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The strange man

2021.01.27 06:10 ThehoundIV The strange man

I really want to hear everyone’s theories on him! Is he death or god? I love the work they put into him, and he’s just creepy as hell
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2021.01.27 06:10 Briskclient6601 Just some of my record collection over the past 6 years. Gotta get some more gizz in there!

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2021.01.27 06:10 LilMissNaaya Come sit next to me 😏

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2021.01.27 06:10 crusted-shut-urethra Feeling conflicted, unfulfilled, and depressed

I'm a guy my mid 20's, no degree, low paying job, still living at home. My current job isn't the best paying but I enjoy doing what I do. My boss is really nice and honestly she's the only person who's given me praise for anything I've ever done in my life. I know this is dumb, but I don't want to disappoint her by leaving, but I know that if I want to start a life of my own then I would have to move on. Problem is she's kind of become a mother figure to me and I just can't stop thinking about the future.
I've always been riddled with bad anxiety but I was always content with my modest life style, it never bothered me before so why now? I've been feeling pretty depressed for about a week now and I don't know what to, it's really starting to affect me and I feel so conflicted.
I could really use some help, please.
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2021.01.27 06:10 WranglerMedium5208 20M Sydney, Australia.

20m, 6”3, 90kg, clean slim fit build .
DM ME! I’d love to give more information privately!
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2021.01.27 06:10 masktoast21 Pls don't mind this its just an activity in an online class.

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2021.01.27 06:10 Dexy2811 Test

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2021.01.27 06:10 AfthabHussaini Prawn fried rice

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2021.01.27 06:10 RaisedbyHeathens If you want the best beef stew ever, start with Shank

So maybe I'm dumb, or behind the curve but I've always used chuck for beef stew. My local market had shank for a stupid low price, and the stew was going to have to go into the crock pot because I had a long shift, so I thought "eh, let's try it" And I definitely spent some time in the am to build flavors, but after some pretty simple steps it was mostly tossed into a crock pot and left to its own devices. It was so rich, without being fatty, and unctuous from the shank bones and marrow and the meat was buttery and really, just 10/10 best beef stew I've ever made. I've done like "classic" braised beef shank, but I whole heartedly recommend trying it with shank. Recipe: Beef shank (I used two) Onion (I used one big one) Carrots, 3-4 chopped into nice fat coins Celery 3 ribs 2 tbsp tomato paste 1 tbsp harissa paste (optional) 1 tbsp "better than boullion" 3 cloves of garlic minced 1 can fire roasted tomatoes 1 cup red wine 3/4 cup of pearled barley(optional) 1 to 2 quarts beef stock Herbs
Start by heating a tbsp of fat to shimmering in a good heavy pot, I used bacon fat because I had it. Brown your shanks on both sides, then put in crock. In same pot, brown your veg. Add garlic, and your pastes(just tomato is fine, I had a bit of harissa and added it) at the end and brown for a few minutes, deglaze with red wine. Once all your fond is scraped up, pour that over your shank. I then added a can of diced tomatoes to the pot and just sort of simmered a lot of the liquid off, then into the crock as well. Now is the time to add pearled barley if you want; adding it will increase the stock you need. Once all your solids are in the crock, add your stock. 1 quart should be sufficient for just the beef stew, you might need to bump it to 2 if you add barley. Now for herbs, I went pretty simple and classic with a bundle of rosemary and thyme, and then a sprinkling of herbs de Provence- again, stuff I 100% had lying about; but I feel like any herbs you usually use for beef stew would be fine. Set that sucker on low and forget about it for 6-8 hours. It was really, really good, and other than the shank it was a "stuff that needed to be used" meal- some fresh herbs from another recipe that were on the verge of getting sad, a lone can of diced tomatoes, a small amount of barley, the last bit of a bottle of red. You could definitely do potatoes instead of grain, or deglaze with brandy/bourbon or whatever. It's a really loose sort of recipe, but the results were great.
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2021.01.27 06:10 MyKneesKindaHurt This doesnt require an explanation. Please follow me on my tiktok : @redsatisfy

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2021.01.27 06:10 Christopher_Harry What happens when you don’t wear a mask in China

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2021.01.27 06:10 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-george-orwell-13

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2021.01.27 06:10 ryandtw chihiros outfit looks like the onceler (u/Tatapeep)

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2021.01.27 06:10 AceCobraX I heard you were looking for Betta close-ups!

