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It do be like that tho

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2021.01.21 05:23 nicj86 Does brand matter? Your advice would be much appreciated

I am tapering off Diazepam and I usually take the Valpam brand. My pharmacy said that the supplier is out of stock of Valpam 5mg (which is what I need) so they have given me a different brand. Is it best to stick with the same brand or does it not make a difference? Thank you
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2021.01.21 05:23 XxDarkridderxX If there was a TV show that terminally ill did death stunts would you watch it and what would be your “stunt “?

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2021.01.21 05:22 Ozpium Is a story I wrote fifteen years ago worth rewriting?

I wrote this fifteen years ago. Although sorely tempted, I have not edited it. I thought it was trash, but a friend said maybe not. So I will let you guys be the judge. If the story concept is worth rewriting with my now 15+ years of experience as a writer, let me know.
~,<@ Technology is advancing at an almost overwhelming rate, but few of us take note of everything that’s going on outside of our world. Most people are more interested in the newest cellphones or Ipad so that things like the Higgs Boson particle and organic batteries are getting very little attention. This story gives us a glimpse of what might happen when we’ve advanced science and technology to the point we are practically able to rebuild Humans. Take heed, for this might be our not-to-distant future.@>,~
I’m not going to preach to you about the purity of the Human body and how adding artificial parts to our body is like shredding the Human soul. I can’t tell you the impact of having a bioengineered heart or lungs will have when judgment day comes.
I’m not going to give you a scientific lecture on all the new augmentation technology. Or tell you bioengineering is the only hope we have if we wish to evolve the Human race further.
Both of these arguments are valid, and you should listen to what everyone has to tell you and decide to make up your mind on what side you stand on if any.
I do, however, want to tell you a story about my older brother Felix. Before you groan or roll, your eyes let me assure you that it is a short story, limited to give you just the objective picture of what happened without the emotions of the people behind it.
My memories of Felix growing up are frayed and scattered throughout my mind, coming to me only in dreams or those rare moments when we see, hear, or smell something that sparks a vivid flashback. I can say for a surety, though, that I’ve forgotten how Felix looked before the accident. As I now only remember the way he looked after the doctors and scientists worked on him.
I was only six years old when he lost his face and, perhaps, depending upon how you look at it, his Humanity.
Felix was nine years older than me, so we went to separate schools and had different friends. As a teenager, Felix was often with his own group of friends. Or he was holing himself up in his room with the door locked as teenagers do. When I was younger, I think he was a bully that only picked on me but looking back; I contributed a fair share to our brotherly fights. There was no shortage of love in my family when I was younger. And Felix and I still cared about each other in a way that is more instinct than thought. The way siblings should.
Pt.1 The accident
It was a snowy Christmas morning when the accident happened.
Felix and my dad were on their way back from the store with the holiday turkey when tragedy struck.
A truck driver that had been up for several days of a drug binge ran a red light and smashed into the van, crossing an intersection that carried my dad and Felix. I can’t tell you if it was the drugs the trucker was on or just his personality, but he didn’t stop. Most people stop after an accident takes place. The truck driver sped up to try and push the van off to the side of the road so it could keep going. We would later assume the driver knew he was in trouble and had no qualms with a hit and run if he could get away with it.
It was a miracle that my dad and Felix were still alive after the initial impact, but when the van was flipped over and pushed to the side by the semi, my father sustained a head injury that killed him.
Some good samaritan who had witnessed the accident positioned his trailer in front of the semi to block it from continuing down the street and just speeding away. The semi driver spun the wheel to try and turn at the last second and then again when he saw he was going to drive straight into a ditch along the side of the road. Barrels of chemical waste from a local manufacturing company scattered across the street. The trailer he was hauling tilted and then fell on its side.
Though only a handful of people in their cars saw the truck driver hitting the van, many more had come out from nearby shops and diners to witness the truck flipping over and all the chemical waste spilling out onto the street.
News reporters showed up nine minutes before the ambulance and fire engine even got there, and they were recording. Many people were recording with their cellphones. So the news got footage of the story from all sorts of angles. No one ran out to the flipped over car to see if there were any survivors. A few of the vehicles that had been there when the accident occurred had driven away.
