Azelf now first 4 please show online! 0733 5044 6721

2020.11.29 03:09 lovestendies Azelf now first 4 please show online! 0733 5044 6721

I will try to invite 9 if possible but will need to leave raid to invite the next batch
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2020.11.29 03:09 Alex4933 My home sweet home

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2020.11.29 03:09 SnowBunnies2710 Caroline Vreeland

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2020.11.29 03:09 edhh2005 If you hit a $10,000,000 jackpot, what would you do with it that wasn’t a new house?

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2020.11.29 03:09 matt12992 What happened here

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2020.11.29 03:09 Reasonable_Eye_8072 Want new friends.

Seems like all my friends are drifting away from me as I now go to a different school. Outside of this main group, I have many friendly aquantences that only seem to want to see me when they need Smtn and never invite me to anything. I’ve been at my new school since September and have made no new friends. Anyone got advice?
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2020.11.29 03:09 Nothingidonthaveanam There is a woman talking about commiting suicide

I just stumbled upon this woman's post on ask, and she is asking how she can prepare her family emotionally for her death after she kills herself. She says she's tried therapy and medication already. She deleted her post. Im pretty sure her username was u/sithforlife. What do I do?
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2020.11.29 03:09 cameforthmemes Ouch.

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2020.11.29 03:09 athurd Look, someone is two today

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2020.11.29 03:09 libzzz Psychological thrillers

Love movies where you’re left thinking or confused. Feel like I’ve seen majority. Anyone have any suggestions
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2020.11.29 03:09 sarzane enchant question

does cold and fire enchant stack or can only 1 be active at a time?
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2020.11.29 03:09 dschmahl What type of flowers?

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2020.11.29 03:09 brilliantbharat Bendakaya Pachadi

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2020.11.29 03:09 FoOd_aNime Does anyone else hate Neon?

(Neon is Kurapika's boss in yorknew arc)

Main reason I hate her is bc she acted like a spoiled brat most/all of the time we saw her. An example is when she complained that the stack got bigger (the stack was only 5 freaking ages) for her fortune telling, her nen IS fortune telling. When she was told she couldn't go to the auction, she threw a huge fit. She is like 16- why are you even having a fit/trantrum when ur that age??? Really from what I saw, there is no reason to like her. What do you guys think?
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2020.11.29 03:09 R_Klement_06 Not a classic but still a great shooter.

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2020.11.29 03:09 TheWrinklyDog Adult Cross Necklace , Confirmation Gift , Sponsor Gift , Communion Gift , Cross Pendant for Men by ShinyLittleBlessings

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2020.11.29 03:09 Mcnate722 Wicked Pissah Strawberry FOG looking lovely at day 14.

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2020.11.29 03:09 ilikebeer52 WDIS at QB tomorrow?

Was completely set on taysom until the Denver covid news broke. Worried this game will turn into a joke with jameis handing the ball off.
View Poll
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2020.11.29 03:09 ConfusdRationalist TheNewsMinute covers the Whitehatjr story

Finally it has made it's way into the ....kind of.... mainstream media. More power to you PP!
The newsminute article
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2020.11.29 03:09 DSHackerc Modern CSS Tips and Tricks | Coding Tech

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2020.11.29 03:09 li0425 There goes my luck for the year

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2020.11.29 03:09 jnpln 13 Things Mentally Strong People Do

  1. Mentally strong people replace self-pity with gratitude.
  2. Mentally strong people hold onto their power and forgive others.
  3. Mentally strong people are always ready to embrace change.
  4. Mentally strong people don't get distracted by things that they can't control.
  5. Always wanting to please others doesn't work, and being ready to sometimes displease makes you stronger.
  6. Mentally strong people are not afraid of taking calculated risks.
  7. Coming to terms with the past makes you stronger, but it takes concrete steps to do so.
  8. Mentally strong people avoid repeating the same mistakes, and this requires self-discipline.
  9. Mentally strong people don't envy other people's success but rather seek to collaborate with them.
  10. Mentally strong people don't give up easily, and they are self-compassionate about failure.
  11. Mentally strong people are comfortable being alone and use meditation to become more resilient.
  12. Many people have an entitlement mentality, but strong people concentrate on giving rather than talking.
  13. Mentally strong people recognize that achievements take time and that progress isn't always immediately apparent.
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2020.11.29 03:09 need-dispencer-here Cool gamer tip

After a long time of gaming it feels nice to take a extra long blink.
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2020.11.29 03:09 AppearancePersonal Nintendo switch version

Does the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft have more or less features than console/PC versions. Also if you were to order what versions have the most features (im guessing PC at the top) then what would the order be?
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2020.11.29 03:09 Kahnphadent [IIL] Logic’s The Incredible True Story album, what else should I listen to?

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