[Question] I am trying to find a watch for my very good friend and his fiance. His/hers? ~$600 for both together, but I am flexible.

2020.11.27 20:19 freecanopy [Question] I am trying to find a watch for my very good friend and his fiance. His/hers? ~$600 for both together, but I am flexible.

My friend recently got engaged to his girlfriend and we are like family to each other.
I am looking to purchase each of them a watch as a Christmas/Engagement gift.
We both own a lot of Seiko watches.
I'm not sure if I am looking to purchase something of the same style for both of them, or completely different. I think it would be nice if they were of similar design. For instance a model offered in both men's and women's variety of the same style.
My budget is approx $600 for both.
This is an awesome community and I love too see how much people help each other here so I figured I would give it a shot!
Please ask any questions!
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2020.11.27 20:19 Dingosmom Riley in Texas

I did not enjoy your rant at the beginning of the podcast. Yes, I want someone who can be articulate, communicate, and be self-aware of their behavior in public as a leader of our nation.
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2020.11.27 20:19 Reghem What was the worst/strangest thing you've seen on security cams?

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2020.11.27 20:19 tigiio Trying out armor?

I have about 270 hours in the game but haven’t tried armor, I want to give it a shot but I don’t know how welcoming people are to teach a new person. Squad leaders are usually very willing to lend a hand to new players but I was wondering if most people that run armor are the same way. I don’t want to have people waste their time and be bored for an entire match just to teach me. Thoughts?
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2020.11.27 20:19 ILoveTomatoes69 Galactus had to pass a friend on the way here

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2020.11.27 20:19 Avium Umm. Little help here?

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2020.11.27 20:19 Lord_Orson What do you make of our fifa stats?

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2020.11.27 20:19 urmoms_gf [searching] almost maxed th9

almost maxed troops, heroes are a bit rushed but i'm working in upgrading base more before i worry about troops too much. lvl. 13 king, lvl 11 queen, looking for a very active clan with quite a bit of members. active donations and requests needed. if anyone wants to see my base dm me and let me know. tag: #9Q82YUYCV
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2020.11.27 20:19 bullyoshin This is sbmm sucking fun from the game.

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2020.11.27 20:19 Souporsaladstrip Soup or Salad I

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2020.11.27 20:19 ChillyPong ROBLOX locked me out of my account

So a few days ago, on Monday, Roblox locked me out of my own account. They locked it by disabling my 2FA, resetting my password and making me unable to reset my password. Why is this you ask? Well, a few days before the incidence, my account was hacked. I got back into the account fairly quickly though. Nothing had really changed, apart from one thing. My date of birth was now <13. I emailed ROBLOX stating that my account was hacked but I got back in. I told them that i wanted to change my Date of Birth back. A few days later, I tried logging onto ROBLOX to play Grand Piece Online but it said incorrect password. I thought ok, weird, but ok. I reset my password and checked my email. There was 1 email from no-reply. I assumed it was my password reset, but when i clicked on it, it said that 2FA has been disabled. The email never was sent. I then saw another email from ROBLOX support (this was from my date of birth change request since my account was hacked) and clicked on it. They said that they needed to verify ownership by emailing them on the FIRST EVER email address I'd ever added. Mind you, I DO NOT have access to this email whatsoever. I'd assumed my account had been hacked again but I checked my profile on an alt and it has been untouched (even to this day). So, my password was changed and I couldn't reset my password. ROBLOX support still needed my first email I'd ever added to my account. I told them that I didn't have access to it. I said i wanted them to revert the changes done to my account - I don't even care that my Date of Birth has changed anymore, I just want my account back. Please any help?
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2020.11.27 20:19 Captainhedges 23[M4F] Online/anywhere artsy guy looking for something special.

Hey there! Aagh I’m so bad at this so bear with me. I’m a multidisciplinary art student. My majors are sculpture, painting, and photography. I also play guitar. I jam by myself or with my friends from time to time. Mostly lead stuff. Physically, I’m 6’1. I have dark brown/almost black hair. Hazel colored eyes. I have a beard. My hair is almost full manbun length. I try to dress well. I’m left leaning, INFJ-t, and trilingual.
Interests: I love podcasts, tv series, music, travelling, art, film all that. I am a sucker for classical art. I consider myself a creative person. Not very imaginative tho. My favourite podcast is the joe rogan experience. Favourite shows are rick and morty, bojack horseman, breaking back, dark, and many more. I love rock, metal, classical, and indie music. My favourite bands are gojira, fleetwood mac, radiohead, and poor rich boy( a local indie band). Also did I mention how much I love art? :3 My ideal date plan would be to visit a museum or an art gallery. Mention that in your text so I know you read this. As the title suggests, I’m looking for something serious so pls ignore if you are looking for hookup. My friends think I’m sweet and respectful, and I’m expecting that in return. I’m quite lovey-dovey aswell.
About you: Please me over 18. Mention your age, hobbies, and also send a picture of yourself. I’d prefer you to be living in Europe cus I’ll be shifting to Italy soon. Pls use chat feature.
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2020.11.27 20:19 Heatherbear05 Check out my video

Hey guys!!! I posted a video yesterday, please check it out!!! Thanks so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOekFsvluOs&t=14s
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2020.11.27 20:19 Sdot87 Fire Fist Ace painting by myself

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2020.11.27 20:19 JasonElemus The child

Is it possible lord vader saved him & this is where padme believes there is still good in him as he brought grogu to her as she knew her anakin was on mustafa and a stalking windu causes the darkness to protect him as he knew yoda would hide in darkness if he survived also
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2020.11.27 20:19 1know1tsyou 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

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2020.11.27 20:19 DatGuyReveem Come walked the halls of the High Kings Court, this server is new and growing, we are looking for people to chill with, vc with and to just game with, we have some cool bots and have some other things in the works, come start you quest in the High Kings Court.

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2020.11.27 20:19 Duc4Reddit The Mandolarian - Chapter 13 SPOILER Review!

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2020.11.27 20:19 Drew41305 VeePN deal: 50% off (5 years/$50; 1 year/$30) with promo DRJ51

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2020.11.27 20:19 Ghigog Play our FIRST Game! Made by 2 people

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2020.11.27 20:19 finding_worth My first foray into the world of no filters...I have much to learn about make-up!

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2020.11.27 20:19 jasonkidwell Who do you choose to remodel your kitchen?

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2020.11.27 20:19 ptm_dugzz2004 Reminds me of the way German has 5 different ways of saying ‘why’ :3

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2020.11.27 20:19 Original_Diamond_235 You have to watch one of these movies five times on repeat or die. What movie do you choose?

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2020.11.27 20:19 alex0sparks Отношението ви към Русия?

В България и Сърбия има много русофили, как стоят нещата с Македония?
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