Gold coin woes

2020.11.25 17:22 fathomthat1 Gold coin woes

Not really asking for help more just venting. Been trying to get a gold coin from the official in tunnel city in ng+ for hours now. I must’ve killed him atleast 100 times by now. Shit sucks lol
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2020.11.25 17:22 Ethixy Thanks, I Hate It Succulent ASS

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2020.11.25 17:22 brunettejnas You gotta pay the troll toll

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2020.11.25 17:22 jquinnbeckett8 My drawing of a kitbash I thought up. Can you name the models I used for reference?

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2020.11.25 17:22 SADLOSKIP Why it doesn't count?

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2020.11.25 17:22 frootLOUpsz What, you're not subscribed yet? C R I I N N G E -next milestone 1000views- love you zoomers<3 [LINK IN COMMENTS]

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2020.11.25 17:22 maxthenerd04 Literally people are so toxic- they commented on a post I made here almost two weeks ago- two different people were so toxic there.

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2020.11.25 17:22 KYZ5 Is anyone else concerned with HCAC?

I have owned HCAC since June back when everyone on here was speculating they’d snag proterra. Naturally I was slightly disappointed when it was announced the target would be Canoo instead, but I did my DD and came to the conclusion that I think it’s better than most of the other EV SPACs out there since it actually manages to generate revenue and has a real, tangible product. So as boring as it’s been since June watching the thing bounce between $10.2-$11 I’ve been patient with it and have waited for it’s time to shine.
Fast forward to yesterday when it looked like it was finally going to do so. Opened up a few percent in the first few minutes of trading started going vertical to $12.4, which really isn’t that large of a move considering what some of the other EV stocks like CIIC have been doing. Instead of managing to hold this relatively modest gain HCAC decided to nosedive and then slowly bleed for the remainder of the session, ending up in that same low $11 range. It rejected a relatively minor bump.
I’ll admit I’m concerned at the price action on this stock. It just seems everyone is too ready to get off the train, and it’s preventing it from going any higher, and while there’s starting to be some hype for this stock despite the “Ew ugly car” crowd, I’m beginning to question whether it’s going to be enough.
I’d consider myself more of a traditionalist when it comes to valuations and what not (I.e. I think they do in fact matter) but it just seems like that isn’t the case anymore. Nikola is riddled with fraud/scamming accusations and possesses little more than computer renderings, yet it is worth nearly 5x what HCAC is. Fisker might have a production agreement going forward, but it’s still surrounded with many questions, and Henrik’s past certainly is not conducive to being optimistic about the company’s prospects. Yet this company is also worth about twice what HCAC is.
These are companies that generate 0 revenue and likely won’t for at least a few more years, when HCAC already generates revenue and has a very firm and believable projection to generate 130 mil next year. Yet this seems not to matter. Personally with the EV bubble we’ve seen over the past few weeks/months I find it concerning that HCAC has experienced no bump from all the hype. I’m beginning to become worried that post merger this SPAC is going to befall the same fate the vast majority do, that is to say I’m concerned it’s going to tank. I hope my concerns are I’ll founded, and my belief in the fundamentals of the company is too strong for me to be willing to sell quite yet, but I was just wondering if anyone else shared these concerns.
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2020.11.25 17:22 adriatic33 [WTS] Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 38mm

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2020.11.25 17:22 Hubsimaus Heute vor 6 Jahren war ich blöd. Ich kam gerade aus dem Action und war etwas gestresst, als der Typ auf mich zukam.

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2020.11.25 17:22 Timjk10 Spoiler discussion about spoiler tag

This is for everyone and also to mods/admins.
I believe that a 2 month period after the newest book released that everyone should put a spoiler tag on there posts that contain material from the newest book.
This will give people who weren’t able to preorder to get the book and have time to read it. Also it will give time for people you live in a area where shipping is slow to receive the book.
What do you guys think? Would you do more or less time?
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2020.11.25 17:22 aldrickierick Another odd warrior bot, only pressing button and waiting until rope

Another odd warrior bot, only pressing button and waiting until rope I dont know where to send this but maybe someone will see or help me with it so I can report this player. Also, #StopBlizzardsGreed
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2020.11.25 17:22 sabrianna09 all yours crew daydream size 6, aligns dd ink blue/ daydream size 6! 💙🦋

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2020.11.25 17:22 Guipvp_2008 G-gostaria de um s-serviço?

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2020.11.25 17:22 LeRockstick My wife masterbates next to me in bed but doesn’t want anything to do with me .

What should I do ?
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2020.11.25 17:22 KK-Hunter A question about the Hollow Ataraxia ending

I completed Hollow Ataraxia a while ago now and there was something I didn't quite understand about the ending.
According to Caren and Bazett's conversation in the epilogue, both Gilgamesh and Lancer are still alive right? How's that possible if this is supposed to be back in the real world? They didn't survive in any of the Stay Night routes. Or is the HA ending a separate universe to Stay Night all together and the characters are still alive even outside of the dream world?
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2020.11.25 17:22 Trollkinger Day 15 of Bone Island

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2020.11.25 17:22 TechEntrepreneur2020 Worlds 1st satellite with on-board AI processing

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2020.11.25 17:22 BJBSeperd OMFG OKUPLOK B ECOCUMS THU DIDANe???

