Nord Never has any

2020.11.29 03:20 Ordered-fun-got-none Nord Never has any

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2020.11.29 03:20 new_reddit_user_here How to find rate of change in angle of elevation with no given velocity?

I am only given the height of a cliff which is 600 ft, and assuming an object moves toward the bottom of the cliff, what would be the rate of change in the angle of elevation when the angle is 60 degrees?
I don't know how to proceed with this problem, and I'm not sure if it is even a related rates problem. I'm not sure whether to go with trig identities or pythagorean theorem in finding the x-component, or should I even? Please help.
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2020.11.29 03:20 SpelunkyJunky What game soundtracks would you add to a playlist to listen to while playing Spelunky 2?

I like the music but I turned it off very early on because I found it too repetitive, especially in Dwellings.
I know there are loads of amazing soundtracks these days but would love to know your favorites to add to my playlist.
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2020.11.29 03:20 aidendedoge Crossbows are better.

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2020.11.29 03:20 sheena_mandarina I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I really wanna reach out for help, but I can't afford it. And everytime I try to contact with the few free options I get too scared to do it. I had a breakdown in august and have been very conscious about how much I need help since then (even though I've been struggling with my mental health since forever practically), and I feel like all the bad things that happen around me and all the things that hurt me are building up inside me and they turn my real self into ashes, and they vanish me and my opportunities to be happy. I feel like every day I stray further from getting better, from figuring out wtf is going on. I don't even know myself anymore. I don't know who I am, what I stand for, what I want. I can't tell. I just want to stop feeling like this because I dislike every moment of it. I can't be happy. I thought that growing up would fix that. But it just got worse.
Sorry I guess this is more a vent about my life. I can't get my shit together right now and I can't tell anyone about it. I feel like I'm living a lie.
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2020.11.29 03:20 philipraposo1982 Is the #25 Mustang RTR a good online racer?

I am thinking about using my backstage apss on this car.
I mainly enjoy online racing. Would this be a good choice or something else? Suggestions?
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2020.11.29 03:20 Rogue220 bruh

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2020.11.29 03:20 kryptos19 What's the first word that comes to mind when prompted with, "the opposite of 'right' is ____?"

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2020.11.29 03:20 DyonR No, I am not releasing a download for Qlimax and what Q-dance should do instead

Many people have send me private messages or mentioned me in posts across the subreddit, asking if; I did plan on ripping it, explaining how to rip, straight up asking for a download, or asking if, or when, I will release this special edition of Qlimax.
Instead of continuously answering people individually, I am making this post to make it clear.
No. I am not releasing a download for this Qlimax edition. Q-dance is a company I look up to, and I do not want to [potentially] financially harm them by releasing PAID streams. Besides that, this stream was protected by DRM, it is a type of content protection that is also used by services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc, to prevent piracy. I am not against piracy. But I do support companies that I look up to.
What Q-dance should do, I hope you are reading along: Start your own On Demand platform (which you are already planning on doing I think), and release sets on there. Pay-per-view (€1-€2) or a monthly subscription (€5/month?). But please, if you do, release videos in 4K with a high bitrate (60fps also, anyone?). Do not only release this edition of Qlimax, but also sets that are not available on YouTube anymore. An archive of all livesets, searchable by event+year, would be really nice too. Obviously, use DRM to protect your content like you did with this edition to make piracy harder.
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2020.11.29 03:20 NotEasyToChooseAName Schism

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2020.11.29 03:20 Nighthawk321 Blind Helmsman perfectly parks a brigantine

hey everyone, it's the blind guy who made a post looking for people to play with! Thank you everyone for showing me how welcoming this community is and really sorry if I didn't respond to you; lot of messages. The offer still stands if you want to play, but be sure to tell me a bit about yourself to see if we'll click. With that all being said, here's a clip of me playing with a friend I made on this sub! Pretty funny:
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2020.11.29 03:20 Mooshoo36 Selling these items :)

Shadow Empress Skirt ~ 26k - og price
Valentina Lollipop Heels ~ 50k - 60k
Royale Rebel Boots ~ og price
Royale Rebel Corset ~ og price
Those are the separate prices, or all together for 110k - 119k
:) (Tell me if these are over, I think they're fair, but ye- I'd rather be corrected)
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2020.11.29 03:20 konachanbot9 yogurting

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2020.11.29 03:20 dehret9397 [FOR HIRE] Commissions open for stylized portrait or animal scenes. Will do nsfw art as well. DM for price and more info.

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2020.11.29 03:20 kazma18 🕊️ Fbg duck 🕊️ and jmoney's bm

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2020.11.29 03:20 RonicTonic Man, Cpt. Muffin really doesn't want to talk with me!

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2020.11.29 03:20 punjabiboi What’s something you wish you could say to your parents?

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2020.11.29 03:20 rozelie I immediately thought of this sub when I saw this

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2020.11.29 03:20 Chiasa7 Paintako...

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2020.11.29 03:20 tiggerclaw "The drunken Man ' who taught me love ." [Oct 6, 2014] by Arko Dip Mukherjee

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2020.11.29 03:20 Mute-Raidius Anybody else having skill based matchmaking cus I haven’t played on this account in a year probably and my first game on was with these type people

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2020.11.29 03:20 Darth_Mel The Child was super excited to see the new betta set up

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2020.11.29 03:20 carolemoore2 2 days ago stumbled on this and can’t unsee it AMG S 63 coupe

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2020.11.29 03:20 YoVoldysGoneMoldy Close up on her little baby toofers

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2020.11.29 03:20 Hanntheccho Does anyone know a open source tech tree for a mod that takes place in the future?

I haven't entered that part of modding, but looks like a hard work for me.
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