Though my mother would later blame the news team and bystanders for not going to the van, I was told, “You can’t blame the people who didn’t want to get near the acidic waste that had spilled across the road.” But I find it ironic that out of most of the ‘good citizens’ who witness such an event occur in the modern days, most of them were willing to get just close enough to catch the crash and damage on their cellphones and cameras.
Later on someone would point out that the news team that had arrived so fast had actually caught Felix on camera in the background. The media would play and replay footage of his hand beating on the window as he lay pinned down under the car and screaming for help. When the caustic chemicals in the street reached the van and start seeping inside and started eating through Felix’s clothing and then skin, they were still filming.
My older brother’s already broken body was severely burned by the chemicals by the time firemen cut the door off the van with the jaws of life and pulled him out of the wreckage.
I do feel I owe the media for one thing though, because if not for their coverage the truck driver that survived the wreck without a single broken bone would have likely gotten away with just a few years in jail and probation, such is the power of large companies who can hire the best lawyers available.
As it was, with the large networks covering the case of the killer truck driver and the boy that got cooked alive in a car, the state investigated and found that the chemicals that disfigured my brother were being illegally dumped in a public landfill. The state sued the company for millions of dollars, of which my family never saw a penny.
We counted ourselves fortunate at the time though, my mother and I, because my dad was one of the lead team members in a group of scientists that worked for a corporation that was on the cutting edge of the medical bioengineering field. In my father’s contract there was a clause stating that if any sort of accident, such as this one, should happen to him, my mother, Felix or myself, then the corporation he worked for would use the best resources at their disposal to help them.
This was a basic accident clause and mostly it meant just covering a replacement limb or organ. Many companies that developed such technology offered these contracts to their top employees at the time. The damage done to Felix went far beyond what the contract covered, but they agreed to honor it none the less because the crash had gained a lot of publicity and the head of their PR department said it would be good to be seen taking such a noble action.
So Felix was taken into the care of a hospital owned by my father’s corporation and he was given the best care available at the time as they tried to rebuild the broken and burnt body they had pulled out of the wreck using the latest technology in the Human augmentation field.
It took my mother six months fighting with the company before they finally allowed her and me a chance to visit Felix. I remember a man with grey hair and a blue suit putting his hand on my shoulder and trying to comfort me.
“Now, your brother might look a bit different but don’t be frightened, that’s still Felix.”
The doctors took us out into a courtyard where they said Felix was playing basketball. Even though I was six years old I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I first saw what had become my brothers new face, or how scared I was when from behind that cold unmoving mask I heard my older brothers voice cry out to us both.
“Mom! Sam!”
Felix ran towards us wearing a hospital gown that did little to hide the extensive work they had did to my brother. His left side had been crushed in the accident and they had to refabricate a new arm and much of his upper torso. As advanced as this science was, it wasn’t as close to how advanced it has now become and so it looked as though the only living part of my brother that was left was a single scarred arm and leg.
I remember my mom screaming and the way Felix stopped running suddenly, his robotic body made a light clicking noise as he lowered his cybernetic arm and tilted his head.
With his face and much of his body made of white-grey plastic and black metal I remember he looked to me like more of a mechanical doll then any kind of real Human being.
“Felix, where’s your face,” I remember asking him with the stoic curiosity of a six year old.
Felix looked at my mother as she turned back to him, stifling her tears as she tried to regain her composure. It seemed as though his odd voice lowered in pitch.
“I was hurt in the car crash really bad Sam, my face and body was badly burnt by the chemicals the truck was carrying, these doctors made a new one for me. I know it’s weird, but my old face,” he paused, “my old face is gone, I prefer this plastic and metal to having to look at what’s underneath. At first I was really upset when I saw myself, but I have been talking to a nice lady doctor here and I’ve come to just appreciate the fact I’m still alive.”
The mask my brother wore didn’t look Human at all, it was plain white with eye sockets set with black lenses that changed colors as he spoke; he had no nose and his mouth was nothing more than a vertical slash across his lower face as if they had only added it as an afterthought.
I didn’t know what else to say, I was six years old and scared because this thing might sound like my brother, but it wasn’t him. It couldn’t be him. I didn’t have the years of wisdom or knowledge to process how this could be anything other then what it looked like.