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2020.11.25 17:22 def_not_a_white_kid TIFU by saying the N-word at a party

Obligatory this didn't happen today, but 2 weeks ago.
The Setup
Contrary to my username, I am in fact a white kid. I've always tried to be inclusive and I never judge people off their race. I always look at someone's character. 2 weeks ago I was invited by a friend to a small get together at his place where we were gonna make empanadas and play some games. This party was 8 black people, 1 Columbian kid, and me. I was the only white person at this party. Albeit, I had been friends with many of the people at this get-together for 1-2 years beforehand.
The Backstory
A week before this party my college held an outside and socially distanced concert. Before the main act came on stage there was a DJ who was playing some trap/rap music. They had some good songs on from Kodak Black, Travis Scott, and some other artists. In a typical concert vibe, the DJ would cut the music at certain points throughout the song and let the crowds sing the lyrics. The problem was that the crowd was a large majority of white kids and the DJ kept cutting the music when the music had the n-word in the lyrics. This made for a hilarious experience as the crowd was 100% silent every time the music cut off.
The Fuckup
So I'm at this get-together for a few hours. We're all drinking beers, playing some beer pong, taboo, and Cards Against Humanity, and munching on some AMAZING empanadas one of the hosts made. I get 6-7 beers and a few shots down and kind of lose my filter. I wanted to tell this hilarious story about the concert on campus and how the crowd was going silent due to the lyrics. My story went something like this:
"Did anyone here go to the concert on campus? Y'all should've gone it was actually a good time. You know how sometimes a DJ will cut the music and let the crowd sing the lyrics? Well, we had a mostly white crowd and the DJ kept cutting off the music when the lyrics had the word n***a in it...."
It was at this point I knew I fucked up. In my drunken state, I let the N-word slip and got the most death-inducing stares of my life. For the rest of my time there nobody talked to me, I'd get a stare here and there but nobody would talk to me. We ended up playing Among Us and I knew it was time to leave when I was among the first 2-3 people to die 5 games in a row. I texted my friend for an exfill and dipped out of there.
I had all but forgotten about the experience until I just got a Facetime from the friend who invited me. Basically, nobody that was at the party wants to see me again and they've told him they wouldn't be comfortable with me being around them ever again.
I let the N-word slip while telling a story at a party and lost a good amount of friends.
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2020.11.25 17:22 RomeoTran Sa 2600 on Filco Minila

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2020.11.25 17:22 fauxofkaos Is it a problem?

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2020.11.25 17:22 arteriosclerosis1 honest opinions on Strathclyde engineering

Hey guys I’m an Intl student, applying to Strathclyde engineering (both biomedical and chemical engineering courses).
I’ve heard heaps of praises on the internet and from one of the professors there about their engineering program. Does it live up to the hype? Is finding a job after graduating Beng gonna be really hard or are there plenty of jobs?
And is the engineering program there really better than UCL and ICL as they make it to be? Also, how’s the university known outside of the UK, say in the US? Can I apply for a phd in the US right after completing my BEng at Strathclyde?
Any inputs would be fantastic thank you!!
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2020.11.25 17:22 mango7177 Stimulus Figureheads McConnell and Pelosi Under Fire, Eight Months Since Senate Passed CARES Act
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2020.11.25 17:22 laurenxmeredith My emetophobia consumes my life!

I’ve had emetophobia since I was little but it’s never constant. I’m fine 60% of the time, but I have a few months every year where my life is consumed by it. These ‘episodes’ can come from just one night of feeling sick which will then be everyday for the next month of feeling sick and anxiety. I’d like to add that I’m fine around other people being sick as long as I know the cause of it (like food poisoning if I haven’t eaten the same thing or due to alcohol). If I don’t know the cause then I freak out and go into an episode and clean everything they’ve touched.
They weird thing about it is it leads to sleepless nights for the whole period of these ‘episodes’. It is primarily triggered every-time I go to sleep and I find myself forgetting about it throughout the day but when it starts getting dark, even the thought of having to go to sleep sends me into panic attack. If I wake up in the night and I don’t know why, I assume it’s sickness related.
As-well as sleep issues, it leads to extreme eating problems. Sometimes (usually if I’m eating later at night) the thought of putting food in my mouth makes me gag and I can’t even chew food I’ve put in my mouth due it making me feel sick. It gets to the point where I’d rather be hungry than feel sick and I end up in tears because I dont know a solution for it. I do not want this to end up as some type of eating disorder because the last ‘episode’ I had resulted in me loosing 2 stone in 3 months and as an already petite person this could have been fatal.
I’ve joined this group just to see if anyone else seems to have these ‘episodes’ type things or if maybe it’s something else. I also just want to know whether anyone else’s emetophobia leads to agoraphobia, somniphobia and cibophobia and whether anyone can suggest any coping methods.
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