How do you tell your "friends" that you don't want to be friends?

2020.11.27 21:35 Commander_Shark How do you tell your "friends" that you don't want to be friends?

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2020.11.27 21:35 MaxIsMe11 Holiday Shopping: Social Justice Style (LGBTQ+ Edition)

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2020.11.27 21:35 ongold Check it out

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2020.11.27 21:35 TribeVVWarrior [10000] Starr Park 🌟 🎢 (#298U8C0GJ)

WELCOME BRAWLERS TO THE OFFICIAL Starr Park CLUB! If you are looking for a future competitive club you have came to the right place. We currently have 20 members and are looking forward to getting the full 100. The club is currently just a start up and most people are not very high in trophies. I have 21k trophies and I am pretty experienced in leading a club. Everyone who is friendly and relatively active gets senior. Vice President is earned through trust and inviting others to the club. For right now ANYONE CAN JOIN the club but most people should be near like 10k. Once we get to 50 members the club will be invite only 15k+. If you don't want to join the club you are still welcome to join the discord. We hang out a lot and are really friendly. BTW we will be hosting tournaments for free brawl pass every 2 weeks once we get 50 people. So please join to have a chance to win a free brawl pass. 👍
Thanks and brawl on! ✌️😁
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2020.11.27 21:35 matysiu132 Albuquerue pls: 1858 Remington black powder wheelie gat

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2020.11.27 21:35 CatClique Holiday in the Park with Stunkles

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2020.11.27 21:35 CreatorRA Favorite video game of all time?

What's your favorite video game of all time?? Mines at the moment is Pac man Championship edition DX+. What's your guy's favorite?
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2020.11.27 21:35 L_ryuzaki_L what's one time you were actually very proud of your country?

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2020.11.27 21:35 mustra r/SelfAwareWolves meets r/LeopardsAteMyFace

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2020.11.27 21:35 Joseph-21st Do urges eventually subside?

Hello, everyone!
I was curious, I’ve been able to shrug off urges because I’ve been doing more things throughout the day. But does there eventually come a point where our brains crave that dopamine hit less?
If anyone has any experience with this, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!
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2020.11.27 21:35 omegamad Found along the shore of Lake Michigan. Rock or fossil?

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2020.11.27 21:35 Saved_by_Grace777 Sin to love home?

I am passionate about things like music and my home town. I LOVE my hometown. I get so overwhelmed with peace and happiness when I'm here. I love it here and I hate the thought of leaving. Is this a sin?
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2020.11.27 21:35 Cahlitoes Aselfs on me

6283 4662 5923
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2020.11.27 21:35 kaibotsujohan_bot LPT: If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means that the person is in need of help.

Explained here- I found this and thought it was really useful for people to know
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2020.11.27 21:35 live4film87 SLA printing outdoors in cold temperatures

I am considering getting the Elegoo Mars Pro. I live in an apartment so I may not be comfortable with having in my living room. I have a large patio. I was thinking of keeping it outside. I'm in Vancouver BC so it gets cold, not as bad as some places, but it'll still snow downtown sometimes. It has it's own enclosure anyways, but if temperature is an issue, could I just run a space heater next to it?
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2020.11.27 21:35 Sethu_Senthil Mean While Moff Gideon on his DataPad

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2020.11.27 21:35 nostromo39 [Question] My strat’s bridge is lifting up at the bottom quite a bit and my guitar is more or less unplayable. How can I fix this?

Are the screws on the bridge too tight? What screws do strats use for their bridge/body so I know what type of screwdriver to get? All the screwdrivers I have don’t fit. Thanks to anyone who answers, this has bothered me for ages!
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2020.11.27 21:35 Xanderm87 What do you guys think about this team??

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2020.11.27 21:35 datboy7328 This old pic I found on my phone 😳

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2020.11.27 21:35 RammusMain69 Ragnir being an absolute chad

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2020.11.27 21:35 jacobbaby [Homemade] Classic apple pie

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2020.11.27 21:35 BeadieBeats Whats the pure white spots on my teeth and how do i fix it

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2020.11.27 21:35 Mazino_D_Asce Just dm me if u want, I have no one to talk to rn.

I am someone with a very interesting name but u can call me Maz or Ace. I mostly listen to rap and sometimes rock. I find myself a very interesting person when I am in a good mood or generally interesting. I have many interests it's up to 7 if u want to find out bout em. Anyways, if u want dm me
Its preferable if u give me ur discord or maybe instragram cause reddit's chat sucks dick.
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2020.11.27 21:35 pedal_deals_bot Teenage Engineering PO-12 Pocket Operator Rhythm - $48 ($40 + $8 S/H) 68%

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2020.11.27 21:35 Madsm420 Laser Carta

Purchased a orange laser focus v Carta. Brand new. $300+
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