A robot.
The black lenses of his eyes changed opacity as they danced along the color spectrum; vibrating in soft blue and purple patterns as he talked. When he moved to put his weight on his prosthetic leg the machinery covering his chest, back and left side would make tiny whirring noises.
I thought he looked like the tick-tock soldiers I had seen in Dance of the Nutcracker
“It’s not so bad. All my food comes to me in tubes but I can still taste it and I can have all the ice cream I want. The doctors are really nice here, everyone has been really nice, I’m so glad to see you guys,” Felix paused,
“When it happened,” he paused and again I got the feeling he was struggling with emotion but it seemed hard to accept when my brother didn’t look as though he was a being capable of Human emotion, “When it happened I was afraid I would never get to see you guys again.”
“Can I have a hug?” Felix asked and stepped forward and that’s when my mom moved for the first time, pulling me away from Felix as I had started to raise my arms and whispering to me in a scolding manner.
“Don’t you touch him,” she said in a low, tear choked voice that scared me as much as Felix did.
“Maybe it’s best we go inside for now,” the man in the blue suit and grey hair said and started to lead Felix away from us.
I remember him looking back at us and then turning away slowly. His face never changed, but by the sag of his shoulders and the way he followed the doctor without another word to anyone, I got the impression he was crying inside.
It was my mother’s reaction to him that I would remember for quite some time though, so when two years later Felix was released to come live with us again there was a rift between us from the very beginning. It was as if my younger self had been waiting that day to see how she responded, to know if I should be accepting of this change or afraid, so when she did respond the way she did she created a rift between Felix and I that would last for the rest of our lives.
My mother got really deep into her drink the night Felix came back and finally broke down to him and apologized over and over for the way she had reacted when she saw him. She hugged Felix and Felix hugged her back but I never heard him say anything again. My mother seemed fine with this, she treated Felix with all the extra love and patient care that is so vital to parents of children with mental or physical handicaps.
Things got bad though as the months went by and Felix refused to speak. My mother took him back to the doctors but the only result that got was the doctors coming to the conclusion that the trauma and shock of the accident with the crash and the resulting body modifications were the cause of my brother losing his voice. No one wanted to address the way my mother reacted when we first saw him, I suppose it was easier for everyone to just accept he was mute.
People in the neighborhood were bothered by Felix and complained to my mother whenever he was outside. My mother refused to send him back to school when she had to worry about even the parents walking up to her on the street and telling her he really shouldn’t be allowed outside. My family dismissed these people at first as just a few cases of ignorance, but when the local police started to show up and say Felix was disturbing the peace my mother decided it was time to move.
Looking back I wish my mother had stood up to the locals. Things might have gotten messy but you can’t solve your problems by running away from them, as they’ll just follow you wherever you go.
We moved into a quiet rural neighborhood, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life in a little town called Harlington.
My mother started a new job and asked Felix if he would be willing to give up his room and live in the basement so she could use the room as an office, Felix agreed and began living out of the basement.
He spent much of his time down there listening to music or reading books and we only ever saw him when he did chores around the house or outside. I never got to see how he ate because he would always take the processed food tubes he used for sustenance down into the basement, possibly out of embarrassment.
I met a girl I liked named Amber and we would walk every day to school and back with a group of friends. At first I couldn’t understand their loathing to come near the house whenever they saw Felix outside taking care of the yard or reading on the porch. The more I listened to my new girlfriend Amber and her friends the more distrust and loathing I myself began to feel for my older brother. None of us took the time to get to know him and Humans will always fear what we don’t understand.
Felix never talked to anyone and the most I ever interacted with him is when he would wave to me from the porch as I came home or hug me on my birthday. We didn’t celebrate Christmas anymore.
Pretty soon I stopped waving to him altogether and Felix stopped even trying, becoming more and more reclusive as time went on.
The problems started when a local preacher at the main church in Harlington came to visit us at our house. He told us there had been rumors going around in town about Felix and he had taken it upon himself to introduce Felix to the wonders of religion.
Felix and my mother met with the preacher and both of them tried to talk Felix in to coming down to the local church to be baptized in front of the whole community to put everyone’s mind at ease.
