Go! Vocês sabiam que tem uma versão rara do PS2? Eu nunca tinha ouvido falar 🤔 |

Vocês sabiam que tem uma versão rara do PS2? Eu nunca tinha ouvido falar 🤔

2021.01.21 04:59 similaraleatorio Vocês sabiam que tem uma versão rara do PS2? Eu nunca tinha ouvido falar 🤔

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2021.01.21 04:59 Majestic-Thing-1305 15F Get your personal trainer here!

I dance and do gymnastics so I stretch a lot and I think people should do more of that, especially if you are at home a lot. So maybe I can motivate you to do some stretching or we can just talk. Introduce yourself and tell me why you wanna get more fit!
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2021.01.21 04:59 Timebender4444 Distance

I’m 23 and my boyfriend is 54 . Lately it feels like there’s a Grand Canyon between us. Especially during intimacy. We rarely kiss, he doesn’t give blow or hand jobs, we sleep in different rooms. I’m always the horny one. I’m starting to think he’s only with me cause he’s afraid to die alone and I’m just a desperate choice of his. Lol help
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2021.01.21 04:59 evesupernova Lorde Drivers License correlation?

Does the new Drivers License song remind anyone else of Lorde?
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2021.01.21 04:59 outerspace20 Theories about how WandaVision will evolve according Avengers Disassembled comics

Processing img 61lfbv3iamc61...
So, I've been crazy reading and watching about theories and I ended up reading and watching videos about the comics Avengers Disassembled. Correct me if I'm wrong, add theories, I’m open to discussion and I don’t know how reliable this is.
Disclaimer: couldn't shorten it, I'm sorry. Also, english is not my first language and I don't know if I wrote it well lol.
This is how it's started: The Avengers and many other heroes go crazy, they start acting weird like they've been controlled or something, they fight each other, some of them die (including Vision), Krees shows up, Krulls as well and everything becomes a huge mess. Nobody understood what was happening until Dr. Strange appears and mentions that when one has the control/power over reality, they may feel tempted to change it whenever they're bothered by something in it, and this is harmful for the others and themselves (not to mention reality), a piece of the person disappears every day and they might be suffering too ("Who is doing this to you, Wanda?").
There's a flashback were The Wasp and Wanda are talking, Wasp mentions something about the Avengers not being allowed to have children and proceeds to comment on the fact that Wanda had two (which she doesn't remember until now because she created these children with her powers -since vision is a robot-, the Avengers took care of it, extinguished the kids and something happened with her memory of them...).
Not that's when the plot starts, Wanda freaks out wanting to know about her children and goes after someone named Agatha -Harkness- (who happens to be her neighbor!!! and gosh this makes so much sense, she's always tryinh to help) for explanations, who hesitates to tell her what happened. But eventually Wanda remembers her children, she then dissociates/goes crazy and creates this new reality where she is a house wife living a happy life in an apartment with vision, and later her children.
At some point Captain America (I think Falcon might play this role and he might be the guy who appeared in the manhole, but I don’t know, if it’s really him, surely it's connected to his new tv show) will show up to try and save her, she fights him, and she has to fight with the other heroes too.
Later on, Dr. Strange fights her and uses the eye of Agamotto to show her the truth (possibly the plot of Multiverse of Madness plus the whole Avengers wacraziness I've mentioned), she faints, Magneto shows up and takes Wanda with him.
I think this will be the cue Marvel will be using to introduce the X-men, more heroes/villains and the new Avengers. I'm not sure if I'm realizing something really obvious/stupid or anything but my mind is blowing seriously, can't wait for it, I'm super hyped.
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2021.01.21 04:59 Khan-ki 21 [M4F] Australia/Online- lifeguard looking to blow off some steam.

It’s been a big week for me and I’m keen for some casual conversation and see where it goes.
If we click I’d love to turn it into something long term and really get to know about your life and tell you all about mine as my day-to-day life often is pretty action packed.
On the other hand if you want something more short term then don’t hesitate.
A little bit about me... I am in the ocean as much as I can, I like to surf and I work on the beach as a lifeguard. In my off time I play PC and PS5 although there’s not a lot of good games on the ps5 yet that I’ve found that I really like, so if you got any recommendations then let me know. There’s lots more about me to know so if your interested then ask. And yea Lifeguarding Australia is as good as it sounds and I have heaps of cool stories.
I hope to hear from you.
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2021.01.21 04:59 the13chambers Free the Russians!!

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2021.01.21 04:59 RebeLofPrince View and depth are very successful...

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2021.01.21 04:59 DerivableDyer Since the conservative subreddit is an echochamber, this new meme from its offshoot conservatives

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2021.01.21 04:59 sackofblood M. balfouri communal question

Last week, I bought 2 juvenile m. balfouri from an online dealer, intending to start a small commune. 1 was DOA, and so was the replacement that came today. So now I have 1 spider and refund for the other.
I assumed (probably incorrectly) that they were from the same eggsac since they were the same size from the same dealer. I know this is considered ideal for a communal set up, but is it possible with unrelated specimens?
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2021.01.21 04:59 sinmantky 来日中のフレディ。後ろの人達分かってるのかな?

