Demons of the Dark

2020.11.25 17:41 Moldy_Nachos42 Demons of the Dark

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2020.11.25 17:41 refrigeratornews Hammered Trivia Tonight (11/25) at 7pm

Come start your Thanksgiving celebration early by playing Hammered Trivia at Gizmo BrewWorks tonight at 7. Trivia is free to play, contactless, socially distanced, outdoors (with a fire and heaters), and a great time! El Jefecito food truck will be in attendance and it is half price bartender’s choice beer. Make your reservation using the link below.
Trivia RSVP
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2020.11.25 17:41 ThrowRA_Kinto ThrowRA: My (25M) GF (24F) broke up with me on the telephone. I miss her and her kid. Dreamt a lot. We had differences in opinions but she believed that it's right to part ways and said can't live with me. How can I get over this? Can people with difference in opinions live together happily?

Hey! Using Anonymous account as some of my friends know my main account.
Relationships subreddit removed my post and reposting here. Please don't remove it mods, I need some advice.
I am in deep sadness while writing this and my heart is thumping for the last three days.
I met this girl online March and decided to go out on a date but she didn't respond and wrote in August. So, we got in touch again and went on a date. The first date was great, she asked me a lot of questions about life and principles, we had great emotions. Second fate was amazing and at the end of the date, she told me she has a kid. She got engaged previously but due to differences in principles they didn't go to marriage. I was okay with that and continued to date. Mostly we go out or hang out at her place along with her kid and everything was going well till the first week of November.
She gave me a lot of emotions and I am happy about that. She proposed many plans for the future, I thought it was too early but I agreed to them thinking finally I found someone. But, her principles are kind of conservative (sorry if it's not the correct word), she used to say that a man should be the head of the family and take care of everything and used to say that men and women can never be equal. This is completely against my belief that all humans are equal irrespective of gender or anything and a couple should share the responsibilities. Next, we didn't have sex too because she said we need to have some engagement or something to do that, I thought it was her opinion and I respected all her opinions. She even said that she loves me and I was happy about it. I was waiting for the right moment to say it.
One evening we were out in a restaurant, she asked me about my salary and all. I said it's alright and I can manage myself now. A point to remember is every time I pay for the dinners and all because I thought why to give her trouble. I always had a dream of my girl taking me out for a date or a small celebration. I even saw my mom buying a shirt to my dad and I wanted such a small thing. I asked her if she can take me out on a date. She said, "No" and it's a guy's thing. Next, she asked if I want her to pay then I said, "Yes", there's no issue with that. She said she will take me to a restaurant but will never pay for anything and never ever in future she will buy something for the household things etc. I was surprised, I told her to let it go as it's only a small dream of mine.
The way she responded made me think if she is ever willing to help me if I am in dire need of it. I told her a situation in future if we are married and then I lose a job, will she able to feed the family till I find work. She said no. I was quite surprised. I told her that if your lover is in need of help and you are not willing to help even though you have the capability to help then it's not love, it's bullshit.
She got angry and did not communicate well with me after I returned home for a week. All her messages were bland. After a week, we made peace. She explained that she is worried that a man will be dependent on her if she helps him. I said am not such kind and am an independent person and that's one of the reasons why I am away from my home country. She asked me how I feel if I take help from a woman. I said that is completely fine, if I need some help I will reach out to people and gender doesn't matter. But I will payback. She was surprised and gave me an example of her grandpa about how he felt bad when her grandma's parents helped him. I said maybe it's him but I don't see any differences. Some other questions also included if I can move to a woman's place. I said not right now because am not ready and I better find a place together but not move into her place until and unless my situation is worse.
So, we left that evening and the way she texted remained bland for the second week. So after a couple of days, I ask her to help me with a language homework (her native language). It was not so time-consuming, I asked her to translate a bunch of questions and answers about myself and everyday life. It's very important for me and I remembered only her and sent her. She did it and sent me saying that she used a translator. I said I would've done myself if it's with the translator, she said she is busy and I don't respect her time. A point to remember here is I often visit her, she lives 1 hr away from the centre. I used to visit her in the evenings and she never let me go in time, I had to take a taxi always past midnight. When I told her this, she said it's my responsibility to control the time.
