Plant ID

2020.11.29 01:57 Lentilsoup39 Plant ID

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2020.11.29 01:57 blakenard CONNOR VANOVER UPVOTE PARTY!!!

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2020.11.29 01:57 JNC1 Why you should stop using trading212 CFDs

These issues are only on the CFD broker, i cannot speak for the investment part because i never used it.

  1. Increasing the margin requirements and decreasing the leverage from 1:5 to 1:2 without a real reason (their reason is increased market volatility and to decrease our risk, but the market has been like this since march.
  2. Today i noticed you can not open buy positions on some stocks that are performing really well over the last weeks (For example PLTR, TSLA,NIO etc.) only sell positions.
  3. There is a minimum contract sice on alot of stocks (mainly ones that arent really volatile and just steady movers, alot of times also really slow gainers) of 10 or even 20. I asked them why on twitter and their reasoning was to decrease risk. lol. The only thing this does is increase risk and minimize ur profits because what good traders do when they enter a trade, especially swing traders like me is 1. Ladder down the entries so its not all at the same spot and 2. put different profit targets so u maximize ur profits and minimize ur losses if the position starts moving against u after u hit a profit target. With how it is for them u will have to close the whole 10 contracts at the same point so lets say for example u have a position thats going in ur favor and then starts turning, alot of people will panic and close it and therefore miss the move after if it turns again.
all 3 of these things arent to decrease ur risk, its to decrease ur profits and increase theirs. Also note the timing of #1 and #2. They probably lost alot on PLTR and now need to take measures to not lose more.
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2020.11.29 01:57 constructional_HK 지금은 사라진 추억의 자동차 기능과 장비 TOP 5

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2020.11.29 01:57 celeriv_ Hello! I'm new here

I made the account to share art on pewdiepiesubmissions but I kind of don't know how to get the karma needed for posting? Someone said it was 500+ and I only have 5 I just post comments here and there and interact in general? Do you have any ☆helpful tips☆?
is it okay to ask this in here? If not i'll erase the post!
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2020.11.29 01:57 nodulequeen Showcase scheduled soon, I don’t have access to a Lyra to practice and am FREAKING OUT.

I always procrastinate my routines, but this one is my first one in a year (might be live-streamed if Covid is still bad) I’m SO out of practice, and my studio is only letting us use the poles in open studio for sanitary reasons. I’m doing a 4:30 , 7 piece strip and roughly 1:30 is supposed to be on the Lyra (doing any less would make me want to cut the Lyra entirely but I’m not super confident with my floor work for 4 entire minutes, and I want to stand out)
For some reason I can’t remember enough tricks for A MINUTE AND A HALF. I’m intermediate(ish) and have even competed but I feel so dumb now because I can’t remember more than like 8 moves and thinking of transitions in my head seems impossible. Not being on a Lyra in so long and not knowing how many times I’ll be able to run it is really getting to me. I’ve been stealing from my old routines...which I do not feel good about and I still can’t do 1:30.... I can’t remember how to transition things and have lost so much strength. I’m so frustrated because I feel like I’m back to year one. Has anyone gone through anything similar, with potentially only being able to run choreography a few times? (I know the burlesque combo situation is a bit different, but any suggestions welcome)
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2020.11.29 01:57 greenith0 Soon to be a VR gamer

I’m having a hard time choosing between the Rift S or the new HP Reverb G2. Are there other options around that price point that are better? Before you suggest the Quest, I’m not interested. Also, what are some good VR games you would recommend?
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2020.11.29 01:57 zedkpea KSP merch?

Looking to give someone something KSP-related for Christmas, maybe a mug or something like that. Anyone know where to get KSP merch, official or unlicensed?
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2020.11.29 01:57 tim_p Kplecraft - NNNN [electronic]

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2020.11.29 01:57 jlmson300 “I guess that’s frowned upon now”

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2020.11.29 01:57 Freekmagnet Putting Gasoline In A Diesel Car - What Happens?

