Why remix?

2020.11.27 20:38 azaxaca Why remix?

So I finished the first three seasons a while ago and I loved it. I was unsure of whether or not to continue watching as I heard mixed reception on 4 and 5. However, I loved the Bluth family too much, and I decided to keep watching. One thing I noticed was that every episode has like 4-5 minutes of Ron Howard recapping. Why was this a thing? I could see how this might make sense in the past, 2003 binging wasn’t really a thing so audiences could easily miss an episode and be out of the loop. But Netflix brought the show back, so there was less reason to use recaps. Anyways I enjoy season 4 so far, though Buster has basically stopped showing his face.
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2020.11.27 20:38 Ryan1555 Twitch Streamer trying to make it 🦾

A bit about myself, I'm a small streamer trying to make streaming a career and passion. 😃I just recently graduated from college and thought what better to shoot my shot now.
Games I stream Minecraft modded - (Currently) ESO (Eventually) Warzone Skyrim modded And eventually much more
So if that interests you feel free to stop by 😃 RyanS1555 Link
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2020.11.27 20:38 JoseDaSilva17 “Valor deverá ser destinado a fundos de combate à discriminação e à defesa do consumidor, entre outros...” 😏🤑

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2020.11.27 20:38 jupiterwept Bared

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2020.11.27 20:38 postwrld Better song with yungblud

Personally I think I'm okay
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2020.11.27 20:38 popesandusky To use beats studio 3's for gaming or to buy something else?

I currently own a pair of beat studio 3s that i got for free. I'm building a new PC and i need to find a headset, I'm willing to spend about $70 max on one. My question is would a $70 headset even be better than my current beats for gaming? I'm mainly concerned about directional audio, hearing footsteps in shooters, that kind of thing.
My options are either to buy a $30 or so standalone mic to use with my beats, or shell out $70 for a new headset, but even then would a $70 headset be able to deliver better audio performance than my beats?
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2020.11.27 20:38 ginoenidok RiverSport to add indoor slope for snow skiing, boarding

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2020.11.27 20:38 pizzafacebube Very prepared for Femboy Friday

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2020.11.27 20:38 smilesatkhaos I make expandable bracelets for sell

Hi, I’m smiles and currently i have some free time. Well a lot of free time. I don’t want to sit idle so I decided to make bracelets for sell. I make standard bracelets and I can customize your bracelet.
The bracelets I made come in gold color, silver color, and rose gold color. I can customize with beads and your initials. If you get charms you would leading towards the $20 range. If you get beads and a charm that’s $25. $15 will get you a standard bracelet with your initial and one charm. The range goes from $15-25. I only ship in the United States. I answer my DMs if you have additional questions. My form of payment is usually cashapp
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2020.11.27 20:38 WilsonSimons12 Owner of this scerario. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD GRAPHICS. It doesn’t have to all be at once. One promotion at a time would be just fine.

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2020.11.27 20:38 japannnana Mayhem NODB - Change (Prod. By Gesher + Jammz)

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2020.11.27 20:38 Makaroni23 I think therapist boutta die

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2020.11.27 20:38 reddit_feed_bot BonginoReport: GoFundMe Is More Efficient Than Big Government

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2020.11.27 20:38 vinegarstrokekilla 17 wrx rust warranty?

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2020.11.27 20:38 PPIIKKAACCHHUU Wre there any speed differences in boosts?

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2020.11.27 20:38 khayrirrw The best moments of your life are the simple ones you spend with people you love.

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2020.11.27 20:38 Bartleby2 Black Friday stuff

For the art lovers out there
Lots of Black Friday discounts on Fondren Fine Art Warehouse has paintings for 50% off, and I believe the rug place next door is doing something similar
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2020.11.27 20:38 whalesmash WTS [USA SoCal] Wolverine Bolt EM, PPS Kar98k, WE G18C

Album Here
Repost with prices dropped. Parting ways with my bolt actions. Here's what is up for grabs:

This is a JG bar 10 base with an electronic wolverine bolt. Aftermarket action army vsr 10 g-spec outer barrel, action army hop up unit, maple leaf bucking, 430mm 6.01 inner barrel, and a filled suppressor. I have installed a simple TDC using a M3 screw and compatible nut glued to the outer barrel. Scope is included, but the scope mount isn't the correct size for the VSR rail so the rear lug hangs off the back of the rail. UTG bipod is included as well, it's mounted to a 3D printed adapter that wraps around the outer barrel. Not pictured is a 50 round action army magazine I'll include with the rifle. I do not have a spare battery to include with the gun. This build retails a little above the $600 range, but I'll take $375.