In the next meeting, she didn't let me kiss her or anything. She was always serious and said she is always thinking about these differences. I said don't be serious for two arguments and it will be fine, we will learn to adjust. I am the kind of a person who forgets the arguments in a couple of minutes. It has been two weeks since we had the first argument and still she didn't become normal. She gave me a big lecture for asking her to help me and she is busy with her son and grandma. I said it's very important and so I asked her and I never had the idea of using a translator. That day I decided not to ask her for any help. It was Friday a couple of weeks ago and the last meeting we had. Sunday that week was her son's birthday. I bought a gift for him. I wanted to wish him and give him the gift. I bought a superman toy because I always dreamed of it but never had it when I was a kid. I felt like he shouldn't miss it and brought him. She said she is busy and did not respond at all. Deep inside I was very sad that I am not able to wish this little guy and give the gift.
I was asking when I can give him the gift, she says she doesn't know. The communication got even worse, I tried to write to her at least twice a day like in the morning and at night how she is and everything. I really missed her a lot. But whenever she responded she used to write very bland. Still, I was okay and calm.
Last Friday, I called her when I was walking in the streets. She said we have to stop meeting and end everything. I was not expecting it. Shocked and didn't know what to do. Tears broke out. I asked her what's the reason, she said we have differences in opinions and the way we see life and it may bring problems to us in future. I asked her to give me the situations and I can adjust and change. She said no and goodbye. I said you can't do it this say and I have to talk. She said she will give me five minutes and say. I was even surprised and said we can fix things. She said goodbye and disconnected.
I called her back after I returned home. She didn't answer and yes I called her multiple times out of emotions. She wrote in the morning, the reasons. She doesn't want to be with a man who is okay with his wife paying for dinner and who can move to a woman's place and she doesn't feel safe. I responded I decided to not take help from you when you reacted like that to my language homework and I will never move to your place.
I was thinking about the whole journey and realized what all the said is different from the beautiful emotions we had. I wrote to her I don't want to be with a woman who doesn't treat humans equal, who thinks that helping her loved one is a burden. Later I was not able to control my emotions and called to fix things. I asked her if we can fix things. She said no, we cannot and the last message I wrote her is not correct and her decision is correct. I said am sorry. I asked her we both can change things and she said no we cannot and she will not change and she doesn't want me to change.
I returned all her letters and things back through taxi and I also send the little guy's toy, I hope he likes it.
Guys, please tell me what did I do? Did I think in the right way? I wanted to tell her the way she handled it was not correct and told her the reasons directly, did I do the right thing here? Can people with difference in opinions live together happily? I deleted everything online related to her. I cannot forge her. How can I come over this? I am sorry if I hurt her, I always thought about her and the kid but I never imagined it would end like this.
TL;DR: GF dumped me over the telephone. I miss her and her kid. Dreamt a lot. We had differences in opinions but she believed that it's right to part ways and said can't live with me. How can I get over this? Can people with difference in opinions live together happily?
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2020.11.25 17:41 Avatrios I think I may have a problem! | Amnesia rebirth #8

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2020.11.25 17:41 marisarani [No Spoilers] Yasha portrait I made this morning (from where I'm up to in C2 😅)

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2020.11.25 17:41 zackyteddy Idea for Minecraft raid on a server/map

Okay, so its my first day on this subreddit but I want to put this out because I have been quite inspired from watching and playing RPG games that have raids in them (namely Division 2 because that's my game with the most playtime, Destiny and all as I hear are pretty cool too!). I've been jotting down my own ideas of what a raid could look like as well to prepare if I were to actually make it a reality!
I'm not talking about a raid like the built-in Minecraft feature of Pillagers and Ravagers and the likes. I mean a real challenge map kind of deal where there are actual raid mechanics (not like oh you just gotta stab the boss a couple of times) where if you do not manage those mechanics, you will wipe and restart that checkpoint. Properties of a raid would be (imo):

