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2021.01.27 07:47 SinoBot Dutch Unrest

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2021.01.27 07:47 CamPhoto710 Fog light adjustment

Does anybody know how to adjust the fog light angle to make it correct?
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2021.01.27 07:47 dang_bang1965 A Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on eucalyptus flowers...

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2021.01.27 07:47 Nabnormal [SS] Please help me settle an argument

A friend and me are arguing about who gets reincarnated and who doesn't. His view on things is that: - All Zeldas are reincarnations of Hylia - All Links are embodiments of courage (they can be any guy, there is no spiritual connection) because they aren't reincarnations of SS's Link's spirit but instead his courage (same applies to Demise so Ganondorf isn't a reincarnation of Demise's spirit but instead of his rage) My view is that: - All Zeldas have the blood of the goddess (because Skyward Sword Zelda was a reincarnation and thus the bloodline has the blood of Hylia) - All Links are reincarnations of Skyward Sword's Link's spirit (except Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks Link because the Hero of Time left the Adult Timeline without a spirit to reincarnate, which is why Hyrule was flooded in the first place)
What is the truth?
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2021.01.27 07:47 koincexx Made a track that's going into a Hotline/RUINER inspired album, here's "ILLICIT."

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2021.01.27 07:47 ExoSujeet-BBSArmy Pls change Danda

Mods pls change the Upvote Danda and Downvote Danda in dark mode too.
This is a request pls🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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2021.01.27 07:47 Pugtruck My legacy Sim and her great granddaughter. The genetics in this game are great

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2021.01.27 07:47 Vegaslocal277 Anonymous Poll- Rent payment status

Just curious to see if anyone is in the same boat
View Poll
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2021.01.27 07:47 DivideWarm I started earning on DeFi with yield farming and more after reading this blog, hope it helps you too

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2021.01.27 07:47 DAIMOND545 My sometimes kinda normal-ish friends kind of humor.

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2021.01.27 07:47 000007962 How to get a union in a non- union state? Teacher moving to GA and willing to risk my future job if it means I don’t see another teacher die and a superintendent not wear a mask during a moment of silence for a teacher COVID death!

I’m moving from a Union state to GA (non- union state). Teachers are not legally allowed to collectively bargain in GA.
A teacher died of COVID and the school board and superintendent didn’t put on masks when asked during the moment of silence for him. Patrick Key.
3 teachers have passed in total. Dana Johnson, Patrick Key, Cynthia Lindsey.
I’m not one for politics but this is one I’ll stand up for! If there is any time to unionize, it’s NOW. Teachers are obviously not being protected or respected if they are literally DYING!
I’m just an elementary teacher from a unionized state. Our union has not done much. I’m not an admin, I’m not in politics, but I’m willing to do what’s right! If there is any time to ouch back, it’s now! Lives are literally on the line!
I’m genuinely asking because this is the right thing to do!
How does a state start up a union?
How do you not get legal charges? Or is this inevitable?
I’m willing to sacrifice a teaching job by NOT staying silent if it means my future state of residence and future teachers have a safe working environment!
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2021.01.27 07:47 HastaMuerte [PS4] H: B40PAD+1S Bear Arm W: Fixer/HM offers (no junkies)

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2021.01.27 07:47 ashda1st 12 or 25

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2021.01.27 07:47 bababooooooey583 My dad hasn’t come back from the store

He said he was going for some milk, I hope he’s ok
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2021.01.27 07:47 regdayao sakamoto-san being straight up relatable

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2021.01.27 07:47 wiggy2g Season 1 Episode 25 THEORY

I've been rewatching the anime recently while still keeping up to date with the manga and not sure if this has been mentioned yet.
In this episode we see a couple of things that are different about Eren's titan, primarily that halfway through the battle his eyes start to glow blue. We also know that (not at this point but revealed later) the Attack Titian's special power is future memory inheritance which I believe is a direct link to the part where Eren says he will 'destroy the world', seeing as that's what he's currently doing with the Rumbling and since he's in a rampage during the fight with Annie, I don't think he remembers any of these memories that were fed to him at this point.
This theory has a few holes in it: - he seems to remember other details of that fight so if he did inherit future memories of obliterating the world, then that simply seems strange - blue could have just been a stylistic choice by the animation company
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2021.01.27 07:47 thehistoryuniversity Edison patents the light bulb

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2021.01.27 07:47 Aspavlenko Calming Autumn Forest Waterfall. Relaxing Nature Sounds. (10 hours). Whi...

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2021.01.27 07:47 syisyocess Let’s become friends! :)

Hi, i’m rather new w acnh (started playing since august but kept on dropping it cus i felt it’s too complicated) but i picked it up again only to be greeted with cockroaches in my house lmao. If anyone’s new here and is looking for friends to do some trading or water some plants pls do reply to this post! My native fruit is cherry and native flower is pansies! Would love to buy some seeds form your shop too and I only need apple now to complete my fruits list! :)
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2021.01.27 07:47 ShotJunket4 Identity Crisis : Genuine questions, please help and clear my doubts.

A question that might come into the minds of everyone who calls himself a Hindu.

  1. What did the Hindus called themselves? And what was the religion called then, during the Vedic ages? What should be the correct word in present, to address ourselves?
  2. How accurate is using words like VedicDharm or SanatanDharm, or calling oneself a Vedic or Arya or a Sanatani?
(These questions came into my mind after learning that the word Hindu comes from Hapta-Hindhu, which was the Persian translation for Sapta-Sindhu region, present day Punjab.)
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2021.01.27 07:47 RealGood8736 where do they come up with this

my parents were mad at me one day (i was absent for an online class because oversleeping) and then made me not being able to wake up and not doing enough chores to how i'll never achieve anything in life, nobody will want me in their house, and i'll end up stripping for a living???? man i was in the car all i wanted to do was listen to the one good song on the radio at the time (hey dirty by old dirty bastard) . and then they never mentioned it ever again. who needs enemies
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2021.01.27 07:47 johnjohn1913 Politiske podcasts

Mit podcast feed, står stadig ret tomt efter Radio 24/7 nedlukningen. Jeg lytter til P1 debat som den mere neutrale debat, og så har jeg en række “blå” podcasts i form af Samfundstanker, Regelstaten, Jalving ser rødt. Og lidt “rødt” ved En mand ser rødt. Dertil mere analytiske hyggeprogrammer som Borgen unplugged og Politik med Funding og Løvkvist.
Dette kan på papiret se ud af meget, men udover P1 debat er de andre opdateret fra alt mellem en uge til at der går over en måned. Så frekvensen af nye podcast er ikke specielt stor.
Er der nogle politiske nørder ligesom mig, som har nogle gode bud på podcasts som jeg ikke kender til?
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2021.01.27 07:47 julyan_ Haachama content until she is officially part of HOLOLIVE EN - Day 62

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2021.01.27 07:47 JamesRWager A day in the life of a uranium glass jewelry designer

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2021.01.27 07:47 PapillonPando Here a quick comic against leaks, arrived late because I had some problems with the keyboard :P

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