Not much to say here, it's a PPS Kar98k green gas rifle. Never fielded and only used in the back yard for plinking and long range shooting. Internally stock outside of a bucking swap to a 9ball purple. Two magazines included and the gun case will go with it as well. Gun features real wood furniture and is in very good condition. No damage to the wood on the rifle and only minor paint wear on the bolt. FPS is adjustable via grub screw + nozzle screw and takes the gun from below 300 fps with a 0.2G to around 450 fps with a 0.48G. I am the original owner of this rifle and had it imported from over seas. Gun retailed for 270 plus close to 90 dollars in shipping. The additional mag was $50. Asking $275. I'm pretty sure this is the same rifle as what Evike rebranded as the matrix gas KAR98k which they sell for $350 but I'm not 100% sure.

A fun side project for my 3d printing and cqb primary stuff. Internally running a 6.01 135mm inner barrel with a maple leaf bucking. Has a fixed inner barrel and 3d printed half length non-drop outer barrel. Comes with one HPA tapped MP5 AEG mag conversion and one standard gas magazine. Demo of old version of hpa adapter. Standard magazine was bored out for a line feed at one point and can be a bit finicky to load but once double stacked properly, it functions normally. Original inner and outer barrel are included along with some magazine gaskets. I will also include one short style CYMA mp5 aeg magazine to be used with the HPA mag. Asking $120.

I'd prefer not having to ship, but I will if you're willing to pay for it. If you want to buy everything here, I'll cut a deal and sell it all in one lump at $650. I'm not interested in any trades. Located at 93012 and able to travel within a radius of ~60 miles.
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2020.11.27 20:38 MaxRegan_ Minecraft Real Opening!

Hey guys! Im Max and I’m looking for 3-5 people to join my super chilled, survival, no mods, realm. My aim is to just have a chill lil vibey realm going on. Each have our own little areas to create and play but, also have the company of the other players.
Preferably ages of 18-30 as I am 21 myself. All genders, races, sexuality’s are welcome and everyone else.
Let’s have a chat see if we click, and I’ll invite you?
Have a super weekend all!
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2020.11.27 20:38 ellieobama Last nights drop

I hope everyone got what they wanted from the drop and i hope everyone has a great day!
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2020.11.27 20:38 Codes320 Kohi SMP [SMP] {Economy} {Not Pay to Win} {McMMO} {Jobs} {Survival Fly} {Chestshops} {Player Warps} {Events}

IP: play.kohimc.net
Version: 1.16
Website: https://www.kohimc.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/KAnaVjp
Kohi SMP is a community-focused semi-vanilla SMP experience. Keep inventory is enabled, and the community has an overall chill and laid back vibe.
We have a player based economy with a variety of ways to make money. You can get jobs, sell on the auction house, or even open your own shop/town!
In addition, our rules are much more laid back than other servers, meaning you don't have to worry about censoring yourself or getting banned for stupid reasons.
We also have a variety of custom features, such as the ability to temporarily fly with /recharge, in addition to McMMO integration, a head shop to purchase a variety of custom decorative blocks, and so much more.
We can't wait to see you online!
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2020.11.27 20:38 Pretend-Valuable Preach it!

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2020.11.27 20:38 the-edge-of-dawn We did it y’all

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2020.11.27 20:38 off-meta_slave Fastest way to train each combat style while afk?

Fresh level 3 member account. Willing to do quests like waterfall for headstart, so tell me which ones are worth doing before starting the afk training.
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2020.11.27 20:38 Jacagain Back in the spring I posted about my dad's cactus. He passed away in March and I took his cactus and it's accompanying frogs home with me. It's still sparce but it's come such a long way and I'm so happy about it!

Back in the spring I posted about my dad's cactus. He passed away in March and I took his cactus and it's accompanying frogs home with me. It's still sparce but it's come such a long way and I'm so happy about it! submitted by Jacagain to plants [link] [comments]