  1. A map with story/direction driven
  2. Unique raid boss fights with unique mechanics that will be carried over and used in various places in the raid
  3. Wipe mechanics where failure to satisfy a certain requirement would mean instant restart to the last checkpoint.
  4. Unique gear and weapons to be rewarded
  5. Encourages team synergy and communication (If you've played raids, you would know playing with random mic-less players is a big no no and 99% of the time is a guaranteed failed raid attempt)
  6. Challenging yet fun
I've been watching a couple of videos on how to do this sort of thing and as far as I've seen, command blocks seem like the way to go (or is it?). It is possible but as the average Minecraft player, I have never actually played around with command blocks.
I have a couple of questions and a call for help.
1) Are command blocks the best way to do this? Considering it would be on a server and if so, would it be safe to use on a better supported server where they have their own implemented plugins and such
2) Is this a thing that has been done before? I don't see many search results when I was looking for this sort of thing.
3) Is the best way to integrate this raid idea by adding it to an existing RPG server because of the systems they already have? Or is making it a vanilla map that allows anyone to just download and attempt with their friends? Or just load it onto a server for people to play with their friends and use preset loadouts?
4) Is it viable? I know for a fact that it will be a lot of work. I'm not in it for the money but if I can get it to become part of a server, it would be a nice small stream of income I guess? Its not the main focus but I'm thinking potential especially because Covid has been getting everyone's wallets empty. But its the dream to make it real so money or not, it would still be a cool idea to try and do...eventually.
The call for help: If you are a server owner and are willing to allow a complete stranger to you to try this idea out or pass on this idea to your development team and see where it goes, lemme know! Its an idea thats open to criticism because of the several factors it has. Shoot me down if you must D:
Oh and if you want to see the document I mentioned earlier:
Thanks for reading this crazy idea and very long post. Have a great day fellow redditor and minecrafter!
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2020.11.25 17:41 Ill_Opportunity8734 Mallow the Pomeranian

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2020.11.25 17:41 PhillyBooBird [PSN] [H] Scorer Fennec [W] Offers

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2020.11.25 17:41 lifesindeath [XB1] H: Lvl 1 WWR armor W: rare outfit - Cham ap sneak/WWR scout or leather - or a sweet gun ( Exploding laser )

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2020.11.25 17:41 aleafonthewind001 I was taking too long to prepare dinner..

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2020.11.25 17:41 evilpanda24 how i got better at making and maintaining friendships

I was a loner in year 7, but I think it was around year 9 I started to understand the formula for making and maintaining friendships and I’ve had no problem since. I think it was around year 12 I became friends with a popular group, went to all the house parties and at that time I had several groups of friends. Every conversation starts with a will to action, confidence, etc which all comes firstly from the mind.
I think this is a self esteem thing, you are not “bad at meeting people”, more “struggling with finding the RIGHT set of friends”.
I think you should be completely honest with the people you speak to, for some reason, I always had no problem maintaining friends when I completely opened up to them about my life and experiences. If I could, I made sure I was completely see through and I was transparent with my doubts, anxieties and experiences to someone close to me and I made an effort to call them about those problems... then I could always maintain a friendship with them, because it communicates the idea “we’re in this together”.
Just be completely honest with yourself (write down “what do I think right now” on a piece of paper) and add to it. Journaling your thoughts and the most honest version of what you think. Those are the thoughts on offer during a friendship.
If you think you’re “unlikeable”, write down a list of things you are likeable in. For me, one thing is guitar, and the more I write down ideas of why I am likeable, I can see more from which I can start good conversations. Write down what you are proud of as well. We need to build your mental confidence and self esteem and that will help build relationships.
When you speak to people, do you have a strategy? Strategies can be finding the “official line” or talking about the weather, or you could use a better strategy like “telling what they both want to hear and the truth”. Meaning the best representation is self representation and discussing both positive and negative things with others. For example, you start talking about the present state of government , it’s negative but people respond to it and want to add their discussion to it and that stimulates a good friendship.
“I’ve been trying to work on me” ... Self improvement happens over time, you have to be patient when you apply these things. Talk to lonely and bullied year 7 me, and he would never understand house partying year 12 me. Add a few years and your self improvement shows you’re a completely different and transformed person.
f you feel it’s fake, next time, think of ways you could be more honest in what you speak with other people. If you can be honest about anything or everything, people will stick with you like glue because they want someone to relate to . It’s like this whole entertainment industry is built on that very concept and why people consume endless amounts of TV and news, they want to be validated for their thoughts and want to see something in them, in a tv show or movie. They want something to relate to and that’s an exciting thing for them, just mere drama, and you’re in for 3 seasons and I mean, hours and hours.
Give them something to relate to, and then their friendship is yours.
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2020.11.25 17:41 Stormpax Attention All Georgia Residents Attending College At University of Michigan:

