Go! Contaminant from coal mines already high in some Alberta rivers: unreported data |

Contaminant from coal mines already high in some Alberta rivers: unreported data

2021.01.25 13:15 viva_la_vinyl Contaminant from coal mines already high in some Alberta rivers: unreported data

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2021.01.25 13:15 TingleWords I once dated a girl named Down

She was a real drag, but then I met her twin sister who was the complete opposite. As you'd expect, I eventually fucked Up.
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2021.01.25 13:15 Trall333 LF camera purchase advice.

Hi. Starting off my experience is in medium format and I have been looking in to large format for a while. I narrowed it down to 2 potential cameras. Arca Swiss 4x5 pro 3 with Meyer 210mm lens and Horseman L45 with Fujinon 150 mm lens They are at very similar price The weight is of no concern to me and I will be shooting verity of things. I love the look of the Horseman but I hear that Arca is bot of a legend. Maybe it doesn't make a difference. Thank you
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2021.01.25 13:15 episodwhore STORY SEARCH

hi basically I read a story where there's two love interests one is her boyfriend and the other is her boyfriends best friend, both boys, the boyfriends best friend is kinda like a mafia person I guess, and at the end she gets pregnant by the boyfriends best friend and he leaves her? anyone knows the story,there's like 2 alternative endings idkkk
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2021.01.25 13:15 mosiersports My C32 AMG

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2021.01.25 13:15 NaVENOM ‏I draw my concept edit of “Warhammer/Attack” Titan from 2018

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2021.01.25 13:15 Taihou_ Login issues on Emulator

So, I usually switch between my phone and an Emulator depending on if I'm playing from home or on the go. However I ran into a weird issue today that I have not encountered before. Trying to log in using the emulator, it goes into the auto-login screen and loading for a moment before just returning to the title screen and refusing to let me in.
I attempted to hit the Switch Account button, but that also just starts the same process. Tried changing my password thinking it would then abort the login process to have me manually log in, which did not work either and after thinking a cache clear or a fresh install would maybe fix the issue, here I am unable to log into the game.
Not sure if anyone else has had to deal with this issue, but I'm not entirely sure how this issue came about. Was curious if anyone had any idea on how to solve this as I'd otherwise have to wait until the next patch drops hoping for it to maybe fix my issue.
The Emulator I'm using is LDPlayer 3.76
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2021.01.25 13:15 CoffeeBear70 If you need an extra NSO 7-Day trial code, here you go!

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2021.01.25 13:15 Ralfop Adjustable Hand Jar Opener It weighs 4.4 ounces and it's easy to bring it anywhere when you have a picnic or an outdoor party. Easy to store in the kitchen shelf without taking up too much space. Ergonomically Designed Handle. The hard plastic handle is ergonomic and fits most

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2021.01.25 13:15 AutoModerator TikTok Is Watching You – Even If You Don't Have an Account

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2021.01.25 13:15 GlennonBot Monday Booth Review

Welcome to the Monday Booth Review
This will be the place for SERIOUS discussion of the previous game. Please use this thread to discuss your takeaways and analysis of the play calling, scheming, X's and O's, etc and save your shitposting and meme-ing for... well, seemingly everywhere else. Anything off-topic or low effort will be removed..
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2021.01.25 13:15 LavendarAmy After a week i finally figured out why my coffee suddenly started tasting so disgusting and sour

It was my milk. my milk was spoiled super hard. ;-;
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2021.01.25 13:15 lotsofsweat Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese warplanes for second day

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2021.01.25 13:15 Mykeje Possibile soluzione alle challenge tossiche su TikTok

Recentemente una bambina di dieci anni è deceduta per via della "black out challenge", una challenge diffusa su TikTok che consiste nel legarsi una cintura al collo e resistere il più a lungo possibile.
Questo orribile evento ci ha dato da pensare: su quali siano le responsabilità dei genitori, delle istituzioni e dei social network stessi nella tutela della sicurezza dei minori sul web. Uno dei problemi più gravi di internet è infatti il totale anonimato: chiunque può commettere azioni che in prima persona sarebbero legalmente perseguibili, il più delle volte senza essere rintracciatə. Una possibile soluzione sarebbe questa:

