Luzes + to bem cansado

2020.11.29 03:11 Veigoboy Luzes + to bem cansado

Distribuídas com luxúria, Bonitas ao ver, acesas, Ao vento que surge, Sem cor, ou graça
Bonitas, apenas. Sem mais, ou menos, Não excede expectativas, Sem cor, ou graça
Falta fundo, ou admiração, De dentro de uma cúpula, O maldito silêncio surge, Sem cor, ou graça
Sem sonhos, desejos, Sem vida, almejo Respostas que não sejam Sem cor, ou graça.
To bem cansado.
Será que deveria conversar com você? Sobre o monstro que criamos, sobre o abismo que tornamos nossa relação? Após toda a minha e sua ignorância, depois de ter pedido sua ajuda, seu amparo, entendimento. Sinto-me como um peão. Dos que não são sacrificados e nem usados, esquecidos por jogadores inexperientes, até que seja sua última opção.
Esforcei-me tanto por amizade, era tão vago. Vazio. Era o encaixe de todo mundo. O substituto. As coisas não mudam nunca. Tenho minhas mãos atadas até hoje. Sinto que faço e transpareço o mal onde piso. Talvez tenham me feito pensar isso e nada disso seja verdadeiro; minha mente é verdadeiramente súbita.
Eu a decepcionei? Ou simplesmente você cansou de mim? Por que eu entrei naquela maldita festa? Não somente nela, mas em todas as outras? Por que insistia tanto em lamber a sola dos sapatos dos meus amigos?
Porém isso não importa, porque as pessoas não se importam. Não deveria ter nem usado meu casaco favorito. Não fui capaz nem te desejar parabéns.
Que você é um gênio, eu não nego. É bastante inteligente quando quer. Sabia exatamente que havia ignorado minha existência. Eu precisava de você assim como precisava dos outros; os momentos que tive foram horríveis. No entanto você estava bem, até aí "o resto é resto"
Guardo mágoas porque não sei o que fazer com elas. Minha cabeça é lotada delas. Posso ter pensado demais naquela época, talvez tudo tenha sido intensificado. Só sei que foi péssimo. O retrato disso é vívido, tão quanto as cenas que guardo de tudo que passei com sua família. Tudo terminou sem cor, nem graça.
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2020.11.29 03:11 shinney Deepening Nigeria’s Insurance with Digital Technology

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2020.11.29 03:11 nonono21 Would you rather choose 1 physical feature not to pass down to your child or choose 1 physical feature that you guarantee that your child gets?

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2020.11.29 03:11 readingsteinerZ Want to write a short story set in a society where animal lives are valued over human lives but do not know what ideas to implement.

I’ve always wanted to write a book satirizing how we place more value on animals than humans as generations go by. However, I’m unsure what the plot should be without it becoming too insane or convoluted.
I was thinking maybe a story focusing on children being tested in a laboratory facility and these kids escape only to find out that the reason they were being tested on was because scientists decide to use humans as test subjects instead of animals. And maybe the opening story could be a scene where a kid crawls into a gorilla enclosure only to get ripped to shreds while the crowd of people cheer the gorilla on.
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2020.11.29 03:11 TrainzRfun charger

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I don't really like this format
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2020.11.29 03:11 Moonlightlooter Journal Entry Day 1

I don't remember my name, but I do remember this place. This thing called a ghost brought me back to life using what he called the light. I was dead for a very long time. The Ghost resurrected me in a place called the Cosmodrome; I have horrible memories about this place the last time I was here, I got ambushed by a group of Fallen led by their captain Eramis. We made our way through an abandoned building, or so we thought. The place was filled with fallen, both dregs and a captain. It was a rough start seeing how I haven't held a gun in a long time, but I got my barrings. The best part by far was the loot! I love loot. We finally made it out of the building and made it to an open area named the divide; I wasn't the only Guardian there. The vanguard must have sent them there. The fallen dropped a colossal metal spider walker; with the other guardians' help, we were able to defeat the giant thing, and the world rewarded us for our troubles. We got some more loot! Ghost received a friendly message from a fellow guardian named Shaw Han, who needed some help; he got separated from his team, so we headed towards his signal to see if we could help.
With the new gun we got from shaw in hand, we stayed on the ground as he went in the air to look for any signals from his fire team. The fallen surprise surprise was up to no good, and they were jamming the signal; thanks to Ghost, he was able to unjam it. With that taking care of, I went after Maeve while shaw went after Cas. I made my way to an area with old rusted planes, and of course, the fallen were there. I headed to an old satellite tower, but some barrier blocked it. I've never seen anything like it. To disable it, Ghost said we need to require some keys that the fallen have, so I got to work. After acquiring all three keys, I made my way back to the satellite tower to disable the barrier; as the barrier drops, a primal scream could be heard loud and clear, which is fine, not like I wanted to sleep tonight. I made my way towards the scream, and yes, I know not my smartest idea, but Maeve needed my help, so I ran as fast as I could, and what I encountered next would scare just about anybody. In the darkroom, dozens of creepy Hive came rushing at me, so I had to take them out.
I made my way to a room with more Hive and a giant Hive Knight. I did the only thing I could think of, I leaped in the air, and unleashed this incredible power called a nova bomb and destroyed everyone in my path. Ghost picked up Maeve's signal nearby, so we headed in the direction of it, and what we found I will never forget; a Hive Wizard names Navota, Eir Spawn, disintegrated Maeve in front of me; I'm still lost for words. I am genuinely sorry I didn't get there in time. I collected what was left of her Ghost; we headed towards the camp that shaw set up to talk to him.
If you want to see the footage of what happened, Ghost recorded it all.
Recorded Footage From My Ghost
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2020.11.29 03:11 BudapestSF Tracking Boss fights that have legendary actions, lair actions, and other "extras"

I ran my first BBEG combat scene last night with a Tier 3 Boss that had all the bells and whistles including legendary actions, legendary resistances, multi-attacks, and minions. The PC's were at level 13 and faced the demon lord Yeenohgu. The fight was fun and exciting, but there was it a lot for me to keep track. In addition to all his multi attacks and special abilities, the legendary actions take place on other players turns. I had a tough time just remembering to do them. So I'm wondering if there is a technique some of you might use to make sure your complicated tier 3 boss gets in all the actions available?
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2020.11.29 03:11 jkloop_shovel Still getting used to digital, so I decided to draw my OC.

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2020.11.29 03:11 Xanible Those who work in hospitals, morgue, funeral homes, or anywhere similar have you ever lost body? What happened?

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2020.11.29 03:11 Yarib Anyway to make a down payment on an iphone with the $700 credit? can I take advantage on multiple lines?

I want to upgrade and take advantage of the $700 credit, is there anyway to pay $500 upfront so that the monthly price does not go up? A follow up would be, can i upgrade multiple lines and take advantage of the credit? Thanks for your help.
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2020.11.29 03:11 DoubleOrNothing90 I call it the "Jag Paul". Mahogany body with maple cap shaped like a Jaguar

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2020.11.29 03:11 SireMoonPie I’m confused???

A girl ran up to my car in a parking lot and asked for my snap but when I went to ask her out a couple days later she said she didn’t wanna hangout and just asked for my snap cus she “liked my energy”...
Am I crazy or what??
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2020.11.29 03:11 Daydrift00 San Diego County issues public health advisory over COVID-19 outbreak: Awaken Church (on Balboa Ave)

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2020.11.29 03:11 RiftScuttlerLP [WTS] Bolt

@.88 TP sell.
Pref payment in MC at 1.7 but I'm open to offers.

Ingame RiftScuttler.9764 Faster response on Discord: RiftScuttler#3860
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