveinashedshed An attempt at humour

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2020.11.25 17:21 ValentinaBrega 10 Things I Don't Buy | Starting Our Financial Freedom Journey

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2020.11.25 17:21 Philipp_St1 Hello to everybody. I thought I'd share my current physique just to get an opinion from you. Any tips on how I could improve would be great, as I struggle a lot with liking my body and progressing. Thanks :)

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2020.11.25 17:21 SuccessSalty4704 I tried to draw a monstera Deliciosa tell me what you think!!!

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2020.11.25 17:21 idk_1824 asymmetrical face ruins the fem boy style for me.

Hey guys I am new here! Can anyone give me advice on how to get a more symmetrical face or just less noticeable considering my asymmetrical face is my biggest insecurity and ruins the whole fun of the fem boy outfits (looking cute 💕) it's quite depressing and some advice would be much appreciated
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2020.11.25 17:21 alllie Newsmax CEO Says Its Coverage Is Not Accurate, They Have No Evidence of Election Fraud

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2020.11.25 17:21 Billydooo Right Place, Right Time

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