Felix kept shaking his head, he was refusing to go and when the preacher got in his face and started poking his face mask with his holy book Felix hit his hand away and sent the book flying across the room.
Due to the high durability and strength of the cyberware Felix had been rebuilt with, when the preacher tried to slap Felix and he grabbed his hand to protect himself, he broke the man’s hand in six places. My mother screamed and my older brother dropped his hands immediately and ran into the basement.
Despite my mother’s countless apologies the next time the preacher took to his sermons in Harlington with his broken hand, he demonized Felix as a soulless being that’s very existence was an affront to God.
The more reclusive Felix became the more horrible the rumors about him got. The Preacher’s sermons seeped into the ears of his listeners and spread like a poison throughout the entire town.
I had started going steady with Amber and though I refused to go to that church, Amber and most of the kids in school I went with did; so it was that little by little even Felix’s little brother Sam was poisoned against him.
When the preacher was murdered everyone just assumed it was Felix. About two weeks after the incident the local Sheriff arrested a man named Aaron Hickox for the crime. Hickox had killed the preacher when he learned the man had slept with and impregnated his underage daughter.
As lawful and honest as the trial wasa it didn’t receive any media coverage, I’ve come to believe it’s because even the people running the local newspaper were involved in the mob that came for my older brother on the last day of October.
I was at home with my mother and Felix, we had seen how quickly the towns people were to blame Felix for the preachers murder right after it happened so we had thought to stay out of Harlington until the matter was solved by the local authorities.
I was still only eight, going on nine, but I’ll remember that night as clearly as if it happened yesterday for the rest of my life.
No matter how advanced our society gets, the angry mob will always look the same. Like a mob of farmers with pitchforks and torches they came with guns, home-made weapons and flashlights.
We hid in the living room as they threw bricks and rocks through our windows and pelted the walls of the house with garbage. My mother held Felix under one arm and me under the other. Both of us had our heads against our mother’s chest and as I stared into Felix’s black reflective oculi I realized that the lights in his eyes and the way they pulsed were conveying emotions in a way that a Human’s eyes never could. I looked deeply into the deep blues and violets and remembered the same amethyst colors when I had seen Felix for the first time after the accident. The vertical slash of a mouth was as still as ever but I remember getting the same feeling that Felix was crying.
When couple of braver members of the posse climbed into our yard and started banging on our house, it was only minutes before people were breaking down the door and bursting into our home.
My mother tried to defend us with a kitchen knife and a large man punched her and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her towards the door as the crowd cheered him on.
Felix never played any sports outside and I rarely saw him doing anything more physical than mowing the lawn or tending the front yard so when I saw him hurl like a bullet across the room and smash into the man that was three times his size with the force of a charging bull I remember being as shocked as everyone else.
The man was thrown against the wall by the force of Felix’s charge but as Felix turned to try and help my mother someone smashed him over the head with a bottle.
I remember watching the lights in Felix’s eyes flicker red for a moment and feeling afraid for the first time not for myself, but for what Felix might do to these people attacking us.
Of what he might be capable of doing.
Felix took it in stride though, turning and pushing that man and the next out the door. The crowd backed away down our lawn as Felix walked out into the yard with his hands held down at his sides.
To my everlasting shame, my mother and I watched and did nothing as Felix went out to meet the mob in the front yard by himself.
I remember the way they gasped and whispered and how he had raised his hands reflexively to shield his multi-colored eyes as dozens of flashlights and halogen lanterns turned on him.
I felt a cold chill as I recognized the girl Amber I had been dating was with her dad at the front of the mob. I think that’s the main reason I remained frozen when they surrounded Felix and started beating on them with their fists.
Though the machines they replaced much of Felix’s body with are outdated dinosaurs in this day and age, they would have been enough to protect Felix if he chose to fight back. Still to this day I imagine that with the enhancements done to my older brother’s skeletal and musculature structure, he could have cut a swath through those angry civilians like it was nothing.
But Felix never raised a hand.
My mother tried to hold me back at first but I felt something inside of me break as I watched fists turn into bats and makeshift weapons and Felix went down in a ball trying to cover his head and curl up on the ground as the crowd descended on him. My brother was a robot, but this wasn’t Human.
