Trump's outcasts in the civil and foreign service may get a second chance under Biden

2020.11.25 17:58 discorporating Trump's outcasts in the civil and foreign service may get a second chance under Biden

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2020.11.25 17:58 skye006 Friend needs PoGo Friends 8939 4845 9533

My friend is new to PoGo and needs friends!!!
8939 4845 9533
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2020.11.25 17:58 TheRockmore I Can't Figure This Out, and I'm Embarrassed, But How Do I Find the Difference Between Two Dollar Properties?

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2020.11.25 17:58 proflevoland2019 VROOOEEEMM!?

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2020.11.25 17:58 PewDiePie-tro È riapparso dopo la sua scomparsa, di nuovo.

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2020.11.25 17:58 nyx0210 me 24/7

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2020.11.25 17:58 WavesNews Waves Go Node update

Waves Go Node update
Waves Node Go has been updated to v0.8.2 with a critical bug fix and addition of DEB packages for the installation of Gowaves Node and Waves Market Data. This update is mandatory for nodes running on the mainnet.

Release notes (
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2020.11.25 17:58 gjtime Is it possible to flash the BIOS with the "windows installer based BIOS updater" from Hiren Boot CD?

The Laptop manufacturer only provides a windows installer to update the BIOS; so, if I install Linux, I was wondering if the BIOS can be updated via Hiren Boot ISO from USB?
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2020.11.25 17:58 jarusai New miner for a new market

Heya boys and girls, I got the game a few days ago for free, yet here I am already complaining.
So, I went straight down the space mining path and was making those space coins ringing into my space pockets, thanks to Painite. Then the space wolves of Wall Street crashed the space marked and I was wondering what the space f**k should I do next (space!!).
I've been reading a few posts in here but couldn't really get hang of it, so I hope some of you more experienced captains would share their point of view :
should I just take the hit and stick to Painite farming even after the outrageous drop in prices?
I've seen the price of LTD is still decent on Miner's Tool, is it worth to dip in to that market with laser mining, or there are downsides, like good asteroids are harder to find or something (I've read here that laser-Painite should be still the most rewarding $$/time)?
Is core mining worth it? I keep reading about a bug involving the pulse wave thingy, but I tried to use mine on my ASP Explorer and it seemed to work fine (unless I completely misunderstood the bug's mechanic). I'm really attracted by the sexy selling price of those Void Opal!

Thanks for taking the time to reading this and thank you even more if you'll take the time to share your opinion/answer my questions.
Btw sorry if some sentences don't make much sense, but space English is not my first language.
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2020.11.25 17:58 EfficientFapper 28 [M4F] Looking for a constant virtual FwB during and maybe even after quarantine

I'm a guy with a relatively high sex drive that is afraid to meet up with new people during quarantine. As horny as I am, I feel like a bit of safety and whole lot of self-control goes a long way when it comes to beating this pandemic.
A bit about me - Solid 7.8 out of 10 - Relatively athletic though I don't have abs. I do workout 3-5 times a week. I still have cuts but home workouts don't really hit that hard - Really good writer if you're into sexting - Is almost always game to have quick video sex call(s) after 12am (I work a lot, and I also make decent money) - I have a lot of endurance (ran a 24k fun run a few months ago before covid though). I can last several rounds if you're into that - Willing to satisfy your fetishes if you have any (within reason though) - Not looking for a serious romantic relationship right now and I honestly don't care if you're seeing anyone else. Though if you want to be friends, that's perfectly fine with me, but my time to chat is very limited to early in the morning
My preferences - 18-35 not picky but please no minors - Solid 7s would be nice (a pretty face really gets me going since I really like CoF and CoM) - Slim figure - Decent personality and grammar
Reason for posting: A lot of matches on Bumble really want to hook up in person and I just can't, which really frustrates me. I know a lot of people are in the same boat as I am so maybe we can help each other out get through this.
P.S. I'm also open to extending our setup post-covid if we get along. Once it's safe I'd love to be able to meet and satisfy each other physically.
Message me and let's exchange pics on Telegram. Stay safe everyone!
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2020.11.25 17:58 Prestigious_Travel_4 Bro ban this shit

