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2020.11.25 18:05 AutoModerator Weekly 'Naughty Boss' Episode Release Discussion Thread (November 25, 2020)

Not only is Daniel Davis a perfectionist who likes things going according to plan, but he's also the heir to the biggest law firm in New York City. But the moment you heard his voice, you knew he had a "deadly weakness". What could be the secret that could ruin Daniel's life in one blow?
Hello, readers!
Please use this thread to discuss the most recent episode of Naughty Boss.
There will be spoilers in this thread for the latest episode, so make sure you read the update before proceeding!
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2020.11.25 18:05 TruEdits Gather round the fireplace...

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2020.11.25 18:05 unremarkable_penguin RIDE NOW!

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2020.11.25 18:05 dolostheG Self improvement

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2020.11.25 18:05 LindFang What would you show someone to advertise the game?

I have a friend coming over for Thanksgiving that's heard me talk about the game a lot but it's unsure about buying the game. I have every VH at Max level, and have beaten everything so the world is my oyster to show him anything at all. What would you show?
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2020.11.25 18:05 njexplicit Vibey math rock riffs with lo fi beats! Check em out :)

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2020.11.25 18:05 pato17 Fanart of Sage from Valorant!

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2020.11.25 18:05 Dosvepa ich🦃iel

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2020.11.25 18:05 WhyFi Foul discharge coming from tonsil area. There is a knot behind the right tonsil but dentist says he can't see anything of note.

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2020.11.25 18:05 sillygirl1124 How do you get acorns and pine cones?

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2020.11.25 18:05 Girl_You_Can_Train If cats were able to talk

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2020.11.25 18:05 Cambo901 JJ won’t understand

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2020.11.25 18:05 poopingonurmom Where my Floridians at

The best state in the country 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍💦💦💦💦💦💦🦍🦍🦍🦍 Biggest cocks in the country 💯💯💯
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2020.11.25 18:05 gimblgorp_the_wise We've had plumbing problems at my house and the laundry room and downstairs bathroom flooded with sewage. Yes it stinks.

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2020.11.25 18:05 Swagpacman64 Bruh my order still hasn’t shipped. I’m getting impatient

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2020.11.25 18:05 Hoarder-of-Knowledge I just wanna rant about how my mental health is declining again

Hello internet parents
I’ve had a pretty rough year this year, as one of the people I used to be very close to took their own life when the pandemic started. As a response to that I became suicidal myself because life just didn’t seem worth it as it should. After a few months of just existing in a blur of my own negativity I accepted that rather than actually dying I would just sit out the rest of life as to not inflict the negativity I was suffering from onto other people. And so my current will to live was born.
I sought out psychological help and was prescribed antidepressants. My meds stopped making me feel as depressed but it also stopped me from feeling my appetite and feeling myself get tired. So I stopped with meds three weeks ago because the weight loss was getting dangerous.
And initially I felt so much better. My sleeping pattern clicked into place for a bit and eating three meals a day stopped feeling like a chore I did because other people told me I should. It was amazing.
It’s just that it wasn’t a fix. My psychologist is taking two weeks off for holiday reasons and I feel like the slippery slope to insanity has started again. It’s just that everyone in my immediate surroundings is so proud of me for doing better and I hate to disappoint them by telling them that things are going worse again.
So I’m now trying to pretend that things are better than they are but it’s just making me feel so much worse about everything. And I can see my appetite dropping again and my sleeping pattern is getting more fucked up and the general desperation of this being it is just kicking in in full strength again and I honestly don’t know how to deal with it all. I’m getting upset about the smallest of things and it is so frustrating to see how something that is supposed to make you happy and used to make me happy only a few days ago just suddenly stops feeling good at all. And I don’t know how to fix it.
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2020.11.25 18:05 tasdemirmc Enchantlı golden apple'ı bilerek öyle yaptım

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2020.11.25 18:05 meowcaster Should we make an r4r subreddit for people who wana meet from Egypt

View Poll
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2020.11.25 18:05 crazy_sweet_retard Reading literature for my course and I cannot pull through. (Help appreciated)

Before you read the title and go on about dissing me for being a book hater, I would like to clarify that I am not. I love books. I've read very few compared to a lot of people but I just love books. Fantasy and romance are my favourites.
I am used to reading fiction and the closest thing to literature I've ever read was 'To kill a mockingbird'. Absolutely loved the book. But for some reason, I cannot find myself getting engaged with non-fiction. I've been trying but I just cannot. The pages of A brief history of time still remains unturned.
I recently took a course in English literature and I am supposed to read a list of heavy literature. I was so giddy as I get an excuse to read without my mom complaining. As an add on, I get to buy books that are not from the syllabus to add to my bookshelf without her suspecting.
The first book is Tom Jones by Henry Fielding and it is the biggest book out of everything I'm supposed to read for the course. I have no trouble going through 6 books of Mistborn or Ryria revelations or a tamil classic Ponniyin selvan for that matter. And these books, I've read more than once. But I am somehow stuck in page 156 of Tom Jones and not moving further.
I have made it a rule to read at least two chapters everyday. I am worried that maybe its the aspect of reading it for a course that makes it worse. I want to go back to loving to get through the book like I do with other fiction. Any help appreciated.
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2020.11.25 18:05 User-22678 Largest stone ever made was discovered in Lebanon in 2014, it was so heavy that they couldn't use it and just left there...guess some things never change.

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2020.11.25 18:05 BaconTortoise Mesprit Raid 15 People

Mesprit Raid 15 People
Add one of these: 0666 4780 7425
1786 8704 2662
3676 8306 6583
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2020.11.25 18:05 JaneDoeNew Did Chris Demonstrate He Was Over It?

In another sub I got a lengthy response about the number of times Watts wasn’t honest about his true feelings. The post was locked so I was unable to respond. Most posters there tend to think that Watts heavily gaslit Shannan and never came directly out to tell her he wanted out of the marriage and that he was cheating.
I agree only partially. I feel that in his non-confrontational way that he really let Shannan know something was seriously wrong. We know this because of her multiple texts to friends complaining that he’d changed and wouldn’t show her affection. In that she bought him a marriage self help book. In that she sought advice from friends. Shannan spent the last few weeks of her life in confusion.
I felt that he did let her know he was over it by telling her they were “incompatible” and treating her very coldly. Did he tell her he didn’t love her? Did he say he wanted to separate? I thought he had. Her response was to try and save the marriage. With the book, and scheduling a romantic getaway to Aspen.
While Watts never came out and directly admitted his infidelity, it would have taken a blind person not to see that he was “changed”. He did gaslight her eventually. My thoughts are that he did this because she didn’t acknowledge what he was saying originally and he decided to turn to darker more nefarious plans, which of course confused the hell out of her.
What are your thoughts? Was it plain something was wrong? Did Watts try to convey this unsuccessfully or did he simply toy with her all along? Is it that Shannan wasn’t taking the cues or that the cues were too mixed to understand? We know he was never going to be direct. That wasn’t his “style”, and surely she knew that?
As an outsider looking in, I felt the cues were obvious but maybe I’m not seeing it in the right light. I’d like to know your thoughts.
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2020.11.25 18:05 albertbuus Made this, wdy think?

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2020.11.25 18:05 Spencerbug When the Shire is on lockdown and the phone rings.

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