  1. Le istituzioni governative dei Paesi aderenti rilasciano a ciascunə cittadinə un codice ID.
  2. Questo codice deve essere inserito alla creazione di un account sui principali social network: ə gestorə del sito non hanno accesso ai dati sensibili dell'utente ma tramite un meccanismo apposito possono verificare che esso appartenga a una persona reale.
  3. Le pubbliche istituzioni non hanno alcun tipo di accesso agli account social deə cittadinə, non possono cioè sapere a che account corrispondono i codici in loro possesso. Allo stesso modo, i social network non hanno accesso ai dati sensibili dei loro utenti.
  4. Qualora unə utente si distingua per attività illecite, ə moderatorə del sito potranno segnalare il suo codice ID agli altri social network, che potranno prendere provvedimenti a seconda delle loro regole interne.
  5. Nei casi veramente estremi come quello sopraccitato, qualora cioè unə utente provochi gravi danni nella vita reale e si renda penalmente perseguibile per via della sua condotta online, ə gestorə del sito potranno segnalarlə agli organi legislativi della sua nazione, che potranno quindi avviare ulteriori indagini per verificare l'effettiva colpevolezza dell'utente in base al codice penale locale.
Questa è solo una bozza, e non certo priva di difetti: fatemi sapere le vostre idee!
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2021.01.25 13:15 GeddyLee15 Golpistas clonam CPF e deixam um bebê de sete meses com o nome sujo

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2021.01.25 13:15 1107759 Cooling advice

Hello I know this is gonna be cringe but I’m new to small form factor and I managed to bag a 3080 and a 5900x , and I have no idea how to deal with cooling in a nr200. I have never done water cooling before or under volting and I’m not huge on the idea of leaving a lot of performance on the table but at the same time I don’t want to damage my brand new components, so if anyone could give me some advice that would be very much appreciated.
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2021.01.25 13:15 fatchickinsweatpants 34[F4M] Not single parent seeking same for conversation.

I never know how to start these things. I'm 34, not single, and have two kiddos. I'm in the EST zone and have a really early schedule, so prefer early birds or people from the European time zones. I'm not looking to change my situation or anyone else's. I'm just looking for good conversation with someone that I have a lot in common with. I'd love to find someone with long term potential and consistent chatting availability.
I'm into all the usual random stuff, so I figure I should write about what I'm NOT into: Anime, country music, The Office. I also don't drink or smoke and I don't use THC in any form. Nothing against it, it's just not my thing. I also feel like I need to mention that I'm left leaning politically.
I have kik, telegram, and signal and would like to use one of those once we get a good conversation going. Please send me a message and NOT a direct chat if at all possible.
Send me a message telling me what you did this weekend and your basic info and let's see what happens :)
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2021.01.25 13:15 Gabriel_87Play Brawler idea

Raul: Raul is a wizard who shoots stars that can cause 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 damage, in his super he does a magic to teleport, but has a short range, he is a mythical Brawler classified as magician. I'm Brazilian, maybe the translations are not 100% correct
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2021.01.25 13:15 newmanstartover Are there any good substitutes for injera in Ethiopian cuisine?

Are there any good substitutes for injera in Ethiopian cuisine? It's impossible to find where I'm at :/
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2021.01.25 13:15 MisterOtaro Ajuda pra encontrar uma série de tv da cartoon network

Rapaziada do grupo vcs poderia me ajudar achar uma série de tv da cartoon network? Se sim A serie era sobre um jogo de rpg, ai dava alguma merda lá q fazia q os monstros do jogo vierem pra vida real e tbm as armas dos personagens q os protagonistas jogavam. (O nome do jogo era "conquistador dos mundos)
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2021.01.25 13:15 Chy3lla Bow ties are cool!

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2021.01.25 13:15 RHOMICR0N ICH_IEL

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2021.01.25 13:15 ABetterManThanU my queen, my wife, my love.