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2020.11.29 01:57 emmanom [REQUEST] Organic Chemistry (Wade & Simek, 9th ed)

And the solutions manual, if you have it please.
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2020.11.29 01:57 The_night_camel Saw this in pixiv, really wanted to share here, sauce in comments

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2020.11.29 01:57 Klippenhof Team/Group Plugin

Hey There,
I am Looking for an addon which let me as Server owner: - assign Players to teams (and the Players can't Change it) - assign permanent Spawns for Teams - change whether or whether not the Teams are Respawning - Set Chat, Ingame Name and Tab-List Prefixes
The Plugin should be compatible with 1.16
I hope someone of you could help me out :) thank's in advance
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2020.11.29 01:57 Scandisk7 Stagnant desert, Me, Digital, 2020

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2020.11.29 01:57 antonzgay Model O connection issues

Just got a model o on black Friday I've noticed that when I move up and down sometimes the mouse pauses and continues I not sure if its just placebo or there's a proper issue
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2020.11.29 01:57 RSDevotion1 Many mental disorders more negatively affect a man's fertility than a woman's (some to a significant extent)

A study in 2013 examining a total of 2.3 million individuals born in Sweden in 1950 to 1970, using government health care records, found evidence for substantially lower fertility among sufferers of various mental illnesses. The fertility of the mentally ill was computed by measuring the fertility ratio (for example, a FR of 0.5 would mean that the diseased group had on average half of the children of the general non-affected population, and a FR of 2.0 would mean double the offspring on average). This ratio reflected the mean number of children that individuals with various mental disorders had, as compared to control individuals of the same age and sex, also accounting for variables such as family size, affected status and parental status. The youngest individuals involved were 40 years old at the time the researchers recorded their data, implying that they had most likely completed their reproductive careers.
The researchers found evidence of substantially strong selection pressure against schizophrenia (male FR 0.23 vs. female FR 0.47), autism (male FR 0.25 vs. female FR 0.48), and anorexia nervosa (male FR 0.54 vs. female FR 0.81), but not bipolar disorder. Depression was weakly negatively associated with fertility for men (FR 0.93) and not at all for women. Substance abuse disorders were also negatively associated with fertility for men, with a weaker relationship with fertility and the condition being discovered for women (male FR 0.78 vs. female FR 0.92). It was also found that the selection pressure against these disorders was found to be consistently higher among men who suffered from them, compared to the women who suffered from these conditions.
This stricter selection pressure on mentally ill men follows Bateman's principle, which suggests that males of most animal species have higher reproductive variance than females. Females, even with certain disorders, have inherently more value than males with the same condition(s) due to the value of their eggs (the bottleneck of reproduction). This would also imply that females may be the more likely contributors of many mental (and even physical) disorders to their offspring due to their higher fertility index than males with the same condition(s).
Anorexia nervosa is likely to physically affect women's fecundity by inhibiting ovulation/gestation. Thus, women's fertility ratio for this condition may be less indicative of their sexual success compared to other mental disorders. In other words, anorexic women may experience greater sexual success with men than their reduced fertility ratio would imply.
There is evidence that many autistic women go underdiagnosed, which presumably mainly affects women with relatively mild autism, such that they have higher reproductive success than autistic men. This under-diagnosis of autism in women implies that, overall, autistic women may have an even higher reproductive success than autistic men. Schöttle et al (2017) found that autism did not so significantly reduce women's ability to find relationships with men, as 46% of women were able to have relationships, while only 16% of men were. Further, it could mean that women are as autistic as men, but their autism goes unnoticed (even in a clinical setting) more frequently because of less observed detrimental aspects of autism in women.

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2020.11.29 01:57 footclanOTF Were you ever drugged at church or religious gathering as a child?

Kind of starting to think this is why some religions push the idea of being "sober" so much... So they can rape you
View Poll
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2020.11.29 01:57 LainetoLane First time doing some off-road fun at the end of the season

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2020.11.29 01:57 EnterpriseNews_Elf The week in bankruptcies: NIR West Coast Inc. dba Northern California Roofing

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2020.11.29 01:57 Kryptik_Kai Really? One Hour!?

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2020.11.29 01:57 jawaeae Todos después del stream de hoy :)

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2020.11.29 01:57 Zeroara Hey do you guys know the name of this comic?

There was this comic that I used to read it was about this girl, who had a gem on neck and it had powers or something. And at certain times the gem would speak to the girl. I have no clue what it’s called
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2020.11.29 01:57 SockMango So after finishing Miles Morales...

Do you still get random crimes? I’m trying to justify buying game for my PS4 Pro. I’m not super happy with the price tag but.,
On original Spider-Man... • I didn’t care for playing Mary Jane. • I always had the lab puzzles auto-complete. • I didn’t care for playing Miles.
Everything else was excellent, even the three DLCs!
I’m thinking since Spider-Man Miles Morales doesn’t have the stuff I didn’t care for anyway it might be a good deal as long as I get random crimes at all times. I already know that there is a NG+ so that is great! But I really need to know if the random crimes persist after game is over too.
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2020.11.29 01:57 Gusiowo [H] Valorant Account With +35 Paid Skins. 8 Knives & 3 BP. [W] Paypal

Pm me.
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