Disecting the Finnish flag

2020.11.27 21:46 Perunajunior Disecting the Finnish flag

Blue: Representing the lakes White: SNOW yellow: sunlight
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2020.11.27 21:46 asikuno4s I am trying to identify what type of fallacies these statements that I found on twitter are, but I'm having trouble doing so

"The only solution to ensure the safety of women, is for men to not exist."
"If a man doesn't offer emotional support, he is useless. Read that twice."
Thank you
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2020.11.27 21:46 stepoffmykoolaid Friend moved and left me with all of his plants... hoping to see what these are!

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2020.11.27 21:46 VGS1337 1940

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2020.11.27 21:46 Amazing-Leopard5840 Hey guys i don't know if i can post this here but i made this and i am new to this stuff please let me know what u think of it

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2020.11.27 21:46 Ok-Committee7535 קובנה

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2020.11.27 21:46 RWTD_Burn Final Fight stools (bit pricy though)

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2020.11.27 21:46 Evisceratrix666 Lit Lovecraft, with bonus "Poe will, that didn't go so well," sorry for not having both Lovecraftian luminaries in the same original post!

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2020.11.27 21:46 kaibotsujohan_bot ELI5:Do donated organs age according to the donor´s age or do they adapt to the age of the new body?

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2020.11.27 21:46 TeacherofCivics Looking for long term substitute

I will be going out on medical leave on 12/4 and will need a long term sub from 12/7/20 to 1/22/21. This time does include a 2 week winter break from 12/21/20 to 1/4/21.
This is a middle school social studies position in Springfield but I promise you it will be the best subbing position you've ever had. Hours are 7:10 - 2:15.
You must be set up with Duval County's subbing system. Please send me a private message for more information if you or anyone you know is interested. Thanks
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2020.11.27 21:46 itsmikeomfq Friends' Microphone Feed Isn't Being Picked Up

hello, all! I'm here hoping I can get some answers for an issue my friend is having. Their microphone is working fine on Discord and when testing it in game, their voice is picked up (get the 'We heard you!' message), but when they join our lobbies, we can't hear them in or out of game. Is this a known issue, and is there any way to fix it?

We already tried the open beta and she hasn't alt-tabbed at all to flub the voice chat. All of the fixes I know of that have worked for me and other friends aren't working for her.
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2020.11.27 21:46 itsdomee It do be like that.

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2020.11.27 21:46 PorvokativeFredo Mega gengar on me 5780 4020 9670

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2020.11.27 21:46 irish_boyle Favorite game mode

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2020.11.27 21:46 xbugel Monitor II headphones - better built quality than Monitor I?

Hello, can anyone advise please? I'm thinking of getting Monitor II for my dad. But I'm not sure if Monitor II got some upgrade in terms of built quality. I gave him Monitor I about 2 years ago, the sound is absolutely amazing!!! but I was very dissatisfied with the materials used. Ear cushions started to peel off first, thats fine, you can replace those. But headband cushion started to do it as well and you cannot replace that apparently. But thats not the worst thing. I have absolutely no idea what did they use for the wire connecting the two ear pieces (that thin curly wire leading from each earpiece somewhere under the headband) but it looks like the rubber insulation dried off and cracked on several places. It literally looks like as if a dog chew on the wire. We dont have a dog.
Judging from pictures, it looks like the 2 small wires are a bit thicker on monitor2, but its hard to tell from pictures. Anyonme here tried both and can compare please?
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2020.11.27 21:46 viciousmonkey92 Grainy noise in my photos - Panasonic G7 Lumix

Hello everyone,
I was hoping you guys could help me out with my camera. I am a photography noob. I purchased a Panasonic G7 Lumix recently, mostly just as a hobby. I have noticed there is a lot of grainy noise in my photos. I have been trying to teach myself manual mode (probably the root of my issue). In Lightroom, I find that I need to add a lot of noise reduction (see photo of my sister and her fiance below).
Particularly, if you look at the blue wall in the background, you'll see a lot of grainy-ness. This noise is present in almost all of my photos in various light settings. Any idea as to why my photos look so grainy? Am I just letting in too much light?
Thanks so much!
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2020.11.27 21:46 frankenyj5 Putting a steering dampener on my 1976 jeep cj 5. Do you know of any steering dampener kits that might work for 1 1/4 inch steel steering?

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2020.11.27 21:46 ExistingPhotograph1 Black Friday sale

I really don’t understand why covet doesn’t have a higher limit than 1 HA for their Black Friday sale. Even 2 or 3?
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2020.11.27 21:46 andytuck042191 Is anybody's shop currently selling lily seeds?

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2020.11.27 21:46 maximum98 Looking for fellow fortnite players

Looking for a duos parter since my friends PC broke. Preferably in the US and pls have a mic. Add me Hood-Monkey_98
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2020.11.27 21:46 ddinduy got a drug test in about 1 and 3/4 months

i smoked beginning of September for maybe a week straight solely off of carts then i smoked about 1.5 gram of weed first of november and 2 carts from the 18th of november to the the 24th. my dt is probably january 5th what can i do to get thc out of my system im 5’11 170 lbs im gonna try to sweat it off and drink a lot of water but would like to receive some tips aswell. and also does cranberry juice work with geting rid of thc out of your system quicker?
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2020.11.27 21:46 100LL Maynard from Tool performs Sober, before it was Sober. 1987.

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2020.11.27 21:46 gunnarbejujular Suggestions for a returning player looking for easy content

Memes aside, I'm wondering what the game is like now for someone who wants to carebear in high sec and make some isk flying ships. I was in a car accident and my back is broken so I'll be laid up in bed for a while drugged out of my mind on pain killers. I want something kind of mindless to do while I recover.
The last time I played was 4 or 5 years ago and I ran L4s in high sec with a mach before I lost it in a site to a power outage. Since it has been so long since then I have to wonder, is site running still viable or has that been nerfed/changed in the past few years? I can fly a proteus and have near perfect mach skills and a lot of Sisters of Eve LP that I never cashed in before quitting last time.
Any suggestions on what I could be doing with my newfound spare time?
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2020.11.27 21:46 kreeperskid Soundboard randomly plays

I installed VoiceMod, and I got the lifetime deal for Pro today. Sometimes while I'm typing, my soundboard randomly plays. I'm not pressing anything even NEAR my keybinds for it, and sometimes it happens even without my pressing anything on my keyboard at all. (My keybinds are specific ones, like "0+INS", that kind of thing)
It's getting really annoying, and I can't figure out why it's doing it. Sometimes it plays multiple at the same time, like I said, without any input from my mouse or keyboard at all. Is there a fix for this?
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2020.11.27 21:46 xPray4Deathx DayzTips #79 | Watchtower Guide Guide (1.08)

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