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2021.01.25 13:15 milkproofrobot0x Yield.Credit - YLD - The Uniswap of Lending

This is Yield.Credit YLD, it’s a little over the normal requirement for moonshots as it’s a $15m marketcap, but it has been posted here before last year and I think it’s worth reviewing as it's potentially something quite special, still in beta, under-marketed, still below most people's radar but with imminent mainnet launch upcoming.
In short - unique (not a clone project), 1+ year in development, in beta now with mainnet within 2-3 weeks. In the lending space, a rival to aave/compound, Aave is a 4+billion market cap, i.e. it is 287x cheaper. I.e. this can 10x and STILL be 277x cheaper than Aave
Recent market movements:
2-3 weeks ago it hit $80, had a pull back to $38, it’s now at $50, to me this run wasn’t fully done, and yes it’s still cheap compared to aave/comp rivals. (obviously they have huge tvl and are proven, what you are buying here is risk, it’s before mainnet, can it compete? I think so..)
Unique Economics:
YieldCredit is P2P lending. I.e. not primarily pools like Aave (although pools are possible and coming too. Yield is essentially Mintos (large traditional lending fiat app). The lender sets his rules on which tokens to offer to lend at whatever % rates - i.e. 10,000 usdt, available at 10% interest.
The borrower chooses from the market, the best competitive loan available, now here’s where it gets interesting - the borrower is incentivised in YLD. YLD is inflationary, at $350 in newly minted YLD for every loan up to $35k value (i.e. if the loan is $20k you'll get $200 in incentives, if the loan is $50k then only $350 - $350 is the cap).
YLD is also utilised to pay fees and BURN yield. Also you can stake YLD to lower your collateral required or to top up your position so you don’t get liquidated.
This incentivization is important and why I think it has a big shot against Aave. Using figures from Aavewatch, there is currently $12.9M in active loans in the protocol but only $10.7K has been generated for burning. The same amount in YLD would result in no less than $128.7K for burning. Also there is only $12m approx loaned out against $500m+ tvl.. No ones talking about this but no one is lending on Aave, it is a ghost town (as there isn’t an incentive)
The Uniswap of Lending:
YLD isn't a governance token, it is a utility token, there is no wait list or discussion or voting on what assets can be integrated, just one rule - it needs to have a Chainlink oracle price feed (yes, they have a partnership with Link for this ;)) so any / many tokens can get listed here.
Networking and Rumours:
There is a known and confirmed connection to AMPL (AMPL will be integrated to use as collateral and to lend out), in-fact the AMPL team have supplied $5k in AMPL (along with $5k in RFI and $5k YLD in a meme marketing competition running now: https://twitter.com/YieldCredit/status/1351611516886380544)
All speculation in the telegram points to the lead dev / founder Coiner_ being associated to YFI / Andre, at least in that OG networking circle. Links to RFI; Reflect Finance project (RFI-YLD is one of the liquidity pools, and there is a lot of support and community cross over here)
Moonshot? Risks? Future? This is risky of course as it is before mainnet (2-3 weeks estimate, you can play with the beta on testnet now), but thats what you are buying, take on that risk to buy in cheap and if mainnet works and this becomes an Aave rival, even 1/10th of the size would be a 50x+ gain, again it 10xes up from here and is STILL 277x cheaper in market cap to Aave.
Audits are pending. Team is Anon. DYOR ;)
Garden (geyselp incentive program): https://garden.yield.credit/ (it’s currently paying 10,000% apy with 10 days to go on this epoch, this also is a sign we are early as it hasnt been over-marketed and this program didn't make it onto the coingecko farming list so still not widely known, but they announced a continuation of the liquidity program with more incentives for the long term: https://yieldcredit.medium.com/transplanting-season-6c384dfb9370
https://t.me/yieldchat (main discussion channel)
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2021.01.25 13:15 ReviewMePls Visual Story: Design and create interactive stories, little games, invitations, quizzes or eLearnings

We are launching the alpha (mvp) edition of Visual Story today, a SaaS tool for interactive storytelling.

Using Visual Story you can create little interactive games, lessons, short stories or quizzes for friends, invitations, eLearning and much more, by using pre-defined assets and without any coding experience. You can share these with friends and family, or post them as public examples for the world to see.

Imagine bandersnatch, or make-your-own-adventure style stories: You can select backdrops and characters and create a (simple or complex) logic for multiple-choice decisions for your viewers.

We're still very early, and we will add and improve many of the available features - amongst other things a rating system for public stories, many more asset templates and more layouts and customization options.

During the alpha phase, we are looking for feedback, for creators of short story examples, testers and great ideas for the future, and I hope we will build a nice creator community over time! Please check it out at https://www.visualstory.me!
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