6800 XT FE vs 6800 XT AIB vs 3080 (with 5800X)

2020.11.25 17:23 sealionpkr91 6800 XT FE vs 6800 XT AIB vs 3080 (with 5800X)

If you were buying a scalped gpu, and you had a 5800X CPU, would you go 6800 XT or 3080? Sam + RANGE + 6800 XT better than 3080 or 3080 better alone? I don't think the 6800 XT AIBs will be available anytime soon, even on eBay. I don't see a single listing of a 6800 XT AIB.
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2020.11.25 17:23 MrRickGhastly [LF] 4x White Steetlamps [FT] Bells, Miles.

[LF] 4x White Steetlamps [FT] Bells, Miles.
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2020.11.25 17:23 JimC314 Works of Mercy

Christ’s Peace, Fathers,
I’m wondering about the exact meaning of Jesus’ statement in Mark 9:40 on mercy, specifically his reasoning that the reward comes out of “because you are Christ’s.” Does this mean that a work of mercy is only truly merciful if done for someone who is baptized, hence of the literal body of Christ? Or is the ownership he’s speaking of here more figurative?
The parable of the Good Samaritan would seem to suggest that it doesn’t matter whether the giver or the recipient is baptized for the act to qualify as truly merciful and so pleasing to Christ, so I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but I figured I would ask for clarity’s sake. Thank you in advance.
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2020.11.25 17:23 99sobi they fell for the old switcheroo

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2020.11.25 17:23 haha_jk_unless Cage size

How many females can live in a cage that is 29 square feet? Thanks in advance
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2020.11.25 17:23 NuttyDounuts14 Burnout Public Announcement

So I kinda made a comment about this on u/theskincoatsalesman post and didn't want to take over that thread, but I think it's super important to acknowledge that anyone who suffers from a chronic illness is likely to suffer some form of burnout.
The particular stresses will vary from condition to condition and person to person, but we all live with the constant stress of managing our conditions.
Burnout occurs when you live with constant stress. It's often associated with overworking yourself, and I can't find many resources for generic medical based burnouts, so have a link to a site about general burnout advice.
The biggest issue with burnout caused by illnesses, is we can't avoid the stressors because if we do, we risk our health.
So please make sure you keep in contact with your healthcare professionals and if you think you are starting to burnout (or are in the middle of one and didn't know they were an actual thing) that you reach out and ask for help! Or find someone to talk to about it who understands and can help pick up the slack for a little while!
Burnout is dangerous, because you can't see the point in fighting a constant battle anymore, and you can lose control of your various conditions very quickly.
It's okay to say you're not okay, and not play the "brave" part. Reach out, seek help and please, please, everyone take care of themselves
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2020.11.25 17:23 cat_lyns Karen

So i walk my dog each morning before i leave for work. What we usually do is leav the apartment she will pee then eventually after a little bit of walking she will poop. Anyway one of her pooping spots is up on a ledge where the apartment building is and the sidewalk is down below. This ledge is about 3 feet tall. When she poops in this spot i go and put her back in the apartment and pick up the poop. We have doggie bags all around the apartment complex. So they are already provided for me. So i can leave the ones i purchase for her for in my car. Anyway in when she finished pooping she jumped down the ledge and the neighbors bursts out the door and yells "are you going to pick up your dogs poop" i said yes i "put her up first because its hard to pick it up with her tugging away" so i walk away to put her up and she is still yelling at me asking the same thing. When i put her uo i just open the door for her to go inside and close the door. Never stepping foot in the apartment. Andyway she finally stops yelling and im getting the dog bag and climbing the ledge to pick it up. I throw it away. I go to her door and tell her to please stop yelling at me and that i most time do pick it up. Unless there are no baggies which is hardly ever. She was like well you left it there. I said yes i know i did because ive tried picking it up there beofre and i got dog poop all over her leash. Its so kuch easier to put her up then pick it up. She continues to get in my face and i have my jacket over my face because covid. And she just start saying cuss words like well thats yohr dogs shit!!! Puck it up next time. She was like crying.
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2020.11.25 17:23 amentad TopCashBack - $25 for you, $20 for your friend!

Here’s how it works:
We'll give you a $25 bonus for each new buddy you invite who earns $10 in cash back (not to be mistaken for making a $10 purchase) and a $20 reward to every referred friend.
Our Tell-a-Friend promotion runs from 1 am PST November 25, 2020 to 2 am PST December 1, 2020.
Referral link

Thank you
Follow : /ReferToEarn/
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2020.11.25 17:23 sacks_on_sacks Recommendations of Budget Dual Monitors for my new M1?

I'm getting an M1 mini and I'd like to get matching dual monitors (just for basic browsing). Any suggestions of <$300 monitors I can get? I'd prefer to spend less than $600 on displays
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2020.11.25 17:23 UnstatesmanlikeChi With the Planet at Stake, Climate Coalition Pressures Biden to Reject 'Corporate Shill' Ernest Moniz as Energy Chief

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2020.11.25 17:23 zsreport Colorado's first confirmed wolf pack in decades still hanging around one year later

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2020.11.25 17:23 heaxghono Mississippi senator Chris McDaniel explains why Facebook is a perfect example of socialism

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2020.11.25 17:23 MattB75757 Hello, recently i got this "Rock, IL superbo" but he can't stand properly due to a foot deformation .Does anybody know if there is a way to fix the pose of his feet?

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2020.11.25 17:23 BruhMoment987123 Safe House: *Exists* John:

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2020.11.25 17:23 BK-TV Tried dual swords again Epic Fail. (Some commentary)

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2020.11.25 17:23 carnivorealpha79 What am I at? And how long to 10%

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2020.11.25 17:23 OneThruSix All Spider-Man Movies Are Part of MCU, Says Doctor Strange Director

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2020.11.25 17:23 b_jam3s Journey, Me, Photoshop, 2020

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2020.11.25 17:23 MoradoSean My fanart of Mikasa

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2020.11.25 17:23 awkward_at_every_age Weight loss/Final/Female/159.2

Just made it into the 150s by a hair! I am so happy! A week of not eating giant bowls of salty ramen paid off! I am not sure I can see much of a difference but I think my floppy and wrinkly arms are a little floppier and wrinklier (yay!). Looking forward to the next challenge. This has been fun!
scale and pics of slightly saggier floppy bits!
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2020.11.25 17:23 GrumpBotOfficial Control Part 32: The Ashtray Maze [Blind Playthrough]

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2020.11.25 17:23 super_memer_man Spooktober

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2020.11.25 17:23 SN_Sacris Try Not To Laugh Impossible Challenge (Reaction)

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2020.11.25 17:23 Brewerboy3 Where my Hokkaido enjoyers at??

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2020.11.25 17:23 A_little_salty A fair price for a ‘92 Del Sol

Hey all, Someone in my area is selling his ‘92(?) del sol for about $2200. I think this price is pretty steep considering its age, engine condition and the fact that it’s AC doesn’t work. Am I wrong? If not, whats a reasonable price to offer?
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