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2020.11.25 17:41 hiplsbemyfriebd i have seasonal skills

so been playing for a year or so and i went from being a shitty player to a decent or plat level skill and now im getting shittier at the game. my aim on t hunt is insane, my movements and all are good on t hunt but when i play casual my brain just goes "oh you’re going online? let me flip the retard switch". also when i just go fuck it i get 2-3 kills per round wtf. i need tips
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2020.11.25 17:41 ericsphotos Listening Post Image, Bainbridge Island

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2020.11.25 17:41 lastofextinct 7346 0632 4047 add friend for mesprit raid

7346 0632 4047 add friend for mesprit raid
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2020.11.25 17:41 brechindave Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen | Professor Guy Standing

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2020.11.25 17:41 Faheen Scientists make major breakthrough in finding out why the Sun shines

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2020.11.25 17:41 Christian_Parkes Can't ollie anymore

Since I injured my leg and started learning fs 180s I can hardly even ollie straight, everytime I ollie I ollie 90 degrees, any tips?
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2020.11.25 17:41 XxTh3xR00st3rxX MCA REINSTATES COMMUNITY CURFEW

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2020.11.25 17:41 fadeG12 garden

do u think sacrifice ur garden is a good idea? like, its very hard to get all the seeds, and the payout is just 10 suger lumps... so do you think its worth it?
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2020.11.25 17:41 Avatrios I think I may have a problem! | Amnesia rebirth #8

I have to run because there is something chasing me, and it's making strange noises.
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2020.11.25 17:41 hase2001 Needing advice. Ropebunny :)

Hey, this could be triggering so please don't read if you struggle with mental health. So idk how to explain it, I will try to be as short as possible 😅 I used to be a ropebunny, being tied up was always my favorite thing in the bed room. Every time me and my partner had some fun we used some sort of rope. I also used rope to calm down and just relax. Now the problem... A friend of mine committed suicide. She hung herself a few months ago and since then I can't enjoy rope. Every time I or we try I get flashbacks and end up having a panic attack. That's not a problem for my partner, he cares about me and doesn't pressure me. But it's kinda a problem for me. I'm scared that I will never be able to enjoy rope again... Has anyone ideas how to learn to enjoy it again? Or did someone experience similar? Thanks for reading..
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2020.11.25 17:41 TractorTime15 Just proud of this old truck for putting up with me. 1997 7.3 manual and a 2006 Bobcat T300 with a Brushwolf 9000 deck.

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2020.11.25 17:41 topredditbot Texans celebrate DOW hitting 30,000 by lining up for free food. [r/pics by u/testuser1500]

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2020.11.25 17:41 XxTh3xR00st3rxX First Nation, Canada Wide, United States and NYS COVID-19 Update

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