Before I knew what I was doing I had broken free of my mother’s arms and ran out onto the lawn screaming.
“Stop it! Stop it! He didn’t do anything! You’re killing him! Stop it!”
As I said before, mankind might advance in a myriad of different ways but an angry mob in those days was just as bloodthirsty as I imagine the mobs were in the dark ages.
Someone threw a glass bottle of beer at me and I went down when it shattered off the top of my skull. I had been nearly knocked unconscious so that as I lay down in the grass the rest of the events played out as though I were in a dream.
It felt as though I were seeing and hearing everything from the bottom of a shallow swimming pool, watching the lights and gargled sounds as though I were detached from my body.
I remember looking up at the starry sky one moment and then the next moment my vision was blocked out by the mask that was Felix’s face.
Felix, the young man that had been too ashamed to ever try and reincorporate himself back into society that so rejected him just because of the way he looked. Felix, who had survived a terrible accident only to spend his life in lonely seclusion. Felix, the older brother that I had never taken the chance to get to know.
Felix held me in his arms and covered me with his body and I was too dazed to do anything but watch as the crowd descended on us once more.
They beat his back and head with sticks and baseball bats, broom handles and the butts of rifles. They beat him with stones and fists and tore at his back so viciously that they bent the metal on his back over his head to expose the sensitive circuitry that powered Felix’s artificial organs.
I remember thinking the shoulder blades bent over Felix’s head looked like wings, along with him being surrounded in a halo of light I saw my brother in that moment as some type of guardian angel.
I’m not really convinced he wasn’t.
The last thing I remember before blacking out as they continued to beat over my older brother who shielded me with his body was Felix’s eyes glowing a beautiful green as he looked down at me and said,
“I love you Sam.”
That’s about all there is to my story about Felix, I’m not going to turn this into a lecture but I will tell you what I’ve taken from the story.
Humans come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. We grow up with different religions and ethnic cultures and every one of us forms relationships and memories in our life that turn us into our own unique individual beings, but it’s our capacity to love that binds us together and makes us something more than the animals we sometimes like to act like. My brother might have been more machine then man but the night he gave his life to save mine he showed me what it means to be Human.
~<@ Author’s Note: Imagine if in the future if we all continue to augment ourselves with artificial limbs and organs and advance our bodies to the point that people cease to see colors, religions and creeds and just see another person just like them. Someone might argue that wouldn’t be even Human anymore; others can make the argument that, given the war, strife and terror in our society in what we think of as our ‘enlightened age’, that stepping towards the future for Humanity that Science holds might be a step in the right direction.@>,~
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2021.01.21 05:22 WinningLoss It's currently 05:20, I started this MF P.O.S DOTD at 7pm. Past two DOTDS have been disgustingly difficult.

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2021.01.21 05:22 innapropriateaf I need a plan

18 days. 41 chapters. Each chapter, having about 15 pages. Could someone please suggest some study tips or some planning to be able to finish all this. Thanks in advance.
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2021.01.21 05:22 NoveTheLiggers XM3 - Bluetooth dongle (windows 10) no audio in hands free mode

Hi. I recently got a "Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Dongle" and it enabled my XM3 to connect to pc. But the problem is the audio only works when on Stereo mode. As soon as I switch to Hands Free mode, the audio is gone. I switch to Hands Free mode to test if the mic is working (for gaming purposes). Does anyone know how to solve this? Thank you!
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2021.01.21 05:22 rockoandsocko3 Discuss: Will Shingo ever get the Heavyweight (Or IC) championship?

Assuming NJPW unifies, do you think Shingo will ever get the big one? Or if they (hopefully) split the two, will he get one or the other?
WK9 was my true intro to watching NJPW, and Nakamura was always my "can't miss/skip" there. Now, it's Shingo. I think he has what it takes to be the top guy there for a while, but I feel like he's slept on more than he should be.
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2021.01.21 05:22 TurkeyKirky Take a lesson from TDI this server promotes super spreading events

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2021.01.21 05:22 hot-as-ice_penguin In desperate need of answers with my hookup situation!