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2020.11.25 17:58 SkyAir457 Imagine going to your friends house and this dog popped out

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2020.11.25 17:58 Fedora-The-Pandora Git & Git Extentions

I heard about git extentions and decided to look into them. After I downloaded it I realised I didn't really want to use it as I found what I needed could be found from the other programs I have installed. The issue is I since I downloaded it, when I try and commit from git bash it directs me to it. Now I have deleted it I can't commit through bash. Is there any way to revert the settings on git bash so I can commit through that? Thanks
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2020.11.25 17:58 vc6vWHzrHvb2PY2LyP6b I've had my cat for 8 days and want to return her?

I'll preface this by saying I struggle with anxiety and depression.
I got a cat in 2017, but I returned it after a week because of the overwhelming responsibility that comes with being responsible for someone else.
It's been 8 days with this new cat, and the same thing is eating me alive. I can't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, I'm self-harming (which I haven't done in 8 months), and I'm eating MAYBE 1000 calories per day.
She's actually a great cat- she's 2 years old, no litterbox issues, she doesn't scratch or bite humans, and she's affectionate.
One issue I have is she meows CONSTANTLY during the day. I'm also kind of autistic, and every time she meows it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Unfortunately, I think she's vocal in general and this is something that won't go away. She also makes chirping sounds as she walks that sound kind of like a nervous moan, which in turn make me nervous.
Also, I have a railing on the 2nd floor that overlooks the first floor, and I think she'd be badly injured if she jumped through, but she gets dangerously close! Not just peeking through, but putting like half her body through it.
Ultimately, I want to return her because I feel a constant headache from this amount of responsibility. I can barely take care of myself! I don't know what I want to even do with my life. What if in 6 months I decide to move to New Zealand?
I called my mom to talk to her about why I want to return her, but she just yelled at me. I called my grandpa, and he just dismissed it like having a cat is as big of a responsibility of having a lamp.
Edit: I also talked to my counselor and he just gave me a firm middle-of-the-road response and just made it about "whatever you do, it's ok".
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2020.11.25 17:58 Maverickbass_ Keep it going!

KEEP SUPPORTING!! I'll follow back just Tag/DM and I got you instantly. MUCH love/luck to all! #PositiveEnergy Follow here
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2020.11.25 17:58 Learningasidraw You guys liked the Sauron pin I posted a while back, here is the Witchking one :)

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2020.11.25 17:58 Nervous-Chair-8429 LA Galaxy Ringtone by Los Angeles Galaxy FanChants (Download)

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2020.11.25 17:58 PuppyLover77 WIN a Ninja Foodi 6L Multi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer {US CA UK} (11/30/2020)

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2020.11.25 17:58 DavidNipondeCarlos He wakes me up while he is tired, second pic mouth closed to see a face.

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2020.11.25 17:58 reddit_feed_bot Lifezette: Heroes In Blue: Police Officers Help Deliver Thanksgiving Meals Donated By Anonymous Family

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2020.11.25 17:58 AwesomeToadUltimate What Do I Do Now?

I was trying to defeat the iron golem again in survival but I died. However, I was sent back to a place far away due to the game saying that I did not have a home bed. However, I had slept before though and had my bed in my inventory. I lost all of my items and I don’t know where I am. What do I do now? Should I quit survival Minecraft? I’ve never even beaten the Ender Dragon before.
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2020.11.25 17:58 cnr0 What to do with small indoor-locationing bluetooth beacons from Motorola?

Dear friends, in one of my drawers I have just found 10 bluetooth locationing beacons from Motorola. All I can understand is they are 7&24 broadcasting some specific ID data through Bluetooth to the air. These things are mostly used for indoor locationing purposes.
Modem number is Motorola / Zebra MPACT-T1B10-000-WR or ATLS-T1B.
Do you have any creative and practical ideas what I can do with these small things? If not, does these worth to sell?
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2020.11.25 17:58 legendaryAlien Master of disguise

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2020.11.25 17:58 agingercrab Thalberg Fantasia on 'God Save the Queen', Op.27

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2020.11.25 17:58 Alkazzi How much Primogems Have you saved for zhonlig ? My F2P people

View Poll
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