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Science requires sacrifice

2021.01.21 05:54 doctorpokenom Science requires sacrifice

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2021.01.21 05:54 CommanderV2017 Playing CyberPunk 2077 / Day 10 Gameplay / Let's Play!

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2021.01.21 05:54 XerdaK First post ever, and is this sad moment

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2021.01.21 05:54 Which-Interaction936 Are CRNAs going to become saturated?

Ok so I’m not really even there yet to know forsure if I would like to become a CRNA or a NP or stay RN or maybe even change paths. But I am kinda annoying about having like several different paths in line because if I don’t it gives me anxiety. Anyway, right now I’m really locked down on either NP or CRNA.
I want to shadow them first to be sure what I will prefer, plus, I love working in the ER so I just think critical care NP will be great. But I do like the idea of working in an OR in anesthesia and not having to interact so often with patients other than preop/postop, and I’ve read it’s 99% easy going no stress 1% pure chaos and sheer terror
I don’t like the idea of CRNA though if the job market by the time I would be working post grad program (4-5 years) as one is saturated, that just makes me anxious. I really don’t want to be in a job that’s like the next pharmacist. My sister just finished pharmacy school and her whole cohort is having hard time finding jobs and wages have gone down.
I’ve also heard the same of NP but I see a lot more NP than CRNA jobs. I don’t trust articles because my sister was in pharmacy school and articles were saying the job market is good for them, but it was so bad.
Any input 😊?
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2021.01.21 05:54 big_-chungus844 If Earth was an anime, who would be the villian and hero?

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2021.01.21 05:54 Pressed_GenZ [FS] - Stockton, CA - $25+ - 10 gallon tank, 20 Gallon Tank, 29 Gallon Tank

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hi! may I know the equivalent of 1.25?
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2021.01.21 05:54 Arm_Kitchen New TripHop suggestions?

i recently joined this subreddit and i’ve loved all of the new music i’ve discovered through it! but i’m in need of some solid albums/artists to get into, since i’ve already obsessed over the ones i’m super into.. My general favorite artists are Massive Attack, Theivery Corp, Tricky, Sneaker Pimps and ofc more, but any suggestions are great, i’m just recently getting back into trip-hop genre again so i’d love any recs:)
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2021.01.21 05:54 kobony Original Abstract Painting by Darren Haper | Abstract Art on Wood | Which Way to Reality

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2021.01.21 05:54 Boredbcofcorona Do u have any posts/comments you regret and wish to take back?

Comments that made you look like an idiot, or posts/questions you made without much thought? Im sure we have all done it at some point (I can’t be the only one)
If you have how does it feel knowing it’s now on here for eternity even if you deleted it? How do you deal with the posts/comments of the past and move forward?
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2021.01.21 05:54 desertsprinkle [Lyrics] my skyrim

My skyrim keeps crashing but the mods I've got installed make it more beautiful than ashton
Kutchers girlfriend In that 70s show
I'm colder than a place where it's sixty below like your mom's
Heart she's heartless departed from that old place where they were tryina start shit it's started
Parted the river like moses
I felt a shiver run down my spine as I cried a river for my uncle joseph
I feel like tigger bouncing back and forth, objects and activities, confronting my iniquity, feeling insecure about my stupid insecurities
I can't believe, that this is the way it is
I kinda need, to go close me eyelids
Hypocrisy, is the law, of the land
I kinda need, you to give me a hand and fight back
Against the power
They treat us like shit cuz they think we're cowards
I'm not on speed
I'm not ranting
I'm saying that we need to show them how to
How to be
One nation
United we stand and divided we fall
We need to feed
Our nation
Divided we stand and pray that we don't fall
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2021.01.21 05:54 Gralmeidan CMV: Catholicism is the least Christ-like Christian religion

I was doing an appointment on sociology when I started to dig a little too deep into Religion history and come up with this post, feel free to prove me I'm wrong because I probably am.

Let's start with 3 of the well-known ten-commandments.

II - Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
IMO this is one of the biggest differences between Protestantism and Catholicism. Catholic temples are full of statues and "shrines" for saints and Jesus itself, which goes directly against the second commandment.
IV - Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
The "holy day of the week" was changed from Sabbath to Sunday on the Council of Laodicea by the emperor Constantine and the religious leaders of the time, the change had no biblical basis and was changed mainly for civil reasons. The catholic church still doesn't acknowledge the Sabbath as a sacred day going against what Jesus Christ use to do.
VI - Thou shalt not murder
I think we can all agree that the catholic church wasn't very good at following this Commandment during the middle ages.
Jesus Christ lived a life of humility and poverty and taught his followers to do the same. Teaching that not only earthly possessions wouldn't do us any good after our death but would it make it harder for us to achieve the kingdom of God.
Luke 18:24-25 - “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God! Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”
Meanwhile, the Catholic church has its own country made out of gold.
The only crown Jesus ever used in his lifetime was made out of thorns while the pope walks around in a 15-inch tall crown made out of silver cloth with a shit ton of jewels in it.
the head-dress, - is described as enriched with 48 rubies balas, 72 sapphires, 45 praxini or emeralds, numerous little balas rubies and emeralds and 66 large pearls. At the summit was a very large ruby. Wikipedia
It was also their massive Greedy that made them start selling indulgences and later inspired the now notorious book "95 reasons why 'fuck the church'" by Martin Luther.
If I had a dime for every different figure I've seen Catholics praying to, I would have more than one dime, which isn't a lot but it is weird that it happened on a monotheistic religion.
Ecclesiastes 9:5-6
5 For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten. 6 Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.
There is nothing in the bible about praying for the saints, if anything there is the absolute opposite, saying that that they cannot interfere with anything happening under the sun, according to the bible the saints can't intercede for you because "the dead know nothing".
obligatory sorry for bad English at the end of non-native post.
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2021.01.21 05:54 dixidoll To O

How can I miss you so much already?
Do you know how hard it is to wake up and not message you?
Last night I had a dream, we were talking on the phone like we do. I could hear your voice, your laugh, so clearly. When I woke up I checked my phone log to see if it had been a dream after all, half hoping that it hadn't been.
I know the logic behind our choice, but sometimes it's so hard.
I didn't think I'd miss you so bad.
I catch myself thinking about you so many times throughout the day, smiling, until I remember.
I saw a blue jay today.
Sometimes I want to say forget logic, lets just see where the adventure takes us, but it's too dangerous.
I keep thinking about Fred, too. I wonder how he's doing.
I miss you so much, but I think we made the right choice.
Right person, wrong time.
Maybe someday the time will be right.
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2021.01.21 05:54 YeikerElCabezonHP La tercera esta muy guapa?, o soy sólo yo?

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2021.01.21 05:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Mission possible: How start-up thinking can help public projects | Irish Times

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