Go! I know you're still in the new office, evolving into your new form for them to unearth. |

I know you're still in the new office, evolving into your new form for them to unearth.

2021.01.27 07:57 ForrestKawaii I know you're still in the new office, evolving into your new form for them to unearth.

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2021.01.27 07:57 Blubbypikachu Luck of the sea not showing up on table

My friend said he was talking about how he wanted a luck of sea fishing rod, so i thought it would be nice to surprise him with one. But i’ve gone through like 25 fishing rods or something, and only unbreaking has shown up as an option. I keep going through these fishing rods to reset enchantment choices, and im kinda getting annoyed. Is this rlly normal??? Am i supposed to be enchanting books? (for reference i do have 15 bookshelves)
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2021.01.27 07:57 shewstepper Heading out of BC

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2021.01.27 07:57 Vanisamk AMC Lift off!

Let's go!
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2021.01.27 07:57 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Three more weeks of COVID-19 public health restrictions in Saskatchewan | Toronto Star

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2021.01.27 07:57 stephen_Lunn Everything is here

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2021.01.27 07:57 vis_hoo Had a meaningful nightmare like an hour ago (3.30 am in my country)

Well, it is my first post in any reddit so sorry if I write it a little weird (plus english is not my main language, so I'll try my best)
I'll give you some context. 1. My cat died almost 2 months back. It was very sad, I loved her so much, we use to make company to each other, and suddenly she wasn't here anymore. So yeah, I miss her. 2. I've been active in reddit like for a couple of month now, and I love it XD found the Glitch_in_the_Matrix sub and damn, it's awesome. It scares me, like a lot, but it's interesting. So I think the dream was influenced by the weird storys that people write in there. 3. I'm chilean, so the details I'll give are important from my perspective because is not common to dream like this.
So, to the dream.
I was in the living of my house, with a black guy, very tall, playing baskteball inside the house XD so there were we, chillin, and I told him if he wanted to go play outside, in the park where it would be easier to play. We spoke it all in english, even though i speak spanish, so this was a little weird
I went through the hall (i don´t know if you say hall xd ) to my bedroom. Over my bed, was my notebook and my phone. I think I picked up my phone, and talked to a friend. She was asking if we had a little bathroom rug that I can give to her. Told her I was gonna ask and search in the house, but I wasn´t very sure.
This is when it goes a little weird. I put the phone in my bed again, and when I see to the center of my bedroom, there she was. My dead cat movin her tail. I was a little shocked in the dream. How was it possible? She was dead. But I was also excited. Damn, I wanted to cuddle(not sure of this word) her and give her so many kisses. But I didn't cause this was weird, nobody comes back from death. (I'm usually very logical in my dreams).
So there she was, but her attitude was off. Like if she was a little confused, akward and/or uneasy. She went to the living room where the guy was. I followed her, I was still in shock. I asked this dude this "oye, tu podi... ehh... hey can you- are you like seeing this black cat?" (she was not black xdd in the dream I was confused and shocked, so my brain wasn't thinking well) He looked at me confused. "sorry, I mean, are you seeing this white and black-ish cat? I need to know if you can see her too " He moved his head saying yes. It was weird.
In that moment, I raised my head and saw a persona standing in the middle of the hall. It was a little dark so I could only see it's silhouette. It was wearing a sweatshirt(? with the cap on and glasses. At this moment, I was freaking out. This was very scary.
I told the guy to look to the hall, and to follow me XD there's no way i would follow this creepy person alone. It turned around and started to walk to my bedroom. It entered my bedroom, we were seeing it. And suddenly it was gone. Both the guy and I saw it dissapear. I said "f*ck" and woke up, very very scared, sweating the crap out of me.
That was my dream xd sorry if it came out long, but I tried to make it shorter. I just remember so many details. I feel like this dream is very meaningful but I haven't thought about the meaning yet. So if you like, I would be very happy to read what you think.
Thanks for letting me share my dream, and I hope I didn't say anything disrespectful.
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2021.01.27 07:57 chataolauj What happens if weekly gross pay is less than benefits deduction?

Have been wondering this for a while. What happens if I end up not working a lot one week and make less than what the deductions of my benefits are? For example, let's say $23 gets deducted from every paycheck for benefits, and I only worked 1.25 hours for a given week. That's a gross pay of only $19.38 for that week. What happens then? Because that ends up being a net loss of -$3.62.
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2021.01.27 07:57 Jazave Just waiting.