So I'm a 28f and I'm now new again to the world of dating/hookups (was in a 6 year relationship prior). I feel like I have no understanding of how things work anymore (I've never even been on a dating app) so that's why I need answers with this situation. Anyways, I started having a thing for a guy (30m) I work with in October (we would always talk, laugh, have fun, etc.) and around early to mid November we hooked up. It seemed like a pretty good situation, the sex was great, it happened about twice a week, there was some casual texting throughout, and absolutely no awkwardness at work. We never talked about what the situation was. For me personally, there isn't any pressure on the situation. I just want to go with the flow, if it's just sex, if it's more, whatever.
Flash forward to about a month/a little over a month later. We hooked up around the 16th of December and it was great, as it has been. We hung out for a little, watched some tv, and had sex like 3/4 times. He even said a couple things that made it seem like it was getting more serious, (you can use my extra contact case, commenting on us making the bed together) which I didn't know how I felt about it but it was fine. The point is, everything seemed great. Three days later, since I knew I was going to visit my family soon for a week over Christmas, I hit him up and asked if he wanted to hang out (unlike me to be the initiator, I guess I have some newfound confidence newly single). He then calls me to talk. We casually chat for a little and then he gets into the actual reason for the call. He says that he "thinks i'm cool and really likes hanging out with me" and that "its clear he loves having sex with me" but that he thinks we should maybe take a "breather". He said he's "not necessarily saying it can't happen again" but we should just take a "breather" from each other now. He quotes a couple minor reasons as to why (I don't think they were particularly relevant, considering one was that he is "technically" my boss, even though we're both bartenders and we don't have any sort of official boss/employee dynamic). He said that he thinks it will be good for me to just spend a little time on my own (the other reason being my "recent" break up, which was only a month prior but it was one of those it had been over for a while, long overdue type of situations, so I already dealt with it). I was caught off guard by this conversation, considering how fun/normal it was just a few days prior. I am also incredibly awkward and always try to be chill, so I just kind of agreed with what he was saying. We left it as we would just not hang out/talk until we worked together again (btw, our work was currently closing temporarily due to increased coronavirus restrictions).
Now, it's been exactly a month without any contact and we finally saw each other and worked together again last night. Everything was fine. We talked, had fun, and it seemed completely normal, as it had been before. He asked me once if I had talked to my ex over the holidays (which I did not) and then later he casually asked me I "hung out" with any guys during my friends getaway (which I also did not). Like I previously mentioned, it was a smooth shift and felt like the fun times we had pre "breather"/shutdown. We did not hook up after work though (which had been a thing we would do before). I did tell myself even if the option presented itself that I wouldn't try, since I didn't want to look like I spent the last month waiting for the D. I left work thinking are we just going to move on as friends/coworkers again? I like him as a person and although I'm down to keep having sex, I can also deal with just being friends. He texted me about a half hour after I left work (our first text communication since the "breather" talk) and we had a nice back a fourth for a little while. He ended it with "Nice working with you tonight just like old times" and then followed that with a sexual message (something about my ass still getting him every time) The last sexual part threw me off, but anyways that's how the conversation ended because I didn't know how to respond. That's not typically something you say to just a friend/someone you don't want to have sex with, and definitely not to just a coworker. So at this point I'm just confused. I can deal either way, whether sex is on or off the table. What I can't deal with is the ambiguity of the situation. That is what is driving me crazy. If I know its done (sex wise), I'll just shut down the urges at work, continue being chill like I have been, and maybe download bumble ( I'm not going to bounce around between people for sex, I need to know one is over before I get to know and hook up with someone else). If sex is still an option with my coworker though, I would like to keep pursuing it because it was really good and then I don't have to be celibate for an indefinite amount of time.
I'm sorry that I just rambled, but my questions are 1. Should I ask/say anything? 2. If so, what should I say? ( should I just be blunt and say hey is the sex door open or closed just for clarity? and 3. Can I just say this at work as I'm/we're leaving or should this be an over the phone thing? Honestly, I just want to keep fucking I don't care if its serious or not and I have always just assumed that guys are always going to be dtf if a pretty girl (not at all trying to talk myself up, he's told me that he thinks i'm "really pretty" before) is also dtf, so I'm just confused. Thanks to anyone willing to read the ramblings of an anxious overthinker.
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