New player, just came across one of these for the first time. Wow it's pretty.

2020.11.27 20:56 Hashbee123 New player, just came across one of these for the first time. Wow it's pretty.

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2020.11.27 20:56 jdmloverzld Haal nou is die fk hand weg

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2020.11.27 20:56 dketterer1 The struggle is real

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2020.11.27 20:56 toqueh Ah yes, that's what I meant

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2020.11.27 20:56 frodolives28 Across the Grand Canyon - Rim2Rim2Rim - a 50 mile adventure

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2020.11.27 20:56 logoki Saw this tiny little guy today at the beach! ((My finger’s in the second picture for size reference))

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2020.11.27 20:56 DavidoffCoolwaterIII all i want for november iiiiiisssss.....

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2020.11.27 20:56 Williamligue Tune Into Funny Money Starring Economedian John Keynes!

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2020.11.27 20:56 Atom-the-conqueror Is Sam Ehlinger overrated?

Probably getting downvotes on this one. But every time I watch Texas the commentators talk like he’s the best thing in football, even saying he has the best looking arms today, and he always has preseason Heisman hype. His play is fine but nothing great to me. As a four year starter with a ton of talent around him they have underachieved every year. Does he get this hype just because it’s Texas or am I really missing something here?
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2020.11.27 20:56 Piglet_Agreeable Why is racism against black people heavily discouraged (as it should be) but there’s massive racist tropes about Indians online?

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2020.11.27 20:56 panda-aiman :)0.0(:

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2020.11.27 20:56 thirdlost $22.0B implied valuation for Impossible Foods

Got an email for an *express deal* on impossible foods. They say this is a one-time offer good for the first single investor that picks it up
Fund Name EquityZen Growth Technology Fund LLC - Series 349*
Fund Strategy Impossible Foods, Class A Common Stock
Sales Fee 5.00%
Expected Share Price $85.00 (incl. fees, $89.25)
Security Type Class A Common Stock
Implied Company Valuation $22.0B
Latest Post Money Valuation $4.2B
Premium 426.32%
Minimum Investment Size $85,000
So..... - you are buying at 5x current value - and are paying $4250 in fees
So far, after 4 days looks like no one has taken them up on this offer
I am guessing this is for those looking for a highly speculative investment (expecting to see >5x increase in valuation)
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2020.11.27 20:56 eliteprephistory maki and sashimi 🍱

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2020.11.27 20:56 NoTimeToSortByNew Simple, black leather motorcycle jacket?

I’ve been searching for a black leather jacket that is slim and has CE rated armor but doesn’t scream MOTORCYCLESSS YEAHHHH!!! I have a Dainese Racing 3 jacket and pants (with pucks) I wear when I’m going out for a fun ride, but I don’t like wearing it when I’m riding my bike to go meet with friends or using the bike as an actual form of transportation. It just looks like I’m about to go race when I’m just going around town. I really like the Dainese Bryan jacket in black, especially because I love the minimalist style and it’s Dainese, a name I trust for protection, but I can’t find one for the life of me (discontinued). Anyone else have suggestions for other similar black leather jackets that have CE rated protection but looks really casual and simple like the Bryan? The Razon is my second choice but I’m not sure if I like the stretch fabric parts of the jacket
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2020.11.27 20:56 DolanDuckest Pis and shet

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2020.11.27 20:56 Bloooooberry Best Indica/Hybrid Cresco LLR for Creativity?

Hi all,
I’m looking for a Cresco LLR Cartridge that is an indica or hybrid to use at nighttime that will make me creative and will also have some of that “uplifting” feeling that a sativa gives.
Any recommendations? I was looking at 707 headband, Pina Rita, Pineapple Express, gg4, etc.
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2020.11.27 20:56 JellyBean547734 New idea for Jwa

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2020.11.27 20:56 AddictiveAdamz M4M 28 chub looking to suck

Look to suck a load for a nice cock. Arab and black men and plus but all welcome. The More aggressive the better. Looking for now 249 and bammel area. Kik+
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2020.11.27 20:56 mmpro55 What is the purpose of us having so many different antioxidants? Do they all have different functions/locations of function?

There are a variety of different antioxidants in our bodies. Some are nutritionally required vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta-Carotene), while others are manufactured by the body and may be marginally absorbed through diet (Glutathione, Lipoic Acid, CoQ10).
Why do we have so many? Do they work primarily in different areas of the body (intracellularly, extracellulary, in the skin, in the brain)? Do they have different functions (ie: metal chelation)?
They may work to recycle one-another, doesn't this imply that they have different functions/locations of function?
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2020.11.27 20:56 DeltaRay235 Wyleth Deck Direction

I am building a Wyleth deck and I'm having some difficulties deciding what path to go, equipment, auras, or both. I have really strong cards in both archetypes, e.g. artifacts I have the swords of xxx, artifact supports like mox opal for extra mana, pure steel paladin, leonin shakiri, stone forge etc. For Auras I have solid strong auras and academy rector, replenish, and Serra's Sanctum. Is one of the two better than the other or would he be stronger to do a mix?
The Auras seem easier to rebuild if you have like a Faith's reward or replenish to bring them from the graveyard but the equipment doesn't leave the battlefield if it's wiped. In using both, support cards like puresteel paladin or Serra's Sanctum are less beneficial but you get a wider range of effects. All three options seem viable but I don't want to make 3 different decks, I'd like to just do one.
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2020.11.27 20:56 anoclew Waaffe: a convertible Bluetooth 60/80 ortholinear keyboard

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2020.11.27 20:56 TehConsole Question CS 1.5 is way louder

I just picked up a CS 1.5 a little back and it shot well and smooth but after lubing and taking it apart it’s been shooting a good bit louder. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned it a few times since to try and see what it might be but it’s still shooting way louder. Any idea what it might be? Thank you
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2020.11.27 20:56 _boardwalk 34 [M4F] Austin/online - All I want for the holidays is an adventurous homebody for hypothetical DINK status

You know that cute older couple you met on vacation once that were a month into their several month long vacation, who’d return to home base after to pick up their hobbies and/or life’s work while planning another trip? Yeah, I want that.
I usually write tomes so I’ll try to be terse-ish for a change:

Send me a message (not a chat) with a little about yourself and a picture. Here’s me and one more. If this post is still up, I’d still like to hear from you :).
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2020.11.27 20:56 GayAndrofluid_Bitch I have a question

I was doing my homework and I thought "if Jesus can walk on water then what happens if he gets hit by a wave?" I'm not Christian and I am genuinely asking.
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2020.11.27 20:56 OldBayMoonshiner Hey r/BlueCollarWomen! This is the APUP

Greetings to all BlueCollarWomen users! We are the American People’s Union Party. We are a minor political party founded in 2019. We want to bring back American industrial and agricultural might and it starts with you! Here is our party manifesto if anyone is interested in joining and I’ll link our sub at the end as well.
A little backstory:
We are the APUP, a party built by the people, for the people. We are based on support for blue collar workers, the lower and middle classes, and small town Americans. Fiscally, we are predominantly left to center left, and socially center to right. To see our full program, check out APUP
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