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2021.01.27 07:57 devmrfitz Screen sharing in Wayland

Is there a way to get screen sharing in websites like Google Meet on GNOME Wayland running on Arch Linux on Firefox/Firefox Nightly? I'm currently on Nightly 86.0a1
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2021.01.27 07:57 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Meili says province should improve vaccination delivery, was vaccinated himself | Toronto Star

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2021.01.27 07:57 u_got_nae_naed I vould finally put on nail paint and its so nicee!

ok so my mom has always had to struggle a lot to be recognized as a Accomplished Person (which she totally iss) coz of stupid patriarchy and unfortunately this resulted in her thinking that anything which is too feminine is just supporting it.
so that means she usually frowns upon me dressing up too girly like wearing dresses or heels. and even the nail paint I used till now used to be mostly transparent or barely visible
but I finally bought and put on this very pretty and cute bright pastel pink and aaaaa every time I look at it it just makes me so happyy! its like a little burst of serotonin which is much needed lol
so yeah just wanted to share :)
PS- I'm not sure if the accomplishment flair technically fits but its my first time here and the rules said I needed something
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2021.01.27 07:57 Afrocann Looking for a vocalist

So my project is in its final stages. I am looking for a vocalist to sing my lyrics. I am looking for a female vocalist in the alto range, a voice similar to h.e.r. I would prefer someone with their own recording equipment and a bit of experience with recording vocals. The song is a statement piece about troubles minorities face around the world. If you would like to hear a sample of the vibe feel free pm me.
Key B major Tempo 98 BPM
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2021.01.27 07:57 AnchorHLM Legion Suffering Rank 1

I made this account just to say how mind-numbing it is to farm this class. I don't own any paragon pet so it is excruciatingly hard to earn LT's. I'm currently doing "First Class Entertainment" to earn LT's for about 5 hours now and I only earned 3,000 LT's. I'm currently in a room with 7 players farming it and I'm feeling demotivated to carry on.
I am starting to question my sanity if this is actually worth it to farm or not. I mean I farmed VHL but it was fun unlike this mind-numbing experience. It feels like I'm in a limbo. I killed "Legion Fiend Rider" too many times and I think they are nearing extinction.
P.S: I've been farming LR for about 2 months now (breaks included).
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2021.01.27 07:57 zubaz69 St. Louis lawyer Albert Watkins says Trump's failure to pardon accused Capitol rioters is a 'betrayal'

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2021.01.27 07:57 Superdoughnut [LTC] Looking for players who need coaching, and coaches!

Hi everyone!
I had a ton of responses to my google forum, so instead of going through each one individually and manually responding, I made a discord server!
I think this is much easier and more consolidated way to get coaching. Join the discord and in the coming days I'll be streaming my coaching sessions.
I've coached players at ~2K MMR so if you're looking for someone to up your game, I'm your coach :) GL everyone and thanks for participating.
I'll also be looking for coaches to help me soon so if you're interested in coaching, join the discord and let me know in the "I want to coach" section.
Look forward to coaching everyone!
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2021.01.27 07:57 Orphan_Fury In which series or movie did you root for the antagonist/villain?

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2021.01.27 07:57 Brettdio12 Damn Those Hips Moving Mad

Damn Those Hips Moving Mad
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2021.01.27 07:57 Warheroesinc2 Virtual City- Synthwave

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2021.01.27 07:57 Brettdio12 Lol

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2021.01.27 07:57 frnchtst Anyone remember which episode this was?

I distinctly remember an attempted murder where a man followed a woman into a public bathroom (a bar maybe?) and tried to rape and murder her. When he struck her in the head with an axe or hammer or something, he tried to pull it out but he couldn't and he left her for dead. However, she walked out of the bathroom to get help and actually survived. I'm 99% sure I heard about this on this podcast and was wondering if anyone can remember the woman's name or which episode this case was in
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2021.01.27 07:57 KitsforWePes [KIT] FC Barcelona Fourth Kit 2021

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2021.01.27 07:57 iamannvaishnav I made a kawaii henry for us

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2021.01.27 07:57 Pearlmarine New to fountain pens

Any suggestions or recommendations for one’s first fountain pen in a inexpensive price range?
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2021.01.27 07:57 illmortalized Pop tart microwaved... I think?

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