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2021.01.21 04:59 Bartimaeus47 Does anyone else despise the new wiki format?

It looks like shit and is barely legible. I don't get how they imagine this makes it easier to read on a phone, it's harder to read on everything. This is literally the wikipedia I check the most, if it ain't broke don't freakin' try to fix it.
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2021.01.21 04:59 Fact-Outrageous I am working on something with my LO again, for the first time in two years, and it is paradoxically helping me move on.

Sorry for posting so much in this sub, but limerence is literally the story of my life, and I just realized there's a word for it and a community of people who understand it.
Everyone romanticizes their crush to a certain degree, but I take it way too far. It's unhealthy.
I met "Georgina" two years ago and got to know her a little. We had lunch together a couple times, we watched a soccer game, and I found out she likes butter pecan ice cream. She's nice, smart, and fun to talk to, but she's human.
She had to relocate to the East Coast, so for two years, I have only seen her at occasional meetings. It's been a huge thrill for me each time. I get butterflies. I spend hours getting ready.
I then created a fantasy avatar of Georgina. Georgina+ has a superhuman IQ, she can run a 4-minute mile, she has read every book that's ever been written, and she only makes mistakes to be humble. Georgina+ is flawless and a fictional character that I made up.
For the past two years, I have been confusing Georgina with Georgina+. NOW, Georgina has transferred back to my branch again. I have started talking to the real Georgina again, since as fate would have it, we have been assigned to a work on another project together. I have to talk to her everyday, and I'm starting to see that she's a human with limitations.
She's not the fantasy person I imagined.
I'm not 100% over her yet, but I have made more progress in the last month than I made in the two years before that COMBINED.
I am starting to leave fantasyland and I'm coming back to earth. I'll be there soon!
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2021.01.21 04:59 jlaw54 [PC NA] The Shogunate / 450+ Members / Recruiting All AD PvPers

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2021.01.21 04:59 Mr_TopHat19 How do you get over a pets death?

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2021.01.21 04:59 throwaway00000001030 College Application Portals - Fanfic #2

LINK TO THE FIRST PART OF THE SAGA: (2) College Application Portals - Fanfic #1 : ApplyingToCollege (reddit.com) (Big thanks for the “Quality Shitpost” flair)
Coalition and Common App are at it at her grandfather's house. 2 hours into their session, Common App rolls over from on top of Coalition, both of their bodies covered in the sweat that resulted from their passionate intercourse.
In their interlude, Coalition asks Common App, "Who is your grandfather by the way?" Common App's face contorted at the mention of her grandfather.
"Oh no, QuestBridge will be here soon".
"QUESTBRIDGE?!" exclaimed Coalition.
"Yes, QuestBridge. He is my grandfather. He is all of us portals' grandfather's, did you forget?"
"Oh yeah." says Coalition, blushing at Common App's correcting him.
They frantically jump out of QuestBridge's guest bed, quickly putting their clothes on, when they both stop at the sound of a rustle from the closet. Coalition bravely approaches the closet, adrenaline rushing through his body. He forced open the door to reveal a cowering MIT Application Portal hiding in the closet. Common App covers her mouth, unable to speak for what seemed like the longest 15 seconds ever. Coalition understands: MIT was here for the same reason he was. I mean who could resist the fabulous Common App? He was just hooking up with her anyways, it's not like he actually likes her. Did he like her? How many other men is Common App entertaining? Did I just lose my virginity to an unfaithful maid?
All of these thoughts are rushing through Coalition's head as he tries to make sense of the situation. He rushes through the door, flustered but understanding at the same time. Were his feelings hurt? He does not know. All he knows is that Common App was alarmed at his mention of her "grandfather", so he suspects he will be here soon. He asks to borrow Common App's car before heading out the door, and he sees MIT looking out the window at him as he leaves.
Common App calls his phone, crying and asking him to understand. Coalition says nothing. Unbeknownst as to why he said this, Coalition says, "You're just gonna sleep with MIT now, right?"
Common App sobs over the phone, confessing her love for him. She explains how all of that at school was not an act to get Coalition to sleep with her, and that she is genuinely interested in him. Coalition is silent. He secretly wishes that were true, he thought Common App had a wonderful personality, and that she was crazy intelligent and that he could talk to her forever, not to mention her mastery of the skills required to perform intercourse the way she did back at her grandfather's house. Coalition was in love, as was Common App. Coalition did not realize this at the time, for he was angry, but Common App truly did love him. She though he was the only man that would treat her well.
The MIT Application Portal was one of the most attractive men there were. He was a model, and he received the attention of many women on a daily basis. Common App included, apparently. Coalition chuckled at the fact that the MIT Application Portal was hiding in an 18 year old's closet. He laughed at the fact that he didn't foresee that the stunning Common App would be entertaining other men. He ridiculed himself for thinking he had a chance with Common App.
Those thoughts you have while driving... These are the thoughts that rushed through Coalition's head as he drives on a highway situated on the side of a cliff. Coalition closes in on the one curve in the road you need to slow down a lot for, where if you don't, the momentum will propel you off the cliff, leading you to an inevitable death. As Coalition nears the curve, he doesn't let off the gas.
"What am I doing?" says Coalition to himself, "It's just a stupid girl".
Just then, the car automatically brakes. It swerves around the curve like it's supposed to, but then reverses, and begins to drive Coalition back the way he came. He realizes: He is driving a Tesla, which can self-drive. Just then, he gets a call from Common App. Begrudgingly, he picks it up.
"Coalition. I love you.”
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2021.01.21 04:59 xAzurePandax Just gonna step out really quick donald..