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2021.01.27 06:10 ItsNavGG Every.Single.Time.

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2021.01.27 06:09 Deoxysprime Some concerns about running Lulu

I have a large party of 6 players that will be heading to Avernus in the near future and I have some concerns about running Lulu when the time comes:

  1. The large party includes some fairly strong character builds and strategic players. As a result, I feel like I haven't challenged them sufficiently and Lulu offers some notable boons to the party. That said, I don't believe they have any intent to take the Shield of the Hidden Lord with them.
  2. Some players have expressed to me that they're excited for the feeling of being in a literal hell. I know Lulu exists in part to offer levity in an awful place, but I wonder if it will sour their expectations of journeying into a horrible place against all odds. The party already has a few characters that lighten the mood themselves too.
  3. I want the players to feel like they are a driving force in the story and not feel like they're being directed from place to place by a DMPC.
I've considered making Lulu a non-combatant, I've considered making her imprisoned in an object like the Shield of the Hidden Lord, and I've considered just writing her out and letting other NPCs and situations offer the breadcrumbs to the party. I'm not sure if I should do any of that at all because a lot of people speak highly of her.
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2021.01.27 06:09 ToucanSam1551 Xbox, h TW striker fennec W 20k credits. H purple emerald W 6k credits (skyrocketing and sells for 7k) I will also give both of these and 780 credits for a gold nugget

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2021.01.27 06:09 wakawakawomp Best tooling/testing strategy for testing and reporting the performance of an iOS mobile app?

My team and I are building an iOS app (social media based) and we're wondering what is the best route/tooling to go about testing the client performance of our application and have a simple way of generating a report to share amongst the team. Things/Data we'd like to track:

Others things we may possibly want to track would be how long it takes for various pages within our app to open via cold/warm start and things of that nature.
Some tools we've found -
Xcode's Instruments: I've looked into this a very small bit, and though it is a powerful tool for performance tracking, I don't know if it suites our needs as Instruments appears to be a more "on-demand" type of performance testing - Meaning it seems to be more of testing in real time to see where your app is spiking and then you can decipher more from there and root-cause, while what we need is to track the general overall performance of our app in various sessions and a way to report it (I didn't see a way to cleanly report data from instruments). But again I haven't dwelled too much into instruments yet.
GameBench: This has exactly what we need as it's able to record all the needed data we want per various sessions and export the data into a clean, sharable report, but unforutnately GameBench requires a very expensive license.
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2021.01.27 06:09 DarkS3lena Just call me 'OP' and use She/Her pronouns please ❤️

So just recently, I realized that I might actually be trans but I haven't decided on a name yet. I'll probably go with "Kate" but I'm not sure yet (also, I want to hear your opinions on that name <3) so I just wanna try some pronouns without deciding on a name for now.
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2021.01.27 06:09 MutWolf7 Going live with some Rocket league!

Live over at twitch.tv/MutWolf everyone!!!
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2021.01.27 06:09 ogdirtygirl Didn’t do so well on a job written assessment so I picked this guy up. Here’s to better days and manifesting a better year!

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2021.01.27 06:09 Xerxes2004 If fantasy/sci-fi creators and their fans spent their energy on saving existing endangered languages instead of creating brand new ones, we'd lose a lot fewer languages.

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2021.01.27 06:09 RasenganKhan5 Laptop cooling pad suggestions?!?

Just sold my I7577 7300 HQ GTX 1060 laptop and threw my old Havit 3 fan cooling pad in with the sale.
I plan on updating to a 30 series laptop and I’m in the market for a new cooling pad.
Anyone have one that they’ve had a positive experience with and would recommend?
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2021.01.27 06:09 Limp-Pudding-6828 Popular Youtuber Shouts out Vaush and Xan

Idk if y’all are into fitness channels, but ObeseToBeast (700k subs) mention Vaush, Xanderhal, and Destiny in his latest video. Pretty cool stuff. One YouTube guided me to losing 100 lbs, the other helped pull me out of the Alt Right.
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2021.01.27 06:09 saethron Freeport fight scene + Meshuggah

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