26 hard inquiries

2020.11.29 02:59 Nunyabiz89 26 hard inquiries

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2020.11.29 02:59 AgeeTyler “Dig” in this spot for chest.

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2020.11.29 02:59 XxtasteyAtomic Rate my character

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2020.11.29 02:59 browaken Today is the beginning of any damn thing you want ☀️

Today is the beginning of any damn thing you want ☀️
POWERFUL saying, I wanted to share with everyone.
You can do this. UP VOTE this post if you feel this resonates with you
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2020.11.29 02:59 Pedro_CPU Spirits, who invented sex?

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2020.11.29 02:59 Father_Time322 Obnoxious, In-Your-Face Instagram Commercial

Every time I hear the end of the Instagram commercial where the kid goes “aye yo!” I want to shoot my tv. And all the bullshit they shove at you about diversity by seeing just how much they uncomfortable shit they can pack into one short ad.
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2020.11.29 02:59 CoupleKnown UNDERRATED DIZASTER BODYBAGS

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2020.11.29 02:59 breadlips Tryna get my songs to over 1000 plays!!! EP Called New Earth, Bad Earth

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2020.11.29 02:59 Harleyquinn4infinity Since It 1&2 was on tv yesterday lol

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2020.11.29 02:59 ReaperLeviathan14 Does sleeping every night stop rain or thunderstorms from spawning?

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2020.11.29 02:59 MumblingShovel Slavery

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2020.11.29 02:59 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @photon5832975: 一度くらいしか行かないような場所がけっこうあったよね #PSHOME https://t.co/dbRKq5fCi6

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2020.11.29 02:59 SupremeGodDictator Lawyer's of reddit, have you ever defended a pedophile? if so why?

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2020.11.29 02:59 the_cosworth [OC] Christmas finally hit my living room

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2020.11.29 02:59 MJ_enginerring Question for experienced growers

Given a 5x5 with a 600w HPS would lining the tent full of 1 gallon pots and doing a 12/12 from seed produce more than a 4-6 plant plant grow doing an average veg and flower cycle starting in solos, then 1 gal grow bag, then 5 gal grow bag. I a YouTube video of a guy who had several plants on a 12/12 from seed so I’m curious if what he’s doing is just plain ineffecient.
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2020.11.29 02:59 redit202 Weekly Facebook Page update for Princess Daisy - November 28, 2020

Weekly Facebook Page update for Princess Daisy - November 28, 2020 Your Page Insights Summary for Princess Daisy
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2020.11.29 02:59 TheNRTNurse Has anyone been watching Love After Lockdown? A Toronto based dating show

Reality tv is one of my addictions and when I found out a dating show was starting in Toronto I couldn't wait! The episodes are short, but I've been enjoying it so far! I heard there's a casting for season 2! Anyone else watching it?
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2020.11.29 02:59 RLCD-Bot [Pink Octane] [Purple Octane: Bodacious] [Standard Purple] [Purple Cristiano]

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2020.11.29 02:59 Montana18745th Another family adopting son.

Hey everyone I thought this would be the place for some information. To make a long story short my son sexually abused his 2 brothers. He was voluntarily put into theraputic foster care almost 2 years ago for a laundry list of issues. He is being charged in court for my one son. So I'm the father of the victim and suspect. They appointed a guardian ad litem. We haven't spoken to her yet. In the meantime he says he wants the family his with to adopt him. Bio mom has been out of the picture for many years and is willing to sign off on this. I'm agreeable also. Me and my wife decided we cant keep putting our other kids in danger. The criminal case is weak at best bc hes a juvenile and my other is a toddler. My question is can the court stop a private adoption? Can the GAL get involved being she was assigned for criminal court? Anything I should do? This is what he wants I just feel it's all complex. Hes due to be released in February from theraputic foster care. Nobody can take him and like I said bio Mom cant care for him. I live in Pennsylvania? I contacted an attorney but she hasnt gotten back to me. I'm assuming bc of the holiday recently.
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2020.11.29 02:59 Mrphjrkdadrftr Hiding in a pie chart

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2020.11.29 02:59 anyanix Love you :*

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2020.11.29 02:59 RadioLeningrad Little Trilobite hangin' out

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2020.11.29 02:59 cartichungus YOOOOOOOO ALBUM COVER ART

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2020.11.29 02:59 FormerRevokerAbuser What is the term about 'from its own definition'

There is a term that means something about..
the word being used has a definition which is derived and understood because it itself exists.
That's to say, like... Apple. it's got to do with that the object and the word are equivalent and you don't need any external explanation to define it.

And a plus would be to help me find the inverse of that word. I encoutnered these two words together because the previous one I mentioned was about using a word that kind of defines itself. Not necessarily in a circular way of logic either, it's something like its own definition is derived from the word. The other word that was the inverse was something along the lines of being more abstract or composite.
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2020.11.29 02:59 thehiddenjeweler All the native Pittsburghers here should enjoy this tidbit of history about this classic. This commercial is older than me but it always marks the beginning of the holiday season for me!

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