Thomas1774Paine: Far Left’s ‘Green’ Pentagon Jeopardizes National Security, Republicans Say

2020.11.29 01:46 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: Far Left’s ‘Green’ Pentagon Jeopardizes National Security, Republicans Say

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2020.11.29 01:46 chromera I love this. Local web series One Brick Shy shows us how to wear our hearts on our...shins.
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2020.11.29 01:46 CT24601 No matter what you say, deep down you know it’s a possibility...

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2020.11.29 01:46 succmetoes9000 Cursed_target

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2020.11.29 01:46 dusty_omelette Add yellow snow to Minecraft

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2020.11.29 01:46 jerlendso Looking to collaborate on a Django project.

I've built basic django apps but I want to do something more advanced to improve my skills. I have experience with Docker and would be open to using Vue or React as well. I don't mind learning new technologies and Im looking for someone who wants to collaborate on a project together
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2020.11.29 01:46 BIRDSBEEZ Kamila 2nd Verse

This song probably won’t gain any traction at all but the 2nd verse might be the best on the tape.
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2020.11.29 01:46 nomorehoney Anyone else noticed the snow falling up instead of down in several scenes?

I wanna rewatch the entire series and take note of which scenes the snow is flowing up in, because I have this weird feeling it ties in with the greater mystery of what the hell is going on with the properties of this planet. I think I first noticed it around the big snake holes, and now we know things can fall both ways through those things from opposite sides of the planet, I'm wondering what else could be flowing through there, besides probably giant ass flying super snakes soon.
I absolutely love any show that has so much thought put into it by its creators. Being able to hyper focus on details like this and come up with wild theories is my favorite thing to enjoy while watching anything.
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2020.11.29 01:46 zarymoto insert title here

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2020.11.29 01:46 heeroyuy135 Chika excited for new Love Live vinyls on my car

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2020.11.29 01:46 GamePhotoModePorn2 Posted by u/ProximityScan in r/forza

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2020.11.29 01:46 axyz1995 This might explain why the Americans among us might find it harder to build meaningful relationships?

Found this on science
‘Early-circumcised men reported lower attachment security and lower emotional stability while no differences in empathy or trust were found. Early circumcision was also associated with stronger sexual drive and less restricted socio-sexuality along with higher perceived stress and sensation seeking.’
Maybe the culture of seeing multiple people at the same time and the eventual exclusivity conversation that is unique to the US might also have become the norm because of the lack of emotional development caused by this, in American males?
I don’t mean even the slightest disrespect. I’m not posting this with any intention to insult Americans or their culture(at most to exhort you guys to get this to stop. It hurts all men, straight and gay, and women too). I just find it very unfortunate :(
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2020.11.29 01:46 AbandonedLad babooi

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2020.11.29 01:46 BandicootSVK Can´t wait for December 1st

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2020.11.29 01:46 Gwathdraug Editing a sea shanty video

I am doing a sixth pass at editing a Bounding Main video that has been problematic. Largely, it has to do with the challenges of having five isolated individuals (well, except for the Twins, who live together) performing a song that is not only in perfect harmony but is also synchronized exactly without being anywhere near each other. Each of my earlier tries caused me to learn new aspects of the software (Magix Vegas) and to try innovative ways to present a song that we've performed together at scores of venues across eight countries. In combining all of the footage it is going to take about five hours for the software to render the final video. I really enjoy this work - it is so much more interesting than the multitude of industrial videos that I used to create for the machining industry. Once the rest of the crew has reviewed this latest effort I hope to be able to share it with all of you before the end of the calendar year.
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2020.11.29 01:46 SANT1_3004 Muy linda la Bocchi pero en la noche es fantástica 👍

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2020.11.29 01:46 NetflixAndBurn 24 [M4F] UK/Earth. Switch - play me like one of your french nintendos

Excuse the titanically awful pun, but yes, I am a switch. A true d/s centrist.
What is this clown looking for? Simply put, a monogamous relationship. I'm looking first and foremost at getting to know someone as a friend, maybe going on a movie date, y'know? (And by movie date I mean watch together online, but now you've made me explain that the mood is dead. Well done).
I'm demi or whatever the cool kids call it these days so this how it have to be. Please form an orderly queue inside my DMs and I'll get back to you once I finish all my important real life commitments (probably about 4 minutes).
In terms of who I'm looking for, I'm attracted to people who are opinionated, a little stubborn, sassy - that sort of thing. I like to learn all that is reasonable about someone and how they view the world. I realise that kind of relationship isn't for everyone though.
I mention the switch thing not because that's the driving force behind any relationship I engage in (far from it) but because it's an important aspect of myself that doesn't suit some people. And also I wanted to make pun.
How does he waste his free time? My interests are morality, coding, bad movies, absurd/dark humour, controversy and chocolate milkshake. Hit me up with weird hypotheticals, they work better than nudes. I like music: mostly subgenres within the alternative scene, but I have a few songs for most of the main genres. And you name it; if it's considered amongst the worst of all time, I'll probably vibe with it.
Noteable qualities (according to others): - Hugs like a dog - Sleeps like a cat - Runs like a zebra
Noteable Achievements -
What kind of animal do you most resemble? Happy to swap photos on request, though I prefer to talk for a short while first. That's face pictures btw, not, yeah. Anyway.
How do I even message someone like this? Remember: there is always time to turn back. But if you're absolutely certain, send a song, mention something you hated or liked about this post, and send a picture of the famous person you think looks most like me based on the zero information you have. Good luck!
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2020.11.29 01:46 ChemtrailsBro The Forever War by Round Earth Theory

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2020.11.29 01:46 GuessIshouldnt just some lucky trades i did (yes i play on pc)

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2020.11.29 01:46 Damaged_Sunflower POV from Corrina 🍍

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2020.11.29 01:46 DuccSoph Tree in Meridian, ID. Has been here since we bought the house. My sister is trying to use it for a school project but can’t figure out what it is. Sorry that I can’t give more information. We really don’t know much about it. What tree is this?

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2020.11.29 01:46 yianni1229 RUTGERS BEATS PURDUE 37-30

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2020.11.29 01:46 andrews9899 Walmart Echelon Connect vs EX1

I am considering purchasing the Echelon Connect from Walmart ($497) or the EX1 from Echelon (currently $799). I’m having trouble figuring out the difference between the two models besides the price? Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2020.11.29 01:46 swimmerincamo “Blooming Rose” Apple Pie I made this Thanksgiving

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2020.11.29 01:46 arisgiel Bro my Turtle Morty has kept one of the minnows, guess he's Minnow-Rick!

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