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2021.01.21 04:59 rossispizza Question on 24-pack front rack install

I have some confusion trying to install this rack. Step 2 of https://surlybikes.com/uploads/downloads/24_8_Pack_Rack_Instructions_vf.pdf says to

"2. Install the left and right lower clamps
onto the rack. The larger diameter
end of the clamp fits over the bottom
of the rack — grease the inside bore of
each clamp, and use a mallet to tap
each clamp onto the rack. (Figure 2)
The counterbores should be facing the
outside of the rack, and the slots
of the clamps should line up with the
slots of the rack."
My sources of confusion:
A. What do they mean "the larger diameter end of the clamp fits over the bottom of the rack"? In all pictures online in looks like the larger diameter end of the bottom clamp would be facing towards the sky, not the ground, when looking at the finished product on a bicycle. The smaller diameter hole seems like it belongs "over the bottom of the rack". This phrase is ambiguous because it is not clear if the author means it fits over the bottom of the rack as you install it (given that the rack is upside down for this step) or if the author means it fits over the bottom of the rack once it is installed and the rack is in its intended orientation. Adding to the confusion is the fact that in figure 1 the rack is upside down, but in figure 2 the strut is in the opposite orientation as shown in the previous figure.
B. "The slots of the clamps should line up with the slots of the rack" . I understand they mean the slots of the clamp should be co-linear with the slots of the rack, but do they also mean the slots should begin and end together? Figure 2 does not answer this because they show the strut in place at figure 2, even though the strut install is not mentioned until step 4! Figure 2 should only show the rack and the clamp. It is very hard (impossible?) to get the small diameter of the clamp onto the rack. Must I pound the clamp with a mallet so that the rack penetrates the small diameter hole? If yes, I can see that the slots would begin and end together, and be co-linear. If not, the slots would still line up but the slot of the smaller diameter portion of the clamp would extend past the rack material into empty space (to eventually be filled by the strut), and the slot of the rack would be exposed towards the portion of the slot that faces the sky once the rack is in its final position.
C. Step three...the penny "trick". "Slowly tighten the bolts against the coins until the clamp spreads enough to allow its installation." I tried this and the clamp spread into an oval, never opening wide enough to fit the rack into the small diameter portion of the clamp. I'm not sure how I can bend the clamp back to a circle, and feel nervous riding with a rack with a clamp widened in this fashion.

How did y'all install the left and right lower clamps?!?!
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2021.01.21 04:59 SrOscuro_Vader 🔥Vita Celestine

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2021.01.21 04:59 xeverloree Echoing on stream videos only??

There’s an awful echo on my game and party chat only in the videos of my stream that have been published to twitch after i finish stream. i’ve asked viewers and listened in myself multiple times when i’m live to see if there’s an echo and it seems to be fine?? has anyone had this happen before?
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2021.01.21 04:59 Kybeeze [16 F] Online school has only made procrastination easier

Thanks to a virus I pretty much never see my friends anymore and never get to do anything fun anymore haha.
I'm pretty laid back and easy to talk to, I'll literally chat with anybody at this point lol so don't be afraid to hit me up!
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2021.01.21 04:59 lovencorona Deep seated fantasizing

There's a guy I have been deeply fantasizing about being closer, we used to interact regularly...in a professional setting. But I loved our connection so much that with the now absence of it, I have developed these fantasies where we are best friends, like blood brothers. I even desire physical intimacy, but specifically based on a desire to be closer. I have these all consuming imaginations that he wants the same. I have written to him a couple times, but just to see how he's doing. He's been responsive and earnest. Our connection was very meaningful to me, and it seemed mutual based on many things he said and did during that time.
I've not experienced this except once before with my first love about 13 years ago. It was very private longing for a long time, then we ended up dating, etc. Part of me thinks it's disordered, and part of me thinks this is important and meaningful, and that my fantasies may actually come true, perhaps deluded, but also based on significant connection in the past. I think about him all day long, and i keep hoping he will reach out to me if his own desire, as I have for him. Another part of me feels this could be a large expense of energy for something that might never be. Would you consider this kind of fantasy life disordered, or reasonably normal?
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2021.01.21 04:59 ALI_2002__ WHY!!!!

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2021.01.21 04:59 Arjun6009 ✨my first meme :)))))))))✨

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2021.01.21 04:59 Reox246 The random missed in the S.D

I had a theory/idea, what if before the countdown ends on the missle, grain and mumbo ask grumbot what it is, because grumbot can answer what it is or atleast give some insight as to what will happen!
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